Trip to Village


Champa now remembered this talk and a jolt of excitement went up her body. "So was Amit looking at her and then his lund got...? And what was he doing behind the shed? Kya ye ladka apna... woh hilaane aaya tha? Kya woh mujhe dekhkar itna uthsukh hua tha ki uska... khada ho gaya?"

She came out from behind the shed and looked at the young boy engrossed in his work. He seemed to have got the hang of the work and he was fast finishing his task. He seemed so innocent and sweet. Champa's mind raced again with thoughts.

"Kya yeh ladka ladkiyon ke baarein mein sochne laga hai? Lekin mein to aurat hoon. Is se bahut badi hoon... kya yeh ladka mera jism ko dekhkar...?"

Champa's mind was on the brink of somehow finding out now. Curiosity was killing her. She just wanted to find out if the boy did all that because of her. That's all. And if yes, then she would be very careful with him from then on. Just confirm once what was on his mind and then taking precautions if necessary. "Agar meri wajah se ladka uthsukh ho raha hai to mujhe pata hona chahiye... taaki mein ahinda sambhalkar rahoon..." And her mind thought of a plan as she walked up to Amit.

Seeeing her approach, Amit looked up. She smiled and spoke softly.

"Amit babu... mein yaheen kuen [water well] ke paas ja rahi hoon... bahut garam hai aaj aur kaafi paseena chooth raha hai. Isliye mein thoda naha loon... Agar malkin poochi to kahe dena ki abhi 5 minute mein waapas aajaaoongi..."

"Th... theek hai..."

As he bent his head down shyly, her gaze lingered on him for just a second and she walked away from him. This time deliberately swaying her big ass more than normal as she walked away. And Amit looked at that alluring mound of flesh from the corner of his eyes and felt the blood surge again.

She suddenly turned around and caught him looking at her. A startled Amit at once averted his eyes and pretended to be busy with work. She smiled, probably confirming to herself that he was indeed interested in her body. But she was still not sure.

Champa walked to the large well which was about 15 meters away from the house and surrouneded by tall bushes all around it. But she cunningly stood at a spot that was in a straight line to where Amit was sitting. And a small partition in the bushes ensured that everytime there was a breeze, the bushes would sway and Amit could get a glimpse of her for a couple of seconds. But she was careful to stand in such a way that no one from the house could see her, as there were a few tall bushes that blocked the view if anyone were to look from inside the house. She loosened her hair and started sprinkling the water on herself, over her clothes.

In two minutes her entire body was drenched with water and her cotton clothes clung to her body like a second skin. And from 15 meters away, Amit was spellbound. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that a woman could be built like that. Though Champa was a little short, she more than made up for it by the curves of her body. She had always known it. And she slyly looked in Amit's direction and her heart raced when she found that he had completely stopped work and was looking blatantly in her direction.

Breathing heavily, she grew a little more bolder and poured more water on her, turning around and sideways so that he could see her from all angles. Amit's lund was now beginning to twitch and throb wildly. And he was frustrated that he was not able to see her clearly for more than 2 or 3 seconds at a stretch. His hand automatically went to his crotch and he was trying to release the stiffening slab of meat from getting wedged between his thighs. And Champa on her part was also trying to steal glances at him, to see what he was doing, but it was her turn to get frustrated as she was also not able to see very clearly what he was upto. She could make out that one of his hands went to his pants, but that was it.

Inside the house, Rani got impatient when Champa did not turn up, nor did she hear the noise of cocnuts breaking by Amit. She walked into the backyard to find that Amit, with his back turned to her on the cot, was sitting still as a statue and looking at something. And he seemed to be scratching at something in front of his pants. "Yeh ladka kya kar raha hai... aur kahan kho gaya hai?" And she looked in the direction of his gaze and looked towards the well. That was when she heard the slight sound of water from there, and as she quietlky walked closer to Amit she could see more and more that there was someone at the well.

Amit was so engrossed in drinking in Champa's voluptuous physical charms, that he did not hear the shuffle of his aunt's feet as she came closer. And when she came close enough, she saw that it was Champa at the well. She was shocked at the state in which Champa was. "Yeh paagal aurat is waqt naha rahi hai? Aur ise ho kya gaya hai? Khuli aangan mein masti se naha rahi hai..." Rani could not ignore the fact that Champa's body was on spectacular display and then it hit her. "Aur... yeh ladka Amit usko dekh raha hai... he bhagwan..." She was unable to control herself and shouted.


Amit was startled out of his wits and he at once removed his hand from his crotch and turned around to see his aunt quickly walking towards Champa, angrily.

"Champa... tumhe sharam nahin aati... is samay aise nahate hue?"

