I feel I should tell you about my wonderful wife Trixie! She is everything any man could want and she is mine! She is delicate is stature, only 5’6” tall but with figure most girls would envy. She has slim hips, a beautiful bum and her breasts are a joy to behold. She has oversize breasts for her figure but they look so beautiful on her that they are a welcome sight. She is the envy of most of her girlfriends and she certainly attracts glances from menfolk. She is 25 years old and we have been married for just 4 years. She was a virgin when we married and has the most delightful impish manner about her which just begs for love.

Trixie is one of those girls who will try anything once and we have tried just about everything possible in the sex field since we have been married. We certainly petted a great deal before we were married but she always saved herself for the wedding night. Because I loved her so much, I agreed to wait until the marriage bed and had waited in wonderful anticipation for the night.

Because she is so pixie-like, she gets her way with me when she decides to do anything different. She has tried all sorts of attire but prefers to wear mini skirts and short tops, particularly in the warmer months and she loves to be out in the sun. She has a fair complexion and for this reason she can’t stay out in the sun for too long, but never the less she is out in the sun when she can.

Trixie has the blondest hair ever. She keeps it a little longer than shoulder length and it always hangs down very straight, adding to the pixie look. As a contrast however, she has the blackest pubic hair I have seen and it is quite extensive. She has a fine line of very dark hair starting at her navel and running down and around her pussy reaching her anus. Her hair is very bushy, but I love it – the hairier the better as far as I am concerned. She also has a fine, downy covering of hair on her forearms and I love this too. This arm hair is not as dark as her pussy hair, but it is much darker than her head hair.

I really love her and would do anything for her that she asks.

She has a very good job in a lawyer’s office as a legal secretary and has been there since she graduated from college. She loves her work and the people she works with, particularly the other girls who are mostly about her own age.

It has been because of these other girls that I am writing this story about Trixie. They are a wonderful group of girls and we meet socially whenever we can get together. Most of the girls are married and they love their husbands just as much as Trixie loves me. The girls were always talking about things they would love to do, or had done with their husbands and Trixie always talked these things over with me when we were together, particularly in bed together!

Earlier I said Trixie would always say she would try anything once and perhaps I can explain what that was all about. When we were first married and had been having sex in the usual way, I naturally wanted to experiment a bit. I asked Trixie to go down on me and to suck my cock for me. At first she was reluctant, but then said, “ Well, I’ll try anything once!” and so she went down on me and put my cock in her mouth. She didn’t dislike the taste and continued to lick and suck my cock until it became obvious that I was about to cum. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and rubbed me until I spurted all over her hand and her breasts. She laughed when I came and said she hoped I enjoyed that! She rather liked doing that but wouldn’t go any further.

After listening to the girls talking about sucking their husband’s cocks, when the girls were having a session together, Trixie asked them what it tasted like and did they really enjoy it as much as they were saying. Their responses were a little varied, but in the main they all said they enjoyed it mostly and a couple of them said that was what was keeping their husbands with them.

Trixie had been sucking my cock for about 8 months, just sucking and not allowing me to cum in her mouth when all this talking took place with the girls. Trixie came home from work, quite excited and eager, and proceeded to dress herself up in her most sexy lingerie. When I came home and saw her dressed like that I knew something was about to happen.

Trixie took me into the bedroom, slowly danced around the floor whilst steadily removing her sexy clothes until she was naked, and then she advanced to me and undressed me too.

By this time, my cock was standing upright and badly in need of some relief. I really wanted to fuck her there and then, but she said – “I want to do something special for you as I really love you, Darling!” She dropped to her knees in front of me, took my cock into her lovely mouth (it was all red and beautiful from the makeup she had applied to herself) and proceeded to suck me as she had never sucked me before. When the time became close for me to cum, I warned her that I was getting ready to cum and to watch out, but she kept her head down and sucked harder and harder! I suddenly realized what she had meant about something special for me!

