tagIncest/TabooTruth or Dare

Truth or Dare


A couple of years ago, I organized a camping trip with some of my nephews in the backwoods of the Ozarks. The three of us had grown up together, having by some stroke of fate had parents who were pregnant at the same time. At the time of our little retreat, I had just turned 21, my nephew Josh was 20, and his younger brother Alan was 18. Alan had just graduated high school, and Josh and I had both been away at College, so the three of us hardly got to hang out anymore, which is what prompted our trip.

The trip wasn't planned to be anything big. We were going to sit around the campfire and talk, cook some camp food, and all that. It turned out to be more than that in the end, though.

On our first night in camp, after we'd already been talking and hanging out for a while, the talk turned to sex, and all about what kinds of things we'd done with girls in the past. Alan was new to the dating scene, and hadn't gotten all that far with any of his high school girlfriends. Josh and I, on the other hand, had had plenty of time to sample the variety while away at college, and it wasn't long before we were trading sexual stories. I learned how Josh's most recent ex-girlfriend liked to make gulping sounds when she swallowed his load, and I told them about a small Korean girl I'd dated my first year who liked to roleplay in bed and liked to dress like a little anime girl when we were in public. Pretty soon, the conversation died down, and we were all shifting uncomfortably to try and adjust the rigid dicks that threatened to betray our arousal through the fabric of our pants.

Then Josh had the idea of playing truth or dare.

The rules were pretty standard, except that when we played in the past, we always made it Truth, Dare, or Big Dare. The sexual tension was still in the air, and it wasn't long before the truths and the dares started becoming more and more sexual.

"Alan," Josh said, "I dare you to take out your dick and let us see how big it is."

Alan didn't protest. In no time, he had pulled down his shorts and boxers enough to pull out the meaty shaft of his dick, which flopped a little, half-rigid, against the fabric of his shorts.

We looked at it in silence, and it was Alan's turn. His dick still hanging loose, he said confidently, "I dare you to take out your dicks and to rub them against each other."

It was one of those things, one of those times when your hormones are so overwhelming, and your body is so tense with anticipation that you don't even think twice about what it is you're doing. Like when you're with a girl for the first time, and she's willing to go all the way, and it leads from groping to frenching to fingering to sex. That's what this was. And Josh and I didn't hesitate to whip out our dicks, and step shyly towards each other, taking our limp monsters in our hands, rubbing them against one another.

I remember how hairy he was, and how his dick felt hot as it rubbed against mine. And I remember standing there, my dick in my hand, and looking over at Alan who was now squeezing and stroking his dick a little too.

We stood there, rubbing ourselves in silence for a couple of minutes before Josh said, "It's your turn, Brian."

"Sure," I said, stepping back just a foot or so from Josh. "I dare you to suck on Alan's dick while I jerk off onto you, Josh."

He looked at me dead in the eye, and I saw him lick his lips before he responded. "Okay." He started to undress, and then went over to where his brother was sitting, and laid his clothes down in front of Alan before laying himself on the ground. He looked over at me, and grasped his brother's dick, taking it slowly in his mouth.

Alan moaned, and I saw him arch his hips into Josh's mouth as Josh started to make sucking noises on his cock.

I stepped closer, pulling my own shirt off, and pulling off my shorts to give my dick more freedom. I stopped, standing over the couple, rubbing my palm heavily against my dick, which was growing harder and throbbing against the palm of my hand. Quietly, I got on my knees behind Josh, spreading his legs as I moved closer to his body.

I shuddered as my dick brushed against the skin of his naked ass, and he gasped against Alan's throbbing dick. "Oh God," Alan groaned.

I started to stroke myself. I was quick, already so turned on that I could hardly keep myself in check. Before long, I was making hard pumps with my hand along my shaft, and feeling the bulge of semen begging to be released from inside. "Shit, I'm cumming," I grunted, and with a few, quick spurts, my white, hot, sticky cum burst forth and landed heavily on my nephew's back. Josh gasped again, and as I continued to stroke my dick, small bits of cum continuing to ooze out, Josh reached back to rub at his back, rubbing some of the cum into his skin.

He rolled onto his side, and reached forward with his now cum covered hand to grab my dick from me, swirling his thumb over the tip to get some more cum on himself.

"Now, suck me," Josh said. "I dare you to suck me, Brian." It was more of a command than a dare. I saw hunger in Josh's eyes, and I looked down with hunger at his cock.

It was massive. At least 8 inches, and 2 inches around. I know, because I grasped it fully with my hand, and felt how big it was. Since then, I've gotten sex toys, some of them dildos, and they're about the size that he was.

Josh rolled onto his back, spreading his legs wide for me, as I slowly jerked his cock. He closed his eyes, and made low breathing sounds. "Suck me," he moaned softly.

I lowered myself, opening my mouth for the first time to take in another man's cock, and tried to shove it all the way inside. At first I choked and gagged, because I couldn't handle it all. So I started to make small sucking movements along his dick. And he responded. Immediately he grabbed my hair, pulling at it and forcing me along his hot, sweaty shaft. I could feel him throbbing against my tongue, and I bit down gently on his shaft as I sucked his cock, and he screamed out. All the while, he kept urging me on with his little kneading hands, and his moans which grew louder and louder.

