tagLoving WivesTurkish Delight?

Turkish Delight?

byDr S Crow©

Her Husband had taken her to a Turkish restaurant but had forgotten his chequebook...

The restaurant wasn't equipped to take credit cards...

He thought he would pay with his wife's body...

The idea excited them but they knew he would nip out to the bank at the end of the meal and get some cash, leaving her a while to pretend.

She was, in fact, the only woman present and had been eyed-up all evening by the swarthy, moustachioed, Turk card-players in the other side of the room.

A woman was wailing in the background... a music video on the television in a corner.

Actually, Tom and Alexandra were the only clients eating in the place.

Exceptionally, she was wearing a V-cut blouse showing off her ample, soft, white cleavage and also a long wrap-around, cotton skirt that had been falling open around her soft, smooth, milky-white thighs, and that she had been pulling together from time to time as she innocently crossed and uncrossed her legs.

Of course, being a respectable, married woman, she had frequently pulled the skirt back across her thighs.

* * * * *

About Alexandra and Tom

She was a sweet, lovely, charming woman who got on well with everyone, loved animals and children and was very submissive by nature. Her husband had fallen in love with her during their long courtship, when, little by little, they had discovered each other's deepest, darkest secrets and fantasies and also, little by little, this sweet, ordinary looking woman became the most beautiful and sexiest woman under the sun.

He was madly in love with her and she with him. He had made her feel so special that she could not help but radiate beauty, love, fun, romance and...sexuality

Together, over the years, they had wandered through the hidden attics of their minds, opened all the doors, seen everything, and now they could be totally free with each other.

Nothing at all to hide.

For instance, most wives would be shocked and disgusted if they found their husbands reading dirty stories or looking at pictures and videos of teenage girls being fucked and spunk-splattered by older men.

Not her.

This was one of her husband's hobbies but rather than chastise him, as most wives would, she encouraged him with stories of her own about schoolgirls she had taught who had been fucking since the age of thirteen.

She would point out young girls in the street and make lewd comments to him, reading his dirty mind.

Sometimes, as they fucked, she would remind him of such-and-such a girl they had seen and describe how she would probably love to be sitting on his face as she sucked on his big dick. Alexandra would then take advantage of his spurting cock to fill her mouth with his hot, creamy spunk.

They had the most wonderful sex life.

He had brought out her sluttish side and they both loved it. No one could have imagined that this respectable lady was, perhaps, one of the sluttiest women on earth.

She may even have been the reincarnation of Cleopatra, they joked, a woman who had spent her life fucking.

* * * * *

About Alexandra

Yes, this sweet Alexandra had a mind as dirty as any horny sex-craving man.

Sometimes it amazed her to feel how the most disgusting scenes turned her on as she masturbated, reading nasty stories on the Internet.

And she masturbated as often as she could if she wasn't being fucked or fingered by her husband.

She loved sex.

She loved fucking, she loved cock, and she loved men.

She wasn't exactly a nymphomaniac but she found it incredibly difficult to refuse a man who was lusting after her.

(But, what man would resist a horny woman if she started lusting after him?)

Tom had helped unbridle her imagination and now her sexual fantasies roamed her mind like lusty mythological creatures - half human, half animal.

She had discovered many sexual fantasies hidden away... and a few of them had already been fulfilled.

But she still hadn't been gang banged by a group of strange men. She had often rubbed her clitoris sore whilst looking at videos of women being fucked by half a dozen horny guys (preferably black) or reading stories about such things.

She wanted Tom to be there when this happened. It couldn't be any other way.

This evening, as they ate, Tom, her Master and husband, had been suggesting that all these Turkish men, playing cards, were probably feeling very randy having this lovely, sexy woman - the only woman - in their restaurant.

Alexandra was feeling horny.

Tom has this power over her.

This is why she is his willing sex slave.

* * * * *

Her soft, shaved pussy was a very moist little pussy and her nipples were blatantly happy campers beneath her braless blouse as Tom and Alexandra now chatted with the young, Turkish waiter.

