tagIncest/TabooTriple Play Ch. 01

Triple Play Ch. 01


You see, I was really a very normal kid until adolescence.

I guess I've been pretty lucky. I always did well in school and was pretty popular. Okay, my parents were kind of strict and overprotective. Well, mostly my Mom was. My Dad always seemed pretty laid back. But he loves my Mom and lets her have what she wants. But a sometimes-bossy Mom wasn't too much of a price to pay for a great life.

Then the hormones hit. Oh...my...God! I could not stop thinking about sex! It's probably good that my Mom was so watchful and strict, because I managed to make it to the ripe old age of 18 with my virginity intact. But although my body was pure, my mind was not. From the internet, I'd learned about, and seen pictures and videos of, every sex act and kink under the sun. And I loved almost all of them! But at 18 I decided I couldn't stand to just think about sex any more. I needed to do it.

But how? I still couldn't afford to move out, and my mother said that as long as I lived under her roof, I had to obey her rules. And those rules seemed to be designed mainly to keep me from getting laid. I hadn't ever had a regular boyfriend, for crying out loud! So, one night as I was sitting at the dinner table with my family, my mind began to wander. I looked over at my Mom. I love her so much, but I couldn't figure her out. She's a great Mom in every other way, but why is she so hung up about sex? I mean, I know she's not frigid: I've overheard her and Dad having sex. They sound like they're having a damn good time. Hell, I had rubbed a few off while listening to them. One time they forgot to lock their door, and I even took a peek. It was pretty dark, but I saw my Mom on top of my Dad, bouncing up and down as she rode his cock. I noticed for the first time what a nice body she has. Wow, Daddy really scored when he got married! I frigged myself frantically for the rest of the night thinking about what I had seen.

I looked over at my Dad at the dinner table. Sometimes I got mad at him for always siding with Mom, but he's such a sweet guy, it's hard to stay mad at him. He's always been such a loving and attentive father. He's fun to tease too. I noticed that when I wear a bikini in front of him, it seems to embarrass him and make him blush. So, of course, I do it whenever I can, and do whatever else I can think of to make him blush. "Daaaaady, I need some sunscreen on my back. I'll undo the straps of my top and then you rub it on okay!...Daaaaady, is there a mosquito bite on the back of my thigh? Are you sure, cause it itches? Daddy, you're not even looking! Take a closer look!" Yes, I know it's mean to tease him like that, but the look of embarrassment on his face is so cute!

I looked over at my brother. I felt bad for him. Here's a handsome, 19-year-old guy, who's never had a girlfriend, because his Mom won't get her hooks out of him. Our bedrooms were right next to each other, and I could hear his bed squeaking at night as he pounded his cock. That sometimes set me to masturbating too: imagining him in bed, his hand jerking up and down on his dick until he shot his load. One morning, I snuck into his room when he was downstairs having breakfast and smelled his sheets, because I was curious what guy-cum smelled like. It had kind of a salty smell, like the ocean. The scent got me turned on. I lay down on his bed and slipped my hand into my pants and started to frig. I reminded myself that he had been masturbating here just a few hours before, and that I was lying in his come. I had to bite my hand to keep from screaming as the hard orgasm suddenly overtook me.

So as I sat at the dinner table, I thought, I really need to do something drastic to shake this family up.

That's when it hit me. Mom, Dad, brother. I'm going to fuck them. I'm going to fuck each of them. I rubbed my legs together under the table. My pussy was drenched just from the thought of it. But which one should I do first? Start with the easiest one. Who would be...I looked over at my brother and smiled. He looked and smiled back, thinking I was just being pleasant.

Now, my Mom was usually very careful about not leaving us "kids" unattended in the house, but she'd just started a new job and needed to spend a lot of time at work. Besides, I had made sure to be extra nice and cooperative lately, so she wouldn't suspect anything. So that Friday morning, Robbie and I were alone in the house together, and I knew neither of our parents would be home for hours.

When my parents weren't home he'd sometimes wander down to eat breakfast wearing just his pajama bottoms. I was in luck! I saw him coming down the stairs that way, his hair still mussed from sleep. GOD his chest was yummy! Taut and smooth and almost hairless!

"Morning, Sis," he yawned.

