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Turkey Noodle


I was out of school when I heard of her. I wondered why she was given that nickname, and, some obscure guy said she was very oral and hence, a "gobbler." She had somewhat of a reputation by being with a number of guys, presumably, to do her 'oral' thing.

I was playing recreation ball one night in the gym and when the game was over, she was there standing by a stairwell. She gave me the eye when I came out and her eyes followed me. She wasn't particularly attractive, but, she had a body that wouldn't quit. Her legs were fairly thick, but, from the waist up, she was quite slim. I had always had a yen for big-busted gals, but, she intrigued me. I found out a few days later, she had talked with Flo, a gal I dated the week before, and, Flo, apparently, told Turkey Noodle about me and my sexual equipment and, I assumed her interest in me was because of that at the recreation hall.

So, it was about a week and a half later, when, again, I was at the rec hall to play some hoops. Afterward, we walked out after showering and getting cleaned up, but, this time, she approached me.

"Hi... I'm Lisa... and... you are Hoot... right?" she asked as she pointed her finger at me. So, we talked for a few minutes, then, she said, "What about this Friday? Would you like to take me out?"

I was somewhat lost for words, but, I said, sure. After I left the building, a fellow player came up to me. "Hoot... excuse me for asking, but, what was that all about?"

"I made a date with her," I answered.

"Wow... are you going to be surprised," he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"She is a... throater!"


"Yes... you heard right. She has been known to take 14 inches all the way down her throat!" he said.

"Yikes... that the truth?" I asked.

"The Gospel... Hoot! I saw her do it at a party about 3 weeks ago. She sucked every guy there and drank their cum!"

I could feel myself getting aroused, then, I left and went home.

I thought Friday would never come. I cleaned up, got in my Chevie and drove downtown as she said she would meet me in front of the rec hall. When I arrived, she was there, sitting on a bench, applying makeup. I pulled to the curb and tooted my horn. She came over, opened the door and climbed in.

"Hi Hoot... let's not go anywhere. Let's go to the Dam!" she said abruptly.

"Sure... if that is want you want. "

I drove over the top of the Dam to the other side. We approached a dirt road that ran off to the side, fronted by a chain which was not latched. I drove onto the road, parked, got out, and, went to the chain and, hooked it, so no surprise visitors would use the road.

When I got in the car and started down the dirt road, she reached over and grabbed my shaft on the outside of my trousers. She smiled when she noticed I was having trouble driving.

"Is it true, Hoot... that you just cum and cum and cum again?" she asked.

"Yeah... I guess so," I answered nervously.

"Well... just remember stud... when you explode, I want it all in my belly!" Wow... my shaft leaped when she said that and with her hand on my shaft, she felt it.

"My... my... you DO have a need!" she said with surprise. "But, I have a need also!"

"And, what might that be?" I asked knowing all the while what it was.

"You will find out," she said.

I drove to the bottom of the hill on the dirt road and she said, "Park over there," and she pointed to a clump of bushes inside which was a patch of soft, green grass.

I got out of the car, embarrassed when I saw my arousal doing things to my pants. I went to the trunk and took out a large blanket. We went to the bushes and wiggled our way between them onto the grass. I spread the blanket out on the ground.

She came up to me, kissing me while her hand pulled my zipper down. "C'mon Hoot... get these clothes off... I want to see what Flo was talking about." I stripped down. The only light was the moonlight peering in on the area we were standing. I shucked my clothes, and, wide-eyed, she came to me, her hands probing, her eyes glaring.

"Damn... Flo was right! Look at that!" she said as she kneeled down to study it closer.

"What happened Hoot?" she asked, inquiring why the tip looked like it did.

"Um... the... slit... collapsed into the tip at birth. "

"Goodness... it is all... open... like the end of a pipe," she said, amazed. Her hand slid to the tremendous balls in back of my shaft. "Damn... those balls are... HUGE! No wonder you can cum over and over!"

"Think you can handle it in that scrumptious mouth of yours?" I asked.

"You look to be about... oh... I would say... 9 or 10 inches and... "

"Eleven and a half... sometimes 12 if I am aroused enough." I interrupted.

"Your length I can easily take... it is your great thickness I am thinking about." she said. "I might have a little problem, but, we can work it out. "

We got down on the blanket. As we kissed, I helped her with her bra and panties. Then, she put her hand against my chest and pushed me back so I would be lying down. She hefted one leg over my head, and, I put my hands on her upper thighs and started to pull her down to my mouth.