Alexandra was smiling and blushing a little as the young man's gaze kept slipping between her big tits. She felt happy and relaxed - the bottle of French Merlot they had drunk with the simple meal had played its part in creating this peaceful state of mind.

Tom and Alexandra were asking about the card game the other men were playing in the darkened section of the room, semi-partitioned off by a low wall and arches. There were four or five round tables with three or four men per table slapping down cards, sometimes laughing, sometimes arguing and drinking shot glasses of a clear liquid poured from a bottle on the table.

The handsome Turkish waiter had great difficulty speaking either Italien or English - the only two languages Tom and Alexandra spoke - but he laughed and smiled a lot, used gestures and was now scribbling something on the paper tablecloth.

As Alexandra leaned closer to see what he was writing her ample bosoms were pressed against his arm. She pretended not to notice and stayed in that position, rubbing her hard nipples against him as she reached to pick up her wine glass.

Tom knew exactly what she was doing and discretely nodded at her as their eyes met.

He loved to see her flirting.

* * * * *

Alexandra again

He had already watched her being fucked by her black lover - which had acted out a couple of their fantasies - and, for some reason, this memory was invading him at this moment.

She had warned him that what happened between her and Lenny was purely physical... chemical... and that she would be a screaming chocolate mess.

But Tom had insisted that he wanted to see them fucking.

He was her Master and so Alexandra went along with his desires.

Still, he hadn't really been prepared for what he saw and heard that night.

He couldn't stop cumming.

He didn't even have to wank - just touched his cock or balls and the spunk would start to dribble and spurt as he watched

Alexandra and Lenny fuck like animals.

Even when his balls were completely empty Tom was still cumming as he watched his darling, sweet wife suck on that big black cock. She was insatiable. So was Lenny. Tom had felt an incredible jealousy that this black man could make his wife so fucking sex-crazy but he was able to translate that jealousy into pure lust.

Tom had never cum for so long or so many times in his life whilst witnessing his wonderful slut wife having orgasm after orgasm for hours...

* * * * *

Suddenly Alexandra and the waiter were standing up and going over to the other side of the room. The waiter shouted something to the card players, in Turkish presumably, and they all looked up at this happy, smiling, voluptuous, white woman being escorted over into their all-male zone.

This part of the room stank of Male man:

Body-sweat mixed with cheap, musky aftershave lotions, the blue-grey smoke of Turkish cigarettes, the sweet, sickly aniseed alcohol they were drinking but, behind all those overpowering male smells, Alexandra's sensitive nose was also drinking in the rich, odour of Male sex.

All of her senses loved cock.

But at this moment it was her sense of smell that was being intoxicated by that delicious reek.

The thick, salty, dirty, disgusting, exciting smell that emanated from between a man's legs made her mouth water.

A mixture of sweat, piss, semen and shit?

What else could it be?

It was absolutely disgusting to think about... but she loved it!

She was bathing in these odours like... a pig in shit.

Tom watched as the waiter sat her down between a group of men at one of the tables and, of course, she became the centre of attention. He was amazed at how demure she still seemed, knowing how horny she must have be feeling surrounded by all these attentive males.

Obviously the waiter was trying to explain to her the subtleties of the card game that was being played but Alexandra was longing for other games, Tom was sure. A number of the Turks had got up and were standing around her, leaning over the table as she was dealt a hand. They were pointing at her cards, trying to help her play, whispering into her ears, rough fingers touching her briefly on the shoulders.

Tom called the waiter over in order to pay and pulled out his card.. The Visa Card. The waiter shook his head and raised his hands and Tom pretended to suddenly realise that they didn't take cards.

He looked over at his happy wife, winked and said,

"Would you take her?"

Knowing the waiter wouldn't understand.

In Pidgin English and mime he explained he would go to the local cash distributor, then pointing at his watch, he spread his fingers to explain he would be back in ten minutes. He walked over to his happy slut wife and told her he was going to get some cash.

"Enjoy yourself whilst I'm gone."

* * * * *

As soon as Tom left the Turks became bolder and moved their chairs up around Alexandra. The waiter brought her a glass and they poured Ouzo into it... then some more and a little more. She sipped at it.

