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Turkish Invasion


Turns out that it is possible to find a common language in a foreign country in surprising ways. I celebrated my 21st birthday in Istanbul. My girlfriend and I landed there broke while hitchhiking through Europe but that is another story or two. I managed to find under the table work as an English teacher in a private school and even ended up giving some interesting private lessons. Some girls are really eager to learn!

My girlfriend was working as a live-in nanny. She had only one day a week off so I had a lot of free time on my hands. Sometimes I would fill it by getting on a bus at random just to see different parts of the city. The other reason I liked taking bus rides was that, standing in a crowded bus, the odds were that stray hands were going to be invisibly exploring my crotch and buns. No kidding! Go there and try it out.

I consider myself to be a healthy heterosexual young lad but having anonymous men cup and fondle me in my most private places made me hard as a rock! I took to wearing just a soft pair of terrycloth shorts and a t-shirt. The frequency of roving hands increased immensely as the rough bodies of swarthy Turkish men pressed in around me. The odour of their bodies was intoxicating. My only frustration was that none of them ventured to run their hands up under my shorts and play with the real thing. Until one day.

I was dressed in my shorts and t-shirt standing in a small crowd of men waiting for a bus to some part of town I hadn't yet seen. It had been five days since I'd seen my girlfriend. The sex had been fantastic but now my body was recovered and feeling highly stimulated. The small group of mostly men at the bus stop grew and pressed in closer and closer together. So far there had been no wandering hands tentatively brushing my tender young ass.

I was standing very relaxed with my hands lightly cupped over my genitals. It was a very hot day and I was feeling in a bit of a daze. Behind there was some motion and shuffling but I paid no notion to it, until I felt the back of someone's hand lightly brush across my buns! Immediately my body woke up and my cock began to stir. Was it just an accident?

My question was answered in less than a minute when a slightly bolder hand barely cupped my right ass cheek. That was no accident! I shuffled slightly to allow myself the chance to surreptitiously adjust my rapidly responding cock. Fear and excitement burst in my chest. Should I run? Should I stay? After what seemed like an eternity but was probably only a couple of assessing minutes on my predator's part the roving hand was back, this time daring little caresses and squeezes before it once again withdrew. I'd never felt my cock to be so hard!

I glanced around covertly at the other men pressed in around me. No one seemed to be at all aware of the molestation happening right beside them. The warm hand returned again this time with fingers lightly sliding up the back of my smooth thigh. I automatically shifted, slightly widening my stance. Encouraged the fingers slid further up to the tender curve of my ass cheek. Lightly they circled my sensitive smooth flesh. I heard him softly groan as I struggled to suppress my own.

Gratefully the arriving bus drowned out the sounds of his pleasure and soon we were all pressing on board. I lost physical connection with my bold explorer as I squeezed into a standing area located halfway down the bus. My body was still turned on even though my erection was beginning to soften. I was worried that I would impale someone just in getting on the bus. People shuffled around into position as the bus pulled away from our stop. Sadly, I figured, my sexual encounter had come to an end.

The bus jostled our hot steamy bodies as it navigated the rough cobblestone street. The bus was crowded and I was pressed within a circle of dark intense Turkish men. We hadn't gone half a block when a bump in the road jostled a stranger behind me. He leant in closer with a murmuring that sounded like an apology in Turkish. His right hand rested on top of the curve of my right buttock to help him keep his balance. It remained even after the bus re-stabilized.

After a brief pause he gently squeezed my hip and slid down to cup and caress my heart-shaped ass. His hand slid freely over my bottom caressing and squeezing my flesh more and more possessively. I was practically swooning. He seemed to know how to back off and still keep me in a heightened state of arousal. My cock was swollen and rock hard, tenting out and straining against the flimsy material of my shorts.

Someone must have noticed. I felt heat radiating just over my engorged penis. Spontaneously my hips rocked forward, gently thrusting towards the source of the heat. It was like I had turned on neon 'Go for it!' sign. His hovering hand moved in and gently squeezed the full length of my rigid member. I groaned softly which gave more encouragement to my first seducer, hand roaming freely over the tingling firmness of my tight bum.

