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Truth or Dare


This is just a short story, totally unrelated to my other efforts. It's not as full on as my other stories, so if the harder stuff is what you want, move on now. Some of the places in this story exist, but the story itself is purely fantasy.

"Strip!" Sally shouted.

"Fuck off!" Was Holly's predictable reply.

They were playing a game of truth or dare with their friends Sally and Rob. Both couples had been friends for over 10 years now, having met as mates at University and eventually ended up together. They were all in their early 30's now and had been married for 6 & 7 years respectively.

"Come on." Neil teased her. "We all agreed not to cheat at the start. You either answer the question and tell us all or you do the forfeit."

Holly had taken the decision not to answer a question she had been asked about a threesome, her friends weren't going to let her get away with this.

Both Rob & Sally were now egging Holly on to strip. Neil soon joined them, desperate to see whether his wife would have the nerve to get her kit off in front of their friends.

She eventually got up, tottering slightly from all of the drink. She was actually going to do it. None of them could quite believe it. Holly turned up the music and started to dance in the centre of the room. She kept eye contact with her husband as she gyrated, wiggling her bum in the direction of her friends across the room. Holly ran her fingers through her long blonde hair, pouting at her man as she played up to her stripper act.

Holly then suddenly whipped her top off and threw it at Neil. She was now exposing her 38D tits, covered by her lacy red bra. Holly had a fantastic pair of tits, Neil had never made a secret of how much he loved them. She turned around to her friends, cupping her breasts and blowing a kiss at them, she actually looked like she was getting into this now.

Holly then unclipped her jeans and eased them over her shapely bum, dropping them to the floor to expose her thong. She suddenly felt exposed, her knickers didn't really leave much to the imagination, barely covering her pubes, her bum now on show.

"Right, that's it." She said. "I've done my forfeit."

"You can't stop now!" Rob said to her. He had adjusted the way he was sitting, clearly trying to hide his erection. Neil agreed, urging his wife to carry on and finish her act.

Holly then felt another surge of confidence. She had stripped a couple of times for Neil, and admitted that she'd had fantasies about stripping in front of a room full of people. Now was her chance, if she didn't bottle it.

Holly started to dance again. She now decided that she was going for it, why not. It wasn't going to go any further after all. She unclipped her bra and went over to where Rob was sat, holding the material over her breasts while dancing closer and closer to him. She got astride his leg and took away her hands, letting the bra fall into his lap, and her tits to fall free. Rob smiled at her but she was away now, in her own little world. She gyrated over Rob for a few more seconds before moving over to her husband and doing the same to him.

Finally she turned her back to him and slid her knickers over her bum and down her slender legs, before stepping out of them. Holly could now feel the cool air against her pussy, she also felt moisture between her legs, she hadn't realised just how excited she was getting until now. She now went to her best friend to perform for her, spreading her legs, giving her a filthy show as she had seen lap dancers do in films.

Nobody in the room had spoken since Holly had decided to go all the way, they all looked on, transfixed by her raunchy show. Each of them got their own private dance, seeing a real close up of her most intimate parts.

Not a lot was said after Holly collected her clothes and went to get dressed. Rob & Sally made their excuses and left, they clearly couldn't wait to get home and get into each other. They had been tempted to go for it there and then, but that may have been a step too far.

"That was fucking amazing!" Neil said to Holly after they'd left. "I am so turned on by what you just did."

"So am I." Holly told him. "Fuck me now, I need you inside me now."

They had raw, animal sex, right there in the Living Room. It was too urgent to make their way upstairs. It lasted no more than a minute either. The sexual tension had been so high, that Neil had no chance of lasting long.

"I never knew you had a fantasy like that." Neil said to her as they lay in bed that night.

"I'd never really though too much about it to be honest." Holly replied honestly. "A lad I went out with years ago, accidentally took me to a pub in Shoreditch that had strippers on once. At least he said it was an accident!"

Neil let her carry on, loving to hear her open up like this.

"Anyway, it was a real rough old place, spit and sawdust type of place." She continued. "I was the only other woman in there apart from the strippers. The girls were lovely, and all seemed to be dancing for me, it was fantastic."