I slid my tongue along the base of his shaft, and made sure to get it nice and wet. Soon, I picked up the pace, and started to suck him faster and faster, sucking hard against the smooth, aching skin of his shaft.

He gave me fair warning. "I'm going to cum." I kept sucking. "Oh God, Brian, I'm going to cum. Do you want it in your mouth?"

"Mmm hmm," I moaned, not taking my mouth off the skin of his meat.

"Oh God!" I heard him scream, and then felt it as his hot, sticky load burst into my mouth. It came in heavy streams, and in no time at all, my mouth was filled with it. So much so, that even though I tried to take it all, some of it spilled out of my mouth back onto his dick and on my lips. I pulled away, and had to spit some of it out before swallowing the rest.

It was salty and hot, and like nothing I'd ever tasted before. I loved it. Josh was already rubbing his cum soaked cock, and I pulled his hand away so I could lick away the cum that had spilled on him. He watched quietly, and I felt his dick spasm as my tongue ran along it, licking him clean.

"That was good," Josh finally exhaled. He was out of breath, and his dick was limp against his leg.

"Alan," I said, wiping the last of Josh's cum from my lips and chin, "it's your turn to pick. Do you dare someone?"

His mouth was agape, and he had to lick his lips to get them wet to speak again. He had been stroking his cock slowly, and Josh and I both looked at it eagerly.

"Umm," Alan thought, "I dare you to fuck Josh in the ass."

"Mmm," I smiled, "sure, but I need a little time to recharge. In the meantime, do you wanna cum on my face?"

"Mine too," Josh encouraged.

"Uh huh," Alan panted, stroking his cock again, "yeah."

Josh and I moved over to Alan, and he stood up over us, his dick suspending in his hand. Alan's dick was smaller, probably average size, but it was hard and it was full of another hot load. He started to stroke it, looking down at us.

Josh and I offered words of encouragement, to keep him going. "Yeah, stroke it. Give us your cum." "Cum on my face." "Lemme taste your cum. Oh God!"

Alan started to buck in his hand, and he leaned forward, trying to get his dick as close to our faces as possible before he finally made those last, few, furious thrusts, and exploded across our faces. I felt it, and so did Josh. We got a full, hot load in spurts and streams on our cheeks and forehead and eyes. Alan finished stroking himself, and Josh and I looked at each other, taking note of the cum all over our faces. And then we kissed heavily, and I felt another man's tongue for the first time. We rubbed our hands over one another, and I reveled at the feel of his bare chest and his muscular arms. Alan pressed his dick against our faces as we made out, and finally we tore ourselves apart to take turns licking him clean.

"Fucking Christ," he said, exhausted and shaking. He collapsed onto the ground, sitting awkwardly, lit by the firelight. "I never thought I'd do that with a guy."

"Well, neither did we," I said. Josh nodded his assent.

"Do you think this makes us gay?" Alan asked.

"No, I don't think so," I replied. "It just means that we're doing this together. It's okay. No one will know. I'm not going to tell anyone, at least."

"Neither am I," Josh said.

"Yeah. Me too. I won't tell." Alan assured.

We sat like that for a while, pondering what had just gone on, before I finally felt my dick hard enough to go again. I looked over at Josh. "You ready to do this?"

"Yeah. Let's do it."

Josh got up on his hands and knees, positioning himself as I pulled up behind him. He reached back between his legs, fondling my balls and dick. I moaned, and started to rub my dick between his ass cheeks. He groaned at that, and I used both hands to spread his cheeks apart to find his hole.

It was awkward at first, and every time I thought I had it lined up just right, I'd push forward and it would slide between his cheeks. Finally, I found the hole with the tip of my dick, and pushed forward, groaning loudly at the feel of how tight it was as I pushed my dick into his ass.

Josh breathed through his teeth, and I asked if it hurt. He said a little, but told me to go ahead. I didn't need much encouraging. I grabbed his thighs and started to rail his ass. We were both grunting, and Josh and I took turns reaching down to stroke his dick and fondle it as I pumped him. Alan watched, silent, but stroking his own limp dick as well.

Josh's ass was so tight. I could feel it squeeze at the base of my dick every time I forced my shaft in. It didn't take long for me to plateau, and I gave Josh warning. "I'm going to cum, do you want it inside you?"

"Yes!" he moaned.

That was all the assurance I needed. I pushed forward, hard, bucking against his tight ass a few more times before finally letting my cum spill forth, shooting deep inside my nephew's virgin hole.

"Oh fuck," he grunted, moving himself back and forth against my dick, squeezing it with his ass to milk it more.

"Yeah. My God." I swallowed, my throat and lips dry from the effort. I sat there for another few moments, my dick throbbing weakly inside him, before finally backing out, and letting my dick breathe air again. "Phew," I breathed.

It went on after that, with us talking about new things to try, and sleeping naked in the tent that night. I was woken up a couple of times by Josh, who was hungry for more of my seed. He sucked me off in the middle of the night, and we were loud enough to wake up Alan. And then it was Alan's turn to be fucked in the ass.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Not at all what I thought would happen, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. We have another weekend like that scheduled for this coming summer. I can't wait.

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