The frontal assault grew bolder still. The confident hand moved up under my t-shirt and down into my pants so fast I was in shock. Long soft fingers encased my throbbing member and gently pulled. My virgin body was completely at the mercy of their lustful hands.

The bus slowed and my companion from behind, after he had removed his roving hand, pressed me toward the door. My other playmate, sensing I was leaving, gave my aching dick one last squeeze before pulling away. Suddenly I was on the street walking slightly ahead of a handsome older man in a brown open trench coat. He smiled at me when I ventured a quick glance and encouraged me along the street until we reached the entrance to a small apartment building. Gracefully he opened the door and gestured me in as his eyes hungrily scanned my body.

Still I hesitated. Should I enter? Should I run? Other than a few fun explorations as a teenager (maybe fuel for future stories) I had never even thought about being turned on by a man. I dug girls, had a great sex life with my girlfriend. And then we arrived in Istanbul, and I would ride a bus and men of all description would play with my young tourist body.

Sensing my hesitation my hypnotic companion gently nudged me across the threshold and we began mounting the stairs, me in front lest I should try to bolt at the last minute. We stopped on the third landing facing three doors. Stepping up behind me his hand slid to the small of my back moving me to the door on the right. It continued to slide down the curve of my ass and squeeze as we reached the door to what was obviously his apartment. What was I doing?!?!

He unlocked the door and stepped back inviting me to step inside. Again his bright eyes slowly took me in from top to bottom like I was a long awaited mouth-watering meal. Trembling I took a breath and stepped inside into a narrow hallway. My captor closed and locked the cage behind him as I moved away from him down the short hall. In a moment he was behind me his hands resting briefly on my shoulders, I heard him take a deep sighing breath. Gentle hands squeezed and rubbed my shoulders and moved down my back massaging and stroking as I shivered like an excited trapped animal.

Turning me and pressing me gently against the wall his hands roaming under my t-shirt over my chest, playing with my nipples, as he lowers to his knees before my bulging shorts. Teasingly his hands follow him down making my stomach muscles jump as his fingers lightly play across my belly. Once again in less than half an hour a man is squeezing and fondling my thick penis. Not for long though as his hands come up and eager fingers begin to pull down my shorts and underwear. Gently he navigates away from my throbbing dick as he pulls the interfering garments down to my knees. His hands glide back up my thighs, his right hand gently taking hold of my rod as his left hand slips up the back of my thigh to grasp the right cheek of my ass.

My back arches in ecstasy pushing my cock toward his waiting lips. Small kisses move along the underside of my erection till his lips reach my purple throbbing head. He begins to lick around my head with his hot moist tongue; I hear myself moaning and making sounds I've never made before. Suddenly, bit by bit, he is taking my cock into his mouth. His left hand squeezes my ass and pulls me towards him as I bury my cock deeper and deeper down his throat. My hand cups the back of his head as my hips thrust my cock in as far as it will go. He takes it all and I begin a rhythmic pumping of his face like I've been face-fucking guys all my life!

My nameless companion has both hands firmly grasping my buns as I have both hands resting on his head while I pump away in a greater and greater frenzy. I feel his questing fingers slowly pulling my ass cheeks apart and probing down towards my virgin rosebud. The sensations push me over the top as my penis swells then begins to pump spurt after spurt of my hot sperm down his throat. He takes in every drop, licking me clean as my knees begin to go weak beneath me.

Smoothly my shoes and socks are removed and I am guided to step out of my dangling shorts and underwear. My t-shirt is magically whisked up over my head and I am completely naked in a strange man's apartment in Istanbul thousands of miles away from home, held captive by the awakening of a hidden desire. I am led by the hand into a small simple bedroom with a wooden dresser, a wardrobe and a queen-sized bed. The sheets were already pulled down! I was in the hands of a confident seducer.

