Truckers Tease


Last weekend my boyfriend and I were out for some drinks. He is always the DD.

As we left the bar I had plenty of wine and was feeling a little mischievous and horny so I pulled down my tank top and bra on the way to the car and flashed him my ample 34C tits. The cold evening air immediately hardened my dark pink nipples and I proceeded to roll and pinch them with my thumb and finger.

As we got in the car I could tell he liked what he had seen as he repositioned his already growing cock in his jeans. I thought I would keep him aroused so I removed my bra and let my nipples show through my white tank top.

As we moved onto the entrance ramp to I-55 he reached over and pinched my left nipple and rubbed my thigh just below the edge of my skirt.

He proceeded to tell me how good my firm breasts looked without a bra and how my heels made my legs look good with the skirt I had on.

As we cruised up I-55 I continued to massage my tits and nipples. The more I did the more I could feel the heat and moisture collecting in the depths of my love canal.

He was begging me to remove my top altogether but I refused.

He then began rubbing my left breast which allowed me a free hand to explore underneath my bright red thong. As I pulled my hand out from under my skirt I couldn't believe how wet it was and how hot I was getting.

As we pulled alongside an eighteen wheeler my boyfriend kept massaging my tit. I was shocked at how horny it made me to know the truck driver was watching.

After my boyfriend's groping of my tits and my massaging of my labia I finally granted my boyfriend's request and removed my tank top. My nipples were about 3/4 of an inch long and as hard as the steel in the Chicago steel mills.

My boyfriend continued to beg for less clothing so I pulled my skirt off to reveal my soaking wet thong. I then removed it and hung it on the rearview mirror where it was easy to see the dark wet spot in the crotch.

I opened the glove box and took out my dildo with the clit vibrator on it and slowly started to inch it in and out of my now soaking wet pussy lips.

Before I was to get too carried away he pulled his cock out and asked if I could help him out. Just as I got on my knees and bent over the console traffic came to a sudden crawl and there I was with his cock in my mouth and my dildo in my pussy with my ass backed up to the passenger window for all the truckers to see. I was too horny to care at this point and told him to let them have a good look. I proceeded to bob up and down on his blood filled member while I shoved the dildo in and out of my dripping hole. Just as he unloaded his spunk all over his jeans traffic began to move again.

I resumed my position in my seat and once again started my stroking with the dildo. At this point all of the trucks were trying to get back up to speed and being close to Chicago there were a lot of them. They almost all took a look as we went by and I couldn't believe how fucking horny this made me. I was being urged on by my boyfriend and a lot of trucks giving me the thumbs up and blowing their horns and maybe their wads.

As we were nearing Chicago traffic began to slow again. My boyfriend said that all the truckers were going to get another look.

That was all it took to put me over the edge. I spread my legs as far as possible, pressing my bright red high heels into the windshield, as I arched my back my ass lifted from the seat. My body began to shudder and I crammed my dildo as far in my now sloppy wet pussy as possible pushing the clit vibrator hard into my little hooded friend. My boyfriend pinched and pulled my erect nipple as I came with a gush of juices soaking the car seat. I had never had an orgasm like that in my life.

As I sat back onto the wet seat and felt the perspiration running off of me. I looked out the window and smiled at the driver in the truck beside us knowing my tits and shaved pussy were in full view but too exhausted and satisfied to do anything about it.

I turned to my boyfriend and said can we do this again next Friday?

Watch for us on I-55. You might just get a free show!

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