Well, cum I did – great spurts of cum jetted into her mouth and she swallowed just as fast as she possibly could! She managed to capture almost all of my cum and smiled at me when she had finished swallowing! “Gee, that wasn’t too bad at all,” she said, and began again to lick and suck my cock, but it was in dire need of a rest after her wonderful assault on my cock!

This was the beginning of a wonderful sex life for us when she was happy to suck me off on a somewhat regular basis. As much as several times a week became the norm and we both loved it!

I asked her why she had suddenly decided to swallow my cum and it was then that she told me about the discussions she had been having with the girls in her office. I was really pleased to hear of these discussions.

Silly as it may seem, from the beginning when we first began petting, she allowed me to feel her breasts and to lick her nipples. This was so long as I didn’t attempt to bite them and she allowed me to insert my fingers in her cunt provided I played with her inside her panties! This latter was quite uncomfortable but we managed. This went on until we were married. She also agreed to hold and rub my cock whilst I was playing with her cunt inside her panties and it was only a couple of weeks before we were married that she actually jerked me off completely. Before that I would have to hurry home after seeing her and jerk myself off in the bathroom! It was O.K. for me to finger her to orgasm with my finger inside her panties but she wouldn’t let me remove them until we were married! You can see I really loved her to put up with that treatment but that was what she wanted and that was what she got.

Our love life improved after one of these girls’ sessions when the other girls told Trixie they loved to be eaten out and that it wasn’t dirty for their husband to lick and suck their cunt and clitoris. Naturally, Trixie wanted to try this too and asked me if I would be prepared to suck her! She had no idea just how much I wanted to lick and suck her and, although I didn’t make it too obvious, I certainly agreed to try.

We had a shower together and then we went naked into our bedroom where she laid spread-eagled on the bed and asked me if I would lick her! Needless to say, I really enjoyed that “experiment” for her and she had her first orgasm from being licked and sucked right there and then! She agreed that this was wonderful and this was when we began to use 69 as another wonderful means of having sex.

You can see that shy as she had been, she was gradually opening up – particularly to the suggestions of what was being done by the other girls in her office. I could hardly wait for the next discussion group when she might come home all excited and wanting to try something different. Not everything was related to sex and the other girls had some weird ideas about what they liked and disliked and Trixie spent a lot of money and time doing some of the things the other girls suggested.

About a year after we were married, she came home one night full of excitement to tell me some of the other girls had had their belly buttons pierced and she wanted to do the same! I wasn’t too sure about this but still I wanted her to be happy and agreed to her having this done. She didn’t want to go alone and wanted to have it done just the same so she could surprise the other girls at work!

She was too shy even to make an appointment so I rang one of the many beauty salons which specialize in navel piercing and explained what she wanted and made an appointment for it to be done.

Trixie was so excited I couldn’t believe she could be so aroused and she spent a couple of days wondering what she should wear when the piercing was to take place. I suggested she simply wear a normal skirt and a light blouse with an opening down the front so she could undo the buttons, and, of course, to wear one of her sexy bras. Trixie agreed and soon she was ready to go, dressed as I had suggested.

When we arrived at the salon, the staff was mostly women but there were a couple of men who seemed to be mostly attending to the hairstyles of the many women customers. I felt out of place being there but would do anything for Trixie!

The lady who was to do the piercing was really surprised that I wanted to be there whilst Trixie was being pierced, but she agreed for me to watch. She spent a deal of time helping Trixie to pick out the jewelry she wanted to use and, after the final choice was made, the action began.

The lady told Trixie to take off her blouse and skirt because they would be in the way. Trixie did this without question and looked great in her thin bra holding her large breasts and her thin panties which showed the shadow of her bush. Trixie had found a delicate little ring with a very short chain attached to a very small gold heart!