Again Neil let her carry on.

"I did a strip for John that night, and was so turned on I couldn't believe it." Holly went on. "I'd loved the power it gave me over him. We never went back after that though, and I stopped seeing him not long after that. I forgot about it really."

"I loved it when you did it for me." Neil told her, remembering the time Holly had come in from a girls night out and treated him to a raunchy show.

"So did I." She continued. "I just felt a bit embarrassed to let you know that this was the sort of thing I liked doing. I hope you don't think I'm some kind of slag now."

"Course I don't." Neil reassured her. "You can do that anytime!"

A fortnight later, Neil rang Holly at work and told her to meet him at the Hamilton Hall pub at London's Liverpool Street Station. He said he fancied a few drinks and a curry, just a typical Friday night after a hard week at work.

They met at 6pm and had a couple of pints, before taking a walk up Bishopsgate towards the Brick Lane area. Neil said that there was one more pub he wanted to try before they went to eat, and led her further up Bishopsgate. When they arrived at The White Horse, Holly couldn't work out why he wanted a drink there. The pub looked like it hadn't been decorated since the 1950's, and had no appeal whatsoever. On walking in though, the reason for the trip became apparent. It was a strip pub.

The bar was full of men, some standing by the bar, some crowded around a stage in the front corner of the pub. On the stage, a young woman danced totally naked. She spread her legs, giving the men at the front a real eyefull of herself, faking masturbation and getting as close as she could to them without touching. A few of the men in the pub turned to see Holly as she walked in, they weren't used to smart, attractive looking women coming into this place to drink. The only women that ever came into this pub were the dancers. She felt extremely self concious, but it was also a huge buzz, this night could be very interesting.

Neil got them both a drink and made their way to a free spot near the cigarette machine.

"I can't believe you brought me in here!" She said to him, sipping her Vodka and Coke. She smiled as she said it, Neil knew that look, she liked the idea but didn't want to let him know that yet.

"Well after what we got up to the other night." He continued. "I thought you might fancy a trip up here."

Holly took another drink and smiled, she was secretly loving being here. The place was exactly like she had fantasized, rough and ready, not like the new sort of lap dancing clubs that had started to spring up around London lately.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a pneumatic blonde with a pint glass full of change, wearing only knickers and a bra. She smiled at them both and said hi, holding the glass out for their cash. Neil put the required £1 in for each of them and she went in her way. The girl gave Holly a lingering smile which made her blush a bit. She felt a stirring of excitement between her legs now.

The dance followed the pattern of the previous one. She danced to a song on stage, quickly removing her underwear, then concentrating on showing the men in the front row a close up of all her assets.

This routine repeated countless times over the night. Neil had made it clear that they could leave at any time, but Holly was keen to stay by now, she was fascinated by the show.

On going to the toilet, Holly bumped into one of the dancers who was on her way out.

"What brings you in here?" She asked in a broad London accent.

"My husband!" She answered. "It's a long story, but he thought he'd surprise me."

"And are you enjoying it?" She asked.

"I am." Holly said, feeling her cheeks starting to flush pink. "I've always had a bit of a thing about watching strippers."

"You'd do well yourself here with a body like that." She commented, giving her a once over.

Holly could feel herself going even more red now. The girl reached into her handbag and produced a business card.

"My mobile number is on here if you ever fancy giving it a go." She said.

Holly took it and mumbled a thank you to her, leaving hurriedly this was a telling response, she put the card in her pocket, she didn't simpy reject it.

As the night wore on, the girls started to get dirtier with their acts. A couple of the girls went on stage and did dances using various sex toys, then a couple of dancers worked their way around the pub allowing the men to have a feel of their tits. Holly was really enjoying this by now, she could just imagine herself doing this, allowing men to grope her while she gyrated in front of them.

Just before the pub closed, the girl that Holly met in the toilet came round for one last dance. She made a beeline for Holly, dancing for her and encouraging her to feel her tits. She declined, but the woman didn't move on, she simply grabbed her hands and placed them on her huge, cosmetically enhanced breasts. A big cheer went up around the pub which made her blush an even deeper red. The girl then moved on to Neil, encouraging him to touch her tits and arse. He gave Holly a glance as if to ask her permission, her smile gave him the all clear.