"Uh, uh... no... Hoot! This is all on me," she said with firmness.

I couldn't believe this was happening. For the first time in my young life I was about to pump my 11 and a half-inch shaft down a woman's throat.

I was excited, but, thanks to a 35-year-old, hugely, busted schoolteacher, she taught me good control and she also taught me something else: the joys of breast-balling with the woman above me... but... that's another story.

I do have excellent control, however, with this being the first time I was going to have an oral treatment that was unusual, I was worried about being able to hold back that first release. I needn't have, though, because, as I found out, Lisa had an obsession about drinking a man's climax and she didn't care if I came right away just as long as I would cum... and, cum... and, cum... over and over! And, to add icing to the cake, she wanted me to do so... while... I was all the way down her throat!

She began by giving the big, open tip nice, broad licks, and from time to time, she would dip the end of her tongue down in the hole. My body jerked when I felt the tip of her tongue wiggle along the slit so deep down the hole! She licked my shaft all over... on the top... the sides... and, even my balls which she could hardly get in her mouth!

I thought I was in Heaven as her tongue worked, laving my entire cock with her saliva! I groaned, aloud, and, she loved my reaction! She folded her arms around the outside of my upper legs, her hands flat against the bottom of them as her mouth began at the very tip. She opened wide... wide... wider... until she felt her lips fold around the outside of the tip and slip into her mouth! I groaned again. I could feel the orgasm building and building. The 'control' I was taught, helped, but, I knew it would spurt mightily before too much longer!

I did the best to hold off until it was all the way down her throat, but, my girth made it difficult for her to work the open tip into the start of her throat! Her mouth was gaping as she worked and worked at it. Then, her mouth came off my shaft.

"Remember, Hoot... don't pull out when you start cuming! I want to feel all that hot, sweet gism bursting into my belly! Remember, too, I can't breathe when you are in my throat, so, I will have to come up for air once in a while. "

Although inexperienced in such matters, I had known that much... some gals can deep-throat and at the same time, take in air... but... Lisa couldn't with me.

Saliva was running out of her tight lips mashed against the sides of my shaft as she pulled and sucked! OH GOD!!!!!! I thought as it felt like she was drawing my insides right through my shaft!

Down, down, down, she slowly went, and, I could feel the slick inside walls of her throat as the tip moved down, down! "UHHHHH!!!!! UHHHH!!!!!" I groaned aloud and she backed off my shaft so that only the tip was in her mouth! She got her breath, and, this time, as the tip moved to the back of her throat, I could feel her fingers rubbing and massaging my big, full balls! I groaned, and, my body writhed! This time she took it and didn't stop until her upper lip was against my balls and her bottom lip right in my thatch!

She milked and milked and milked me.. working the inside walls of her throat all along my length!

"I"M... I"M... I'M... OHHHH GOD... I'M... GETTING... CLOSE!!" I warned as her mouth and throat drew on me and her fingers flew across my balls! How I was tempted to pull her ass down and lap that juicy pussy of hers, but, I didn't! Then, she began giving me long, full licks... her head bobbing up until the tip just came out of her throat, then, bobbing it down... taking every inch until my big balls stopped the progress of her mouth!

Her mouth and throat completely enshrouded every inch of me! I pumped and we began working in rhythm! Each time my ass raised off the blanket, her mouth came down on me, and, when I let my ass settle back to the blanket, her mouth would rise up my shaft until just the tip was lying on her tongue!

"UHHHHH,... GET... GET... GE... OOOOHHHHH... GET READY!" I hollered out!

"I'M... I'M... I'M...!!!!!!!!!!!"

With that, she quickly backed off for just a second to get her breath, then, she went down, all the way on me!!!

"I'M... CU... CU... CU... CUM... INNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!" and my body heaved, she keeping her lips tight against my balls and thatch! I could trace the heat of the first column as it raced up my shaft!!! Then... it rocketed out of the tip, which was way, way down her throat, and... she swooned as she felt my hot gism fly into her stomach! She stayed there for the next one... and, the next... and, the next!!! I pumped and groaned, each spasm separated by about a second, and my thick, rich, sweet gism gushed into her stomach!!

20 seconds... 25... and, in between spurts, she quickly raised up on me, then, took me all the way just in time for the next blast! 30 seconds... 33... 36... and... at the 38-second mark, she felt the last of my juice spring from me, pouring into her stomach! My body slumped to the blanket!

