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Tropical Vacation First



Mayan Riviera was beautiful. There has been a perfect weather with no cloud in the sky, no drop of rain, delicate breeze from the sea over wonderfully silky smooth sand under the feet. The resort they were staying in seemed half empty, but that was probably due to the more mature crowd occupying it than the usual mix of kids, young drinkers and rowdy forty something crowd, celebrating their freedom from work, households and stress. Maggie and Pete were waking up early every day, walking down to the beach area and selecting the most promising looking palapa for the rest of the day of tanning, swimming and snorkeling, and everything else they thought of. Well, that was actually everything they thought of, at least until today.

Day started as usually, with them getting up around 7 am, putting on their swimsuits and heading down to the beach. This time they were looking for a place on the opposite end of the beach, a place bordered by a line of tall palms extending far away from the resort property into some undeveloped territory. And the sandy beach was ending right at the palms line, changing sharply into volcanic rough shore with small islands of rougher sand appearing at the tree line twenty to thirty feet from the water line.

With nobody around yet Pete and Maggie chose the last palapa on the beach, with first of the large palms giving them additional shade from the already warm Caribbean sun. Maggie threw the towel on one of the lounge chairs and stretch in the morning sun and breeze. Pete looked at her body barely covered by a skimpy bikini and smiled. She was turning him on whether dressed or not, with her large natural breasts, round large butt and shapely legs, that led all the way up to what has been the latest development: cleanly waxed crotch. He loved that exposed, smooth look on her. It was their sexual evolution in progress, as they both have been learning from each other and enjoying each other more. Pete learned how to find that elusive g spot in his wife's delicious pussy, how to slowly bring her to insane orgasms, how to touch her and caress her not to turn her off, which parts of her body are the most erogenous. Maggie slowly allowed him to play with her anus, getting enough courage to try anal sex with surprising pleasure, she found quite a pleasure in oral sex, although still had difficulty dealing with cum in her mouth, she got comfortable with Pete taking pictures of her naked, and now he was trying to get her to agree to a threesome with another man. This trip was a part of their sexual trials and Pete hoped for a new experience.

Few mojitos into the day Maggie shed the bikini top and exposed her beautiful tits to the sun in a process of eliminating the usual tan lines. Her skin was glistening with multitude of miniscule sweat droplets making her body irresistibly attractive. From his lounge chair Pete was able to admire this view and at the same time observe everybody else in the vicinity of their palapa who was taking a glance or two at Maggie. There weren't many though, as this day was shaping up as really quiet and deprived of usual noise and crowd. Pete liked that. He wanted to take Maggie for a walk down the deserted stretch of the shore, and convince her to pose for him completely naked against the backdrop of the sea and palms. He already got hard just thinking about that and visualizing his wife so exposed.

He returned with yet another two glasses of mojito and presented one to Maggie:

-- Here you go babe -- he sat back on a chair and took a sip.

-- What you say we go for a walk a little bit away from here, maybe we can snap a few private pics down the shore?- Pete tried to sound casual if not nonchalant yet feeling sexual tension growing inside in expectation of her answer. Maggie tilted her head in his direction and smiled for few seconds in silence.

-- Now I know why you took the camera with you this morning. And you probably would like me to pose for you? -- she asked after another few seconds of silence with a flirtatious smile on her face.

-- Naked, right? -- Maggie's words caused Pete to swallow hard and nod his head. Still trying to hide his excitement he said:

- Yeah, why not. If you are OK with it -- he was hard now and uncomfortable in his shorts, hoping that it would not be too visible when he gets up.

-- Let me finish that drink and we can go -- Maggie sat up and finished off her beverage.

