Trophy Mom


Eric nodded and smiled.

"And then," Ethan continued quietly, but quickly, "when she kissed us on the mouth and with lots of tongue, that was a bit more weird. But when we got into the house—and personally, I was more mystified and curious than outright horny—and when we got to her bathroom and she began sucking our cocks, then—BAM!—it hit me. Our mom's a babe. A real, live MILF babe. It didn't matter to me at that point that she was our mother, I just really wanted to fuck her. Hell, I actually wanted to her to keep sucking my cock right then and let me come in her mouth.

"She was super horny for whatever reason—which we now know why—and she wanted to suck and fuck both of us. Right then my dick took over completely. My little head told my big head to just shut up and go along with it. Yeah, I'm not stupid. It was incest with all the possible problems that that could involve... if we're not careful. But hell, when she was sucking my cock, when I watched her suck yours, I was definitely turned-on and ready to fuck-my-mother! And I most definitely didn't care that it was incest."

Ethan grinned at his big brother. "'Nough said?"

Eric was laughing, but silently, not wanting their mother to overhear and wonder what was so funny.

"Yeah, Ethan, 'nough said. And that about sums up my feelings, too."

"And to tell you the truth, Eric, the fact that it was incest, well, that made all the more exciting to me. And it was great, wasn't it, Eric? I mean, fucking Mom was just fucking great."

"Yes it was," Eric responded. "And I agree with you about the incest component of what we did adding to my excitement also. My God, Ethan, think about all the sex we had with our mother last night!"

"That's all I've been thinking about since I woke up, Eric."

Eric had his hand in shorts and was stroking his cock which was nearly fully hard from thinking about the night before. "And we can't let a little something like incest stop her from continuing to fuck us, Ethan."

"A little something?"

"Come on, Ethan, do you think fucking Mom is a big oh my God we're all going to hell issue, or do you think it's a hey, this is a pretty wonderful thing to be doing issue? And do you want to continue fucking Mom?

Ethan laughed, but quietly. "You've got me there, Eric. You know what I want. But you heard her, 'The subject is closed.'"

"Yeah, well I have a plan that I think just might work."

Chapter 6.

"I know you're smart, big brother, but how are you going to convince Mom to have sex with us again?"

"Remember, on Saturday, today, she normally has lunch with her best friend, Kathy?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Well, I think, I hope, she won't be taking that vial of the aphrodisiac drug with her. If she doesn't, she'll leave it in her office. I have a microgram scale in my room. I'll weigh out thirty milligrams and keep it nearby."

"You're going to drug Mom without her knowing about it? That's pretty sleazy, don't you think?"

"Well, yeah," Eric paused and frowned, "this is a pretty serious step to take. But didn't you enjoy what we did last night?" Eric continued not waiting for an answer. "And don't you think Mom really, like, really enjoyed what we did last night?" Now he waited for an answer.

"Yeah, of course she did, but she was under the influence of that drug." Ethan frowned at his brother.

"Okay, I'll give you that, but do you remember when I asked her if she had enjoyed having sex with us last night? She wouldn't meet my eyes. Ethan, I'm telling you if we do this, if we can dose her again, not too heavy, but heavy enough, I think she just may come around to the fact that having two young lovers at home isn't such a bad idea.

"Of course there is the possibility, a very real possibility that she will be mad as hell and kick us out of the house... although I don't think she would go that far. And I'm totally sure she won't call the cops on us, all things considered. So yeah, it's a sleazy move and I admit that. But I think, I hope, that in the end Mom will come around and decide that having sex with us is okay... . Well, more than okay. That it's great. So, are you in?"

"So you're like what? Totally morally bankrupt?" Ethan asked.

"No, not totally," Eric answered with a devilish smile, "only when it comes to fucking Mom and wanting her to want to continue fucking us. So, Ethan, are you in?"

Ethan gave his brother a big grin. "I've always been in. I just wanted you to convince me why I should be."

"Dickhead," Eric said, but he grinned back at his little brother.

"Okay, but just how do you expect to get her to take the dose of the drug?" Ethan asked.

"My milligram scale weighs up to twenty grams. I place a bit of plastic wrap in the center cup and tare it... ."

"Tare it?" Ethan asked with a puzzled look.

"Oh yeah, you're the history major, I have the science background."