"Morning, Robbie!" I chirped. Then I skipped upstairs to put Stage One of my plan into effect. I'd already downloaded a video from the internet onto my laptop. I took the laptop and set it up on my bed, like I had been looking at it there already, then checked myself out in the mirror. I wanted to look nice for my first time! I was wearing some shortie pajama bottoms with nothing underneath. Last night I had carefully shaved down there and put some lotion on to make my skin nice and supple. My top was a t-shirt that was too tight and too short. In other words, it was perfect! My budding breasts strained against it, and my tummy showed in-between the t-shirt and my pj bottoms. I dabbed a little perfume behind each ear, then went in the hallway and yelled downstairs, "Hey, Robbie! Come see this!"

"Ah, c'mon, Sis! I'm having my cereal!" he whined. He sounded like such a young boy.

"It's really interesting, though. Trust me!"

I made sure I was sitting on my bed with my back against the headboard and the computer in my lap when he came in. I waved for him to sit down next to me. He looked a little surprised but did. I giggled and said, "You won't BELIEVE what I found on the internet! I didn't know they HAD stuff like this!"

I clicked on the video player, and on came a woman getting pounded doggie style.

"Holy crap, Sis! You can't watch this!"

I giggled again, playing the innocent. "Why not? I'm just curious! Aren't you curious?"

"But what if Mom and Dad catch us watching this?"

"They won't be home all day. Just relax. What's wrong? I thought guys liked stuff like this?"

He stopped arguing as the sounds and sights of the porno had their hypnotic effect on him. Soon his eyes were glued to the screen. I licked my lips and said, "The computer screen is so darn small. It's hard for both of us to see. Here." Then I scooted over so I was partially lying on him. He was already breathing pretty fast from the porno, but I thought I noticed his heart beat a little harder when his baby sister's soft body edged onto his.

The clip was only a couple minutes long and we were getting near the end of it. I was hoping he might get so horny from watching it that he'd just jump me, but it didn't look like that was going to happen, so I went to Stage Two of my plan. I said, "God, this is so dirty, but it's kind of sexy too. Don't you think?"

Robbie swallowed hard. "Yeah," he said, a little hoarsely.

The man on the video was jerking the woman's head back by her hair and grunting as he shot his load into her. "I bet you'd love to watch this with a girl," I grinned. "You'd probably be so horny by the end that you'd just rip her clothes off and do her."

"No – I mean, I dunno."

"Sure you would! It's okay. You couldn't help yourself, really. No guy could. It wouldn't be your fault."

The video was almost over. The woman was sucking the cum off the guy's cock now, as he jerked here head up and down. I thought to myself, C'mon, Robbie! Take a hint! Finally, I said, "Boy, if I were watching this with some guy, I'd let him do anything to me."

"Really?" Robbie said, sounding surprised but also intrigued.

"Oh, I couldn't help myself!"

The video faded out. Robbie started to get up. "Uh, I gotta go now."

I knew where he was going, and I was NOT going to let him waste his sweet spunk by beating it off into his fist! Time for Stage Three: I literally grabbed him and pulled him back onto the bed, trying to act like I was being playful instead of desperately horny, and said, "No! You can't go yet! I wanted to tell you a secret!"

"A secret? What secret?"

I giggled again and lay on my back, putting both my hands over my face and saying, "I have a secret and you can't make me tell you!" This was a game Robbie and I always played when we were kids. I'd try to hold my hands over my face, and he'd have to pull them away, and when he did I had to tell him a secret. We hadn't done it in years, of course, but Robbie laughed affectionately when I started to play, and kept up his side of the game by saying, "Oh yes you DO have to tell me!" and wrestling me to get my hands away from my face.

So far I'd just been feeling horny, but playing this game and hearing him laugh made me remember how much I loved my brother and how much we'd shared growing up. I blushed a little, thinking: And now we're about to share another part of growing up!

Robbie was much stronger than I, but I put up quite a fight, cause I knew it meant he'd have to keep rubbing against my soft skin, pushing my clothes around, showing more flesh. Finally, he straddled me and pinned my arms over my head. We were both panting from the exertion (and some other feelings) by this point. He smiled down at me. I kept squirming under his strong grip. I pretended I was doing it to try to escape, but really I was just contorting for him to enjoy the view. I caught his eyes glance down at my tits. My nipples were hard and showing clearly through my t-shirt. He was still smiling, but his expression was a bit more lustful. I thought, Do it, Robbie! You know you want to! Do it!

But instead he just said, "Okay, what's the secret? You have to tell!"

Okayyyy, Stage Four then!

As I writhed underneath him, I said, "Promise you won't tell Mom and Dad."

"Not if you don't want me to."

"Okay. I, uhm, I'm on the Pill now."

"You are?! Why?!"

"Why do you think, silly?" I smiled wickedly.