Somewhere along the way he had shed his trench coat. After gently lowering me down onto the bed he quickly removed his clothes and slid under the sheets beside me. I was naive, not knowing or being able to think of what would happen next. I had no real interest in sucking his dick although, being raised to be polite, I would have if he asked. Instead he seemed happy with kissing and exploring my body. I lay on my back as he kissed and sucked on my nipples his right hand roaming freely over my defenseless body. Occasionally he would detour and take hold of my softened cock, giving it a gentle tug or two before continuing to stroke every exposed inch of my flesh.

My body arched with pleasure at his touch and he used the motion to roll me over onto my stomach. Soft kisses played down my back as he stroked and caressed my ass and the backs of my thighs. His kisses began to cover my firm young buns and his fingers busied themselves with slowly parting my vulnerable ass cheeks. Kisses and a hot wet tongue moved deeper and deeper into my opening crevice until there was just his probing tongue homing in on my helpless puckered hole. It found its mark and plunged! I bucked and spasmed as he licked and sucked and tongue-fucked my virgin entryway.

Waves of pleasure kept jolting through my body. I felt even more dazed and vulnerable as he played the pleasure centres of my young male lust like a master. Through the haze of my sexual fever I could feel his tongue withdraw and the middle finger of his right hand begin to push on my anal ring, his naked body half laying across me. The finger slid deeper past his second knuckle and up to the hilt. Gently he rotated it around giving a gentle stretch to the opening and allowing him to slide in a second finger. I was becoming more alert as I realized where this was going. He was going to fuck my virgin ass!

I began to squirm a little but he had anticipated that simply laying more firmly down across my back while he managed to insert a third finger in my sweet hole. My struggling, weak though it was, allowed him to more easily continue his work of stretching my opening for his pleasure. Where he was going was not long in coming so to speak. His fingers were out of my hole and he had sprung onto my back before I could respond. I bucked and struggled against his grip but he had maneuvered me so that my hips were stretched over the bed pillows leaving my firm little ass pushing provocatively up into the air and me feeling completely at his mercy.

His panting weight pushed down against me, his hot member pushing between my plump buns. Using his legs to force mine further apart he spread my ass cheeks and began to rub the tip of his penis around my bidding hole. Unintelligible mutterings and moans escaped my dominator's lips. He reached down and steadied the tip of his penis, pressing it against my virginity. "No! I gasped as I squirmed; he pressed with increasing intensity until suddenly I was pierced!

Foolishly I tried to struggle harder succeeding only in allowing his hot cock to sink deeper and deeper into my sweet ass until I could feel his balls rubbing against my ass cheeks. There was a momentary pause then slowly with increasing speed my ass was being fucked. The motion became like a driving piston and the pain was forgotten as I found myself thrusting back into his body while he held my hips and pounded into his newest acquisition.

Suddenly the tempo became even more rapid and he was moaning and crying out as he filled my colon with great jets of hot semen. My ass was pounded and pounded, over and over. It was like he hadn't been laid in a decade. Eventually his rhythm slowed. The tank was thoroughly drained and the hose made a small popping noise as it slide out of my poor little bum. We both fell into a light sleep exhausted from our frolics, his hand draped possessively across my bum.

I awoke in about half an hour slightly disoriented. As I woke up more I began to gather my clothes and get dressed hoping to make an unseen exit. I sensed that he was awake before I looked and saw he was watching me fumble to get dressed. Knowing that I would not understand his Turkish nor he understand my English he made gestures that I interpreted as expressing a desire to meet up again. Wondering about the dark enticing world that I was stepping into I wrote down a date and time that we might meet here again. What was I doing!?!? Surely I didn't intend to keep that date.

He got up and met me as I reached the door turning me and pressing my back against the door as he kissed me full on the lips. My mouth fell open in surprise and he plunged his tongue deep inside. I moaned in protest as his right hand reached down and cupped my tingling cock. As he continued to kiss me deeply and fondle and squeeze my willing member I realize that I will be back...as soon as this tender little ass of mine heals.

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