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Troubling Dreams


Linda stepped out of the shower and grabbed the fluffy towel and proceeded to dry her face and then roughly on her hair, just enough to stop it from dripping. It would be a good three-day weekend now that she had the grime of work off of her. Not that she got grimy at work, being a claims processor for an insurance company kept her at a desk most of the time, but she felt grimy since she was well known as a bitch and arrogant besides. Linda thought she was only aggressive, trying to just keep her job, which was having several ups and downs lately. Her one big thrill of late was tormenting her roommate of the past two months.

Hiroki Chao, what a name. Linda wondered who could name a child Hiroki but then the girl came from some Asian country which did things weird anyhow and paid her share of the rent in full and on time. She had only been in the USA a month, going to the local university when she came and Linda turned on the charm and secured herself a new housemate. Linda went through them rather quickly and it looked like she would be soon finding yet another one. ‘Hicky’, the nickname Linda had for her housemate and which the housemate hated, would soon find she was going no place.

Linda dressed in sweats and headed for the kitchen, grabbing a plate of stew of some kind as she passed the counter. It was her housemate’s supper, but Linda thought it smelled good and that was enough for her to steal it. Hiroki protested and all though her english was pretty good for a foreigner, Linda still made fun of it.

“Shut up Hicky. When you can talk well enough to protest, I might listen, but I doubt it.”

Linda had a forkful and it was as good as it smelled. Hiroki protested again and Linda tossed a piece of paper to the other side of the table and pointed to it. The Asian girl stood five feet even as compared to Linda’s five seven and her dark hair was another contrast to the ash blonde eating her supper. Last week Linda had come in while she was taking a shower to yell at her for using up the hot water even though she had just stepped into the tub. Then she commented on that fact that if it wasn’t for nipples, the slant-eyes could be a boy as she had no tits. Linda pointed to her own 34c behind the sweater and asked the embarrassed girl if she knew what ‘tits’ were and laughed as she exited the bathroom.

Hiroki knew then that she had to leave despite the six months lease she had signed. She had no inclinations toward girls and thought it disgusting and she couldn’t bring herself to stay where the loud American was so rude. If she could pale more than possible, she would have as she read the paper and realized it was a copy of one of her visa’s.

“That’s right, Hicky. I found a bunch of them in your room – visa’s, passport, and a few other papers you need to stay here. I have them safe and sound so you don’t lose them. Now, either you get arrested and jailed for not being able to prove you’re here legally, or you pay attention.”

Hiroki dashed off to her room without listening to anymore. She tossed her small room until the neatness of it was lost in the shambles. All of her papers were gone, her checkbook, savings that she used as backup in case her parent’s money didn’t arrive in time, and almost everything else. She turned to see Linda at her doorway.

“Now, when you shower, no hot water as I ain’t paying for your utilities. Since you like a clean house, you can keep it all clean, including the master bedroom where I sleep and my bathroom. I also expect to have the cooking done since I don’t like to cook and you may want to make sure I have a menu to choose from so I don’t get mad and call the cops on you. Oh,” the girl smiled at the worried eyes before her “since you slant-eyes have so much money, your share just went up another hundred. Don’t expect to pay late.”

Hiroki saw little way out so she spent the weekend doing chores instead of studying as she had planned. She felt humiliated and used and wondered when the bossy bitch would call a halt and quickly realized that she would not. She had the Asian girl where she wanted her and Hiroki had to clench her teeth each time she had to respond to a nickname or other degrading title. She had only one other possible aquaintance, her father’s friend at the university. She had yet to meet the man, but she needed someone to talk to about the dominance of Linda and Hiroki's forced submission. So Tuesday, she looked him up and found herself in front of a professor that had seen better days. Her father had told her about the time they had once served together in Vietnam and the man in front of her looked nothing like a warrior. He was old, balding, 20 pounds overweight, and not anywhere near as handsome or dashing as her father had known.

