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Trish Stratus And Stacey Lynn


This is a story done by me ThePac and if you have any requests, ideas or people you would like me to write about pls e-mail me and if you have any feedback on my story [I would really like some feedback on my story] what u liked, didn't like, my email is through the link below. All characters storylines situations and celebs in stories are all made up none of what I write really happened so no one can sue or say I stole a real idea cause I didn't this was a ThePac story in association a highlight reel production with help and ideas from wwekiller

Trish Stratus And Stacey Lynn Playtime In The Kitchen

After another long calendar shoot Trish Straus and Stacey Lynn, two fitness models just walk back into their joint apartment in LA worn out and tired. Trish is wearing a tiny bright yellow summer dress that clings to her small but well formed figure. Her big tits nearly spill out of the front of the dress and the hemline is well above her knees showing off a lot of her tanned muscley legs. Stacey on the other hand is in a lose fitting white flowery dress that her big boobs push into and you can clearly see her nipples poking into the fabric. She is a few inches taller than Trish and the dress isn't as tight not showing off her figure but as proven out on the street one big gust of wind would send the whole dress flying exposing the blonde to everyone within range.

"Hey Stacey, you wanna drink," Trish cries out from the apartments modest white tiled kitchen.

"Sure Trish," Stacey calls back from the living room as she removes her white high heels and throws them into a corner where Trish had already kicked her sandals.

Stacey walks into their little kitchen to see Trish bent overhead inside the fridge before standing up holding two cold bottles of water.

"Hey were you checking out my ass?" Trish says with a cheeky grin on her face, her pink lipstick from the shoot fading but her bright white teeth still shining.

"Course I was babe," Stacey replies with a giggle taking her bottle of water and breaking off the cap, "I will take any chance I get to stare at your sexy ass."

Trish takes a sip of her water with a smile this is why she loved doing shoots with Stacey as the bigger blonde loved to tease and flirt with Trish and Trish really loved having another woman lusting after her. Stacey meanwhile just loved having Trish living with her, the tiny blonde from north of the border had no idea what effect she had on Stacey and the damp patches she would leave in her panties as she watched Trish strut around the house in just her underwear. Still tired from the day's shooting both stand there in their kitchen drinking from their ice cold water.

Stacey looks up at Trish, "You gotta admit something Trish that shoot was fucking hot."

Trish laughs putting her bottle down on the black marble worktop, "yeah that time Robert had just covering each other's tits was so hot I was just getting so fucking wet."

"I know," Stacey, says with a big grin on her face, "I could feel your wet panties rubbing against my leg it was so hot."

"Not as wet as you were it that shower shot I mean my god Stacey you little whore the whole crew could probably smell that wet spot on your panties," Trish says teasing her blonde friend.

"Little slut?" Stacey says knowing Trish is very dominate young woman, the nail marks on the back of one guy Trish was dating kinda told Stacey the whole story, "What about you telling that poor runner you wanted smaller panties the poor guy nearly came in his pants right there."

Trish laughs forgetting what a flirt she could be on set with Stacey, "Well Stacey I know I nearly made you cum too cause you just couldn't take your eyes off my body."

For a brief second Stacey is scared Trish is going to hate her for checking her out but looking back and seeing Trish's smile Stacey reads a playful even a horny look in the blonde's eyes.

"Come on Stacey," Trish says stepping closer to the blonde her bare feet brushing the cold floor tiles as she gets right in Stacey's face, "I know you want me and my sexy body and you should no I want your fucking sexy body too."

Stacey's mouth drops open and she is stunned for a second then her hands move out around Trish's hips grabbing her small body rubbing her back. Taking the front Trish grabs Stacey's head pulling her head down and kisses her hard. Their tongues force themselves into the other's throat wrestling around for dominance as their lips push together hard. It is a high-fuelled sexual kiss and as Stacey rubs Trish's back the smaller blonde's hands roughly grope Stacey's body. Trish's hands grab Stacey's big tits though her white summer dress and roughly squeezes them making Stacey moan into Trish's mouth. Stacey's hands just hold onto with Trish's hips letting the younger woman take control of her and her body. She can feel Stacey isn't wearing a bra and the fabric of the dress is very thin meaning Trish is more or less groping Stacey's bare boobs. Soon Trish pushes her own body into Stacey's allowing the two blonde's massive busts to crash together and the feeling on each other's tits on their own has both girls moaning loudly. Still kissing Stacey hard Trish moves her hands around Stacey's back grabbing hold of the fitness models big ass. Trish squeezes her two big meaty cheeks together making Stacey moan and makes her push her tongue deeper down Trish's mouth. Both model's pussies are now soaking wet as they make out in their own kitchen, hands roaming over the other's bodies and their tongues thrashing around in their mouths.

