Turning 40


I inhaled a final lungful of smoke; then took him by the wrist and lewd him down the alley and in between two large metal waste bins. He continued kissing my neck and ear then planted a smacker full on my lips. I responded in kind and we were soon tongue wrestling as he mauled my boobs. He now had a hand up the front of my skirt and was stroking my pubic area through my tiny panties and fishnet tights.

"I fucking love older women like you." He whispered, "They're as dirty as fuck and will fucking do anything for a cock like mine and you're getting all 7 inches right up your fucking chuff tonight."

"Come on." He laughed as he took hold of the waistband to my tights and knickers, "Get them off."

"Good girl." He cackled as I lifted my skirt and pulled my tights down to my knees. "That looks fucking luscious." He chuckled when he saw my trimmed pubes as he unfastened his jeans. When his cock flopped out it nearly took my breath away.

"Jesus! That's fucking huge!" I gasped. It was long and floppy and I couldn't see a single hair or even a hint of stubble on his balls or stomach.

"I know." The meathead laughed; "Now get the fucker hard enough to fuck you." He then buried his face in my cleavage and pushed his hand between my legs before sliding a big fat finger inside my slit. I gasped at the brute force he used to finger me; but kept my control as I drunkenly played with his cock. We stayed like this for a minute or two until he told me to suck him.

I bent forward and got the knob into my mouth as he pulled my tits out of my bra and began tugging my stiff nipples. It was proving difficult to suck his monster cock as he was only about 5 feet 4 and I'm 5 feet six before I put my heels on.

"Fuck it!" He panted and pulled my head off his cock by my hair. "Turn around and bend over."

I meekly obliged and clung onto some dirty iron bars covering a window on the building. He kicked my ankles as far apart as my tights would allow and roughly pulled my arse cheeks apart before running his knob along my sticky crack. Neither of us said a word, as his cock quickly found the opening to my cunt. My chest was heaving with anticipation as he tried to ease it in but kept missing the spot; so I slid my hand between my splayed legs and guided it to the intended target. The meathead then banged it in with one almighty thrust, pushing my forward until my face was against the bars.

I managed to get my hand back up to hold on as he fucked me ragged. I'd had a few boyfriends before getting married but none of them were hung like this boy; his cock filled my married cunt like nothing before and there was a raw savagery to his fucking. Every strong thrust made my tits wobble and jiggle and I could only grunt my appreciation as he fondled them.

"I bet you're fucking loving this, aren't you?" The boy rasped as his cock bashed against my cervix; "I bet that's your fucking husband watching over there....the fucking pervert!"

'Someone was watching?' Oh my God! I'd never given that a thought; but couldn't reply as my mouth was dry and I was having trouble concentrating on breathing.

"Go on mate!" A male voice shouted, "Give her one for me!" Then there was laughter from at least two people.

"You can have a go when I'm finished." The lad fucking me jokingly offered the stranger, while violently shaking my droopy boobs.

"No; you're alright mate." The stranger laughed; "It look like you've stretched it out of all recognition! Mine wouldn't touch the sides."

The boy was now rattling my cunt like a piston and had started slapping my arse too. I'd never had that done before and for some bizarre reason was enjoying the stinging sensation as his cock ploughed into me.

After what seemed an eternity he grabbed my swinging tits again and pulled his cock as deep inside me as possible; then gave three or four short hard thrusts until I felt the unmistakeable feeling of his warm spunk filling my unprotected cunt.

His hands were squeezing the life out of my wobbly boobs as he grunted and panted behind me. Eventually he sighed and let my aching boobs swing free as he stood up and unceremoniously pulled his long deflated cock out of my well fucked hole. By the time I stood up and turned to face him, he was already tucking his cock away. I was feeling a bit dizzy and my legs felt as if they would give way so I rested against the wall for a moment or two.

"Lift your skirt for me." He chuckled. Without a care in the world I did as he asked, facing him with my floppy boobs hanging out of my bra and my knickers and tights around my knees.

I snapped out of my daze when a flash of light went off. The cheeky bugger was taking photos of me in my bedraggled, well fucked state.

"Just a little something to remember you by." He chuckled as he gave my tits one last shake before going back to his mates.

My head was spinning as I tried to quickly fish my g-string out of my tights. I finally untangled them and drunkenly pulled them up; but they were twisted and the gusset was soon inside my sticky labia as I pulled my fishnet tights up as high as possible. My fingers were soon covered in the muscleman's excess spunk that was leaking out of my well drilled hole as I tried to adjust my knickers; but it was useless; so I just popped my sore boobs back into my bra and waddled back to the smoking area with my undies becoming even more uncomfortable as they got sucked into my soaking cunt. I soon found Kim and another girl chatting and smoking; and they grinned from ear to ear when they saw me.