"Who are you doing it with?"

"Well, nobody yet," I said, frowning. "I want some guy I care about to do it with. But I can't find a nice one."

"I dunno. Maybe you should wait. Mom says we should wait until we're married."

I swear! I love my brother, but by this point I just wanted to smack him one upside the head! Buy a clue, Robbie!

Stage Five was the last one I had, so I knew it had better work: I got petulant. "I don't want to wait! And I won't wait! If I can't find a nice guy I like, fine! I'll just do it with some random cute guy. I'll do it with ... Ted." (Ted is Robbie's best friend.)

"Ted's a jerk!" Robbie protested.

"I thought he was your best friend?" I smirked.

"Well, he is, but – but he's a jerk to girls. You can't do it with Ted!"

"Yeah, well, I'm giving my cherry to Ted, and there isn't anything you can do about it!"

"Stop saying that!" Robbie growled. He was really squeezing my wrists hard now. I contorted my body underneath him so that my tits were practically in his face. He looked down at them.

"What ya' thinkin'?" I taunted him.

He looked at my face, then down at my tits again.

"No guy has ever touched my boobs," I said. "Ted's gonna touch your sister's boobs first. Ted's gonna touch your sister's boobs...before you do."

Bingo! He practically tore my t-shirt off and then started just devouring my tits! Rubbing! Caressing! Pinching! Pulling! Licking! Sucking! Nibbling! Oh, it was everything I dreamed of, except a thousand times better!

He settled into sucking and licking my nipples. I cooed with pleasure and cradled his head in my arms, nuzzling his sweet hair. "Oh, Robbie. It's good. It's so good. You're making your baby sister feel so good!"

"Your titties are mine," Robbie announced as he suckled them.

"Yes, yes!" I nodded. "You know I was just teasing about Ted. I've been saving them for you. I'd never let another boy have them. I've been saving everything for you. Do you want more, Robbie? You can have whatever you want."

He sat up and just nodded. I could see his cock tenting through his pajama bottoms, which he quickly started taking off. I shimmied out of my own bottoms. For just a moment I felt insecure and unsure of myself. I looked up at him with puppy-dog eyes. "Do you love your little sister, Robbie?"

"You know I do, Sis," and he kissed my gently on the lips. I felt so close to him. We started to make out. I'd never made out with a boy before, and here I was making out naked with my own brother. It was so HOT!

But two naked teenagers are not going to ONLY make out for very long. He instinctively maneuvered between my legs. I was wet, open and ready. But neither one of us had actually done this before, so his first couple of attempts at insertion kind of missed. I smiled and reached down. "Here, Robbie!" I felt a surge of lust go through my body as I touched a cock for the first time. It was so amazing! So hard, yet the skin was so soft to the touch. Much "vein-ier" than I imagined too. I didn't think about it for too long, though, as I guided the cap of my brother's cock to my virgin cunt-hole. "Okay, push in slowly, Robbie!"

I felt a twinge of pain. Looking back, it actually wasn't that bad. In fact, I kind of liked it. But I was nervous and not sure what to expect, so I winced and yelped a little. Robbie tenderly cupped my face in his hand. "Are you okay, Sis?"

I nodded and kissed the palm of his hand. "You're so nice to me. I knew you'd be nice. That's why I wanted to give my cherry to you." With that I licked the palm of his hand with the tip of my tongue. A look of animal lust washed across his face, and he continued pushing into me. I could feel my virgin cunt expanding and stretching to take him in. Now I was enjoying making myself accept the pain of being taken by him.

"Fuck me, Robbie. Fuck your baby sister!"

When his cock finally bottomed out he started to pump in and out. I could tell he was fighting to go slow and to not come. I was so proud of my big brother for working so hard to last on his first time. But I had also read how guys couldn't last long the first time, not if they were really enjoying it. So I whispered in his ear, "Are we gonna fuck again, Robbie? Promise me we'll fuck again!"

"Oh, you bet we will!" he groaned.

"Okay. Then this time I want you to just fuck me hard and fast. I want to see what it feels like when a guy just lets loose and comes as soon as he can. Will you do that for your sister, Robbie?"

He nodded. I noticed that, once he stopped trying not to come, it seemed easier for him to fuck me without coming! He lasted for what felt like a couple of minutes before grunting and coming inside me. I was so excited because I could feel the squirts of come from his cock inside me! I didn't know I could do that! How neat! I couldn't believe how long he seemed to come either. But he finally collapsed on top of me.