-- I am ready hon -- she was already standing sliding her feet into fliplops and extending her hand in Pete's direction. He grabbed her hand and scooping up a camera headed with his wife onto a secluded part of beach shaded by a line of palm trees and shielded from the rest of the resort. They walked for a few hundred meters until the sandy beach disappeared and the only noise they enjoyed was a gentle breeze from the sea and rustle of palm leaves. As Maggie stood watching waves crushing against the rugged and jugged shoreline Pete started snapping pictures of her against the azure of the sea. She turned around to the sound of the camera and stretched provocatively, raising her arms up and nearly forcing her tits out of the bikini top. She kept turning and changing poses, showing him her barely covered butt, bouncing tits from every angle. Then she slowly untied her bra and dropped it on the rocks. Her large heavy tits swayed sensually with every movement, dark and pointy nipples drawing Pete's attention. Few more pictures and Maggie started pulling down her bikini bottom. Pete kept shooting, zooming in on his wife's naked butt, round, large, bouncy and thick, then her wonderful pussy completely naked, hairless, cleanly waxed. Pete watched her thick pussy lips swollen, reddened and parting as Maggie moved around stretching, bending and twisting. He was now hard and turned on, barely containing himself from whipping his cock out and either masturbating in front of her or taking her right there and then.

As she kept strutting her nudity around him she slowly got close to the line of nearest palms, and soon she leaned her back against the rough trunk of one of them and lifted her tits up, arching her back. Sun was causing her skin to glisten, making her look even more appetizing. Maggie turned around and wrapped her arms around the wood, slowly raising her sweet ass up with both legs wide apart. Pete was taking snap after snap of those poses, switching between full body shot and close ups of those beautiful big tits, wide round ass and smooth cunt. He was really having hard time concentrating wanting so much to fuck his wife right there. He was kneeling behind Maggie, with lens of his camera level with her crotch when something caught his attention in the corner of his eye. As Maggie slowly shook her butt to entice him, Pete turned his head and squinting in the sun glare focused on the distraction just few meters away. There was a guy standing there intently watching them. Pete smiled and slightly nodded to him, then turned his attention back to his wife.

-You have an audience babe- he announced taking another close up of her ass.

-Don't freak out, he seemed friendly and quite content looking from a distance- he added leaning forward and planting a kiss on one of Maggie's butt cheeks.

-Where is he?- Maggie stood up straight and turned around, with a slight twitch of arms as if trying to cover her breasts and crotch. Following Pete's head nod she found the observer, still standing at a distance and watching. Maggie felt little shy and uneasy being naked, outdoor and in front of someone other than her husband, yet it also made her skin tingle and caused a minor head rush with a sense of excitement. Pete looked back at his wife and noticed her body relaxing ever so slightly, and even got an impression she stood straighter perking up her tits and butt, as if posing to the guy. With a smile Pete stood up and after trying to swallow to ease his throat he asked:

-Well, seeing that you are comfortable nude in front of someone else, maybe some pictures with him? Besides he is a good looking guy if you did not notice. But then I think you did notice, didn't you? - he chuckled. Maggie took another look at the stranger. He was a tall, slender yet muscular, young man, shirtless beside swimtrunks, with broad shoulders, narrow waist, long strong legs and apparent erection that made the front of his shorts look like a tent. Stranger seemed to sense that they were talking about him and started walking toward them. He smiled as he stopped just few feet from Maggie, and his eyes lazily moved from her face to her tits, down to her belly, crotch and pussy.

-Hi guys -- he said in a deep voice barely hiding a pleasure he was experiencing -- I hope I did not interrupted your session. I just was stunned by your looks -- he nodded in Maggie's direction. Pete watched wife's reaction and not sensing any apprehension he turned his attention to the stranger.

-And you are...? -- Pete extended hand to the stranger in greeting.

-Derek -- he answered and shook Pete's hand.

-And this beautiful naked woman is my wife Maggie- Pete introduced her. When Derek took Maggie's hand into his and shook it, however gently, her tits bounced a little and it added to her husband's excitement, especially that the young man noticed that too, darting a quick look at them moving.

-Well, now that we are acquainted, would you mind posing for a few pictures with my wife? I always wanted to see her naked next to someone other than me. It's quite a turn on.

Derek smiled wider and tipped his head in agreement. Both men looked at Maggie as if waiting for her answer.

-What you say babe? How about a few pictures with this handsome young man? -- he waited anxiously.

-OK, let's try -- her flirtatious smile but both men at ease.