Their heavy Turk hands started to wander over her soft body and she didn't do anything about it, just pretended it wasn't happening until a bunch of fingers started tweaking and pinching her nipples through her blouse.

'He told me to enjoy myself, so I will...'

She thought, letting herself go, almost completely.

She was loving all these men being so attentive to her.

And suddenly she just wanted to fuck.

But she wished her man were here.

She wouldn't do anything without him.

* * * * *

Exactly twelve minutes later Tom returned to the restaurant with cash to pay for the meal... it looked closed - the door was shut and the curtains were pulled but there was a thin line of dim light visible between them. He tried the door handle but it was locked so he knocked, then banged on the glass, panicking as he started to imagine what might be happening to his poor Alex.

They could be raping her and what had started out as a lovely evening was becoming a nightmare.

He was stupid to have left her like that...

He banged on the glass door with his knuckles, almost bruising them and waited, then banged again.

He held his breath and pressed his ear against the cool glass - beyond the heavy pounding of blood near his eardrums he could perceive faint sounds.

Voices, cries...?

He wasn't sure if he wasn't inventing them.

The curtain moved, he saw a pair of dark, hooded eyes looking down, scrutinising him from the other side of the glass door, then it opened enough for him to slip into the darkened room.

A tall, big, heavy Turk said something that he couldn't understand but his interlocutor's lewd leer, revealing stained and broken teeth, was more than eloquent...

Tom could now clearly hear human sounds coming from the back of the restaurant.

Male and female sounds.

It sounded like a woman being raped.

Or was it that Turkish singer on the TV...?

* * * * *

She had a thick cock thrust down her throat. Her little mouth was stretched. It hurt and she could feel that this huge thing was about to shoot. Her fingers were grabbing onto and squeezing the tight scrotum and she could feel that it was ready to burst.

Suddenly he pulled out of her tight, little mouth and she cried,

"No... no... oh no...!"

* * * * *

The heavy Turk put his arm on Tom's shoulder and gently pushed him forwards.

The room had been Marie Celested:

Suddenly abandoned.

He walked past the remnants of their meal.

The cards, glasses and ashtrays were waiting on the silent tables in the other part of the room the two men were now walking through.

Most of the playing cards had been left neatly fanned, backs up.

The chair where Alex had been sitting with her Turks was pulled back. Tom noticed that it was surrounded by a number of other chairs. He also noticed a glass and an empty bottle in the place where she had been sitting.

One of the tables nearby was bare but the paper cloth was crumpled and stained.

Tom's imagination ran amok:

'They got her drunk on that strong stuff they were boozing and raped her on that table...'

Tom tried to examine the stains in the dim lighting. He imagined he knew what they were.

'They would've had to force her.'

Because she wouldn't have done anything if he weren't there, he knew.

'They must've been sitting around her, ogling her before that...'

He glanced back at the huddled chairs.

* * * * *

After fondling, kissing and biting all over Alexandra's body these rough men had picked her up and laid her over the table.

She protested...

She had already started having orgasms, in spite of herself, as they handled and kissed her but now, being put into the position of a submissive bitch, her skirt pulled apart to show her firm, baby-like bottom and smooth cunt, her hands and legs held splayed she was moaning, waiting to be fucked like the bitch she was feeling...

She wanted her Master-Husband to be here...

She felt the head of a cock position itself and then slowly slip into her cunt... like a hot carving knife into a slab of soft butter. She had screamed as it thrust into her. She grabbed the other edge of the table so she could thrust back onto this pounding cock.

Where was her Man?

The horny Turk pulled out of her and splattered his spunk on her back; some of it went on the table.

She was turned over... her ankles were still being held and her legs were up in a big V showing off her little, baby-cunt. One of the old Turks was pinning her shoulders to the table as he thrust his thick tongue down her throat. Alex was sucking it as if her life depended on it. Someone else was now pumping into her cunt with short, sharp stabs. His prick was long and thin. He didn't last long but was quickly replaced by two or three others. Within a matter of minutes Alexandra had been fucked by five Turks and she had had at least eight orgasms.

