tagGroup SexTropical Joys Ch. 04

Tropical Joys Ch. 04

byRed Hugh©

It had not been an easy transition to womanhood for Caroline but it had been surprisingly happy as it turned out. How many girls could boast such loving as she had received. Impaled on David's cock she had drifted off to sleep. Her sex was stretched and sore but she was no longer a virgin and she was looking forward to more sex as soon as she was able.

David and James had to return to work leaving Sam and Charlotte at David's house for so long as they felt like it. Helen had to leave a couple of days later for a previously arranged trip. Caroline was banging around her house pining for David. Sam and Charlotte were celebrating a week's profitable employment and re-assessing their relationship as flatmates now that they had broken so many barriers between themselves.

Lying on the beach together one day something suddenly blocked their sun. Blinking they saw Caroline standing over them in a little sarong slung around her waist. They hadn't seen her since James and David left so there was much gossip to catch up on. Caroline told them all that had happened and how she was worried that she might never cope with David making love to her. The girls listened sympathetically and tried to put her mind at rest with stories of what they had had inside their various intimate spaces.

Caroline was eager to learn more but worried that ever now she might be too tender to take up the offer of a moderate sized vibrator that Sam had suggested she borrow. Caroline listened to the others' stories until the sun began to sink. At Caroline's suggestion they headed along the beach to her mother's house. Sam and Charlotte were naked and Caroline was as good as. All was very casual as they set about eating and drinking the evening away.

Caroline kept scratching at her crotch and finally admitted that she was itchy as stubble was growing back after three or four days. This led to comparisons and close inspections. Sam told how she had one been quite hairy with dark curls all over her sex hairs around her anus and even on part of her cheeks. She told how she always felt dirty when anyone went down on her. Caroline was fascinated because now Sam was as neat and trim as anyone might hope for. To show Caroline, Sam backed up to her and opened her cheeks. Without thinking Caroline ran a finger along the smooth opening across Sam's anus and along her lips. No hint of stubble or any evidence of shaving.

As the latter fondled her rear Sam told Caroline all about having herself lasered into her current neat condition. Caroline knew that this was the way to go eventually. Charlotte told her all about her hairdresser and so after a few drinks the inevitable happened and Caroline was spread out with her two new friends rubbing her stubble and preparing to correct the matter. It was decided to work from back to front so Caroline was propped up on every cushion available with her little tail in the air her legs apart and her entire rear on display.

Charlotte had found some hair removing cream in the bathroom and she and Sam set about taking care of Caroline's rear. For a young girl to have two sets of hands working away on her exposed private areas only two reactions are possible, severe embarrassment or arousal. In Caroline arousal definitely had the upper hand. She wasn't really embarrassed, it was more a feeling of being very exposed. While it was an undignified position as fingers and hands went all over her she felt little flutters within her. After five minutes work from behind she was as fresh and clean as the day she was born. A warm washcloth wiped her clean leaving no area unattended. Sam gently cleaned her anal pucker with soft little wipes. A playful kiss on each cheek alerted her to turn over.

Her front was a similar story of regrowth. Caroline had decided that she wanted to be bald unlike her mother and new friends. They were happy to oblige and as Charlotte removed the last trace of hair from her mound Caroline heard Sam call from the bathroom.

She got up and holding Charlotte's hand wandered off to find that a big bath of soothing oils had been poured for her. Sam and charlotte sat at either end of the huge tub. As Caroline got in she rested back against Charlotte who washed her front with one hand and held her cupping a breast with the other. As her most intimate crevice washed and gently explored little tremors ran from her breast to her sex and back. Charlotte flushed her intimate space gently allowing the water to ease away any residual discomfort. A moan escaped her as Charlotte nibbled her ear. Reluctantly she moved to press her front against Sam who beckoned offering to wash her back. Sam's legs were open and Caroline lay along her in an embrace. Sharing a kiss Sam washed her back and concentrating on her rear gently pushed a slippery finger past her sphincter.

Caroline warned that she had to be put out of her misery or she would burst. The girls had something in mind but it would take a return to David's house for some toys. Caroline offered to lock up her mother's place and join them there. She wanted to be in David's house even if he weren't there.

The three of them put on big towelling robes against the evening chill and giggled and chatted their way over to David's.

Caroline told of her desire to have David take her first and related in much more detail how difficult it had been. She told of how she wanted to become a proper lover for him but was fearful that he might never be able to fit comfortably within her. Both Sam and Charlotte laughed off this fear. Sam told her that if she'd been taken by someone with a tiny penis she'd realise what a filling treat David was. Caroline asked about how she might improve things. The answer in unison was "Practice".

Sam went to the communal bag of toys and withdrew a gel filled vibrating penis. It had about half of David's volume being as long as him but only a fraction of his impressive girth.

Charlotte lay back opened her legs and cuddled Carline's back to her as the latter lay and spread her tender sex for some of Sam's special care. Caroline was nervous about anything going inside her so for twenty minutes Sam kissed and licked her pouting sex as she groaned and cried out her pleasure. Caroline's sex was small there was no denying that. Her outer lips had to swell and open before anything else was visible. Her inner lips were very small and thin. It was possible for Sam to keep her mouth in one place and lick all around and along Caroline's sex petals. As she lay wide open the remains of her hymen were visible. Sam could now understand how no amount of care could have prevented the hurt that Caroline's first penis caused.

Riding a crest of a shrieking orgasm Caroline suddenly tensed as she felt a finger enter where previously only Sam's tongue had been. At that moment Charlotte's grip on her tightened. Squeezing a pert little breast Charlotte whispered that tonight she and Sam would fuck her in every way possible. A second finger violated her. She felt full but not sore. Perhaps the constant suction on her clitoris helped. Her walls griped Sam's fingers as the next orgasm overcame her. Slowly Sam withdrew her fingers and began to push the gently vibrating 'penis' into her. She felt the bulge of the head as it passed her lips and moved up inside her.

Sam raised her legs over her shoulder and pushed till there was nowhere else to go inside her young lover. Then she slowly withdrew until Caroline whimpered for it to be put back. So went the evening. Caroline came to know the pleasure she had feared was not possible. Careful not to go too far after Caroline had her first orgasm from penetration alone she was rolled onto her stomach and massaged into a semi dazed state.

Caroline lay on her stomach with Sam homing in on her buttocks after an hour of blissful touching. As Sam rubbed her rear cheeks from time to time she would part them and kiss her on her rear entrance. Meanwhile Charlotte had strapped on a tiny little 'penis' that vibrated against her mound and would fit neatly up inside a rear be it male or female.

Caroline's little ring was puckering eroticly against Sam's lips and tongue. There was no pretence about what Sam was doing to Caroline and how the latter was responding. Charlotte had lubricated the three inch probe she proposed to slip into Caroline. By the time Sam withdrew to allow Charlotte access Caroline was on her knees relaxed and ready.

Caroline felt the now not unfamiliar pressure and relaxed her sphincter. The little head was in and vibrations moved out from her anus to all her sexual centres. Corresponding arousal vibrated through Charlotte. It took fifteen minutes but by then Caroline was getting her arse fucked well and truly. Withdrawing from a whimpering convulsing Caroline Charlotte admired the transformation they had wrought upon their new friend.

Sandwiched between the two older girls Caroline drifted of to sleep hearing tales of exactly what David liked in a woman especially a young one.

By the next morning Caroline knew how she would ensure that David never forgot the 'little girl' from down the sandy path.

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