Champa was shocked too and scared out of her wits. She quickly reached out for one of her old sarees that she had placed on the wall of the well for drying only that morning and covered her body with it.

"Jee... malkin... bahut garmi hai aaj... aur haath pair thode gande ho gaye the..."

Seeing her scared face, Rani being a gentle woman at heart, cooled down a little. But she still was a little angry.

"To phir peeche bathroom mein chali jaati... yahan kisi ne tumhe aise dekh liya to..."

"Jeee... mein soch rahi thi ki ghar mein saare aadmi bahar gaye hue hain... isliye..."

"Arey Champa... samjha karo... shahar se ladka aaya hua hai... tumhe is halat mein usne dekh liya to kya sochega?"

"Jee... maaf kar dijiye..."

Rani had cooled down a little more. She shook her head and muttered.

"Achcha theek hai... tum jaldi se tayyar ho jao aur apne marad ko dhoondo. Pehle mein Amit ko khana lagaaungi... tume dono uske baad aana... samjhi?"

"jee malkin..."

Rani turned back and walked towards Amit who by now had almost completed his work. And he was lost in his own whirl of thoughts. "Had Rani chachi seen him looking at Champa? Had she seen him handle his crotch? Was she angry with him?"

As she approached, the nervousness on his face was apparent to Rani. She smiled at him.

"Beta Amit... tumne to bahut jaldi seekh liya ye kaam..."

He was immensely reliueved to hear her talk like that. She was not angry with him. He smiled a little.

"Jee chachi... aur do minute mein poora kar doonga..."

"Nahin beta... koi zaroorat nahin... tum ab utho aur khana khane chalo... baaki ka kaam mein kisi aur se karwa loongi..."

She put her hand on his shoulder and patted him. He obediently got up and she patted his cheek.

"Jaao... mun haath dhoke aao..."

"jee chachi..."

He walked away with mixed feelings of relief and guilt. But unknown to Amit, Rani was starting to get worried now. So much had happened since morning that she did not have any clue as to how to make sense out of everything and how to handle the situation. She shrugged and went on to set the table for lunch.

In a few minutes, Amit was having lunch. But his condition was very unenviable. Being the only male in the house, and Rani chachi being pretty much traditional in her approach to her household responsibilities, she insisted that he first have lunch, and then only will she have later. Left with no option, and still guilty about all that happened before lunch, Amit quietly sat at the dining table.

Rani chachi served Amit, placed a few rotis in his plate and ruffled his hair affectionately.

"Beta... sharmao mat. Theek say khao..."


And he slowly started eating. So as not to make the boy feel nervous while eating with her presence so close to him, Rani chachi thought it would be a good time to dust the showcases in the dining room while the boy was having lunch. She picked up a duster and went to a nearby showcase and started dusting and rearranging some objects there. The showcase was about ten feet away from where Amit sat. As he started eating, her train of thoughts continued again about what she saw before lunch.

She was pretty much sure that young Amit was looking at Champa as she was having her bath. In fact, Rani herself was surprised at seeing the awesome body of Champa a few minutes ago. She always knew that Champa was fleshy and curvy, but she was always dressed carefully so as to cover herself modestly. However, the effect of wet clothes clinging to her body left nothing to imagination. Any man would get excited by such a body... and no wonder young Amit was probably looking at her. "Lekin Amit to sirf 15 saal ka hai... aur kitna massom hai... kya woh kisi aurat ko us nazar se dekh sakta hai... woh bhi jo uski umar se itni badi ho?"

She looked up in a mirror attached to the showcase to look at Amit, and he was again lost in something as he was slowly eating. She found him sweet and innocent. "Nahin... yeh ladka seedha dekhkar bhi baat nahin karta hai... to kaise ek nahaati hui aurat ko dekhega...?" She went back to dusting, with her back turned to Amit.

And oblivious to her thoughts, Amit was actually lost in gazing at his chachi's awesome, fleshy ass as she was dusting. He just could not help it. The green chiffon saree clung so nicely to her form and d****d so perfectly around her, that he just could not help it. Her round ass looked so much bigger than even Champa's... and so much fuller. The sight was intoxicating to his senses. And as she slowly bent forward or leaned sideways while dusting, Amit could feel intense throbbing in his balls and cock. He was eating absent mindedly while his eyes kept darting and lingering on his voluptuous chachi's massive ass. The throbbing in his lund increased and he looked away to have some semblance of control, while pressing down on his lund in a childish, desperate attempt to drive the blood out of his cock.