Hiroki placed herself into his hands when she was done trying to find out what to do. He told her a plan of action, one that made little sense to her but at least he had one, so she added the powder to the supper on Friday and watched from the kitchen as Linda ate it down. Linda yawned once and then nodded off, still sitting upright in the chair as Hiroki placed her phone call. Within twenty minutes, two girls, the Professor’s assistants, showed up and carried Linda to the garage and into the backseat of her car. One girl was strawberry blonde and about Linda’s build and she drove the car away as the other girl told Hiroki to just sleep well and join the Professor at eight the next morning.

By nine Saturday morning, she was still a little confused as to what he wanted from her. He had done a computer imaging of her legs and bare feet from the knees down once she was adamant that she had no desire for Linda to have sex with her. Linda was laying in a chamber, her body strapped down and she had metal discs attached around her body. Hiroki had seen pictures of something similar for CAT scans but this was not the same use. The Professor was explaining that they were inducing nightmares into the girl and since the thought processes were so fast, what was done in an eight hour period would seem to Linda as if she was awake and subject to the nightmare for two weeks. The trick, he explained, was to inject the nightmare with something that made her feel safe and that she would associate with the disappearance of the troubles she was experiencing. It didn’t take long for the subject to give away what they most feared and dreaded after several images were injected into her dreams and that was what they concentrated on for the experiment.

“And it’s most important for you, since this will be the first time that a subject has been used away from here for any length of time. That’s why you need to cooperate fully and keep notes.”

Hiroki nodded as he explained that all three of his assistants had undergone the treatment and he kept each one on a tight leash to make sure they didn’t stray. That would explain, she realized, why none of them looked him in the eye, curtsied when coming into a room where he was, and backed out before curtsying and closing the door. The three assistants didn’t look much alike, none being a ravishing beauty even by American standards, but they did seem to adore the Professor.

Hiroki gave her instructions back to him to show that she understood even if she didn’t care for some of the things she had to do to Linda. He assured her that Linda would love to do the things and that it only reinforced the idea. Hiroki only wanted her papers back but it made sense that Linda wouldn’t do so unless she was fully conditioned to do whatever Hiroki asked.

Hiroki returned home at ten and a few minutes later heard Linda’s car enter the garage. Two girls came in as she held the door open and carried Linda inside. They tossed the used clothes to the side as Linda usually did and put the tee-shirt on her and placed her under the covers. When they left, Hiroki also undressed and got into her own bed.

Linda woke up and felt like she had fought her way uphill all night. She couldn’t recall her dreams but she knew they were not something she wanted to have again. She wondered if she had cried out as much as she thought she had and she padded to the small bedroom and looked at the girl still sleeping.

“Wake up Hicky. Time for breakfast and I want pancakes.”

A naked foot came out from under the covers and Linda stared at it as it was exposed almost to the knee. She felt relaxed and the vague problems of her nightmare seemed to go away. The foot retreated under the covers again and the unsettled feeling came back. Linda came in and stood by the bed, wondering what it meant. The foot returned as the girl moved under the covers and Linda reached down and lightly touched it, her feelings now one of contentment and she felt a sense of security come over her. The foot retreated and she picked up the covers, only to have her hand slapped. Hiroki glared at her while Linda thought of yelling her for such a rude display. Hiroki sat up and the other foot came out and Linda pushed away all thoughts as she gazed at it. She somehow knew that she would be just fine as long as she kept that foot around and she knelt by the bed and got close enough to breathe on it.

She protested but when the foot returned, it had a sock on it. Linda tried to remove it but her hand was slapped again. She asked if she could remove it and Hiroki said no, the bedroom wasn’t big enough for them both and Linda had to get out. Linda protested until she was told that both feet would be in shoes all day if Linda was going to have an attitude. That phrase ‘have an attitude’ made Linda shudder without knowing why and she quickly moved to the hallway. Hiroki told her to make some pancakes and she would think of letting her see her feet again and she smiled as Linda took off down the hall. There were seven other phrases she could use and she wondered how long it would be before Linda was ready to hand over the papers.