"What's he done to you?" Kim laughed as she sat me down.

"I'm not sure." I grinned. "But it was fucking good!"

"Come on." She chuckled as they helped me to my feet, "let's get you home."

I was eventually bundled into the back of a Black taxi and Kim had to fasten my seat belt for me.

"All I can smell is spunk." She giggled as she leaned across my chest to attach the belt; which was proving a problem. "He must have unloaded a pint of the stuff looking at what's on your tits."

I must have smeared spunk on them when I'd rearranged my boobs in the alley.

As I have sat and half lay across the seat my legs were quite a way apart. Before I knew what was happening Kim was stroking my spunk filled pussy. The holes in my fishnets were so large and my g-string so small there was nothing to stop her touching my inflamed labia.

"Fucking hell!" She whispered as her fingers parted the flaps and pushed my knickers even deeper inside my cunt, "I think there is a fucking pint of gunk up there."

I was so drunk I couldn't do anything to stop her.....even if I'd wanted to.

"Are you going to let me lick it out when we get home?" My female friend whispered as her fingers bypassed the satin material and began sliding in and out of my stretched cunt.

I didn't know what to say.

As the taxi stopped at traffic lights she pulled her fingers out and began licking the spunk off them, before offering them to me. I meekly opened my lips and let her push the spunk covered fingers inside for me to eagerly suck. With a twinkle in her eyes she repeated this three times before the taxi stopped outside her house.

The taxi driver shot out of the can and opened the door for us as Kim unbuckled the belt.

"Are you getting a good look?" I heard her laugh as she paid the driver.

"That's better than a tip." He laughed as I stumbled out of the car.

Kim led me up the garden path and unlocked the door before virtually pushing me inside.

The bright lights made me blink as I tried to focus.

"Guess who got a good fucking in a back alley?" I heard her tell Ian.

I couldn't make sense of what was happening as Kim led me by the hand and pushed me backwards onto the sofa.

"No." She told him, "I reckon there must be a pint of cum inside her." Then there was laughter before I realised that Kim was kneeling on the floor and pulling my legs apart. "Look at it." She giggled as her hands stroked my pussy and her thumbs pulled my labia apart to show him my panties buried deep inside.

"You did say you thought she was a dirty mare." Ian cackled as Kim began kissing me between the legs.

Kim deftly pulled my panties out of my cunt and held them to one side as her tongue flashed across and inside my tender hole. I was soon having an out of body experience as she slid a finger or two inside and began 'humming' as she licked me from clit to arsehole through my fishnets. Her tongue made me feel like I was getting a series of mini-electric shocks as she licked the tight flesh in between my holes.

I was humming too as I stroked my boobs in time to her dirty work between my legs. After a couple of minutes Ian replaced my hands with his as he pulled my blouse off my shoulders and unclipped my bra to free my sticky titties.

None of us said a word as Kim continued licking the muscleman's cum out of my throbbing cunt; just as she'd promised and her husband caressed my big titties. Kim was so good I was soon tingling from my toes to my head and an orgasm was soon to follow. When it did come I began shaking uncontrollably and screaming as Kim dug her fingers deep inside my twat pressing down on the membrane that separates the two holes and frantically sucked my sensitive clitty while Ian continued mauling my tits.

Satisfied with her work Kim stood up and passionately kissed her husband; sticking her second hand spunk covered tongue deep inside his mouth as I lay shivering on the sofa. The couple then undressed each other before returning to me and pulling my clothes off too. Still in the afterglow of that amazing orgasm and being stupidly drunk of course; I did nothing to stop them. In fact I even lifted my arse and twisted my hips to let Kim pull my tights off.

She kneeled between my legs again and lifted them onto her shoulders and buried her face hard against my cunt again, and made her tongue dart in and out of my hole as Ian stepped onto the sofa and straddled my chest as he pulled on his cock. It was nowhere as big as the muscleman's and looked a bit like a Greggs sausage roll but it was a cock and it was hard and it was in front of my face.

I eagerly opened my mouth as Ian cupped the back of my head and pulled it forward until his cock was all in my mouth. I immediately began sucking and rolling my tongue around the slim shaft as he bucked his hips and tugged on my nipples.

Kims tongue was now gliding around my bum hole and her nose flicking over my clit and slippery hole......I was getting so turned on I nearly started chewing Ian's cock! Realising that her licking was getting me going again Kim slightly changed position until one of her fingers joined her swirling tongue at the entrance to my arse hole. At first she tickled the puckered skin as her tongue slightly probed the elasticity then as I wriggled and pulled Ian's cock completely into my mouth she tentatively slid her finger tip into my hole. When I offered no resistance she slid her finger all the way and began wiggling it as she sucked on my clitty. Every nerve in my body was tingling as Kim slowly withdrew her finger back to the edge of my hole then shoved it back in and again and again and again.

