tagNon-EroticTroubles Beyond Trouble Ch. 02

Troubles Beyond Trouble Ch. 02


The first thing to come to him is a groggy sense of awareness concerning his surroundings. The sanitary smell of an asylum coupled with the moans, groans, and screams of other patients. Still half medicated Daniel isn't aware that five years have passed since the horrible incident with his parents; in fact Daniel isn't quite sure of his name right now.

Sitting up and trying to reach to his eyes and rub them Daniel soon realizes that he is in a straight jacket with his arms wrapped around to his sides and pinned firmly in place with the coarse fabric.

In a sudden fit of panic Daniel begins to fight against the straight jacket, screaming and kicking his legs as he tries to wriggle free of the device. Curses and words come out jumbled and gargled as if he had forgotten how to speak English.

Soon Daniel begins to calm as half remembered memories begin to slowly filter in to his mind. Before many images of his childhood flash across his minds eye the door to his room opens and a large man steps in wearing all white carrying a large needle in his left hand and watching Daniel cautiously. Moving carefully to the far corner away from the big man Daniel opens his mouth to speak but nothing comes out besides a strangled gurgling sound.

Standing at the other end of the room the man regards Daniel with contempt in his eyes and a deep scowl on his lips, in his two years of attending this patient he had never seen him conscious once and until now had hoped he never would.

Daniel is finally able to speak but his words are slurred in odd places and he trips over his verbs as he tries to make sense of what is happening. "Who... Who... Who... Who, are you? What... What are...? What are you doing? W-what... Do you... Want?" The large nurse doesn't answer him but begins to walk across the room and close the gap, his grip tensing on the hypodermic needle in his left hand as he readies himself to forcefully inject Daniel with the strong sedative.

Daniel begins to react, trying to push himself with his weak legs but he only finds the wall behind him pushing back just as hard. That itch in the back of his mind returns and begins to strengthen against the sight of a man four times Daniels' size and carrying what could be something dangerous.

Daniel begins to scream and try to hold his head as a feeling that it is going to split open washes over him. "No! No! No! Stop! Please don't!" The large nurse thinks Daniel is pleading with him so he rushes in to grab the young man and force the needle in to the side of his neck, tricky business with a struggling patient.

The itch in the back of Daniels' mind only grows stronger, the beast trying to claw its way to the front of his mind and seize control while it still has the opportunity. It had not been sleeping sweetly in the back of Daniels' mind all these years but it was fighting against the narcotics continuously pumped in to Daniels' veins. This beast does not intend to let this male nurse stab another needle in to Daniels' arm.

The changes in his flesh happen fast, much faster than when his father had triggered it. Daniels' consciousness recedes in to the back of the beasts mind and becomes a quiet voice that screams frantically with the volume of a bee. Memories begin to flood back to Daniel, the faces of his parents frozen in horror as the beast slashes and tears at their flesh. Screaming frantically Daniel begins to call for his mother as he watches the scene before him fold out as a replay of the horror he had been forced to witness at his own home.

The male nurse notices the changes in Daniels' physical appearance almost instantly and in a last ditch effort he slams the needle in to the side of his neck with all his strength and forces the strong liquid sedative out of its tip. To his horror the male nurse feels the sedative streaming on to his hand and down to his wrist where it drips to the beasts' coarse hair and disappears.

The needle, broken almost perfectly in the center had failed to deliver what may have calmed the beast and put it back to rest. Now the male nurse is staring the beast in its eyes, its breath still clean of any distasteful smell which is soon to change.

It rages, the beasts breath becoming heavy and warmer on the male nurses face as it lunges forward. Within a fraction of a second it has its maws clamped hard down on either side of the nurses' head with its metallic teeth digging in and tearing at his flesh and attempting to force in to his skull with sheer force.

The thick bone on the sides of his skull begins to fracture and full out crack as the nurse screams with ear-shattering power. The nurse screams more from fear of the gaping throat directly in front of his eyes. This nurse knows what's going to happen; his is this beasts' second meal in five years.

With the sickening "crack" of the nurses skull finally crushing under the force exerted by the massive jaws that conceal almost his entire head. The gelatinous mass of brain inside the nurses' skull turns in to more of a fluid than anything else as it finds escape in the only direction it can. Like squeezing a tube of toothpaste the brain shoots in to the beasts' mouth and its jaws close around the shattered skull as it swallows down what's left of the brain and skull matter. It tears at the beasts' throat but the moment the long gouges are made in the soft flesh they begin to heal and mend and it leans down for a better taste. Crouching over the body what's left of the straight jacket slides from its back and falls to the crimson stained padded floor. A long flexible tongue snakes from its mouth and begins to scour the inside of the skull like a small child trying to lick up the rest of his ice cream.

While the beast licks and attempts to clean the inside of the skull another nurse, this one female and rather old, looks through the small window to check on her co-worker. Without a single noise she stares in horror at the scene inside unable to move or scream. Even with her lack of noise though the beast can feel her eyes and leans back to look up, to see what is next.

It had been kneading at the male nurses' chest with its half human front paws like a cat enjoying a good petting. The ribcage is bare and torn flesh hangs off the side of his body, the deep gouges slowly oozing blood, the thick red fluid slowly making its way to the drenched fabric below the man.

With a flash of motion the beast rushes at the door and with the strong impact its hinges shatter as if made of glass. The wrinkly old woman is pinned to the door as it is pushed across the narrow hallway and in to a wall. Most of her organs become more of a gelatin and her bones splinter and pierce her own flesh as they do. The poor old woman is dead before she even realizes the beast had made it past the door.

