True Love Waits


It had been a mistake. She knew it was a mistake before she made it and everything that followed up to this moment only proved it. She had somehow talked herself into believing it was a good idea, but it wasn't. She should have never have come here. She had to leave.

That's what went through the mind of Selena Gomez as she headed towards the exit.


It had been a mistake. She knew it was a mistake before she made it and everything that followed up to this moment only proved it. She had somehow talked herself into believing it was a good idea, but it wasn't. She should have never agreed to this. She had to get some air.

That's what went through the mind of Demi Lovato as she headed towards the exit.


Unfortunately there was only one exit and both Disney girls headed for it at the same time. The room was so crowded they didn't notice each other as they made virtually the same excuses to mostly the same type of people until their paths crossed. For a microsecond there was a flash of surprise and even a little horror at seeing the other before they automatically smiled at each other, wordlessly agreeing to pose for the cameras before making their exit.

As they walked side by side each considered letting the other go ahead or taking the stairs instead of the elevator but neither one could afford to act so antisocial towards the other. Besides, one of them had come here to talk, and while part of her still thought it was a mistake she couldn't not take the opportunity.

Despite this she remained silent as they got on the elevator together and started heading towards the ground floor.

Selena tried. She really did, but it was like her mouth was glued shut and she couldn't open it. She actually wished it was literally glued shut, but the truth was she was just a coward and because of that coming here was just a waste of time, a mistake.

Demi also wished she was brave enough to say something, but the difference was she was happy not to talk because at least that way she wouldn't say something stupid. In a way the fear of doing that was the reason she was in this situation to begin with.

Just when it seemed both girls had lost the ability to make any sound whatsoever they both let out a startled cry as the elevator screeched to a halt.

For a few seconds nothing happened and then Selena tried pressing one of the buttons. Nothing happened. She tried again and again and again, each time with the same result.

"Elevator's broken." Selena said.

There was a time when Demi would have mocked Selena for stating the obvious, they would have exchanged banter, and they would have laughed. Now Demi said nothing, instead just stood there looking a little understandably worried.

"Relax." Selena said softly, "People are probably working on getting us out already, and if not hey, you're the birthday girl here, so someone should notice that you're missing but you never left the hotel, and when they do they'll get us out of here. I don't even think it's that far to the ground so we'll probably be ok no matter what."

Demi smiled. Selena always did know how to make her feel better, and she was right, people would come looking for her. After all it was her birthday. Her 18th birthday.

She hadn't wanted to make a big deal of it, she was never really that into birthday parties as she hated the idea of vainly celebrating herself, but she also hadn't particularly wanted to spend her 18th birthday alone, so she had been talked into taking a break from her tour for a party. Not a massive event everyone who's anyone had to be at, but not the trip to Wendy's with her band and a few others that she would have originally preferred.

The party itself wasn't that bad and Demi was even beginning to enjoy herself, and then she saw Selena and it was like all of the air had been sucked out of the room.

She knew she had been invited, she couldn't not invite her, but she didn't think she would come. Demi had the courtesy to make up an excuse and not come to Selena's 18th birthday just over a month ago, why couldn't Selena offer her the same courtesy?

This was exactly why she didn't want the party, she was afraid Selena would show up, and when she had Demi knew her instincts had been right, this party had been a mistake and if someone didn't hurry up and rescue her soon something bad was going to happen, so bad it could ruin her entire career.

While Demi was praying for a rescue Selena was again trying to find the ability to speak. Where was Alex Russo when you needed her? If Selena could only tap into a little part of the character she played on her TV show she might actually ask the question she had been wanting to ask for a year now.

She had chickened out so many times it was pathetic. What made her think tonight would be any different she didn't know, but she had come here against her better judgment only to chicken out again. But she couldn't chicken out now. She couldn't possibly get a better chance than this and if she didn't take it she would hate herself forever.

"Demi..." Selena said softly, forcing out the words which had been rattling in her head for so long, "Why aren't we friends anymore?"