-Just don't get any ideas - she added with a little raspy voice, that Pete immediately recognized as a subtle indicator of his wife being turned on. She relaxed against the tree trunk that she was hugging before, and the young man stepped closer to position himself at her left. She felt the warmth of his body against her shoulder and arm, heard him breathing deeper, heavier. And when she dropped her eyes slightly she saw much closer now the large bulge expanding his trunks. Now it seemed huge. Pete walked a few meters back and raised camera to his eye. Through the viewfinder Maggie's body, however tanned paled in comparison with Derek's quite dark complexion. And next to his large muscular frame she looked tiny and fragile. Stranger put his arm around Maggie's back and his hand rested on her hip. She looked briefly at him and smiled, even gently pushing against him as they both smile to the camera. Pete snapped a few pics and changed some settings on the camera. Young man turned a little toward Maggie and without sign of shyness was looking at her tits. He also brought his mouth to her ear and said something, to which Maggie blushed and slapped his shoulder playfully. Pete was again in full action taking another set of pictures, when his wife cried in surprise and jumped startled.

-Hey! -- she yelped, slapping his arm this time, while he pulled his hand away from her butt.

-I said do not get any ideas! -- she exclaimed, but with no anger in her voice. And soon after she let him stand behind her, with his arms wrapped and hands interlaced on her belly.

-Sorry, but I have hard time keeping my hands to myself. You are very sexy and tempting. -- he answered with his head well above hers. Maggie gave a chuckle and wriggled her hips grinding her butt against him.

-You have a hard time alright -- she laughed -- no pun intended there -- she added. Pete knew what she meant immediately, seeing his bulging shorts just moment ago and now realizing the guy was pressing his cock against Maggie's back.

-Well look what you caused -- with those words young man stepped back and quickly pulled down his trunks, stepping out of them stark naked next to her. Pete had to admit it was quite a view. Maggie was standing there staring at the stranger's cock in full view: thick, stiff and imposing, seemed fitting the young man's body frame. The most impressive feature was ahead, or a helmet head as sometimes it is described, flattened and large, like a cap on a shaft. Young man stepped again toward Maggie and wrapped his arms again around her in the same pose, yet now his naked cock was pressing against the small of her back. She had a shocked expression on her face and yet she slowly moved her hips from side to side as if trying to feel the size of the penis behind her. As Pete took another picture she slowly and with hesitation reached behind her and took a hold of the organ.

-Wow! - she silently mouthed to her husband as she explored man's cock behind her back. In response Derek stepped back a little and with perfectly acted shock gently pushed Maggie's hand away from his cock and said:

-Hey! Do not get any ideas!

For split second Maggie looked surprised and dumbfounded, but when Derek's face broke into the widest smile ever she chuckled first then burst into laughter.

-Good one -- she said to him turning back to face Pete. Derek stepped again behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. Maggie leaned ever so slightly against him, gently lifting her chest up and resting her head against his chest. As her husband kept clicking, Derek`s eyes migrated again down and focused on Maggie`s great tits. His head tipped and he whispered something into her ear. She threw a sharp look at him and for few seconds they stared at each other. Apparently Derek was waiting for her reaction. Then Maggie smiled and nodded with approval, and as Pete looked with astonishment she lifted her chest higher right into the hands of the young men, who cupped and gently squeezed her tits. It was quite apparent now that Derek was rubbing his cock against Maggie`s back, Pete saw his hips ever so slightly moving in circular pattern behind his wife. And he also noticed that Maggie was gently pressing her ass against Derek in response.

-Now that is awesome babe. Are you OK with all of that? -- Pete asked. Maggie nodded smiling. Derek pressed his cheek against her temple and while still caressing one of her breasts moved his other hand down to her belly, pulling her tighter against his body. Maggie covered man's hands with her own palms, and swayed in the rhythm of his movements. After a few long seconds she pulled away and turned toward him. She now faced this young stud and his engorged and fully erect organ. Both Maggie and Derek had their profiles facing Pete. They stepped closer and their bodies connected. Pete watched as man's cock rested against his wife's belly, nearly touching her tits. Maggie placed her palms on his chest and turned her face to face the camera. Derek initially held her shoulders but quickly pulled her closer and moved his hands behind her, resting his palms on Maggie's ass. She hesitated whether to react but he was quicker.