Lisa raised up, slowly, and, I could see lines of my gism and her throat saliva along my length! She kept just the tip in between her lips and, she dug down into the open hole with her tongue, pulling out any residual sperm that was there! My heart was pounding! She was surprised, as she could feel my shaft was just as hard as before I exploded!

"MMMMMMMMMMMM... GOOD!!!!" Lisa said. "I hope there is a lot more where that came from!"

"There is, my dear. You could provoke an even greater climax if you would just wrap your silky slip around my balls and fondle them with it as I explode!

"Be glad to!!!!" she answered, reaching for her slip!

She looked at me, her mouth partly open, her lips smeared with my juice as her hand rode up and down my length!

"Now, honey... you lie back! Lisa is very hungry!" and with that she bent her head down, looking in the hole in the tip!

"My God!!! Look at the precum that has filled the hole!" This excited her so much, she couldn't wait! So, in position like before, she lowered her wide open mouth until her lips folded around the top sides of me!

"Mmmmmmm... this thick cock tastes... sooooo... good!!!" Lisa moaned!

Already, I could feel my big balls filling with a huge, fresh supply of sweet gism! I opened my legs wide, inviting Lisa to go to it, and, she sure did! Her mouth began it's descent, and, this time, it was easier because her throat walls were lined with my hot sperm!

She never hesitated as the large, open tip hit the back of her throat where she arched her head a little and took in the remaining inches! She had the silky slip right nearby, and, she knew she would use it when she suspected I was about to explode. Lisa was insatiable... never wanting to pause or stop! She sucked and drew on my meat, and, this time, when her upper lip pressed against my huge balls, she reached back, and, got my hand. She brought my hand to the bottom of her throat and urged me to put my fingers where the tip of my shaft was. I was surprised as I could feel it right at the very bottom of her neck, where the V bone was which denoted the start of her chest!

"UH!!!! UH!!!! UH!!!! UH!!!!" I groaned each time she raised her head, then, brought it down again! "OHHHHH GOD!!!!!!" How... I... LOVE... THIS!!!" I groaned! Lisa reached for her slip, filling her hand with it, then, still continuing to bob up and down on my thick length, she would stop for a couple of seconds to just... milk... me!!!!

Once again... I traced the path of the first great column of gism as it left my over-filled balls and traveled up my length!!!

'SLURP... SLURP... SLURP... SLURP,'... was the sound of her mouth and tongue as she sucked, licked, and, lapped me!

"YOU'RE... YOU'RE... YOU'RE... GONNA... GONNA... GONNA... OHHHHHHH... GONNA GET... ITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!" I bellowed as her silkfilled hand flew on my big balls! She sucked as if it were the last suck of her life, and, she was greeted! Her eyes shut in ecstasy as she felt my hot gism looping into her stomach, adding to what was already there! Pulse after long, hot pulse ejected the plentiful baby-making liquid into her stomach! 10 seconds... 15... 20... and... she raised up between spurts, quickly, to get air, and, swooped down on it again just in time for the next blast!!! 25 seconds... 30... 34... and, she was able to keep me very deep as at 39 seconds, she felt the last drops leave me!!! Her tongue traveled my length, licking up every drop she could! As she smacked her lips, her hand whipped up and down my throbbing cock!

"God... don't you... EVER... go down?" she asked.

"Nope... not when I am with someone like you!" I answered in rapid breaths.

"The night has just begun Hoot! Here... let me get under you and you spread your legs over my head! So, I got up and she laid down. She pointed to herself and said, "Come on, Hoot... I'm still thirsty!"

"I'll put my hands on your hips to control you, but, lower that lovely liver-searcher down here and fuck my mouth like it is a pussy!"

'Geeeeezzzzzz... ' I said to myself, 'how this woman loves cum!'

She pulled my hips and my... still... hard cock went down. The next thing I felt was her tongue lapping all over the open tip and she slid it up into the hole and tickled the slit, prompting some precum!

I pumped down, spreading my knees a little and I felt her open mouth slide around the big, open tip where she pulled me down and let it slide to the back of her throat! At this time, she grabbed her slip again and as she swept her silk-filled hand all over my huge, hanging, full, full balls, I felt her slide the middle finger of her other hand, gently into my ass! She felt my body shiver when she did that!