Demi blinked, and then gulped.

As far as she was concerned they were still friends. They would always be friends, just not like they were, or like they could ever be again. But how could she tell Selena that without letting slip exactly why that was?

Finally in a slightly high-pitched voice Demi said, "We're... we're still friends."

"No, we're not." Selena said, "That's what we say to keep people off our backs."

There was silence and then Demi said, "It's like you say in interviews, people grow apart."

"Yeah... but that's not the reason we're not friends anymore." Selena said.

"We're still friends." Demi insisted loudly, before her voice softened, "Just... not like we used to be."

"Why not?" Selena asked.

"I told you." Demi said.

"No, you tried to sell me the same tired bull we've been using to brush off the issue." Selena practically yelled, quickly realising this approach wasn't going to get her anywhere but a shouting match so she softened her voice and added, "What happened to us Dem? We used to tell each other everything."

Not everything, Demi thought to herself, before she quietly mumbled, "We... I..."

"Stop trying to think of an excuse." Selena snapped before her voice softened again, "Please Dem, if our friendship ever meant anything to you, just tell me the truth."

In the long pause that followed Demi desperately searched her brain for one of the thousand different excuses she had come up with while obsessing over what would happen if Selena ever confronted her but now the moment was here she couldn't remember a single one and the desire to tell her former best friend the truth was nearly unbearable, just so that it would be finally off her chest, even if it resulted in breaking her heart and possibly even destroying her career in the process.

"Why aren't we friends anymore Dems?" Selena asked again after what felt like an eternity.

With the last of her willpower Demi softly said, "If our friendship ever meant anything to you, please, don't make me answer that."

There was an even longer pause in which Demi's eyes pleaded for mercy and Selena fought herself from giving her former BFF that mercy. When a tear slid down Demi's cheek Selena very nearly gave in but the other girl broke the silence first.

"It was too hard." Demi mumbled, her voice barely above a whisper.

"What was too hard?" Selena asked.

"Being your friend." Demi said.

The reply was the most hurtful thing Selena had ever heard because it came from someone she cared about so much.

"Really." Selena said, getting angry, "So what? All that time you were just pretending to like me?"

"No." Demi protested.

"You pretended to care?" Selena spat.

"No!" Demi insisted.

"You pretended..." Selena began.

"NO! NO! NO! You don't get it!" Demi yelled.

"Really, what don't I get Demi?" Selena yelled back.

"It was too hard just being your friend." Demi screamed back, her heavy breathing the only sound which could be heard for a few agonising seconds before she added softly and slowly, "It was just... too hard... just being friends."

There was more silence as Selena stared blankly and Demi began to break down.

"I tried... I tried to tell myself it was enough. For a while I actually believed it. Everything was so perfect anyway, why ruin it? But... it just got so hard. Watching everything I say so I didn't slip up. Not... not pushing things too far when we goofed around. Every time I was around you became a constant battle, and just being around you ruined everyone else for me, because no one ever made me feel the way you did." Demi admitted quietly, tears in her eyes.

"Dems." Selena said softly.

"I'm not done!" Demi yelled, startling Selena, "What's wrong Sel? I thought you wanted the truth? Well here it is... I love you. I'm in love with you. I've been in love with you since we were seven. And just so we're clear, yes, I'm gay."

More silence as Demi took a deep breath.

"Wow... huh... I've never said that out loud before. I'm gay. It actually feels kind of good to finally say it." Demi said, "So, where was I... oh yeah, ha, I'm in love with you. I tried just being your friend but I couldn't do it, I couldn't be so close to you but not have you. So I figured I could either tell you how I feel, you could break my heart and then things would never be the same between us or I could push you away. So, I pushed you away... and I tried getting over you... but I just... couldn't."

Tears began to run down Demi's face like a river as Selena continued to say nothing.