Neil clearly had an erection by now, which the girl was soon rubbing her bum against, while he played with her tits. She was really into this by now, barely realising that the music had finished.

"That was fucking great!" Holly said to Neil as they left the pub. "I am so turned on!"

Neil grabbed her arm and pulled her down a dark looking alley, Holly made a surprised yelp as he did but hapilly followed. Within seconds, he was kissing his wife, his tongue deep in her mouth, eating her alive. He had her pressed up against a wall, his hand frantically undoing her jeans, then thrusting down the front of her knickers. Even Neil was surprised how wet she was. Holly parted her legs as much as she could, allowing Neil to rub her wet slit. Within seconds she could feel herself coming, her legs nearly giving way as she did.

Holly's knickers were now soaking after her orgasm, but was now desperate to make her husband come. She spun him around, tugging at his zipper, then releasing his rock hard erection from the front of his pants. Without a word, Holly dropped to her knees and took his entire length into her mouth. She wasted no time teasing him, sucking and wnaking him with all she had. Neil's orgasm didn't take much longer than Holly's had, he let out a groan and shot his load into her mouth. Holly swallowed his hot come, not spilling a drop.

The couple composed themselves and rejoined Bishopsgate, mingling with the rest of the people heading home from the pub, smiling to each other in the knowing what they'd just done.

Holly told Neil about what the blonde stripper had said to her earlier that evening, he could tell that she was desperate to try this out.

"Do you want to do it?" Neil asked her.

"Yes." She replied. "I think I'd only like to do it once, just to see what it was like."

"If you do, it's fine by me." Neil told her. "I'd want to be there to watch though, if that's ok with you."

"You want to keep an eye on me you mean!" She teased him.

"No!" Neil responded with mock horror. "I trust you. I'd just love to see my wife getting her kit off in front of a room full of admiring blokes. I'd be proud of you."

"Thanks Darling." She said, kissing him. "Course I wouldn't mind. But are you sure you'd be ok if things got a bit out of hand like they did tonight? I mean, those men had their hands all over the girls by the end."

"It's fine, it really is." He told her. "It's not like you're going to fuck any of them is it?!"

"No! Course I wouldn't" Holly replied.

"Well then, there's no harm in a little bit of touching." He said, concluding the converstion, making sure his wife knew this was ok.

Holly called the blonde girl the next day. It turned out that her name was Suzy. Suzy gave Holly the lowdown on what to expect, what she could expect to earn, what the pub would charge her. She also checked how far she was willing to go, reminding her that things got a bit out of hand from time to time. Holly didn't tell her that she only wanted to do this as a one off, she thought it was better to make up a story about them being a bit short of cash, it wasn't like they had to go back there again after.

Suzy gave Holly the number for the Manager of the pub, telling her to ring him and find out when she could start. The man was delighted to give her the chance, saying that she could come doen at any time. He asked her to descirbe herself, and was happy that she would be fine.

"Shall we go on Saturday night?" Holly asked Neil. "If I think about this too long, I'm going to find a reason to back out."

"Yeah, why not." He replied. "Let's do it."

Holly had a spring in her step for the rest of the week, she could think of nothing else. She had major butterflies, a mixture of nerves and excitement. Neil bought her a present home from work on the Friday. He had been into a sex shop and bought her a lovely new underwear set, that would barely cover her, and a new vibrator. She felt a sudden pang of nerves as she saw it, the realisation that she was supposed to use this on herself in front of a pub full of men really hitting her now.

"You don't have to do this." Neil said to her, realising that she was feeling nervous now. "It's not too late to back out."

"No." She said. "I want to, I'm going to."

Neil gave her a reassuring kiss, feeling really glad that she was going to go through with it. He was looking forward to it as much as she was.

