tagLesbian SexTupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey


Her name was Charlene and she was the most exquisite thing that I’d ever seen. Long legs, high, small breasts and honey-blonde hair that fell to the center of her back. For the last two years, she’d been faithfully serving me three eggs over easy, hash browns, five slices of bacon and black coffee at the diner near my condo. I guess-timated that she was about thirty, certainly interested in life and an avid reader of P.D. James. I’d study my legal notes while secretly watching her interact with the other patrons. I’d see her smile or laugh, lightly touching them as if they were friends, making them feel at home. I waited for her to touch me like that, but she never did. I couldn’t figure out why. Maybe she just wasn’t into girls.

This particular morning, the weather had started out bad and quickly worsened. Hurricane Diego was whirling toward our famous town of Tupelo after dumping a shitload of water on New Orleans. I was trying to be optimistic, thinking that having my regular breakfast would help the day get better. But it didn’t. In fact, I was the only crazy person that had braved the weather.

“You’re crazy, you know that?” It was the first time that she’d struck up a conversation with me, other than to take my order.

“Probably so.” I closed my portfolio and reached for my coffee just as the electricity went south.

“Holy crap!”

Pete, the owner and short-order cook, came out front, wiping his hands. “Might as well wrap it up, Char. Diego’s coming to call.”

“What about her bill?”

Pete gave me a smile. “Let Diego pay for it. I’ll batten down the hatches and you two skedaddle.”

I picked up my raincoat and shoved my portfolio into my satchel, preparing to brave the weather. “Thanks for breakfast as always, Charlene. Be safe.”

“Hey, wait.” I paused. “Can I ask you a silly question?”


“Do you have a boyfriend?”


“Oh.” This time, she paused. “Do you have a girlfriend?”


She moved close enough that I could tell that she had turquoise-green eyes. “Do you want one?”

For the first time in my life, I was speechless. I, Amy Wentworth, senior partner in Houston, Spelling and Wentworth, was speechless. I set my satchel down for a moment. “Are you offering?”

She seemed to lose the momentum she had, growing shy. “I know you come in here to see me. And I try not to take your order because you’re awfully tempting and … I have a boyfriend.”

“A boyfriend doesn’t mean anything.” I lowered my voice as Pete walked by, putting the salt, pepper and sugar containers into a lidded plastic box. “It can remain our secret.”

Charlene smiled, her eyes darkening. “Then, in that case, can I have a ride?”



“Nice place.” She shook raindrops from her hair and carefully wiped her feet on the rug. I dropped the umbrella in the hammered brass holder, set my satchel under the table and deposited my keys in the drawer.

“Thanks. Stay where you are. We have no lights.” I went to the hall closet and took out my flashlight, coming back to retrieve her.

“Can I use your phone?”

“It won’t work. No electricity, remember?” She nodded. “You can try my cell phone.”

“Thanks.” She thumbed a number into it. “I just need to call Joey and let him know where I am.”

While she argued with the boyfriend, I went to the kitchen and found a cold bottle of asti spumante, some strawberries and two glasses. She hastily wiped tears away when I returned, plastering a fake smile over her anguish. She knew I wasn’t buying it.

“He can be such an asshole. He wanted me to come home and bring him some food.” I knew better than to say anything. I dropped a berry into the bottom of the glasses, poured some ice-cold spumante over them and handed one to her. “He’s not worried that I might get killed or something.”

“Don’t blame him. He’s just a man.” I touched my glass to hers. “Cheers.”


I reached out and touched her hair. It was a little damp but it was silk against my fingertips. “Looks just like honey.” I murmured.

She smiled. “My dad used to call me his Tupelo Honey, after that Van Morrison song. Said my hair reminded him of honey caught in the sunlight.”

“He was right.” I leaned forward and nuzzle my face in that softness. A delighted hum came from her as I worked my hand into it, feeling the warmth from her scalp.

“Oh, that feels good.”

“Sure does.” I whispered. Using her hair as a handle, I turned her head towards me and slowly, gently laid a kiss on her champagne-wet mouth. She gave a little start but quickly responded, pressing her lips to mine. I pulled back and smiled into her eyes, noticing the surprise written on her face.

“I had no idea that it was so nice.”

“Is this your first time?”

“Not really. Well, I fooled around a little in college, but nothing really happened.”

“And you want something to happen today?”

“Yes.” Her eyes were drawn to my mouth as I sensually licked my lips. “Very much so.”

I kissed her again, a little firmer this time and let my tongue slither between the seam of her lips, opening her like a beautiful flower. She hummed again and I rolled the bite of strawberry from my mouth to hers, then watched her chew it with a sexy smile. She surprised me by taking a strawberry, biting the end off and smearing the red juice all over her mouth. I swooped in for a long taste of her strawberry honey, luxuriating in the silky warmth of her tongue rubbing against mine. A pleasant heat streaked through my skin and pooled in my pussy.

“So I take it you like strawberries?” Charlene didn’t answer me verbally. She took another bite, larger this time and set it on the end of her tongue, beckoning for me to come and get it. And get it, I did, ridding her of her glass and pushing her onto her back, my tongue in her mouth. She put her arms around me, running the fingers of one hand through my cropped black hair and forcing my mouth harder onto hers. I slid one hand down and gave her breast a squeeze, pushing my knee in between her legs. She moaned into my mouth, lifting her hips to make more contact. I pulled up, rubbing my face along her hairline. “Care to follow me upstairs?”

