tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTriple Black Flash

Triple Black Flash


Flashing at Night

Just thought I'd pass along a little story about some of the fun T and I have had over the past years. At one time she had a sporty black SS car with black leather interior. When she would put on her black lingerie and we would go out for a ride at night I would often tease her about being all in black, sometimes I would use the phrase "triple black flash" to cover the color of her car, inside and out, and her sheer clothing,

We started to play a game a where I would she would pick a number and then we would try and find that many truck drivers to drive by and show her off. The problem with that was too often they didn't look, and sometimes when they did look she would lose her nerve and cover up.

One late fall night it was only 8pm and it was already pitch black outside as there was no moon shining. I suggested we play a little game and handed her a pair of dice. She rolled the dice and up came the number 11. I then told her that we were going to go out flashing her naked body to some truckers and that when we had shown her off to 11 different drivers she could cover up.

I picked out her clothing which was basically a bikini that was just 3 triangles of ribbon. When she put it on it created 3 perfect "picture frames" for each of her tits and her shaved pussy. It gave the illusion of being clothes but covered nothing. In fact it even accentuated her nudity by drawing attention to her triangles. She put on her long coat and we went into the to her shiny black car.

After she was seated I reached for another surprise. A long black scarf. She looked a little puzzled as I slid it up under her legs inside her coat to mid thigh. Then I opened up her coat as wide as possible and pulled it down off her shoulders just a little so that she would stay exposed unless she got nervous and covered herself up. This time I wasn't going to take the chance and after I buckled her in the seat belt I picked up each end of the scarf and tied it around her wrists.

She now had her hands tied down at her side and her coat was pulled wide open so she was completely exposed. Since the scarf was under her legs it wouldn't conceal any thing and it would keep her hands at her sides. I was sure she could get it untied if she really wanted to but it was enough to make her over come her anxiety. She said at least she could be thankful for the seat heaters as her clothes wouldn't help!

Now, we were still in the garage and as I opened the door to back out she commented that she hope the neighbors weren't out walking there dog or something. Fortunately for her no one was around and we drove the few blocks, including stopping at a stoplight without anyone noticing her. She wondered how anyone might actually see her but when I reached up and turned on her map reading light it was aimed directly at her pussy and it also gave a nice glow to her white body parts that were framed in black ribbon.

We live only a mile or so away from a major freeway interchange and in the evening and at night they are always big rigs changing directions at the cloverleaf so that they can head out towards Chicago. As we pulled onto the highway there were three trucks bumper to bumper coming onto the road we were on. I told T that she would have to make eye contact, or at least watch to make sure that the drivers looked at her or else it wouldn't count.

As soon as we reached the back of the first truck we pulled along side and I turned on the map light. It was just enough out of the ordinary so that the truckers looked as the light blinked on and kept looking as we drove past. He tooted his air horn so it was obvious he had seen T's naked body. I'm not sure if it was the light in the car or his horn and blinking lights but it got the attention of the other two drivers as well and we only had to find 8 more truckers to meet our goal of exposing T for the evening.

I didn't have to drive very far to find many chances to expose her and within another 10 minutes we were down to only 3 trucks to go. I quickly caught up the the next truck in front of us and at this point the road had 4 lanes on each side so as I just eased along side of him I and once again turned on the map light. T quickly mentioned that he'd seen her but I slowed down and kept pace with him anyway for a couple of miles as she relayed his expressions and the words he mouthed to her.

We were crossing a river and on the other side is a steep hill that always backs up the trucks. I told her that tonight might be her lucky night as the slow lane was filled with trucks. I pulled up to the back of the closest one and slowed down so I was just barely going faster than he was. For the next 5 minutes or so we barely maintained 50 mph as I inched by each of the semi-trucks. I think there might have been a dozen or so and all of them took the time to look and get a good view of T's naked body as we slowly passed them by.

Although she was embarrassed by now she did nothing to try and cover up until I pulled of at the next interchange and made the loop towards home. It was only then that she pulled one arm out of the scarf and tugged her coat together a little. I congratulated her on her adventure and how she had been exposed to so many truckers in such a short time. She commented that she'd done more than double the 11 that I had been hoping for when she tossed the dice.

I just a short time we were back home as we'd been gone less than an hour. Isn't it amazing how much fun you can have in just a short amount of time?

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