Ethan gave his brother a dark look. Eric had always teased him about liking history and wanting to be a teacher.

"The plastic wrap will have some weight," Eric continued. "Not much but some and well within the milligram range. So I'll put the plastic wrap down and then zero the scale out to accept the weight of the plastic wrap. Then, when I drop some of the drug on it, I will just be getting the exact weight of the drug.

"When I have the thirty milligrams of the drug I will carefully transfer it to... oh, I guess just a bit of Mom's white wine and keep it hidden but accessible in the kitchen.

"Would you like a nice juicy T-bone steak tonight for dinner," Eric asked his brother.

Ethan was confused at the change of subjects. He frowned, "What... .?"

"When Mom gets ready to go have lunch, I'll tell her not to eat too much because I'm going to the store to buy us all a nice T-bone steak and that we'll make a nice salad to go with it along with a baked potato, maybe some hot garlic bread. I'm pretty sure she'll go for that. Then, before dinner, either you or I will pour her a glass of wine, whoever isn't pouring will distract her so you or I can dump the drugged portion into her glass and, voila, as the French say, the deed will be done.

"So, what do you think?"

"I think it'll work. In fact, it might just be brilliant," Ethan said with a big grin.

"Of course it's brilliant. I thought of it." Eric responded with a big grin of his own.

Ethan groaned.

"In any case, by the time we finish eating Mom should be pretty horny. Maybe not as horny as last night but, hopefully, horny enough for us to break down her defenses against incest which, I believe, are based on emotions and not logic."

"You think?" Ethan asked rhetorically, but Eric answered him anyway.

"Well yeah. She knows, and we know, because she's told us in the past when we were concerned, that she's using the best birth control produced by her company, developed by her, our Mom. Not that she needs it too often, because she doesn't date all that often. You do know, Ethan, that Mom's normal sexual release is by using a dildo and a vibrator?"

"Well, duh! Of course I do. How many times have I heard her moaning and groaning in her bedroom at night. Then I went looking for it and found them, both. I'm also pretty sure she watches porn."

"Yeah, I'm sure she does," Eric answered. "So think about it, Ethan, she's got a healthy sex drive but doesn't date—maybe because of the dirty trick our dad pulled on her... ."

"Whatever," Ethan said.

"Yeah." Eric agreed. Their father was a taboo subject in their house with his trophy bride twenty years younger than him.

"But, and here's how I figure it, she's horny, however because of society and whatever early religious training she may have had—make that brainwashing—she's all freaked out about having sex with her sons. She's all freaked out about the fact that she really did enjoy fucking us. And, Ethan, I'm dead certain she really, really did enjoy it."

"Duh! If she'd enjoyed it any more she would have had a heart attack," Ethan said.

"Well that's all emotional. It's reaction. Emotion is reaction. Logic is action. She's reacting to what she took in mentally from when she was younger and isn't pulling down the cobwebs of emotion to get to the heart of logic."

"Gosh, Eric, I just love the imagery of your words. Are you sure you're not a poet rather than an engineer?"

Eric gave his brother a look and a growl, but continued.

"Don't you agree with what I'm saying?"

"Actually, big bro', I do. History is full of sexual conundrums that have puzzled historians for centuries. And incest is one of those... ."

"Yeah, yeah, okay, Ethan. But don't you think that if we dose her again and," here Eric's eyes gleamed and he had a wicked smile on his face, "fuck her again, we might just be able to convince her to accept it... incest, you know, to continue fucking us?"

"Are you proposing drugging our mother out of pure lust or because you actually love her and think that, eventually, she might come to not only enjoy our incestuous couplings but that it would be good for her in the long run?"

Eric gritted his teeth. He hated it when his brother spoke like that.

"You know I love Mom. And, yeah, I think that if she can accept having sex with us it just might be a good thing for her." Eric paused. "No, it really will be a good thing for her, plenty of sex, as well as love, real, true love from two healthy young men who just happen to be her sons. Yes, if we can convince her, it will be good for her."

"And for us, too, of course," Ethan said.

"Well, yeah, of course," Eric said. "Mom's hot. And fucking her last night was like a fantasy come true. I never in my wildest imagination thought I would be fucking Mom, did you?

"No," Ethan responded. "But I have to admit I did, on occasion, think about her, uh, sexually. Didn't you?"

"Yeah, I did, but usually I felt guilty about it. Not that it stopped me."

