tagLoving WivesTrish The Dish Act 01

Trish The Dish Act 01


All of the characters are adults.


TRISH wasn't expecting Todd home before late afternoon. She was out by the pool with a pitcher of sangria, tanning, and didn't see him come home. Recently discharged from the army he was out looking for work, doing an interview, she thought. But the interview got cancelled.

Not finding mom in her usual haunts, Todd sprinted upstairs to her bedroom, then went to his room, where he tossed his shit on the bed and changed outta his suit into shorts. He heard a radio outside, and looked out the window onto the pool and enclosure, seeing his mother lying atop a chaise lounge, bottom-up, halter off, with a large Nigger massaging her back with oil.

The Nigger didn't need to remove Trish's thong, as a simple string was the only obstacle to prevent him kneading her ample ass thoroughly. But he pulled it off down her legs, and tossed it. He had large hands and long fingers. Todd didn't recognize him, and fetched his digital camera and tripod.

Back at the window Todd aimed the camera at Trish, and clicked it ON. The Nigger was working the oil into the crack of the mother's ass, then into both holes. Trish rose up onto her knees and lifted her bottom for the Nigger to get at. He lubed her pussy lips with one finger, opening them easily, plus the rim of her anus with another finger. From what Todd saw his mother had a plump camel-toe between her legs that she shaved smooth.

The Nigger pushed his oily fingers into both holes, to the hilt, and fucked them with slow rhythmic strokes; Trish's ass was covered with goose-flesh as she pressed her ass against the Nigger's fingers in time with his finger-fucking. Her eyes closed. At times she altered her posture to try and watch the Nigger work but soon lowered her head to the lounger to pant and grunt. Or she held herself up with on one hand as she reached back between her legs to play with her clit. Todd got a good look at her tits and paunch hanging loose and swaying.

Todd guessed Trish weighed about 175 pounds, and knew she was 5'-4"with a firm bubble ass. She wore a short bob-cut hair style, popular with professional women, and didn't look bad for forty-one.

"I wonder if Riley knows about this?" Todd wondered. Riley was Mom's rich judge husband.

The Nigger finger-fucked Trish for several minutes, or maybe she fucked his fingers, it was hard to tell, but he stopped to stand by Trish's face and pull off his shirt while Trish unfastened his belt and unzipped the fly. The Nigger then pulled his pants down and stepped out of them; Trish pushed her hand inside his boxers, pulling out his cock. They were talking but Todd couldn't hear any of it, because of the radio. Todd had seen bigger dicks but the Nigger's was enough, and a little more.

Releasing the cock, Trish sat on the edge of the lounger, facing the Nigger's waist, pulled her legs around, then leaning forward, tugged the boxers down and off. That done, she wrapped her fingers around the base of the cock and took all of it into her mouth with one motion. Her hand and fingers jacked the cock as she sucked and licked it in seamless fluid motion. The meat made her cheeks inflate on the intake. She looked up at the Niggers face and smiled as he fucked her mouth. Trish stroked the Niggers shaft and sucked on its head for several minutes, until the man was long and firm enough to suit her. He then lay on the lounger while she straddled him, to work his cock with her ass and hips for several minutes, until she was back on her knees for the man to do her doggy-style, followed by a spoon coupling. Todd guessed she was pretty wet as the cock went in easily. The Nigger pounded her ass pretty hard towards the end, slapping her ass several times. And after he came in her, he stuck his finger inside her cunt to push his leaking cum back in. It didn't help, it still came out in gobs, and ran down the crack of her ass, but Trish seemed to enjoy it.

They lay together for a while, resting, then French kissed and masturbated each other. After some stroking and sucking and gentle ball squeezing, Trish got the Nigger to cum again, and let him release a load into her open mouth. It flowed out her mouth before she swallowed all of it with a contented grin, and wiped her lips with her tongue. "Mmm, how can someone so black make something so white," she said.

About 3 o'clock she sent the Nigger on his way, then gathered her stuff and came inside.

Todd loaded the vid on his computer, emailed the file to Trish, and waited.

About nine o'clock Trish found Todd in the garage lying on his lifting bench hoisting barbells. The garage was dark except for 2 fluorescent tubes Todd hung from the ceiling. Trish wore a short house-coat and sandals. She closed the door quietly, walked over to him, and squatted. Todd tried to look up her legs but the angle was bad.

"I got your message," she said, "What is it you want?"

Todd racked the barbells and turned to face Trish.


"You're a sick young man," she said. "You really think I'll put-out for your blackmail?"

Todd sat up and wiped his face and neck with a towel. "I think so. I don't know what's up with you and Riley, but you got a sweet ride, and Riley won't put up with the world knowing his old lady is a Nigger cum dump. And no one will blame him for tossing your ass to the curb if the word gets out."

"So you want a blowjob?"

"Actually I was thinking more like some pussy. If things work out I'll destroy the file."

"You're a bastard like your father!"

"And a pervert like my mommy."

"I want to think about it."

"This is a limited time offer, if you get my drift."

Trish glared at him without speaking, then got up and left.

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