tagBDSMTruth and Consequences Ch. 05

Truth and Consequences Ch. 05


Dear reader if you have not already done so, I would suggest going back to read the first four chapters of this story so that you are up to speed.


Angel lay there looking up at Dave as he stood over his submissive wife. "I hadn't decided until right now to do this but since you seem to like the idea of me fucking another woman in front of you I think you can spend a few moments inside a little surprise I have for you and watch me fill Angel here with my cock and cum, then you will be allowed to use your tongue and fingers on her. You will be expected to clean my cum from her well fucked cunt."

Trish gave a whimper; she wouldn't let him know that it was out of pleasure, for this was one of her biggest fantasies. She would allow him to think it was out of displeasure of being forced to watch him fuck Angel and that she was going to have to lick his cum from inside the girl. She had hoped she would get to taste the girl natural first without his seed inside her but either way would do. She rather expected that the girl might become a regular visitor to their home now. At least that is what she desired from just the little time spent with the girl.

"Follow me slut," Dave commanded as he walked toward the other room where the cage was suspended. "Get inside and if you so much as make a peep, I return that whip and its straps to your ass."

"Yes, master I understand sir," Trish replied demurely.

Angel, Steve, and Lacey had followed them into the other room and Steve smiled at his friend, "Well Dave it appears you were a little more prepared for tonight than I had expected."

"You know me buddy, always a step ahead, and I don't take chances with anything," Dave responded with a wicked grin.

Trish took her place inside the person sized cage and knelt down as she knew was expected of her, Dave was going to fuck Angel in front of her and she was helpless to do anything but watch. Trish's clit was pulsing beneath the clamp and she so wished that she could reach down and stroke it, to touch it and slip her fingers inside her pussy but that wasn't in the plan apparently and she wasn't about to do anything at this moment that she hadn't been instructed to do. She knew that Steve and Lacey would be watching her closely and the thought of feeling that whip or paddle again so soon on her tender ass made her wince. While she had loved it and still loved feeling the soreness there was no way she would be wanting it again tonight unless Dave decided that was in the cards.

Dave looked at Angel who had an uncontrollable hunger in her eyes; she smiled up at him as she knelt there in front of the cage that had been suspended near the end of his bed. She couldn't wait to feel him touch her, to hopefully be rough and use her as she desired. If he had even glanced at her checklist he would have known that she craved the same things he was doing to his wife and more. She wanted to be fucked with no limits; used, cum upon and passed around if that was his desire. She had silently hoped that this would be a result of her presence tonight and even had a glimmer of expectation that Steve made join in as well. But that would be up to the Doms in this room. She waited for Dave's command with a wet and aching pussy, her ass bouncing ever so slightly on her heels hoping he may not have sated his desire and need to spank someone tonight.

Dave stared down at the girl and did his best to see the thoughts behind her shimmering eyes. He wanted to please her and give her a taste of what was possible to come in the very near future. He looked at Steve trying to derive some idea of how to proceed but his friend only stood there smiling, with his fingers around Lacey's exposed nipples. Tugging them gently as he wondered just where Dave was going with this.

"Stand up Angel and bend over the bed, I think your naughty little ass needs warming up too. Steve will you assist me with this as well?" he asked with a grin.

"Only if Lacey can warm up that little sweet cunt between Angel's legs with her tongue while we spank her Dave."

Lacey blushed, this was turning out to be an intense night of pleasure for all parties and she knew that before the night was over Steve was going to fuck her senseless and whether it be here or when they got home she didn't really care as long as she was going to feel his throbbing cock between her legs. She nodded and used the electric device to maneuver herself near the side of the bed, Steve stepped up beside her and effortlessly lifted her onto the comforter and let her slide down so that her head was hanging between Angel's legs and she could stick out her tongue and lap at the girl's pussy.

Dave and Steve took up their position in front of Trish but behind Angel and at once they both began long hard-cupped palm spanks. Angel gave a jerk at the first set and then ground her pussy down onto Lacey's tongue which was dancing along the inside of her sweet vaginal lips. Angel felt the heat begin to rise all over her body and the thought that these two handsome Doms were behind her spanking her sent shivers up and down her spine. Rarely had she found one Dom that could do this with the intensity and passion she had felt Dave do it earlier today in the shop, now she had two of them swatting her ass in unison and Lacey's tongue teasing her mercilessly.

"Look at the way her ass comes back to meet our palms Steve, this hot little cunt loves this," Dave teased.

"Oh yeah buddy and she seems to love the heat that is going through her ass with each spank, she has to have one of the hottest, cutest asses I've ever seen, present company excluded of course honey," Steve said as he winked at Lacey.

Angel's passion had just multiplied as the men behind her admired their handiwork and her tight ass. She was proud of her body and had put in many hours in the gym to get it this way. Their admiring and lewd talk was all the compliments she would ever need. She tempted fate and reached out to rub Lacey's clit while she took a nipple into her mouth. Neither of the Doms behind her seemed to mind and just when she began to attack Lacey with gusto the spanking stopped.

"Dave did you tell this little slut to pleasure Lacey as well?"