The piercing got underway and there was no hitch although Trixie was really scared and held my hand very tightly. I could see the lady working and I was sure she was spending a deal of time looking at the thin panties Trixie was wearing nearly as much as she was watching what she was doing. Soon it was all over and Trixie dressed and we were preparing to leave. The lady couldn’t contain herself and asked Trixie if she had ever thought about having her pubic hair removed? Trixie was quite surprised and immediately said "No!" I didn’t push her as I enjoyed the thick black pubic hair myself and liked it the way it was!

Trixie had no problems with her belly button and couldn’t wait to go back to work to show the girls! They were all impressed with her choice and were a little envious that I had been prepared to go with her whilst it was being done. I really enjoyed it!

A number of months later, Trixie came home from work excited because a couple of the girls had had their nipples pierced and she wanted to have a nipple ring too. Of course, it was up to me to agree, but as I love her so much I couldn’t refuse, could I? Trixie became so excited about the nipple ring that nothing else seemed important. I again rang the beauty salon to ask about the nipple ring, but when I spoke to the same lady who had installed Trixie’s navel ring, she suggested I go to a professional piercer. I was better to get the job done professionally as there could be complications if the job is not done correctly, particularly if it was proposed that future babies might be breastfed. I thanked her for her help and before I could hang up, she asked me it Trixie had thought any more about having her pubic hair removed. I told her there was no change to her thinking and that was that.

I finally contacted a professional operator and made an appointment. Trixie was quite scared about this exercise but I reassured her that, as nothing had gone wrong with the navel piercing, this would be O.K. too. This time, Trixie was too nervous to worry about what she would be wearing and so just dressed in her thin bra and a loose blouse. The only thing I hadn’t told Trixie about this job was that the person who would be doing the work would be a man! I hoped Trixie wouldn’t back out of it when she saw the man.

We arrived at the premises and I was pleased to find it was a nice, clean airy place and it looked to me as if it would be quite acceptable. When we were introduced to Ken, who was to do the work, I was really surprised when Trixie just smiled at him and said “OK!”

Ken asked Trixie to choose a ring and then told her to remove her blouse and bra. Trixie had chosen a very thin, small ring which Ken thought would be suitable although he did say that a larger ring might look O.K. because of the large size of her breasts. Trixie settled for the ring she had chosen and seemed not to be embarrassed at sitting in his studio naked to the waist. Ken handled her right breast for what seemed too long to me, but he assured me he was measuring exactly where the ring should go so that it would have a correct alignment and not appear to be sitting at an angle.

After the cleansing of her breast (she was only having one nipple ring fitted) and having the numbing spray applied, she said she was ready. Ken pinched her nipple rather sharply and I expected Trixie to scream out (she hates having her nipples squeezed sharply) but she just smiled and I knew the deadening agent had done its work. Ken applied the funny clamp which pressed in on each side of the nipple, but had holes in the faces which enabled him to push the needle through whilst the nipple was compressed. The whole exercise took about 30 minutes and, although Trixie said her nipple was very tender, it was otherwise O.K. We left the studio with Trixie’s bra in my pocket as her breast and nipple was too tender for the bra. Her blouse was quite thin and I had a hardon watching Trixie walking along the footpath to where our car was parked. She attracted quite a deal of attention from others too because her breasts are quite large and move fluidly when she walks without some support.

Trixie’s breast was very tender for a couple of days and our lovemaking was limited to her simply lying on the bed and I fucked her without her participating very much as all as any jiggling of her breast caused her pain. I loved to see the ring jiggling in her nipple and couldn’t wait for it to all heal up so I could suck the nipple with the ring in place.

Trixie didn’t tell any of the girls at work about her nipple ring until it was all past the tender stage and she allowed me to suck her nipple and ring to prove to her it was O.K. now. She told me she wore a blouse which was just a little thicker than usual. When she was prepared to show the girls her nipple, she went first to be ladies room and removed her bra so they would be able to see it as soon as she undid her blouse. This went well and the girls were very excited when they saw her bare breast complete with the nipple ring. They congratulated her and told her she should get the other nipple pierced to match. That would come later. The whole presentation of her nipple ring had gone very well until the last minute when one of the partners suddenly came into the room and was excited to see her bare breast and the nipple ring. He asked her to come into his office straight away and she buttoned her blouse and followed him into his office! She turned as she was leaving the room and saw the other girls grinning at her! She wondered what fate would befall her now!