On the night, they decided that Holly would go to the pub at 7pm as arranged, Neil would arrive about 8pm, when the pub was more full and blend in with the crowd. She was due to start about 8pm, he wanted to make sure he didn't miss her so sat having a pint in a pub a few doors down.

Holly strode confidently into the pub and introduced herself to the barman.

"Mike." He called out to the back. "The new girl is here."

Mike came out and shook her hand, inviting her round behind the bar and into the room at the back.

"So you're Holly then?" He said, giving her a once over. "I'm glad you came, we're a couple of girls down tonight, and I think you'll be a hit down here."

Holly smiled and agreed nervously.

"You can get changed in here." He told her. "The pub takes £50 of your takings as a fee, then the rest is yours. You'll probably make that in a couple of dances, the rest is yours after that."

Holly acknowledged him and started to get ready. She felt strangely exposed, sitting nearly naked in the back room of a seedy pub, seriously thinking about whether she should have done this. She really couldn't back out now though, the girls were starting to come in, saying hello and quickly getting into their skimpy outfits.

The first couple of girls went out and did their thing, coming back with their underwear in their hands and their pint glasses full of change. It was Holly's turn now, she took a deep breath, grabbed her glass and went for it.

The pub was about 3 quarters full when she went out, their were about 30 men all standing around, drinking and chatting. She made her way around, smiling at them confidently, holding out her glass for their pound coins. They would all look her up and down, making no effort to hide their wandering eyes. She eventually got round to her husband who was sitting by the bar, giving him the same treatment. Neil smiled at her and dropped his coin itno the jar.

Holly then made her way up to the stage and gave the nod to the DJ to put her music on. As the music started she took the centre of the stage and started to move. She could see the crowd starting to gather around the stage to get a better view, this is what she had fantasized about, this was it.

Holly kept up her confident look and unclipped her bra. She turned away from the crowd, teasing them as she let it drop to the floor, before turning and showing her pert 38D tits to the crowd. She could feel the excitement now, the pure buzz of having all of these men only looking at her. Holly then turned away from the crowd again and hooked her thumbs into the side of her knickers, she knew what was expected, and that she didn't have much time, quickly pulling them down, bending down as she did, exposing her arse and pussy as she did. She was now totally naked, and seriously aroused.

Neil was loving his wife's show, his erection almost painful pressing against his jeans. Holly danced for the rest of the song, spreading her legs, showing her freshly trimmed pussy to the men crowded around her. She could feel herself getting wet by the end of the dance, and was hoping that nobody had noticed. Once the music had stopped, Holly picked up her knickers and bra and walked naked through the pub to the back room. She couldn't resist giving Neil a little wink as she passed him, noticing the bulge in his pants.

For the next couple of hours the routine was much the same. Holly had done 3 dances now and loved every minute. The pub was now packed, and for the last dance, the girls started getting their toys out. When it came to Holly's turn, she took a tip from one of the other girls and went onto stage already naked. She laid back on the carpeted stage, spread her legs, and inserted the vibrator into herself. She was so close to orgasm is was unreal, but she tried to make it seem like she was taking it in her stride. She did this for about a minute before deciding to do the walk around the pub and get close to the men.

She picked out a young looking man and danced close for him, feeling his arse as she did. The man looked nervous, so Holly took the lead as she had seen the others do and placed his hand on her tits. Neil could see this, his arousal was now at fever pitch, the sight of his wife being touched like this was almost enought to make him explode. Within a few seconds, the men were now crowding around Holly, all trying to cop a feel of her. She could feel hands on her bum, on her tits, on her legs. She even felt a hand brushing against her pussy, quickly touching her wetness as he did. Holly felt like she was going to pass out, but managed to carry on.

She then took the young man's right hand and moved it down her body, placing it between her legs. The man started to rub her wet pussy, slowly masturbating her while she gyrated. Holly was now truly lost in the moment, she could feel a man parting her bum cheeks, brushing fingers against her anus, it was deliciously dirty. Whether she did it consiously or not, Holly realised that she was rubbing the man's cock through his trousers. She was so far gone now, she didn't really care what she did next. Neil was now close so he could get a better look and was clearly enjoying his wife's wanton show.

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