Trish breaks the hold and steps back but smiles as she hears Stacey's groan of disappointment, "I bet you really wanna see me get butt naked right here right now."

Stacey groans and self-consciously moves her hand up her dress touching her aching pussy though her underwear.

Trish also finds herself groaning as Stacey touches herself a few feet in front of her, "Yeah that's it Stacey touch yourself you horny little slut."

"MMMMMM you like that Trish maybe I should be the one getting naked first because I'm so horny for you I might just cum right now," Stacey groans loudly making Trish rub her own dripping wet cunt though her summer dress.

Trish groans and leans her hand forward and pulls down one of the shoulder straps on Stacey's dress before quickly pulling down the other strap and the front of the dress falls down and Stacey's big tits bounce into view. Now Trish's eyes grow as wide as hubcaps as she looks at Stacey's big tanned boobs soaking in sweat and her pink nipples sticking out fully erect. Trish licks her lips as she stares at Stacey's big boobs but she wants to see all of Ms. Lynn so pulls down the rest of Stacey's white dress. Stacey kicks the material away and stands in front of Trish in just a pre cum soaked black thong panties. Trish licks her lips at looking at Stacey's cum soaked panties and the tiny blonde doesn't waste any time in yanking her thong down Stacey's muscley legs. Stacey's bald pussy comes out into the open and Trish is nearly drooling at look at Stacey's pussy lips dripping wet in her own juices. There is nothing Stacey loves more than having Trish's eyes wandering over her nude form as it makes her feel so hot. Quickly she reaches forward grabbing Trish by the hips and pulling her into her naked body for another kiss. This time it's Stacey taking the dominant role as she forces her own tongue deep down Trish's throat as she rubs the blonde's back and her firm ass cheeks. Stacey's naked breasts crush into Trish's tits making both women cry out in frustration as there sensitive bodies rub together.

Breaking the kiss Trish cries out, "Oh god Stacey you feel so good please keep touching me."

Stacey can't resist Trish's sex fueled pleas and she moves her hands up Trish's body and grabs her big tits. She squeezes them though her tight fitting dress. Trish groans as Stacey's hands play with her big boobs making her nipples hard and press against the fabric of her dress. To see Stacey's big tits a few inches in front of her is making Trish extremely wet and she can feel her tiny thong being soaked in her own juices. Stacey rubs her fingertips over Trish's massive cleavage before flicking her fingers against Trish sticking out nipples. Trish is merely putty in Stacey's hands as the blonde rubs and plays with Trish's big tits. She moans and groans as Stacey's hands push against her big boobs feeling just how soft and sensitive they are.

"MMMMM no more teasing Stacey get me naked I wanna be naked with you right now," Trish begs the muscley blonde with her eyes shut and her hands running though her long hair.

"You wanna be naked Trish, you wanna show me your tanned sexy body that you use to tease men with," Stacey says keeping up the torture as she softly rubs Trish's cleavage though her tight yellow dress.

"Please Stacey," Trish begs opening her eyes and looking right at Stacey as the heat between her legs grows and her panties nearly drown in a sea of her own pre cum.

Stacey flashes her pure white smile before grabbing the straps of Trish's dress and undoing them. Slowly she pulls the tight material down Trish's body letting her massive boobs bounce free. Stacey can't help but giggle as Trish's big tits pop out her bright pink nipples already fully erect and begging to be licked and sucked. Pulling the dress down further exposing Trish's flat mid section then her tiny black thong. Letting the dress drop all the way down Trish's strong legs Stacey licks her lips as Trish kicks the dress off her feet and she stands there in front of Stacey in just her thong. Stacey can already smell Trish's pussy and she can see the big wet spot on Trish's crotch and Stacey can't help but rubs her own gleaming wet pussy lips. Trish giggles as she can see the effect her body is having on Stacey and to make it even better for the blonde Trish turns around and slowly bends over. She hears the gasp from Stacey as Trish slowly leans over to touch her toes sticking her big ass out. Stacey looks at Trish's meaty ass cheeks and the tiny thong now wedgied up into her asshole and the sight of Trish all bent over makes Stacey very hot and excited. She leans over and gives Trish's big booty one hard slap making the flesh shake and Trish giggle. She smacks both hands onto Trish's ass and Stacey slowly digs her fake fingernails into her meaty cheeks making Trish groan. Stacey can feel her own juices trickling down her inner thighs as she stands behind Trish Stratus and plays with her much lusted after ass.