With deep growl of rage the beast slashes and tears at the door leaving deep gouges in its thick gauge steel trying to get to the soft body it is shielding. The glass window at the top of the door shows the old woman's head with blood oozing from her nose, mouth, ears and eyes which by now are mostly a fluid themselves.

The very moment the door was taken from its hinges a loud alarm rings out and echoes down the hall and it is bathed in a deep red glow. Armed security personnel round the corner and freeze the moment they see the blood drenched beast clawing at what's left of the door. Within a split second their training kicks in and without warning they begin to fire their standard issue nine millimeter Glock hand guns rapidly at the beast.

Suddenly its attention is diverted from the old dead woman as it feels the bullets pierce its skin and shatter on its metallic ribs and vertebrae leaving behind molten led left to cool under its flesh.

With a loud screeching howl that seems almost a scream it turns and faces the security officers. The moment it turns and provides a wider target for the guards they fire more rapidly. What bullets that don't miss catch the beast in its chest, arms, legs and face which seems to enrage it more, as if it is feeding off of the pain.

Dropping down just enough for its half human forepaws to reach the floor the beast begins to gallop towards the guards with their bullets still ripping in to its body.

The guards watch in horror as the beast doesn't die, or even flinch from the bullets fired in rapid succession. Two of the guards freeze in terror of what they are witnessing but the third, in between the two begins to back up as he fires.

By now the beast has becoming nothing but a blur as it gallops forward in its bounding style. As it reaches the group of three it passes the first two and lunges for the third as he backs away. It's too late for him and the mass of hair and muscle crashes in to his body, its gaping maw opening to wrap around his throat and then close with a loud crunching, as if it had just munched down a mouth full of potato chips.

Sliding across the linoleum floor with its recent meal under him it watches as the other two guards slowly turn around in time to see it tilt its head back and swallow down the remnants of their fellow guards adams apple.

The second guard to be attacked has enough time to throw his arm up to shield his face before the blur of salt and pepper hair overtakes him also and bites down on the arm, tearing through it with all the trouble it would have biting in to a cheese cake.

The chunk of flesh and bone still in its mouth drains its blood down the beasts' throat before it is swallowed almost whole and the beast begins to shake at the thin strips of skin still connecting the guards' wrist to his upper arm. The thin flesh tears easily and a severed wrist and hand falls the once unstained linoleum floor as the guard falls back under the immense weight.

In one single and horrific bite the beast tears in to the guards chest rending open his rib cage and tearing at his lungs and heart before he has another chance to scream for help.

As the third guard watches his colleague being torn open and feasted upon a dark stain begins to form in his pants and he shakes uncontrollably, the nine millimeter Glock pistol in his left hand forgotten as it drops to the floor with the loud "clank" of weighted metal bouncing off of a solid surface.

As the sound reaches the sensitive twitching ears of the beast it looks up, still dripping blood and scraps of flesh from its stunted muzzle. It looks at the third guard for what seems like hours to the guard. Its expression at first seems confused and not sure of itself, as if it had forgotten about him but soon turns to what can barely be described as an expression of delighted joy at finding another meal.

Springing from the crouching position over the second guard it pins the third guard to the wall with a disfigured paw/hand on each shoulder taking no time to lean forward and sink its teeth in to his throat. It takes its time as it sinks carpenters' nail length teeth in to the guards' throat and shakes its head back and forth to rend it free of the flesh casing.

The guard gurgles and thrashes in the throws of death and his last sensation before finding himself in darkness is that of the beasts' long tongue lapping up the blood that shoots from his arteries before taking a last bite that removes his head from his shoulders.

Suddenly losing interest in its food it stands up, if awkwardly, and looks from side to side. The tiny mental capacity it contains knows that it is here to protect Daniel and it must free him from this imprisonment.

Daniel, having been silent the entire time, is curled up in a fetal position in the back of the beasts mind, feeling as if he is in a dark room which is filled mostly by a giant inflatable balloon that is always pressing in on him, this of course is the beasts' consciousness while it is in control. It fills almost every corner of Daniels mind trying to suffocate him in a way that will keep him from fighting for control but not harm him. Silent sobs rack his small frame, for in his mind Daniel is still only twelve and just recently comprehending what has come of his parents.

With Daniel safely tucked away the beast stares at a window, steel bar there to supposedly keep prying eyes out and uncooperative patients in. Without much thought to the damage steel bars could inflict on soft flesh, or what floor it may be on the beast rushes forward and lunges at the bars.

Making a solid contact with the plate glass shatters in a spray of razor edges that slice at flesh. The bars bend and groan in protest before the anchors in solid concrete are ripped loose and the concrete shatters also in a spray of gray dust and chunks only about the size of dimes. It is a disheartening five story fall, but the beast will gain no lasting injuries and simply disappears leaving the looming asylum behind with its dead nurses, guards, flashing lights and ear piercing sirens...

Yes, I'm back, the Author, Daniel has escaped... Or, actually, the beast escaped for him, now he will spend time on the streets while the officials confer and try to decide how to track him. A lost little twelve year old in the body of a seventeen year old. I can't tell you whether or not he will have his freedom for very long, you'll just have to wait for the next badly written chapter to find out. I do hope you enjoyed reading this second installment, and please, vote and/or leave a comment when you're done; the options are just under this paragraph.

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