"So... so do me a favour..." Demi requested, forcing herself to speak clearly and not to blubber, "Don't say it's ok. Don't tell me we can still be friends. Tell me I disgust you. Tell me you think I'm a pervert. Tell me to burn in hell. Make sure I finally get it through my thick head that you'll never love me. Don't just break my heart, tear it out and stomp on it. Maybe then I'll finally be able to move on. Just please, please don't be nice about this, because if you do I'm never going to be able to get over you."

There was an even longer pause than usual, minutes ticking by as the two girls just stared at each other.

"We were never just friends Dem." Selena said softly.

Demi lowered her head, a fresh tear running down her cheek as she tried to prepare herself for what she had been most dreading her entire life.

At that moment there was a whirl and then the elevator started to move.

In the blink of an eye Selena was standing in front of Demi, lifting her chin-up so she could look into her eyes.

"We were never just friends." Selena repeated.

The words echoed in Demi's mind for a second. Selena couldn't possibly...

Then Selena's lips were pressed against Demi's and it was everything both girls imagined it would be. In reality it didn't last more than 5 seconds but it felt so much longer to them.

As the elevator reached its destination Selena broke the kiss, took a second to wipe away Demi's tears, and then stepped a safe distance away from the other girl before the doors started to open. That didn't leave much time for Demi to clean herself up, but luckily no one seemed to mention it looked like she had been crying, the first onlookers concluding she must have been simply worried for her own safety while people who saw her later on would have never known that she had been crying considering how happy she seemed. Some even noted she seemed happier than before the elevator malfunction, but no one who noticed asked her why, and no one noticed a similar change in the demeanour of Selena Gomez.

The party continued for hours, both Selena and Demi socialising and networking as usual, the whole time staying away from the other albeit for very different reasons than before. They both wanted to talk now but they didn't trust themselves around the other, so they waited until the night started winding down and people finally started to leave.

Demi was in the middle of talking to some producer when Selena came up to her for the first time that night in public.

"Hey Demi, thanks for inviting me to your party." Selena said, reaching out and softly taking one of Demi's hands.

It was a gesture which wouldn't even have raised an eyebrow from anyone, especially those who remembered how close the two Disney stars used to be, but just like every small touch Selena ever gave her it made Demi's body tingle. This time however her body tingled so much it was hard to hide it, because there was something in Selena's hand which the other girl obviously wanted her to take.

"You're... you're welcome." Demi said with a smile, which then faded a bit when she added, "You're not leaving are you?"

"Yeah, sorry, I got to go. I'm meeting someone later tonight." Selena said, hoping Demi would read in between the lines, "Listen, I know we didn't get much chance to talk, but I was really hoping we could meet sometime very soon."

"You're right, we'll have to do that, soon." Demi said with a nod.

With that Selena left, turning Demi's hand before she let go of it to ensure her former BBF wouldn't drop what she had given her, Demi closing her hand around it quickly so no one would see it, the birthday girl forcing herself not to watch the girl she loved leave and wait until she had a quiet moment to herself to finally open up a hand and look at what was inside. It was a small piece of paper, something she knew from the moment it touched her skin, but what was important was what was written on it, that being a room number. Selena's room number.

Unfortunately since it was her party Demi had to wait until almost everyone had left before she could finally go looking for that room and knock on the door. It felt like an eternity, but finally she was where she wanted to be.

Selena opened the door almost immediately. The two girls stared at each other for a few seconds and then Selena stepped back, wordlessly allowing Demi to step inside, Selena closing the door behind her.

There was a long silence between them which made Demi nervous.

"So... hey." Demi stuttered.

"Hey." Selena said, beginning to slowly move towards the other brunette.

"Hey." Demi said again, the way Selena was looking at her while advancing making her nervous and excited, "So... what... what now?"

"Well I was thinking that maybe we could..." Selena said with increasing speed as she practically leaped at Demi, crashing her lips against the other girl's before she could finishing her sentence.

In the blink of an eye Demi's back was against the wall, Selena's tongue was in her mouth and Demi's tongue was fighting for it's life.