Ian was looking down at his wife as he frantically fucked my mouth. The sight of his wife fingering my arse as she licked spunk out my cunt tipped him over the edge and I felt a sudden jerk before he spurted his cum into my mouth. Hubby had tried to cum in my mouth a couple of years ago but I'd always resisted .....I don't know why because it felt fucking awesome splashing against the roof of my mouth and running down my throat; but then again I'd never been licked out and had my arse fingered by another woman before!

After he'd unloaded in my mouth and I'd drained the last few drops Ian stepped to one side.

"Do you want to get her on here?" He panted.

Kim stopped licking me but kept her finger wiggling inside my arse as she thought for a moment.

"Yes; that's a good idea. Go get some toys." She commanded her husband who stepped off the sofa and ran upstairs.

Kim then manoeuvred my legs onto the sofa and lay on top of me with her knees either side of my face, never having done this before I obliged by spreading my legs for her. My friend immediately went back to licking my cunt and slid a finger into each hole which made me take a deep breath. I wasn't sure what to do but presumed Kim wanted me to reciprocate in some way so I raised my arm and began stroking her pussy. It was red hot and absolutely soaking wet; in fact some was dripping out onto my chest.

It felt weird stroking another woman's vagina but Kim's administrations and fingering at the other end meant I was now capable of anything.

Kim began humming again as she licked my clit driving me wild; Making me accidentally slide my finger into her wet pussy. Kim then set about devouring my cunt and arsehole with her tongue and lips. Then without warning she forced her hips down until her hot cunt was next to my mouth -- I knew what was expected of me and tentatively licked her labia; but she pressed down harder and her whole cunt was across my mouth and nose. It tasted odd; like nothing I'd tasted before and certainly not unpleasant so I began licking her hot flesh and sucking in her pussy juice.

I was in a world of my own and hardly noticed it when she pulled her fingers out of my cunt and arse but.....WOW....I knew all about it when she shoved a big dildo into my vagina! My knees immediately jerked back; as I tried to accommodate God knows how many inches of cold plastic while Kim never stopped licking me at any time; much to my amazement and absolute pleasure.

Her cunt got even wetter as I gripped her tight arse cheeks and remembered what she'd dome earlier to make me so horny so I started licking her from her wet cunt to her own puckered arsehole. It was only as my tongue ran across the tight folds of skin that I realised what I was doing; but it was too late as I was in sexual Heaven.

Kim was now fucking my ragged with the dildo as she sucked my clit giving me numerous tiny orgasms one after the other.

Feeling brave I slid a finger back into her cunt as I licked her arse then; without thinking I moved my other arm until I could stroke her arsehole with my other hand then poked and prodded until my finger eased past her tight anus and I fingered another woman's arse and cunt at the same time as I licked her clitoris.

By now my legs were curled underneath Kim's arms as she kept ramming the dildo deep into my vagina.

I was too engrossed licking and fingering her to notice that Ian had took hold of my ankles and was now prodding his cock against my bum hole. There was so much excess spunk and pussy juice down there Ian needed no lubrication as he easily slid his five incher straight into my arse. I had to stop licking Kim to let out a gasp and a "Fucking Hell!" But Kim immediately pressed her cunt back down onto my face and began wriggling.

Many of the girls had talked about getting bummed off boyfriends but I'd always found it distasteful, so hadn't said anything. But having Ian's small cock in my arse was absolutely fucking amazing; so much so I promised myself that I was going to do it again at the earliest opportunity; with or without my husband.

Soon we were sucking fucking and licking in unison, without a care in the world. I was shaking with excitement as Ian fucked my arse and Kim licked and fingered my soaking wet cunt. Her own cunt was absolutely delicious as I lapped up as much sticky juice as possible.

After a couple of minutes Kim stopped her licking and Ian unceremoniously slid his cock out of my stinging arse. The next thing I knew was he was grunting and Kim was gurgling as the dirty bastard shot his load all over his wife's face. Seconds later Kim swivelled around until she was facing me and let her husband's spunk spill onto my face. With an evil grin she then began kissing me and licking it back off. Slightly shocked I lay as still as possible but found that I was stroking my tingling arse hole and rubbing my clit at the same time. It didn't take long for yet another gorgeous orgasm to ripple through my middle-aged body as Kim gently planted spunky kisses on my lips until we lay in a crumpled heap.

By now I was drifting in and out of sleep; so they decided that we should all go to bed. We did; but I got into the marital bed with them.

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