With her finger in my ass, and, her silk-filled hand on my balls, she pulled me down, down, down... and, I could feel my meat sliding through the walls of her throat! Deeper... deeper... deeper still... until her upper lip was right against my balls, and, how she loved it when she felt my huge, full, hanging balls go all over her face! She sucked hard!!! She wanted me to cum quicker this time!

She was ravenous! Completely uninhibited, as she gulped my cock down her throat!... She pulled on my balls with her silk-filled hand and it was almost as if she wanted to take my balls in her mouth as well!

"UH!!!!!!!! UH!!!!!!!! UH!!!!!!!!" I grunted as I thrusted my cock down... wanting to gag her with it... but... not a chance! The more I did it, the more she loved it!!!

"GET... READY... LISA!!!!! GET READDDDDDYYYYYY!!!!!!!" I warned a half-second before the first column left my balls!

She withdrew, breathed, then, took it again... all the way! She was in utter ecstasy as she felt my cock thicken in her throat, then, a big, huge, column of hot cream... bolted... into her stomach!!!

5 seconds... 10... 15... 20... 25... as column after column escaped my dick! She pushed me up for a second, then, pulled me down just as another bolt of the creamy nectar leaped into her stomach! 28 seconds..... 32... 34... 36... and, at the 37th second, she had drained me. Again.. she licked me all over my shaft and took each ball in her mouth and sucked on it!

"Good GOD!!! You're STILL hard!!!!" Lisa said. "Okay, my dear Hoot, this time I want to feel you filling my pussy with that monster... BUT.. DON'T... cum in me there! When you are getting close, take it out and shove it in my mouth! No use wasting it!" she said with a smile.

"Now, come down here and put that meaty prick between my pussy lips!"

I settled down on top of her, and, with her hand down, between us, she guided my cock to her cunt! God, she was wet!!!! She pulled on it and, she grunted, just a little, as she felt the big, open tip spread her outer lips and slide into her! She folded her legs around my back and pulled me down! As she did, I could feel the wonderful tightness of her! She enveloped me! I could feel the inside of her pussy walls milking my length! She reached around with her hand, with her slip in it, and she began to rub my balls!

"How's that, baby? You love that? Huh?? Does Hoot love that? Does Hoot love Lisa's hungry pussy???"

How I LOVE it when a woman talks dirty to me! That is as much of a turnon as almost anything else!

"YESSSSSSSS!!!!! Hoot LOVES Lisa's pussy!!! Every bit of it!"

"Then... FUCK IT, HOOT!!! FUCK IT FOR ALL YOUR WORTH!!! POUND THAT BIG BODY DOWN ON ME!!!! FUCK YOUR GUTS OUT BABY!!!" Lisa screamed! If she only knew how that kind of talk gets to me!

"Rub my balls with that slip, Lisa! Rub them!!!!!!" I urged!

"Is Hoot gonna cum again? Huh? Is Hoot gonna give Lisa another BIG mouthful of hot, thick, sweet cum?????"


Her nails raked my back as I drove it into her! 'Slurp... slurp... slurp,' was the sounds of our juices as I pumped my entire length in and out of her!


Her ass bounced up and down on the blanket, and, the sounds of our juices... slurping... everytime my cock slid in and out of her... was turning us both on!!!

I was rounding the bend, and, I knew my explosion was only about a minute away as Lisa continued to massage and rub my balls!


Her head came up and I felt her teeth dig into my shoulder and her nails raked my back, leaving long blood trails!! She pumped her ass at me, wanting to feel every inch of my shaft!!!

I teased her! I hollered, "Does Lisa want a real, big load of sweet gism for her mouth and throat? Huh? Does Lisa want to feel my cock throbbing in her mouth??? Tell, Hoot!" I said as we pumped on that blanket!


I was getting pretty close now! I drew my ass back and we heard one long slurp as my shaft drew out of her steaming cunt!!!

I straddled her chest, and, holding the back of her head with one hand, her arms went around me and she pulled me to her, letting my thick prick slip into her insatiable mouth! Now, she was able to look up at me, which she did, and, she could gauge when I was going to explode!

"HERE... IT... IS... MY LOVELY COCKSUCKER!!!!" I groaned and she took it deep! Her eyes closed as she felt the first blast ride down her throat toward her now full belly! She got her slip and rubbed my balls with it... telling me she wanted every drop!!!

I hunched, held still, and, another column left my shaft! I hunched again, and, another! I hunched... over and over... letting my hot cream whip from the open tip and pound against the back of her throat, which she... greedily... sucked and swallowed!

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