I knew he might feel weird. He'd just been seduced by and then fucked his sister, for crying out loud! So I nuzzled and kissed him and hugged him and whispered to him, "Thank you, Robbie...oh, you were so good to me...I feel so close to you...only you could have taken my cherry with so much love...."

Eventually, he spoke up. "Uhm, did you, you know, come, Sis?"

"Not yet," I smiled. "I don't know if you think it would be gross, but would you like to learn how to eat a girl out?"

"Sure I would!" I was surprised at how enthused he sounded. I guess he knew this was a skill women really appreciate, so he wanted to get good at it.

He got off of me, and I got on my back, spreading my legs for my big brother. But when he got up on his knees and started crawling over, I noticed the thick load of spunk still on his cock. "Oh, I need to suck your cock clean!" I blurted out.

He laughed, making me blush, but held his cock by my face so I could suck and slurp it to my heart's content. Mmmm, it turns out I LOVE the taste of spunk! I could swallow that all day! I also noticed that Robbie was getting hard again. I thought about just asking for another fuck. It hadn't made me come, but fucking felt damn good! But I had promised Robbie a pussy-eating lesson, and I didn't want to let him down, so I spread for my brother and then started directing him. "Okay, put your tongue in the hole. Oh, yeah! Nice! Now lick slowly up and down the pussy lips. No, inside the lips, sweetie. Uh huh. Now follow the lips up to the top where they meet. No higher. Higher. Trust me. A little – ohfuckyesrightthere!"

He lifted his head up and laughed. "Is that what they call the 'clit'?"

"Yeah, yeah," I quickly said, and shoved his head back to it. "Flick it with the tip of your tongue. Ow! More gently, sweetie! Mmm-hmm. Now faster. Yeah, flick it, like that. Keep flicking....oh God, Robbie. Oh God. Oh God, God, God, Goddamn YES!"

Wow. Orgasms really ARE much better if someone else gives them to you!

I started to say, "Do you want to--?" but Robbie didn't need an invitation. He was already rock-hard from eating me and listening to me come. And this time he knew how to find the hole, and had no hesitation in shoving it in. He was really pounding me this time. Our first time was making love. But this was fucking!

I felt dirty and sexy and hot fucking my own brother, and I wanted him to feel the same way. "I like that I'm fucking my big brother" I said as my hips rose to meet his thrusts. "Do you like knowing that your cock is in your sister's pussy?"

"Oh yeah!" he growled. "I'm fucking my baby sister's sweet, hairless pussy!" His voice sounded angry and possessive and masculine. It was like he had turned from a boy into a man in the space of a few minutes. And it was making me just gush cream! He continued, "I've wanted your pussy for so long, and now I get to have it! It's all mine!"

As he fucked me, Robbie reached up and expertly pinched and pulled on my nipples. (Boy, does my brother learn fast!) I felt another orgasm starting to build up inside me. "Have you really wanted my pussy, Robbie?"

"Uh huh. You're always walking around in those bikinis. I watch when you're not looking, then I go to my room and beat off. I even have a picture of you in a bikini that I take out at jerk off to! Oh fuck! Your pussy is even better than I imagined!"

"Oh God that's so hot! My big brother beats off to my picture! You're fucking your baby sister so good! You're gonna start fuckings lots of girls now, aren't you? And after you fuck every one, I want you to come home and drop your pants, so I can suck your cock clean, and taste your spunk and their pussy all over my big brother's cock!"

"Oh fuck! You fucking whore!" He was calling me names, but I could tell he loved the thought. And I was loving being called names!

"Is your baby sister a whore, Robbie? Tell me what a whore I am!"

"My baby sister is a whore! I'm fucking my sweet baby sister's cunnie cause she's a whore!" Robbie grabbed my hair and twisted it. Hard! I was amazed that the hair pulling was as sexy as the nipple pulling!

"Robbie...baby...your cock is making me come!"

I clutched my brother desperately as I creamed all over his cock. Within seconds, I felt the wonderful sensation of his spunk squirting into my pussy.

We held each other for a few moments. When he caught his breath, my brother said, "You...are the best...sister...EVER!"

We fucked for the rest of the afternoon. Let me tell you, 19-year-old guys can get it up a LOT! Robbie wasn't even through when I told him we had to stop because Mom and Dad would be home soon. I only got away from him by promising we'd fuck again soon.

When our parents got home, we were both showered, dressed in proper, preppy clothes, and watching an edifying documentary on TV. As our parents told us and each other about their days, I eyed them, deciding which was my next target.

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