Peter, the partner, was a man she really liked and didn’t want to upset him by having shown her bare breast in the office to the other girls. After he had closed his door, he grinned at her and said, “I bet those other girls think you are going to get a dressing down for your public display! Trixie, I really like you and, if you were willing, I would like to ask you if you would show me your new nipple ring as my own wife is considering having one too. Trixie breathed a sigh of relief and grinned at him and said, “Of course, Peter, it would be my pleasure!” With that, she unbuttoned her blouse and, instead of just opening it, she slipped it off her shoulders and stood in front of her naked to the waist!

Peter couldn’t believe his luck and moved around Trixie looking at the nipple ring from all angles. Trixie really liked Peter because she believed he was a gentleman and so she asked him it he would like to touch her nipple ring. Peter could hardly control himself and reached out and gently felt her nipple and breast and particularly he lifted the nipple ring several times.

He could hardly thank her enough and had behaved as a gentleman all the time as Trixie has thought he would. She was not really embarrassed and this was really because she liked Peter so much. Peter suggested she should not mention showing her breast and nipple ring to the other girls as it might cause trouble and to simply say she had been told off for exposing herself in the office. Trixie grinned at his suggestion and carried it all out to perfection.

I must admit I was surprised when Trixie told me about taking her blouse off in front of Peter, but then that is the innocent sort of girl she is.

The following year, Trixie came home excited one day because the girls had been talking about having a tattoo and she thought that would be a good idea too. I was not at all happy about this, as I didn’t want my Trixie with permanent marks on her body! I told her so but I really didn’t discourage her very much and she continued to think up patterns and positions she could use for her tattoo.

When she could see how much I was against the idea, she cooled off for a while, but one night in bed she suddenly yelled, “I’ve got it! I know where I can have my tattoo and not cause you any trouble!” Of course I was wondering what she was talking about and she kept be guessing for some time. I knew she had been considering a small bird on her other breast and had also thought about a flower on her lower back, which would mostly be covered with her bikini bottom when at the beach.

“I will tell you where I am going to have my tattoo,” she said, “I will have my pubic hair shaved off and have the tattoo just above my clitoris where it will only be seen by you, and perhaps a doctor, should the need arise!”

I couldn’t believe her but then, that is what she had thought out and would be what was done, whether I liked it or not! It couldn’t be faulted by me as I was mostly opposed to the tattoo because if would be visible to nearly everyone!

Trixie asked me to ring the lady at the beauty salon to see if she would be prepared to remove the lower part of her pubic hair, but I said I would do that for her! At first she was a bit unsure but later agreed that I could probably do just as good a job as anyone else. I said I could perhaps only shave off the part she wanted tattooed and we could keep the rest of her pubic hair which we both loved as it was.

Next, I had to ring around tattoo parlors to find out who would be able to do the job best and what arrangements would be required. They all expressed surprise when I told them where she wanted the tattoo but each said they would be prepared to do the work.

A few questions asked amongst the friends I know (never suggesting it was for Trixie) soon gave me a couple of names of parlors where excellent work had been done for someone they knew.

The appointment was made for the following Friday morning so on the Thursday afternoon I asked Trixie if she was prepared to go through with her idea. She was bubbling with excitement and wanted me to shave her right there and then! I wanted to do the job properly and so brought a heap of towels into the kitchen and spread them over the table. Next I told Trixie to get herself naked and to climb up on the table. She looked a glorious sight lying on the table with her legs apart and her pussy fully exposed, particularly as she was under the bright light in the kitchen.

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