"Tom... I want you... here!!!"

* * * * *

Then Tom thought he heard her moan loudly and call his name from what he supposed must be the kitchen.

'God, they are raping her. I hope they are not hurting her...'

He could hear men but couldn't work out if they were talking, laughing, arguing or chanting even.

Then he heard a slow hand-clapping.

The big, heavy Turk stopped and pointed at the door to the kitchen, but then, to Tom's dismay he watched as the big guy put his hand over his crotch and started to rub slowly over his bulge before unzipping his flies. A big, thick cock was slowly pulled out. It dangled like a huge, hairy sausage in its semi-erect state.

Although Tom was a one-hundred-percent heterosexual, woman-fucking male the sight of this heavy meat was starting to give him an erection.

He didn't often get to see other cocks and only had his own and Lenny's in mind. He had found Lenny's to be big and loved how Lenny had had to force it into Alexandra's cunt, in spite of her being so wet.

But this one was humungous and it wasn't even hard!

And so, with this indecently exposed Turk and a pounding heart (now sending most of its blood to his penis), Tom walked into the kitchens where his wife was being raped...

The kitchen turned out to be a sort of Turkish-style living-room full of half naked men. A sexy, woman was singing on the television but all he could hear was his Alexandra. She was moaning very loudly, almost screaming, in fact.

Tom slowly approached the tight group of men where the moans were coming from and suddenly saw her.

What he saw stopped his breath for a few seconds.

When he started breathing again he was panting, his hands clammy, perspiration breaking out all over his body.

The hairs on the back of his neck rose, making his spine tingle.

She was still dressed but the wrap-around was gaping and her blouse had been pulled up above her large breasts and...

...at least a half a dozen of her sexual fantasies were being fulfilled...

"Or is she really being raped?"

She was being held in the air, horizontally, by a few men.

There were some men on their knees beneath her, sucking and groping at her body. Both of her beautiful, big tits were being devoured. A young man was standing between her arms and holding her head as he vigorously fucked her open mouth.

It was the waiter!

The big Turk who had escorted Tom to the room was pounding into his wife's cunt with 'that' cock, which was now a fully-grown monster.

Other Turks were rubbing themselves, waiting their turn whilst others, with empty, limp dicks, just sat and watched.

The waiter pulled out of her mouth and started to spurt onto her hair as the watchers slowly clapped.

Now that her mouth was free Alexandra could give vent to the wailing orgasm boiling up inside her as the heavy Turk continued to pound her, slapping those baby-ass cheeks with his big hands when he wasn't holding her roughly by the hips.

Tom was mesmerised and sank down into a leather armchair, hands mechanically releasing his straining cock from his jeans.

He was starting to cum as Alex was turned over and placed gently onto the large couch.

(Mouths and hands descended onto her but the waiter was serving up the plat de resistance: Soft Wet Pussy stuffed with Long Turkish Tongue!)

When Alex eventually noticed her Master she mouthed "Thank you!" to him and then forgot all about him as she sank into orgasm after orgasm.

The big Turk gave Tom a glass and a bottle of the strong stuff.

Tom sat back and enjoyed his wife-slut-slave who was now insatiable and craving cock, any cock and loved all the ways she was being used, loved having her Master watch her having her orgasms.

The older Turks fucked her slowly and fingered her twat, enjoying making her cum on their fingers.

The boys fucked her like young dogs or jacked off onto her face as they watched.

She lapped up all the spunk- some of it thick, creamy and oozing, some hanging in long threads from her chin.

She loved to feel the hot jets of thin sperm that shot over her when her boys came in five or six spurts.

Alexandra had often dreamt of being bathed in spunk.

Meanwhile Tom watched and listened to his slut with her Turks as his cock just throbbed and came whenever it wanted to.

He didn't need the cash he had taken from the dispenser after all...

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by Anonymous03/08/18

He didn't need the cash he had taken from the dispenser after all...

Because he never intended to return for her anyway...

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