"Hey Stacey," Trish calls out behind her, "I'm still not naked yet you have one item still to remove," She says cheekily.

Not wasting another second Stacey's fingers wrap around the waistband of Trish's thong and slowly she pulls it down Trish's large thighs. As she pulls it down Stacey gets a proper whiff of Trish's pre cum coated pussy and it probably the sweetest thing Stacey have ever smelled in her life. It is so sweet that Stacey can feel her own juice dripping with pre cum as she lowers Trish's thong down past her knees until they drop to her pretty little feet. Much like the dress before Trish kicks her thong away into the apartment and now she turns to face Stacey exposing her totally nude body to her. Stacey loves Trish's body from her toes past her tanned legs and her shaved pussy to her massive tits and that naughty, sexy look on her face. Both women are wet and very horny standing it the kitchen of their joint apartment and Trish makes the first move. She walks over to Stacey and pushes the bigger blonde back into one of the many kitchen counters. Once her back has hit the white counter Trish lifts Stacey up onto it and before she can utter a single word Trish moves down to her knees and spreads Stacey's legs. Stacey smiles as the petite blonde kneels in between her legs staring at her pink pussy lips. Trish smiles before moving her head forward and moves her tongue along Stacey's soaking wet pussy lips making her cry out in pleasure. Trish's well trained tongue rubs all over Stacey's pussy lips making the blonde dig her ass cheeks into the worktop counter as she tries hard not to scream out in pleasure just yet. The blonde now works her long pink tongue into Stacey's pussy and as soon as it moves inside her pussy walls Stacey lets out a large moan of built up pleasure.

More loud cries from Stacey as Trish works her tongue deeper and deeper inside her friend's cunt. She even has to grab onto Stacey's powerful thighs to keep her still and stop her from sliding away. In a world of her own Stacey starts rubbing her own boobs as Trish's tongue licks her soaking wet pussy. Trish brings her tongue back into her own mouth tasting Stacey's cum for the very first time and it is such a sweet tangy taste Trish wants even more of it. She drives her tongue make into Stacey's wet snatch making the blonde sitting on the kitchen worktop howl with joy. Like a jackhammer Trish's long tongue starts to push in and out of Stacey's wet pussy making sure to lick her pussy walls like a massive lollypop and those licks to her pussy is making Stacey howl and cry with utter and complete pleasure. With her hands on Stacey's inner thighs Trish allows herself to spread Stacey's legs even further apart meaning her head can move closer and mean her tongue can go deeper inside her friend. Stacey cries out with delight as Trish's perfect pink tongue flicks away inside her cunt making her so wet and horny.

"OHHH OH GOD TRISH LICK ME," Stacey screams rubbing her own tits and leans back nearly falling backwards off the counter.

Trish looks up to see her mate nearly falling off the kitchen counter so Trish grabs her legs and helps her down onto the floor but she is still on her knees and the face still between her legs licking Stacey's pussy.

"OH YEAH LICK ME TRISH LICK MY WET PUSSY MMMMMM IT FEELS SO GOOD TRISH YOUR TONGUE IS SO GOOD," Stacey cries out using her hands to hold Trish's head in between her legs.

Looking up Trish sees the pleasurable look on Stacey's face with her blonde hair matted all over her face as she groans with joy.

"You like that Stacey you like me licking your pussy," Trish says removing her tongue from Stacey's pussy and looks up at the sweating blonde.

Stacey moans and tries to push Trish's head back down towards her aching pussy, "No Trish keep licking me please don't stop."

Trish smiles as she hears Stacey begging her to lick her sweet tasting pussy, "You really have to cum Stacey don't you?"

"YES," Stacey screams at the top of her voice, "Yes Trish you have to make me cum I really, really need to cum."

Grinning Trish rubs up and down Stacey's tanned thighs. She just loves teasing women with her sexy accent and her dirty words always making other men and woman she is with very horny. Trish loved watching her lover melt under her words and her touch and Stacey is no different.

"You have such a sexy body Stacey I love your big tits and your strong, strong legs," Trish purrs making Stacey groan with sexual frustration as Trish teases her.

Trish strokes her fingers over the inner thighs of Stacey making the blonde shiver and Stacey has to grip onto the edge of the kitchen counter so as to stay on her feet.

"You need to tell me how much you want me to lick your pussy Stacey I want to hear those words coming from your lips," Trish says in her sexiest voice making Stacey's knees go weak.