Rani chachi, still slowly dusting, looked up again in the mirror to see if he was eating properly. At that instant, again, Amit looked at her ass. It was a straight, direct look that zeroed in right on her ass. And it was exactly similar to the expression he had on his face when he was looking at Champa bathing. Rani could never forget that glazed look of Amit as though he was in a trance. It was the same look again now. Suddenly a little conscious, Rani took a step to the side, and she saw in the reflection that his eyes moved along with her body.

Amit was completely unaware that his chachi could see him clearly in the mirror in front of her. It took a few seconds for her to realize what was happening. "Yeh ladka kya dekh raha hai...?" She moved some more to her side and sure enough, young Amit's eyes followed her ass. When the realization struck her, she was numbed. "Yeh ladka to meri... yeh to meri... wahan to nahin dekh raha hai... he bhagwan... kya ho gaya hai ise?"

Numbed by the sudden realization, Rani could not act or think for a few seconds. She again looked up in the mirror and sure enough, young Amit was still staring transfixed at her back. He was hardly eating. "Yeh ladka mujhe aisa kyon dekh raha hai... galat baat hai..." Rani's heart was beating fast and her mind got clouded as she did not know what to do. And to her great relief then, Champa walked in.

"Malkin... mera marad to cinema dekhne chala gaya hai... abhi to nahin lautega..."

Amit was also alerted by her presence and her put his head down and started eating his food quickly and quietly.

Rani turned around, and saw that Amit was now just not looking up anymore. She turned to Champa.

"Achah theek hai... tum rasoi mein chalo mein tumhe khana deti hoon..."

And as she walked out of the room, she was relieved, but also suddenly consciuous of the eyes of young Amit on her large, bouncy ass as she walked away.

In a few minutes, Amit quickly finished his lunch and walked into the kitchen with his plate just as Rani chachi was distributing the food to Champa. He stood at the entrance of the kitchen and spoke softly.

"Chachi... mein ise kahan rakhoon..."

Rani looked around and shook her head.

"Beta... thali ko table pe hi rakh dena tha... mein utha leti..."

"Ji... koi baat nahin..."

"Lo mujhe de do... aur ahinda ye sab kaam mujh par chod do..."

She took the plate from him, suddenly again conscious that this young boy was secretly looking at her body just a few minutes ago. Then she quickly spoke.

"Beta... abhi do pahar ko tum aaraam karo oopar apne kamre mein... phir shaam ko mein tumhe neeche bulaati hoon..."


And he silentlt slid off, relieved to be all by himself for at least a couple of hours. Champa also by now left the kitchen and now as Rani started to have her lunch, her mind started dwelling on all the unbelievable incidents of the day. So much had taken place that Rani's mind was confused and tired, yet curious too.

First, the conversations between Champa and Jhansi were so blatantly sexual in a way that she never thought possible that married women would speak like that to each other no matter how uneducated or crude they were. They were talking about Amit and his...! That itself was so unbelievable to Rani. Then she saw Amit trying to look at Champa as she was taking a bath and finally she saw him looking at her ...! The thought itself made her squirm and she quickly reached out for a glass of water.

But then when she thought of the boy Amit, it seemed that all this was not possible. After all he was just 15 years old and so innocent looking. He was sweet in his talking and so well behaved. Was she wrong in judging the incidents that took place? Maybe she was so influnced by the talk of Champa and Jhnansi in the morning that she imagined that Amit also was behaving strangely. The thought gave her a lot of relief suddenly. She felt so motherly and affectionate towards the young boy all of a sudden. He must be going through so much trouble back home with the fight between his parents... he needs a lot of love and support from her. Wit this thought, she started quickly finishing her lunch, happy and convinced that nothing was wrong with the young boy.

About half an hour later, she was sitting in front of the tv watching some afternoon serial when Champa walked in sheepishly and sat on the floor a few feet away. This was normal as Champa and Rani always watched these serials together in the afternoons when all the housework was done and the men had gone out on some work or the other. Rani looked at her.

"Kya hua Champa... aaj aane mein der kar di... 10 minute to chala gaya kahaani mein..."

Champa was slightly nervous.

"Jee malkin... kuch nahin... apna marad ko khana khila rahi thi... woh abhi aya tha..."

Rani nodded and turned back to the TV. Both watched silently for a while, and during the break, Champa spoke a little hesitatntly.

"Malkin... kya mailk log pahunch gaye honge?"

"Haan... pahunch gaye... tum to jaanti ho na, Jhansi ka marad kitna tej chalata hai gaadi... meri abhi 10 minute pehle Vishal se baat hui..."

Champa's face lit up a little. But she spoke hesitantly again.

"Malkin... mujhe Jhansi ke saat kuch jaroori baat karni hai... kya mein aapka phone istamaal kar sakti hoon?"