"Me either."

"And seeing as we are all living in the same house, well, that's damned convenient, don't you think? Hell, we could be sleeping with her every night."

"Hmm? Yes. Actually, I hadn't thought of that aspect of it.

"Soooo, little brother, do you agree this might be a good thing, what we are plotting to do?"

"Agreed," Ethan said simply. He held out his hand to his brother and they clasped hands and shook firmly.

"So we agree then, Eric, that the ends justify the means, eh?" Ethan asked with a malicious smile.

"No! What!" Uh... damn Ethan...!"

Ethan grinned at his older brother. "Sorry, Eric, I just want to make sure that you are aware that we are willing to be wicked in order to obtain what we hope is a good outcome for our mother and ourselves. That's the logic of it."

Eric gritted his teeth again but he couldn't refute what his little brother said.

"Don't worry, Eric, I agreed to go through with it and I will," Ethan said. "I'm a selfish person and I want the same outcome as you do, lots more sex with Mom. I also love Mom very much and I agree that what we are conspiring to do, if it works, will be good for her, too, very good. I really want her to be happy. I also want her to be happy with having sex with us and being fulfilled sexually by two young studs." Ethan gave his brother the quick double eyebrow raise and a big grin.

Eric grimaced but didn't say anything. The discussion was done and the plan was agreed upon. Now they just had to wait out their mother and see if she did, indeed, go to lunch with her friend Kathy, and if she left the vial of the aphrodisiac in her office.

Eric gave Ethan some money and had him drive down to the local mini-market to buy a twelve-pack of beer. He wanted to be around if their mother got ready to go to lunch with her friend so he could tell her about having a steak dinner tonight. While he was waiting he turned on the TV to see what he could find on the sports channel.

Eric and Ethan were drinking beer and watching a show about snow-boarding filmed last winter. The phone rang once. Evidently, their mother had picked it up in her office. It was 11:00 a.m.

A couple of minutes later Joan came into the family room.

"I'm going to go have lunch with Kathy," she said simply.

"Aw, Mom, who's going to fix us lunch," Eric said.

Joan laughed. "I haven't fixed you lunch in years big boy. I guess you're on your own, unless you can wheedle Ethan into doing if for you."

As she turned to go change her clothes Eric spoke up. "Mom, don't eat too much."

"What? Why?" Joan asked as she paused in the doorway and turned back.

"Well, I was planning on going to the grocery store to pick up some nice T-bone steaks. I thought I'd grill them, bake some potatoes, make a salad, garlic bread. What'd you think?

"Ooo, that's sounds great. But don't make a salad for me. I'll have a big one for lunch. See you guys later."

The boys seem to be handling what I told them this morning well, Joan told herself as she headed down the hallway to her bedroom. That's good. I didn't want to argue with them because, she admitted to herself, they might have been able to overcome her objections to having more sex with them. She fully realized that the aphrodisiac had been affecting her decisions yesterday. But she also realized, even at the time, exactly what she was doing and just how good it had been having sex with her sons. They had been really loving and affectionate and yet so lustful and intense.

Her body shivered a bit at the memory of yesterday evening and last night and how good it felt to have Eric and Ethan making love to her. She felt a certain wetness in her pussy. Shit, she thought, just thinking about it is making my pussy wet. She would just stop thinking about it she decided. That, of course, was easier said than done. Her conscience mind and her subconscious mind often didn't coordinate.

After their mother had exited the family room, Eric and Ethan had high-fived each other. Now it was just a matter of waiting until she got in her car and drove away.

The boys said goodbye to their mother a few minutes later as she came through the family room, heading for the kitchen and the door leading into the garage. She looked very nice in a coffee-with-cream colored silk knit sheath dress. It hugged her lovely figure and stopped about four inches above her knees exposing most of her shapely legs. She had accessorized with a large shiny brown belt cinched around her waist. It was neither too tight nor too loose and it had gold-colored studs and a gold-colored belt buckle; a necklace of clear, amber-colored beads; her gold and diamond tennis bracelet; her incredibly small, but incredible expensive gold wrist watch—which the boys always made fun of regarding being able to actually see the hands in order to tell the time—and shiny brown pumps with three inch heels to match the belt.

Joan never believed in going out to lunch, even on a Saturday, dressed down unless it was to get pizza or hamburgers. Neither did her friend Kathy, who was ran a modeling agency in town.