Curling two fingers Trish moves her two fingers around her thighs and up to her asshole. She slowly rubs her two fingers along her asscrack making Stacey groan softly as Trish teases her asshole. Rubbing the bone of her fingers against Stacey's asshole has the big blonde moaning and groaning like a kitten. Looking up at Stacey, Trish smiles as the blonde is crying and moaning as Trish rubs her fingers against Stacey's asscrack.

"Oh god baby you are such a dirty bitch you are one dirty fucking bitch," Stacey cries before she looks down at Trish and spits a huge wad of saliva right onto Trish's pretty face.

Smiling Trish uses two fingers to wipe up most of the spit then uses the spit on her fingers as a lube and her lubed up fingers now push inside Stacey's asshole. Using her spit-coated fingers Trish pushes her two fingers deeper into Stacey's asshole and Trish hears her flat mates large screams of joy.

"OWWWWWWW YES TRISH FUCK MY BIG ASS, USE THOSE FUCKING FINGERS TO FUCK MY ASS OH GOD FUCK MY ASSHOLE," Stacey screams as Trish's fingers move around inside her asshole.

Her spit-covered fingers drive deeper into Stacey's asshole and Trish grins as she makes her flat mate scream out in joy. Looking at Stacey's pussy Trish can see who wet she is and Trish smiles at how wet her friend's pussy lips are. Pushing her fingers further into Stacey's asshole Trish is really trying to slam her fingers right into Stacey's anus. She is almost desperate to break in Stacey's ring and her ass is so very tight that even Trish's two small fingers are tightly packed into her ass. As her fingers go deeper the sound of Stacey's pleasure filled screams getting bigger and louder as Trish's fingers really work over her tight asshole.

"Yeah you like this baby, you like having your tight little asshole fucked by my finger?" Trish asks curling her fingers around inside Stacey making her eyes roll back into her head with pleasure.

"FUCK, FUCK, FUCK OH FUCK TRISH FUCK MY ASSHOLE AHHHHHHH AHHHHH FUCK MY BIG ASS TRISH," Stacey screams in pleasure as her ass is fucked by Trish's fingers.

"Oh yeah bitch that's it scream for me scream for your Trish," she says as Trish is now moving her fingers in and out of Stacey's asshole.

Stacey's fake nails sink into the kitchen counter as Trish's two fingers fuck her big ass hard. Her screams are getting louder and louder filling the room as she cries out with ecstasy.

"That's it baby cum for Trish I wanna hear you scream my name say it!" Trish says driving her fingers deeper into Stacey's ass.

"FUCK ME TRISH FUCK MY ASS YOU DIRTY, SLUTTY BITCH FUCK ME," Stacey tilts her head back yelling out as loud as her lungs can manage.

"Yeah you like me fingering your asshole I bet you have always wanted my fingers in your slutty ass," Trish says carrying on her dirty talk knowing how much her teasing tones turn Stacey on.

"FUCK TRISH I'M SO HORNY YOU DIRTY LITTLE GIRL YOU SLUTTY LITTLE BLONDE DYKE I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME HARDER," Stacey screams before she looks down and sees Trish's face right below her and the blonde's mouth is wide open.

Without thinking Stacey spits another large lump of saliva this time her spit goes right into Trish's mouth. Trish groans with joy as she feels Stacey's spit slowly trickle down inside her throat along her tongue.

"You like being treated as a slut Trish?" Stacey asks, "You like being spat on like a dirty little whore."

Trish nods her head and holds onto Stacey's spit in her mouth before adding her own spit to Stacey's and she leans forward spitting loudly right into Stacey's cunt. Both girls spit now mixes with Stacey's pre cum and now her pussy lips are dripping wet with spit and cum. Trish now moves forward and pushes her tongue deep into Stacey's pussy rubbing against her clit making Stacey scream extremely loudly. She reaches down like before grabbing hold of Trish's blonde locks and she makes sure she has a good hold of Trish's hair making sure her face won't leave her aching, dripping wet pussy. Trish keeps on sucking and licking Stacey's wet pussy making sure every drop of her sweet tasting juices is not wasted. Her tongue is now lapping away at Stacey's pre cum soaked clit and the blonde's love button is very sensitive after all that early teasing and every thing Trish rubs her tongue over Stacey's clit she lets out a low groan of delight. Trish is slurping Stacey's pre cum up and enjoying every second of tasting her blonde friend. Stacey's face is awash with pleasure as Trish is between her legs teasing both her holes when suddenly Trish's two fingers slide out her asshole and grab onto her thigh.

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