tagNonHumanTurned Against Her Will

Turned Against Her Will


Author's note: This is the first story I have ever written if you like it please let me know. Also I do not have an Editor as of yet so if there are any mistakes please feel free to let me know and I will try to fix them with the next chapter. All characters mentioned in this story have no existence outside my imagination , and are in no way related whatsoever to anyone or anything with the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure fiction. All the characters involved in any sexual acts are over 18 years of age. Please enjoy, comment, and vote.

Chapter One

I sat staring out the window of my room, like I did every day since I woke up here. I didn't want to think about where I was or what had happened to me. But like every other day the memories came anyway. It had been two months but I still remembered every excruciating minute of the day that changed my life forever.

First let me introduce myself my name is Harper Webber and I am 32 years old, I am 5'5" 205 lbs (yes I am a little heavy but who cares), and have 42 D breasts, long black hair that reaches my hips, my eyes are blue but when upset they look grey. I was a very happy stay at home mom to my special 3 year old little girl Allie, and happily married for 14 years to my loving husband Alex.

*Two Months Ago*

Alex decided that we needed to go to our land up in Cloudcroft NM, to go camping. He wanted this mini vacation to get all our minds off the medical crises we were going through with Allie. Little Allie had just been diagnosed with epilepsy, and he felt that we needed to get away for awhile. So off we went. We had been camping for about three days and were having a great time, when the unspeakable happened.

On the third night I had woken up about 3am and had use the bathroom so I wondered off to find a good tree. I heard screaming coming from camp and I started to run back I saw my little girl first. Little Allie was laying face down in a pool of blood. I looked around as I was running towards Allie screaming for Alex and I saw what I thought was a huge dog on top Alex, blood sprayed from his neck and I knew he was dead. I finally reached Allie and was about to turn her over when I was hit from behind and everything went black.

When I awoke five days later I was in a hospital bed in a small clinic. I looked around and saw a man about 6'5" 250lbs, red hair, green eyes. He was absolutely the most handsome man I had ever seen.

"Hello my dear how are you feeling today?" the man asked his voice so deep and calming.

"Were is my husband and baby? Were am I? What happened?" I asked while trying to sit up.

"Hey hang on a second don't try to get up you will pull your stitches out! My name is Alroy Faelan and this is my place. Do you remember any thing?"

"I remember camping. I rem......" I started crying at this point remembering everything.

" We were attacked by a wild dog or something I saw my husband die, but my baby is my baby ok?" I knew I was begging now but I had to know where my baby girl was.

"I am so sorry, but your little girl didn't make it." Mr. Faelan said. I broke down at that point and someone I didn't see stuck a needle in my arm and everything went black again.

The next time I woke up it was early morning and Mr. Faelan was back beside me.

"Hey your up. How are you feeling?"

I waved away his question and asked "Why did this happen we were so careful to keep animals out of our camp was the dog that attacked us rabid?"

"No it wasn't rabid. May I ask you a question? What do you know of the paranormal?"

I thought the question was very strange but I answered it anyway. " well I only know what I have read, I love paranormal books, I like to read about werewolves, vampires, and some demons. I did not like the twilight books though. Why do you ask that has nothing to do with my family being killed by a stupid dog." I saw him flinch when I said that and thought it was strange.

"Mrs. Webber, what I am about to tell you is important you may not believe me but everything I say is the absolute truth." He looked at me for a long time before continuing.

"First I want you to know that werewolves are real, I am one as is everyone eles here all 150 of us, I am the Alpha of this pack and I am 45 years old." I just stared at him not saying anything so he continued.

"The wolf that attacked you and your family was what we call a rouge wolf, he had no humanity left in him and was completely ferial. We had been tracking him for two days when he attacked your family. I wish we had found him sooner but our head tracker was out of town tracking a whole pack of rouges for another pack. Do you have any questions so far?"

I just stared at him for a few min before busting out laughing. "Do you honestly expect me to believe that werewolves are real and that you, your family, and that animal that attacked us are all werewolves? Give me a break what kind of idiot do you take me for."

Alpha Faelan took a deep breath to help push the anger down at her laughing at him. "Okay it looks like I will just have to show you." he told me. He then began to take off all his clothes. Damn the man was good looking. I looked away when he began to take off his pants. "Please look at me Mrs. Webber." I blushed but looked back at him.

I stared in amazement as he kind of shimmered and went from a man to a large black wolf with red highlights it looked like he had flames running thru his fur. He was looking at me like he expected me to scream or faint. I just stared at him in amazement. I had always had an open mind and a great imagination so he did not scare me at all. "You are a very beautiful wolf Alpha Faelan."

Alpha Faelan changed back and got dressed. " You are very calm about this do you have any questions for me Mrs. Webber?"

"Um yes sir a few. First, the stitches in my back dose that mean that I am now a werewolf?"

"Yes, you are now a werewolf soon your skin will start to feel itchy like something is trying to get out, you should be able to communicate with your wolf then."

"I feel itchy now, and I have felt something in my mind for a few days but I thought I was losing my mind."

"Your not losing your mind hun your just going to shift soon. I will send my mate in to see you soon and she can help you shift for the first time. She will take you for a run and answer any questions about your wolf that you have."