"Haan... le lo... lekin baat jaldi khatam karna..."

Saying this, Rani gave her cellphone lying nearby to Champa. As Champa was walking out, Rani asked.

"lekin Jhansi kaise baat karegi? Uske paas to phone nahin hai..."

"Ji... uske marad ke paas hai..."

Rani nodded and went back to her TV. The serial started again, and she got so engrossed that she did not reliaze that Champa had not returned even after 10 minutes. Curious, she went to the back yard and looked around but could not find her. Shrugging she went to the kitchen for some water. Then she heard faintly, Champa's voice. It was coming from out side the closed kitchen window where she had stood earlier in the morning.

In an instant, Rani's heart started thumping. All the recollections of the morning came flooding back to her and she slowly inched forward towards the window to hear better what was happening. As she went very close to the window, she heard Champa's excited whisper.

"Arre chup kar Jhansi... mujhe us ladke ke saath kuch nahin karna hai..."

Then there was a pause. Then again Champa.

"Nahin main jhooth nahin bol rahi... Mein tumko ye sab bata rahi hoon isliye ki mujhe sirf ye yakeen karna hai ki woh mujhe aisa kyon dekh raha tha..."

Then Chmpa giggled again.

"Chee nahin Jhansi nahin... mujhe usko woh... cheez dehne mein koi dilchaspi nahin hai... kya gandi baat karti ho..."

Then another pause and by now Rani was utterly flummoxed at the conversation. Champa spoke again.

"Arey nahin Jhansi... woh to sirf 15 saal ka ladka hain... mein kyon uska... dekhna chahoongi? Chal mein phone rakhti hoon tu aise hi baat karegi to..."

Then Champa giggled again.

"Nahin... mujhe koi tarkeeb nahin chahiye... mujhe to sirf tumko bataana tha ki subah se ye sab hua tha... bas aur kuch nahin..."

Then a pause and again Champa.

"Phir do din tak phone pe baat nahin kar sakegi? Kyon?"

Then a pause. And again Champa sepaks.

"Achcha tumhara marad kahin aur jaa raha hai... theek ab mein kya karoon jaldi bol. Nahin to malkin aa jayegi..."

Rani could not believe that Champa, her maid whom she had known for 6 years now and was so docile, was behaving like this. Champa spoke again.

"Achcha achcha theek hai... tum jeet gayi meri maa... main maanti hoon... mujhe... mujhe uska woh dekhna hai... lekin bas ek baar..."

Rani was shocked. Her mind went blank. Then Champa spoke again.

"Haan... meri maa, haan... khade huye dekhna chahati hoon... ab khush?"

Rani's throat went dry. And her heart started thumping. After a few seconds, Champa spoke again.

"Sirf ek tareeka hai? Kya...?"

Then she speaks again.

"Lekin... ghar mein hamesha malkin rehti hai... achcha... mauka dekh kar usko lalchaaon? Uske saamne thoda pallu giraaoon? Aur? Achcha... aisa karne se... woh phir se kahin chupkar apna us... sey khelne lagega? Aur phir?"

Rani who was listening to all this with increasing anger suddenly decided to put a stop to the talk. She shouted out from the kitchen.

"Arey Champa... kahaan ho tum? Champa..."

Scared out of her wits, Champa instantly switched off the phone and started running back around the kitchen into the house. Rani was waiting for her in the kitchen when she came in. Rani was angry.

"Kahaan gayi thi? Aur kitni der phone par baat kar rahi thi?"

"Ji... maalkin... maaf kar dijiye... number nahin lag raha tha..."

Rani stared at her not knowing whether to confront her or just ignore everything. She just reached out her hand.

"Lo... phone mujhe de do aur jao..."

Champa quietly gave the phone and walked away towards the outhouse.

Rani was terribly affected by what she heard just now. She had to get a hold on herself and think this clearly now. She walked to the living room, switched off the TV and sat down on her favorite chair. The first thing she realzed was that there was no doubt anymore that Champa has also noticed something about the way Amit was looking at her. Which means even her own doubts about Amit were not wrong. So... it was sure for now that young Amit was looking at the bodies of both Champa as well as herself.

But what was his intention? Was it just innocent looking, because he was never so close to any women or girls, or was he really looking them with something in his mind... like... Oh no! That cant be. "Ek 15 saal ka ladka aise kaise soch sakta hai? Woh bhi shaadi shuda auraton ke barien mein... aur mein to uski chachi hoon... nahin! Aisa nahin ho sakta hai... lakin agar Champak o bhi lagta hai ki Amit usko dekh raja tha... to phir kuch to sachaayi hogi..."

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