"No sir I didn't, but this once since she is bringing Lacey pleasure I imagine we can overlook it. Continue your pleasuring of Lacey slut," Dave commanded as he stepped in behind Angel.

Steve watched as Lacey took Dave's cock in her hand, normally he would have been outraged by such a bold move by his submissive but tonight things weren't on a set stage and he would allow this. He actually like seeing her take the initiative and as she gave Dave's cock a few strokes she continued licking at Angel's clit and then lined Dave up so that he could thrust into the girl above her.

Dave felt Lacey's hand surround his cock and he briefly wondered if Steve would say anything, he hadn't brought this on and had planned on pushing his cock right into Angel but he waited. Waited until Lacey brought the tip of his cock into the pink fleshy folds of Angel's tight pussy and then he thrust. With one hard push he slipped almost all of his cock inside the girl and from the angle he was at he knew Trish could see it all. He had purposefully ignored her to this point wanting her to feel a bit left out. Left out like he was until he found the files on the computer. These thoughts only fueled his anger and rage and as he began to fuck Angel hard he slapped the sides of her ass harder. Grabbing a handful of hair he tugged her head back and kissed her roughly as she looked at him.

"You like being fucked hard by my big cock don't you Angel, I know what you desire, and your clenching cunt tells me that this is what you long for. A master to take you and use you whenever he feels like it and a strong one that will not put up with your backtalk and childish ways. You want to become a part of our life in this home and the way your insides just twitched around me I'd say I was dead on slut."

Angel gasp as Dave spoke, her pussy was being filled to the depths with his large cock and his words and actions made her want to succumb to him then and there. But she would do it when he was truly asking not in a moment of lust and passion. "Yes, sir," she whimpered, knowing that's what he wanted to hear and what Trish needed to hear her say. She had come to the conclusion that they were very much alike, Trish and herself that is, knowing that they could feed off one another's needs and insecurities if Dave took them both, in only a day she had come to realize that this couple could just be the partners she was looking for.

"Watch Trish as I sink my cock inside the tight cunt of this beautiful, young, firm bodied young woman," he commanded her knowing she would be getting even more excited than she was already.

Dave pushed the full length back inside Angel and began fucking her hard and fast again, the little break had given him a chance to regain his composure so he wouldn't immediately shoot his load inside Angel. Although he expected the girl would like that he wanted to make sure she came before he slammed his cock in her and filled her with his cum. He swatted her ass again and reached up sliding his hands along her sides before cupping her large breasts and twisting the nipples. He knew it would cause her a little pain but she seemed to love the pain and mixed it with pleasure. As he teased her nipples she began to cum and her clenching inside set him off.

Angel felt Dave's fingers lock around her nipples and as he twisted them her pussy quivered and began to clench around him, as she was cumming she felt him swell even larger than before. As he began to cum in her pussy she exploded again, multiple orgasms, this was the first time she had ever felt them and her toes began to curl and she couldn't catch her breath. No whimpers or mewls would escape her lips either, only seeing her knuckles turn white as she gripped the comforter let Dave know that she was in the middle of an intense orgasm. He rode her through the end of his own spewing release and as she finally began to breath again she opened her mouth to speak.

"Oh sweet leaping Jesus that was amazing sir," she cried out, "I've never had multiple orgasms before, my tight little pussy is still tingling and feels like I could come again at any moment."

Trish felt the jealousy ripple through her for a moment. She had been on the receiving end of Dave's big cock enough times to know that he was a skilled lover and could bring intense orgasms but she could not for anything remember the last time he had so forcefully fucked her like he just had Angel. She was also feeling the jealousy turn into deep seeded arousal. She knew that Dave was going to be removing her from the cage and forcing her to lap his spunk from the deep insides of the woman he had just fucked.

Dave did just that, turning to the cage he opened the door, "Get down on your hands and knees and lick my cum from Angel's pussy, you had best get it all out or you won't be able to sit down for a week."

"Yes, Master," Trish humbly replied, kneeling down she spread Angel's cheeks and began running her tongue up and down the slit, capturing all the cum that was leaking from the girl's pussy. Dave watched, as Trish did, as she was told, no hesitation whatsoever, her tongue darted all around the girl's well-fucked cunt and cleaned up the mixed juices from their fucking. He could also see Lacey hadn't began to let up with her own oral assault on the girl's clit.

Dave looked at Steve and they both stepped back so they could share a few words without the females hearing. "So what do we do now Steve?"

"Well, you have a few choices, you can either fuck Trish, let me fuck Trish," he chuckled, "or you can make her sleep on the floor while I fuck Lacey in the guest bedroom and you keep Angel in bed with you tonight. The way I see it that would be the final straw, having a nearly complete stranger sleeping with her husband, maybe even getting fucked again by him in her bed would put the icing on the cake."

"You don't think that would be to much?" "Not at all Dave," Steve ventured, "I think that is exactly what she needs, cuff her with the handcuffs and shackle her feet to the bed and put the keys in the bathroom so she can't get to them. If you feel the urge tonight to fuck Angel again do it, do it as many times as you can, rub it in that if she is going to be a whore wife then you can replace her in your bed just as easily."