She made her notes and all day kept going into her room and not allow Linda in or to stay outside and gaze in at her feet. She kept telling her that there wasn’t enough room and by two pm, Linda was asking if they could switch room as the master bedroom was much larger and when Hiroki stretched a foot out and wiggled her toes as she thought about the suggestion, Linda clung to the doorway and almost begged to switch. Both feet came out and wiggled and Linda was on her knees, begging to do anything to please her if only they could switch rooms so that she could spend time with Hiroki’s feet. Hiroki nodded and told her to clean out her stuff as she picked up the notebook and made notes as to the time and how long it had taken from suggesting to begging to change rooms. By Saturday night, Hiroki was in the master bedroom, studying as Linda cleaned the bathroom and crawled back to lightly kiss a foot to let her know that she was done with that chore. Light kisses was all Hiroki would allow and when Linda kissed too hard in her adoration, the foot disappeared and she had to beg her forgiveness to have it in her eyesight again. So far the experiment was working as the Professor had told her it would and Hiroki even wrote down what she didn’t like so far, which was just about everything.

Linda had to be naked, crawl at all times, and fetch just for the sake of Hiroki giving her something to do. House cleaning now became her chore and if she wanted any foot in front of her, it would be cleaned to Hiroki’s satisfaction. Hiroki quickly found that if she wore socks around the house, Linda would look worried as if she had done something wrong and would pay even more attention to whatever her housemate said or did. She was allowed to sleep on the floor that night and she was not allowed to move until Hiroki woke and place a foot out for her to kiss.

Following the Professor’s instructions, Hiroki would go to the bathroom, Linda crawling behind and kissing the feet as she peed. The kissing continued as Hiroki stood and wiped her pussy of drops and stop as Hiroki turned around. ‘Clean’ was all she had to say for Linda to dart her tongue to Hiroki’s asshole and lick anything that was there. When she was done, she backed up so that Hiroki could turn around, pull up her pants, and exit. Linda would crawl back in to kiss the seat, flush the toilet, and then crawl back to what ever she was doing before Hiroki needed to use the bathroom. Linda was not allowed to go without permission and twice she had asked to go and both times she was denied. By the third time, Linda knew enough to beg and Hiroki finally allowed her to go to the garage and use an empty coffee can.

The Professor was happy with the notes and assured her that Linda would be ready to give her everything in a few weeks. He gave her more instructions for the week, telling her that wanting sex with Linda would help, but Hiroki was strong on that point. She was not bi or lesbian and wanted no part of that scene. Friday night Linda was drugged again and back on Saturday morning, unaware of the reinforcement that had taken place.

She did have Linda dress up that night and they went to a gay bar. Linda was dressed only in high heels and a summer dress and she had orders to dance every dance and she could only leave the dance floor when Hiroki wanted her for something and she could not dance three dances in a row with the same partner. By midnight, Hiroki being glad she had no classes Sunday, Linda looked like she was so tired she could sleep on the floor. Hiroki had watched as other girls had felt up the American girl during slow dances and she had done nothing to stop them. Linda had been told that she had to dance the entire dance and stopping them would make them halt partway thru a dance and she would not be allowed to kiss those perfect oriental feet later.

It became routine for Linda to desire Hiroki’s feet. She had none of the feelings for anyone else’s and she found utter peace and contentment as she kissed each toe and gently licked the instep. Hiroki would allow her to get sexually excited at the idea and several times she almost climaxed as she adored them. She had no permission and she knew that if she did cum without permission, Hiroki would simply wear socks or take her feet out of view and then Linda would feel troubled and upset to the point it was distracting. Evil things would happen to her, she was sure of it, and she knew that she had prior experience with those evil things and that she wanted no more experiences. If adoring those feet was the way to happiness, then anything that led to that adoration was all right with her.

Linda wore what she was told to and did as she was told. She also discovered that work wasn’t quite as bad as it had been and some people, while wary around her, almost seemed friendly. She told all this to Hiroki each night and each night was told to be friendly back to them. Linda had no name for Hiroki, being informed that she wasn’t good enough to be allowed that privilege, so she knelt each night at those feet, relayed her day, and wished she was good enough to address the young 19 year old sitting in the chair in front of her. She wasn’t even allowed to gaze at her naked body when she took a bath, Linda having to place her nose into the carpet as Hiroki bathed or showered. Linda wasn’t allowed to shower until after Hiroki was asleep and woe to her if she made any noise to wake the sleeping girl.