The kiss was nothing like the first one they had shared in the elevator. Their first kiss had been soft, gentle and full of tender love. This kiss was hard, rough and full of need. As it continued years of repressed thoughts and feelings were pushed into it until it felt like they were actually taking their frustrations out on each other, something which scared them both so much they almost stopped, but after years of wanting to but not the only thing that finally made them stop was when they began to worry that they would literally suffocate the other if they continued.

Breaking apart the two girls stared at each other for a moment, panting heavily, and then their lips returned to each other's with the same roughness as before, their hands slowly, cautiously sliding over each other, avoiding the places they each really wanted to touch and be touched because they didn't want to overstep their boundaries. When they were the closest of friends every little seemingly meaningless touch drove them wild but the sensations of these pretty innocent touches seemed to be magnified to something beyond anything they had ever felt before, meaning each touch just made the kiss more intense.

Stumbling around the room they eventually made their way to the bed, both tripping over it with Demi falling on top of Selena, neither girl breaking the kiss which continued until Selena thrust her pelvis up against Demi's, their clothed centres connecting causing Demi to gasp and break the kiss.

"Selena..." Demi breathed, "Your promise ring."

"True love waits." Selena said, bringing up her hand with the ring still firmly on it, "And I have. I've waited for this my entire life Dems. Please don't make me wait another second."

For a microsecond Selena had to wait as Demi tried to comprehend hearing something she had dreamed about for so long but never believe would happen, and then in the next microsecond Demi's hand was up Selena's short skirt, pushing aside her underwear so her fingers could have access to her most private of areas.

"I've waited for this too... I just never thought..." Demi felt herself channelling Sonny Monroe so she quickly stopped herself and simply added, "I love you."

"I love you too." Selena said without missing a beat.

It was not something Selena had intended to say, or even believed she was capable of saying already, if ever, but there it was, the truth she... they had been hiding from each other for so long finally out in the open.

For a second they simply savoured it, this moment they had been waiting for for so long but never thought would arrive, and then Demi quickly pushed her finger forwards and she was inside her.

Demi Lovato was inside Selena Gomez.

That fact took a little while to fully sink in. Until then they remained still as statues, Selena getting used to having a finger not belonging to her inside of her while Demi got used to having her finger inside another girl.

Selena was hot, wet and tight around Demi's finger, just like Demi had imagined it would be, only a million times better, and it somehow got even better when the younger girl slowly began pulling her finger out of the older girl, pushed all the way back in and then repeated the process, because it made it official, she wasn't just inside of her, she was fucking her.

Demi Lovato was fucking Selena Gomez.

Her fingers were moving slowly in and out, in and out, in and out, Selena tightening around her as Demi continued fucking her, finger fucking her, making her moan for her.

Even after meeting thousands of people and listening to what felt like thousands more during her short life Demi had never met anyone with a sexier voice than Selena. In her opinion no voice could even compare, a simple 'hey' from Selena enough to turn Demi's legs to jelly. When they were going through puberty together as the best of friends it became increasingly difficult not to let on just how much Demi used to love their conversations, and now that sexy voice had somehow become even sexier, Selena's moans the sweetest sounds Demi had ever heard.

Those sounds made Demi want to fuck Selena harder so she could get more, louder sounds from her, but she was also really enjoying the slow pace and didn't want to move too fast, she wanted to take her time and enjoy this. However, she had a plan.

Selena had always thought finger fucking would make for fun foreplay, but even in her steamiest lesbian fantasies she had never thought of it as a completely satisfying sexual experience. This was because no matter how hard or often she fingered herself it never truly satisfied her and she always thought someone else doing it would be exactly the same, but it wasn't. It was so much more than she had imagined it would be, and that it was Demi doing it only made the sensations more overwhelming.

Demi was fucking her.

The girl she had known for so long and been so close to so many years was inside her, fucking her with her finger, and it was amazing.

Just as Selena began to wonder if it could possibly get better Demi pushed a second finger inside her, forcing her to cry out in pleasure.

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