“Can we take the strawberries?”


She grabbed the bowl of strawberries and her glass while I took mine and the bottle, leading the way up to my bedroom. When I’d set them down, I turned to find her standing behind me. “What’s your name?”


“All this time, I’ve never known your name.” She began to unbutton my blouse as she spoke. “But I’ve always noticed you.” She bent and kissed my exposed flesh, above the scalloped edges of my bra. I shivered. “Sitting alone. Reading and making notes.” Another button opened and she kissed my midriff. I gasped. “Kind to anyone who offers a word.” She yanked my shirt out of my skirt, sending it fluttering to the floor and deftly unhooked my bra. “But always alone.” When my breasts came into view, she cupped both and began to worship them with her mouth, tugging on the rosy nipples with her teeth. I came right then, my pussy silently spasming in ecstasy.

“It’s better that way.”

“Is it?” She took one nipple deeply into her mouth, sucking and licking at the same time. I shook again, forcing my legs to stay strong even though they were on the verge of melting into jelly. “Alone is never better.” She took the other nipple, repeating her actions and my pussy convulsed again, my legs following. We made it to the bed before I completely collapsed and she began her assault anew with each touch of her teeth bringing me to a tingling orgasm. By the time she sat up to give me a break, the insides of my thighs were wet with my juices, puddling onto the comforter. “You wouldn’t cum like that if you were alone, would you?”

“Oh, I’d cum.” But not this hard, I knew. And so did she. She dangled one large-nippled breast over my face, lazily dragging the puckering bud across my forehead, cheeks and finally, my lips. I opened my mouth and let her tease the edges before wrapping my lips around it. I pulled her against me, letting my hands run over her now-naked torso. Her breasts were just a tad bit smaller than mine, but she had pouty nipples, the kind that when soft fit right on your tongue.

“Oh, Amy.” Her gasp told me that she was close and I ground my crotch into hers, drawing a cry and a tremor as she climaxed. My fingers fumbled for the waistband of her jeans and after a little tugging, I had her warm, cotton-clad ass in my hands. She locked her mouth to mine, our spit-slicked nipples sliding against each other. I rolled her onto her back and shivered as I felt her fingers ridding me of my skirt. Once it was gone, I humped her in earnest, sucking her bottom lip into my mouth as our clits mashed together and soaked my already sopping panties even more.

Thunder crackled outside the window as she pushed my undies down and off. I did the same with her, our mouths disconnecting only for a few moments. Then, it was all skin. Luscious, glorious, desire-damp skin. I had started this with the thought of giving her a fucking that she’d never forget but it was quickly morphing into something different. Her touch was innocent but intelligent. She knew what she was doing and it was tying me into knots. She sat up, twisting me onto my side and scissoring her legs between him. Our wet cunts met and she jammed hers into mine. My world exploded into webs of brilliance and I fought to catch my breath.

Eyes locked onto mine, she thrust her hips forward over and over, trying to merge our sloppy pussies, riding me to orgasm after orgasm until I could barely breathe. She trembled through her own, then stopped, dipped a finger into our combined soup and licked it greedily.

“Mmm, you taste good.” She pulled on my knee until I was flat on my back again. “Time to have a drink from the well.”

“Oh, Charlene. GOD!” She licked my quivering quim like she was enjoying a tasty ice cream tart. Her tongue burrowed into my juicy snatch, searching for my honey pot and slowly began to suck me dry, making me cum again and again. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. “Charlene, please. Give me a second.”

I closed my eyes, panting like a crazed woman and clamping my legs together as aftershocks rocked my body and pussy juice slimed my thighs. Sweat beaded on my upper lip and a fine sheen of sweat covered my torso. When I’d finally caught my breath, I arose to use the bathroom and when I returned, a delicious sight met my eyes. Charlene was lying across the bed on her back in a sex kitten pose, her fall of honey-blonde hair touching the floor and her eyes smiling guiltily at me. “Are you okay?”

“Of course.” I felt so out-of-my-league. This wasn’t a seasoned woman but she was putting me through my paces like one. My jelly-soft legs shook again.

“Are you hungry?”

“If you’re the meal.”

I crossed the room and crawled between her legs. She resembled a honey-blonde Ann-Margret and I thought I was going to pass out with elation. Her legs were spread wide and her pussy was just waiting for me. And I sure as hell wasn’t going to disappoint. I slathered her cunt with my tongue, licking it all over until she was bursting in my mouth, her tangy juice coating my tongue and chin. I counted four orgasms before she settled down, tossing her hair onto my body and holding me close.

The storm was building outside and we lay silently, listening to the howl of the wind and the fury of the rain. Charlene and I cuddled, our legs tangled around each others, our hearts pounding. Her voice was quiet, so as not to diminish the natural beauty of the approaching hurricane.

“I hope you’ll rethink being alone.”

I pulled her closer to me, my lips at her cheek and wondered what would be left after the storm, hoping that it would be us.

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