Their mother looked a dream and both Eric and Ethan wanted, more than anything else, to hold her, embrace her, kiss her long and lovingly before kneeling down and sliding her dress up over her hips, pulling down and taking off her panty hose and panties, pushing her up against a wall and lifting one leg up to give more access to her pussy, which they were more than willing to kiss, to lick, to suck, and then, of course, to stand up and fuck. Their dicks got noticeably harder—to them—just looking at her.

"How do I look," Joan asked as she turned around 360 degrees.

"You look fantastic, Mom, as always," Eric said.

"Yeah, Mom, you look great," Ethan chimed in.

Joan blushed a little and smiled. "Okay guys, T-bone steaks tonight right?"

"You've got it," Eric responded.

"Excellent," Joan said as she turned and exited via the kitchen and laundry room.

"Damn, she's so hot and sexy!" Ethan said when he heard the door to the garage close.

"Yeah. You'd think we would have noticed before."

"What a difference a day makes," Ethan responded with a big grin. "I mean, after an evening and night of making love to her."

Eric laughed. "Oh yeah, little brother. And hopefully, tonight will be another night of making love to her. Let's go."

Both brother's got up and went into their mother's office. Immediately, they saw the little brown vial sitting on her desk next to her computer.

"That's it," Eric said. "I've got to go dig out my microgram scale. Meet me in the kitchen with the vial.

In the kitchen, Eric set the scale down and turned it on. Nothing happened.

"Damn! The batteries are dead," he said.

Ethan immediately headed for the pantry where they kept their extra batteries. "What size does it take, Eric," he called over his shoulder.

"Three triple A's."

After the new batteries were installed the digital display lit up. Eric tore off a small piece of plastic wrap from a roll then cut it into a rough square with a pair of scissors kept in the knife block on the counter. He set the small square of plastic down in the center, dish-shaped part of the scale. Eric then zeroed out the scale to accept the incredibly small but, in micro-gram measurements, significant weight of the small piece of plastic.

"Get me a toothpick, Ethan," Eric said.

"A toothpick?"

"Yeah, I need just a very tiny drop to get to 30 milligrams. I can use the... ."

"Okay. Gotcha," Ethan said as he went to the cupboard containing the toothpicks.

Eric took the cap off the vial of aphrodisiac and took the toothpick handed to him by his brother. He dipped it in the liquid and came up with a small drop on the end. He placed the end of the toothpick over the plastic on the scale and carefully tapped it. The drop landed in the middle of the plastic and the scale immediately registered 20 micrograms.

Eric repeated the process, with Ethan breathing over his shoulder, and the scale registered 28 micrograms.

"That's as close as we're likely to get," Eric said.

"Yeah, I think you're right" Ethan agreed.

"Okay, then. Get a shot glass with just a little water in it."

"Water?" Ethan asked. "I though you said we'd put it in her wine."

"I did, but even though she likes white wine the most, she does drink red wine with steaks occasionally. This way one of us can slip the aphrodisiac into her wine... ." Eric paused. "God that sounds bad, doesn't it? Like we're some low-life, uh, rapists."

"I think rapists is just a bit harsh, big brother." Ethan said. "Remember, she did it first, to herself even though she took a bigger dose than she meant to. And then she came on to us. And, as we both know, she really had a good time and she's only saying no now because she thinks that fucking us, her sons, is wrong. And I stress the word thinks, because, like you, I do believe that if she could put what we did into a totally logical perspective we wouldn't have to do this at all."

"Do you think what we did last night was wrong, Ethan? I mean, incest, having sex with our mother?"

"Hell no! Like she said in the pool yesterday, we're all adults. We're not religious or anything so we're not constrained by any religious taboo. And we know she's on birth control. Not to mention we don't want to get her pregnant, at least I don't. Do you?"

Eric shook his head, no. "Besides all that, it was great. It was fantastic. And, like you said, not only did she seduce us, but Mom really got off on it. I mean, how many times did she come?"

"My point exactly. So, to reiterate, Mom said in the pool we're all consenting adults, right? We get to decide who we want to have sex with, like she did and we did last night. So, what we are doing is giving her the opportunity to experience the drug again—albeit unknowingly—but at a much smaller dose and then decide if she would like to, you know, fuck our brains out." Ethan finished with a big grin.

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