-Yeah, I know. I do not get any ideas -- with those words he squeezed one butt cheek and gently slapped the other.

Maggie yelped in surprise but in response to the slap her hips jerked and her belly pressed tighter against his cock. She responded by landing her hands on his buttocks and digging her nails into his flesh. She smiled at him while doing this, and Derek smiled back. Yet he flinched a little, again pressing his hips into her. They both seemed to enjoy that little tit for tat through gestures and remained in the pose for a while allowing Pete to catch those moments on the camera. Then in a sudden move Derek grabbed Maggie's butt and with one smooth jerk he lifted her up to his stomach and Maggie instinctively spread her legs wide only to wrap them tightly around his waist. Pete looked in astonishment at Maggie's ass and cunt perched just millimeters above rigid and ready man's cock. Derek palms were nearly completely covering her ass cheeks spreading them in the process and exposing her anus and pussy to his eager dick. Maggie obviously realized quickly the position she found herself in and placed her hands against Derek's chest pushing against him as if trying to get free from his grip. However he held her tight and Pete knew what most likely this young man was planning to do. Yet he was so turned on by all this that he just raised the camera back to his eyes and started shooting again. And as he looked through the viewfinder Derek suddenly loosened up his support for Maggie's ass and she momentarily descended onto his waiting shaft. With a cry of surprise and shock Maggie got impaled on young man's stiff pole, unable to do anything about that. Her wet pussy just slid smoothly over his erection and continued that until Derek squeezed her ass again and pressed her against himself. He was buried more than half way inside her, holding her firmly in place, looking into her face, smiling yet with a tensed expression on his face. Maggie's mouth was open as if she was gasping for air, and between short breaths she managed to blurt out:

-What are you doing?!

Her voice was raspy, harsh as she swallowed hard trying to cope with the reality of being penetrated so unexpectedly.

-Hold on babe, and enjoy it -- he answered back with same raspy voice. With that he squeezed Maggie's buttocks hard and thrusted his hips forward pushing his cock deeper into her cunt. His cock slid deeper and Maggie took a sharp breath in as he stretched her tight pussy beyond what she ever experienced. Her head tilted back and her tits lifted up to Derek's face as he started furiously fucking Maggie, who was now trying to free herself from his grip, extending her arms and pushing with all her might against his chest. The faster he was thrusting the more frantic her efforts became, untangling her legs and hoping to dismount his hips, but that caused his dick to slide deeper.

-Stop! Stop! Don't...! - Maggie was crying out loud hoping to stop Derek but he had her in his grip and his movements were becoming more jerky, more sharp, deeper and harsher. Maggie's tits were bouncing up and down, hitting him in the face time and time again, and he tried to catch them by the nipples with his teeth, unsuccessfully. Pete finally had enough of just watching and after putting down his camera he dropped his shorts down and approached the couple standing behind his wife. She had her hands dug deep in Derek's hair pulling his head away from her tits, continuing to fight to get free. Pete went for her tits and squeezed them hard pressing his own cock against her butt.

-Slow down, man -- he caught Derek's gaze and prompted him to ease his thrusts. Maggie stopped yelling and turned her head trying to look at Pete. He held her tits tightly and smiled to her.

-Your ass looks phenomenal on his pole. It is unreal how deep you got him in. But I want in on it babe.

With those words he cupped his wife's buttocks from underneath and moved his hips closer to hers. She realized now what he meant and started protesting:

-You know I hate that. I don't want to do this, that hurts, you know...

She couldn't finish when Pete's dick pressed against her usually very tight anus, taking her breath away. However being in the position she was in, with crotch wide opened by Derek's dick and unable to squeeze her sphincters the only thing she could do was to scream when both men lowered her firmly down impaling her butt on his cock. Pete was so turned on that he could barely make few thrusts before cumming. Maggie cried loudly when he pumped her butt full of his sperm, just seconds before Derek followed in his footsteps.

-You bastards!!! -- She howled and then her voice changed. With body arching and twitching rhythmically she came violently to the enjoyment and astonishment of both men. Both of her holes, still stuffed, started soon oozing sperm, with milky sticky fluid dripping down men's cocks.

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