"I think that I can do that, but do we have any ideas for in the morning? I have a few thoughts but I want some simple suggestions from you."

"That's easy buddy, we'll take the women shopping, as a little treat for enduring tonight and being well behaved, I think trying out one of those collars on Trish might do well and remind her even in public now she belongs to you. I know that Lacey always keeps a change of clothes in her car, so we can dress them nice and slutty, only dressing that fox Angel will be a challenge. Perhaps though she thought ahead and brought a few things."

"Damn you are good man, that is pretty much dead on what I was thinking. I also think dinner and then our clubs might add some fun to the evening. We can start off by popping in my club and then progress over to yours. Is finding someone to run it tonight a problem?

"Hell no Dave, you know that bouncer I have at the door could run the day to day operations with no problem."

"Alright then we'll go see how Trish has progressed with her task and then we head off to bed for the night. You know that Angel works in that little shop downtown on the corner of Wade and James streets right?"

Steve grinned, "Why do you think I had suggested you go in there months ago slowpoke, I knew she was hot but never touched her, hell she didn't even show any signs of interest. But she doesn't work there Dave, she owns the place, her father died a few years back and left her an inheritance that was more than generous. I know this because I had teased her about working in a sex shop, you know we normally think of sleazy little guys working in them and to find a hot young girl working there was a shock. That's when she told me about owning it and how her father had left her enough money so she'd never have to work, it seems she decided to get into something she loved then which luckily for us was sex and toys."

"Holy shit Steve," Dave gasped, "I would have never imagined that, so she might just have a little daddy complex too. I think I am seeing numerous doors opening here and I just have to be careful which ones I go through. I know we talked earlier about it but after sliding inside that tight sheath of hers I can't imagine not having that whenever I wanted. I might just take that leap if she and Trish get along tomorrow and ask her if she'd be interested in finding a more permanent arrangement."

They laughed and joked a few more moments and then headed back into the room to see Trish sliding her fingers in and out of Angel's pussy and then lap at her fingers. It was a pleasurable sight and Dave knew that his wife was now officially bi-sexual whether she liked it or not. He watched a few more minutes and then spoke.

"All right ladies, we have come to the conclusion of the evenings trainings, well almost. Trish, Steve and Lacey will be staying in the guest bedroom tonight and then we are all going out tomorrow to do some shopping, have dinner and then we are going to both clubs. The final thing is for tonight you will again sleep on the floor this time shackled to the bed by your ankles and your wrists will be cuffed. Angel if you would like you will be sharing my bed for the night and you are welcome to stay with us and go out tomorrow."

Angel smiled wide as she rolled off of Lacey, slowly extracting her fingers from between the girls snatch. "Sir, I would like nothing more than to stay here in bed with you if it won't cause any problems. Oh but I have to call someone to cover for me in the morning, you see I always open the shop." "Yes beautiful, go and do that use any of the phones downstairs. It won't cause any problems if you stay here for I am the master of this home and what I say goes, isn't that right Trish?" he asked with a wicked grin.

"Yes, master, " she replied. Her mind was working at a furious pace, never had she been so pissed as this evening and equally as turned on. Her master and husband were now taking Angel into his bed while she lie next to them on the floor. If he thought she was learning her place and being broken down, he was correct. There was no way that she could protest without being severely disciplined and she wasn't sure she even wanted to open her mouth to say a word. She would bite her tongue and listen to them tonight while she fingered herself, if he allowed that. He couldn't have known all of this would break her down and arouse her, she figured Steve had some input in this but she would never know unless he told her about it. She reaffirmed that it would cause no problems and then she slipped away from Angel and then knelt down next to the bed. She was a bit disturbed that she wasn't going to get fucked tonight but when the time finally came again she knew it would be intensified by the imposed chastity he was forcing upon her.

"That's a good girl, now go and get yourself cleaned up and take a quick shower if you need you have ten minutes in the bathroom, if you go over that by even a second, well let's just say this will have a unlucky result for your ass in more than one way wench."

Trish jumped up and rushed into the bathroom rushing to finish before her time was up, successfully she made it with a minute to spare.

Angel returned upstairs just as Steve and Lacey were entering the guest bedroom, "Goodnight sir and madam," she said as she gave a proper little bow.

"Good night Angel," they both replied hurriedly trying to get into the room so they could relieve some of the pent up sexual frustration they were each feeling. That and Lacey had a desperate need to feel Steve's hand spanking her ass after witnessing some of the whipping and spanking here tonight.

As Dave lay down in bed waiting for Angel to return from the bathroom he rolled over and looked down at his wife, she was already fast asleep, a smile on her face and her hands although cuffed were between her legs. He smiled to himself; this had been a wonderful day for them both he thought. He knew from his end this had been quite the eye-opening day and he had gained more experience in the world of BDSM then he had thought possible.

Slowly Angel crept into bed with him and as her slender fingers wrapped around his cock she disappeared beneath the covers. As he felt her mouth surround his hard prick once more he knew that his day was far from over.


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