tagNonHumanTrue Love Never Dies

True Love Never Dies


She was faster, a lot faster than me.

My fiancé had quite a lead over me as we headed up to the top of Giant Mountain.

I twisted my leg in a gopher hole and she slipped as she turned back toward me. Losing her balance I watched in horror as she fell off the cliff.

"NO!" I screamed as I watched her fall.

I hobbled my way up to the edge of the cliff and looked down. She lay there so still. He body was twisted in such a way that I knew there was little hope for her survival.

I broke down and cried as the shock wore off.

I dialed 911, trying to get my words straight through the tears.

It wasn't long and the park rangers and state police where at my side. The EMT's tried putting me on a stretcher but I was adamant that I was not leaving until they took Beth's body away.

I watched as some of the park rangers and EMT's were at her side and looked up at me with sadness in their eyes.

I heard the message come over the warlike talkies. "She's dead!"

My body shook from the grief.

I was taken to Mecca Medical and my ankle was x-rayed and then put in a soft cast to keep my sprained foot immobile for a week or so.

I was given some crutches and told to just take it easy for awhile.

When the news got out what had happened, friends and family called and came over.

They were quite kind to me and Beth's mother came over everyday brought me food and did my laundry.

I knew it was hard for her losing her only daughter as it was for me losing the love of my life.

I was a mess; I just didn't give a flying fig. As much as I tried to get over Beth I just couldn't

I stopped shaving and taking a shower at least once a week. I was fired from my job. And I really didn't give a shit.

I would just there thinking of Beth's twisted body lying at the bottom of the canyon.

I finally couldn't take it anymore. I went up to Giant Mountain and stood on the edge of the cliff.

"Beth I miss you and it is time for me to join you." I said to the heavens.

I closed my eyes and lifted my foot, ready to end it all. But something pushed me back.

I landed on the ground with a whomp. I tried get up but some type of force was holding me down.

The wind blow up and I swear it said my name

"Mike, everything is going to be alright baby." Know that I will always be with you"

"What the fuck!" I said out loud.

"Yes baby that's the word, I have been waiting for."

Suddenly my body felt like it was being caressed by a soft pair of hands.

Relax! The whispering wind said "Relax!"

And it made me feel so at ease. I gave in to the voice

My body seemed to melt and I felt a jolt of sexual energy. My balls started to tingle my cock jumped.

It felt like soft kisses were being placed on my face, my neck. The cold wind bite at my chest making my tiny nipples spring out.

Then the wind started to blow a bit harder and my sweatpants slide off my body. My t shirt was ripped to shreds.

The spirit slowly started to stroke my cock and then it felt like a mouth was moving up and down on my cock. My cock got harder, it felt harder then I had been in quite awhile.

Once it was good and hard, the spirit guided itself over the top of me and it slide down on me.

The warmth that engulfed my cock was better than any real pussy I had ever fucked before. It gripped my cock in an almost vice grip.

Slowly moving up and down on my cock, it squeezed me and brought me to a new sexual height.

My hips started to rise as did the hot load in my boiling balls.

It wasn't too much longer and I was unleashing my hot seed up into the air and over my bare chest.

As I lay there recovering from the greatest nut I had ever had, I heard Beth's voice say to me

"Never forget that I love you and that I will be with you always. Some day you will see someone who will make your heart leap like I did. Know this my love."

I lay there taking it all in as Beth spirit slowly stroked me to sleep

When I woke up there was a female Park Ranger standing over me.

"Well what do we have here?" She said

It came to me that I was still naked and placed my hands over my crotch.

"UMM UMM!" I murmured

She smacked her lips and started to take off her clothes.

I looked into her eyes and I swore I saw a glint of Beth in them.

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