tagFetishTumblr Saved Us Ch. 01

Tumblr Saved Us Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Golden Shower

I was kneeling on the cold bathroom tiles, my bare feet were already chilled and my knees complained at the hard surface, but I hardly noticed. My focus was fixed on the vagina before me. It was spread slightly by two fingers on either side which held back the trimmed fuzz of my wife's pubic hair. The anticipation of what was to come was making me hard already.

It's hard to believe I was in that position. Only days before I thought I was the most vanilla person on the planet. Well, I didn't think that specifically but to me sex was pretty straightforward and spicing it up meant trying a different position occasionally. I certainly never thought about getting pissed on or anything else I deemed 'kinky'.

Then one day after making love to my wife we both lay there looking strangely unsatisfied at each other. It wasn't that I didn't find her attractive or that anything was wrong with the sex we were having -- I hope that was the same for her -- but something was missing. Neither of us said anything but I could tell she was thinking similar thoughts.

I knew I had to find something new but I couldn't think what. One night I was sitting up late looking at the internet, nothing unusual, just social media and the news. My wife had gone to bed already. I was looking at Tumblr and I noticed someone had posted a porn gif. It was pretty vanilla I realise now, just a guy and a girl going at it doggy-style but it turned me on and I'd never thought to look at porn on Tumblr before. So I clicked into the original blog.

It was full of gifs and still pics of naked men and women engaging in all manner of sexual acts. Fairly soon after that I was clicking on things with one hand and stroking my cock with the other. I was seeing things I'd never thought of and I loved every one of them.

Now I look back on things in my life I realise I wasn't vanilla, I was repressed. I'd begin to fantasise about something then stop myself or deny that I'd really been interested in doing that. One thing I could no longer deny as I jerked off to the images on the screen was I was not only looking at the women, but that's for another time.

Eventually I saw a gif of a girl peeing her pants. I scrolled past it hurriedly telling myself it was gross. But something drew me back.

I don't think I could say what it was but as I watched that captured moment of urination I had to stop stroking myself or I'd have cum right then and I suddenly didn't want to yet. I thought about sitting on the toilet the day before in a public restroom and hearing someone pissing in the next cubicle. I'd fought the notions but I had to admit now that it had excited me -- always had in fact -- to know someone was doing that so close to me.

I followed this new line of inquiry and Tumblr showed me numerous girls peeing, some of them wetting their pants, some peeing into glasses. It was getting harder not to cum but I wanted more and held back despite it becoming painful. There were plenty of images of guys pissing on girls and I liked them but finally I found what I guess I'd been looking for, a girl squatting over a guy and letting it go. I lost it. I came so hard over that gif I thought for sure I'd wake my wife.

So there it was. Tumblr -- and my cock -- were telling me I was a piss whore. I wasn't quite sure that was the kind of 'more' my wife would be into. It was days before I managed to even begin to lead her into the conversation.

We were drinking wine and I brought up the dissatisfaction we both seemed to feel about our sex life. She agreed she wanted more too and I began to show her things on Tumblr. I thought she'd be shocked but apparently she'd been looking at actual porn sites so it wasn't a big deal for her. We were both getting pretty excited and I had a growing need to take a leak, courtesy of the wine.

Thus prompted I bit the bullet and showed her some golden showers. She was quizzical at first, then got up and left the room. I thought I'd crossed a line but she quickly reappeared, now holding a bucket. She grinned at me, put the bucket on the floor, dropped her panties and squatted over the bucket.

I couldn't believe it, in less than an hour we'd gone from white bread to my wife peeing in a bucket in the living room. I watched for a bit, then kissed her and put my hand in the stream, the warmth spread over my hand and I bit her tongue gently in my excitement. She moaned softly.

She finished, grabbed a tissue and wiped up. Then knelt on the floor and pointed to the bucket. It was my turn. I was semi hard so it took a while to get going but the wine pushed its way on my bladder and soon enough I had a good stream going. My wife smiled and I noticed she was playing with herself as she watched. This was unbelievable.

As soon as I finished and started to shake she grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth, still fingering herself as she did. It didn't take long before I was shooting a load into her mouth and shortly after that she came on the floor, my cum still dripping down her chin. The shackles were broken. We looked into each other's eyes again and this time we knew anything was possible.

So a couple of days later I found myself naked on the bathroom floor, kneeling in front of my wife who was sitting on the edge of the toilet seat. She'd drunk a couple of litres of water earlier and was now ready to burst. She stroked the sides of her pussy to encourage it. Anticipation sat in my chest like a knot.

A slight trickle ran down her pussy and my cock surged for a moment, then it came. A strong stream of golden liquid burst onto my chest. I revelled in the warm wetness of it and couldn't help but stroke myself as it ran down my body and over my cock. I ducked my head down and caught a mouthful, it was salty and warm. I swished it around then opened my mouth and let it dribble down my chin.

It was a long piss but it was over too soon. My wife was reaching for the toilet paper but I stopped her, pushed her legs wide and ran my tongue up her vagina. The mix of her usual sharp taste with the salty pee was amazing and I kept running my tongue over her pussy lips to take it all in. She moaned softly as I sucked on her clit, then more loudly as I slipped my tongue inside her and fucked her with it.

I reached round and gripped her buttocks to hold her as close to me as possible as I licked and sucked her to orgasm. She came hard against me, bucking my face hard but I refused to let go. When she settled I sat back in front of her, she sagged back on the seat. We panted softly in deep satisfaction, despite my still raging hard-on, then she sat up again and without a word of warning gushed post-coital piss all over my face. It was bliss.

And that was only the first new thing we tried; Tumblr had other secrets to show us.

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