By the end of the third week, Hiroki was told it was okay to ask for the papers. She ordered Linda to meet her at the bank at noon the next day and there the ash blond tongue polished the loafers under the table as Hiroki went thru the safe-deposit box. She finally just cleaned it out and into a bag and they left the bank, Linda for work and Hiroki for school. Between classes, she went thru the bag and found she had a good haul and after school, got her own safe-deposit box. The next day Linda withdrew two hundred dollars, gave it to Hiroki, signed the title of her car and sales receipt, and received the two hundred dollars back. That settled, Linda gave Hiroki the money back in exchange for being able to give Hiroki’s feet a massage and bath after supper.

By the end of the week, Hiroki had everything Linda owned. Linda had sold her $10,000 car for $200, placed a deposit slip and had her paychecks direct deposited to Hiroki’s checking account, closed her savings account and gave the money to Hiroki, and asked the landlord if she could be removed from the lease and Hiroki placed on it. Linda was not even allowed to look at the mail so that Hiroki could determine what the girl could see or not see and she also edited all phone calls and machine messages. By the end of the month from the fateful three-day weekend, Linda had no bank accounts of any kind to her name, no car, and the house she lived in was now leased under Hiroki’s name so if Hiroki didn’t like her, she would be homeless. Hiroki went through Linda’s clothes and had Linda give most of them away and had Hiroki’s name as the donor for her own tax purposes. Hiroki became the new beneficiary of Linda’s insurance, both work and personal, and inherited everything from Linda’s new will. Linda was now totally dependent upon Hiroki even if she eventually stopped adoring her feet.

Linda had no idea she had signed most of the papers. She did so, signing on the lines Hiroki told her, while the rest was covered over with blank paper. She was allowed to eat only from a two-dish dog bowl and so for lunch, she usually didn’t eat anything. Instead, she walked around outside the building as Hiroki had suggested once. She had two bottles of water she was allowed to drink during the day and once they were empty, she was not allowed to drink anything more. Linda lost several pounds, going from a size twelve dress to eight in a matter of weeks. When one of her favorite shows came on, Hiroki would change the channel and have Linda put clothes pins on various parts of her body, don a sweat suit, and go for a jog for a set amount of minutes. She had no watch on and could only guess if she was early or late. She would be reprimanded if she lost any clothes pins or came in early or late. To prove her time, Hiroki would have her do the route a second time to make sure the time was the same and she was in trouble if there was any variance. Linda got to watch the last five minutes or so of her show as she used a belt to remove the pins one by one. Then Hiroki would tell her that she had fifteen minutes to adore her feet, Linda would crawl to them, expressing her gratitude, and then Hiroki would tell her what she had screwed up and how many minutes she had lost. Most of the times, since Hiroki didn’t like the kissing of her feet, the punishment exceeded the allotment and Linda would be forbidden to even look at them the rest of the night.

Hiroki got tired of the games, being a mistress was not her lifestyle, and she told the Professor that she wasn’t bringing Linda back for anymore reinforcement. She had what she wanted and more at this point, so she saw no reason. She made an appointment to deliver the last of her notes to him and they had a drink to celebrate. Hiroki wasn’t sure what happened but she woke up naked and next to the Professor. Her mad scrambling woke him up and he informed her that she didn’t need to cover up. He had taken her virginity the night before and they had even showered a few hours earlier. Hiroki had no memory of that and she tried to find her clothes. The Professor threw back the covers and pointed to his hard cock.

“Want some cum? You like my cum, don’t you? “

Hiroki felt weird. It was as if nothing mattered. She didn’t care that she was no longer saving her virginity for her future husband or that she was naked or had no memory of the previous night. She licked her lips and nodded. His cum made all her bad feelings go away. He patted his thigh and she came back and kissed his cock lightly. The taste made her moan and she felt excited. Her nipples hardened and her pussy went damp and he made her ask for his cum while describing how excited she felt. It made her even more excited and she was soon sucking on him. He rolled her over and fucked her pussy from behind while pulling on her nipples, demanding she tell him how she liked that. She was still telling as she came and she felt him load her pussy with his cum.

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