"How long have I been out? What happened to my husband and little girls body? Did you catch the bastard that hurt me and killed my family? When can I go home? " I asked.

Alpha Faelan started laughing "Okay Okay calm down I will answer all your questions. You have been in and out of consciousness for six days. The authorities were called in after we got you out and they contacted your next of kin and your husband and child were sent home and buried. We made it look like you were drug off by the wild animals that attacked your family. The authorities declared you dead and your family buried an empty casket so you were all together. So no you may never go home as you are officially dead now. Yes, we took care of him he was killed right after he clawed your back open."

I began to cry as he was telling me that everyone, and everything I had ever known was now gone and nothing was ever going to be the same again. Alpha Faelan left me alone after that to think and grieve."

*Present Day*

I am shook out of my memories by Madam Alphas voice in my head "Harper can you come to my office dear?" Madam Alpha Branna Faelan was 41 years old, 5'9" 120 lbs, with raven black hair, and blue eyes, her wolf is solid black. She has also been my best fiend here since I accepted what had happened to me. She had helped me through my first shift and been a shoulder to cry on while I grieved for my family. She has helped me so much she never tried to take away from my grief, or tell me that it all happened for a reason. She just stood by me and held my hand as I cried.

"On my way Madam Alpha." I replied as I started walking out of my room and down the hall to her office. Knocking on the door I heard her laughing as she said "Come in Harper, and you know to call me Branna." "I know its just hard not to be respectful when you summon me like that." I say smiling.

"I called you in to ask you if you could watch the twins for me today. I know how difficult it is to be around my kids as they remind you of Allie but I have a lot to do today as our trackers are coming home today and the twins refuse to go with anyone but you. I laugh as I know how they can be. I love the two little imps even if they break my heart.

4 year old Connall Faelan is the first born he is tall for his age a 4' and 45 lbs he is always into something with an eye for mischief, he has a very sensitive heart and wants nothing more than to see me smile again. He is always doing something that causes me to laugh even while I am crying. Like shifting to his wolf and licking my feet while I lay on the floor crying. He has black hair like his mom and green eyes, his wolf is black with a red streak down his back he has exceptional speed much to his parents horror as this leads him into trouble more times than not. One example is one night about a week ago he shifted and snuck out to go for a run around the compound he was 10 miles away before we all found him.

Ciaran Faelan is his twin sister younger by just 2 minutes she is only 3' tall and weighs 25lbs, she is very quiet and loves to cuddle. She has red hair like her dad, and blue eyes, her wolf is solid red and she looks like a fire ball when she run.

My first night out of the hospital I woke to find two little wolf cubs curled up in my bed with me, I held them both tight as I cried my self back to sleep. They have slept in my room almost every night since.

"Of course I'll watch the munchkins for you Branna. You know I love the little monsters."

We hear the door open and a deep voice calls to me "Hey babe you telling Branna how much you love me and that we are going to run away together." Branna and I bust out laughing as her brother-in-law and second in command head beta Lee walks in he is 29 years old and has blond hair and blue eyes he has yet to find his mate but enjoys all the female company while he waits for his other half. He is always flirting with me, but he is harmless and has adopted me as his little sister.

"Lee you old horn-dog you know I could never run off with you there is just not enough penicillin in this world to cure what ever coodies you no doubt have." I reply while laughing. He just smiles and jerks me up into a big bear hug. "You doing ok today little sister" "I'm fine now quit squeezing me. What are you doing here anyway?"

"Jessie wanted me to ask when we expected the guys to arrive so that she has plenty of time to cook." Jessie was the pack cook and everyone loved her.

"They should be here in about two hours." Branna said. "Branna who is coming?" I asked.

She smiled at me as she answered "We have a special tracker/investigator in our pack he has an extremely sensitive nose. He is able to sniff out a trail up to 5 days old 3 days if it has rained. He has been with the Creed pack in Colorado for the last 3 months trying to help them with their rouge problem. That is why we had such a hard time tracking the rouge that attacked you."

"If he is so good why did you let him leave why not keep him here so you guys are always protected, so that innocent humans camping nearby are protected?" I snapped starting to get mad. If they had such a great wolf why was he not here why was my family hurt.

"Harper, calm down when he left we had not had a rouge wolf on or around our pack lands in 2 years. The Creed Pack was being decimated by rouges. They were killing the humans in the nearby city and were stilling the females from the pack. We had to help."

"I'm sorry Branna I guess I'm still sensitive about all of this." I felt bad for snapping at her.

"Don't worry about that sweetie in time it will seem better. Now go and find my little ones before they do God knows what."

I left to find the kiddos and felt a little better. Smiling I walked into the dining room to see if there were any snack out I figured I would take the kids for a walk to burn off some energy and we would defiantly need snacks especially for Connall as he seamed to have a hollow leg and was always hungry.

I had only gone about 10 feet into the room when the most wonderful smell hit my nose. It smelled like chocolate and peppermint. I was about to turn around to find were the smell was coming from when a loud growl sounded from behind me freezing me in my tracks. I flashed back to that horrible night I knew I was about to die my wolf froze for a second too but feeling my fear she reacted to what I thought as danger and shifted just as a large man crashed into me from behind. I clawed and bit trying to get lose but he was just too strong. I shifted back and passed out to him sniffing and growling MINE into my neck.

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