tagBDSMTurning the Tables

Turning the Tables


Copyright 2001 Del Edwards

There had been good-natured teasing and escalation of tension between them as the relationship ripened. He had asked her what percentage of her sexual satisfaction was ‘solo’ and she replied ‘about a third.’ Another time he had commented to her that she was the best fantasy lover he had ever had. She grinned and responded, “Well, in mine your not just good, you’re damn good!”

They met for coffee or lunch every now and then. Sometimes he would bring her a little something that suggested sensuality or sexuality between them even though they had never even kissed during the seven years of the relationship.

For her birthday he brought a slim satin ribbon with tiny loops along both edges very much like the straps of her bra that he had seen peeking out from under her blouse more than once. He wrapped it twice around her wrist and tied it in a shoestring bow. In his hand he help a spool of lavender organdy ribbon nine feet long. "This is to wrap around both our thighs as we lay leg to leg, head to foot so we can't reach each other but are bound together as we pleasure ourselves."

"I appreciate the paradox," she breathed at him.

One Valentine's Day he had given her a sleep mask, a blindfold really and a handwritten card that read:

Wear this artificial night
While in solo flight
Enroute to ecstasy

Lack of sight
Fuels each fantasy
Making it burn bright

Here's hoping you'll
Take me under there
with you…often."

Only a few days later he asked her if she had tried it out and she responded, "Ohoooo, yes!" He imagined her in a private place, home alone, sitting spread-legged on the bed with the sleep mask over her eyes. A small cry issued from her as she found the center of her pleasure. Then she slowly moved her being higher and higher with each stroke of her spread fingers. Her breath came faster and faster and turned to gasps and then a single long plaintive moan as she came.

Another time he handed her a lavender rose and said he wanted to make a special request to go with it. "What's that," she asked innocently.

"When a dozen or so petals have fallen from the rose and you are home alone, spread them on your bed. Pour two sips of wine in a stem glass and put it on the nightstand. Then dress in just thigh highs and heels. Pluck four more petals from the wilting rose and tuck each one partially into your own love rose. Stand in front of the mirror and admire yourself and know that I do too, that in spirit at least, I am there with you. Put on a robe and move close to the bed. Take a sip of wine and imagine that I am standing behind you. I reach around, untie the sash and slowly remove your robe. Remember how you told me you had fantasized about me undressing you?"

"Yes," she said in a quivering voice.

"Then imagine me sitting on the bed with my back against the headboard, my legs spread wide. You come onto the bed, sit between my legs facing away from me and lie back against my chest. My hand slips down your belly and finds your love bud. I stroke it and it swells, yearning for more. I feel your hips undulate and there is more pressure against my chest as you become more excited. Your legs are taught and you begin to groan. Your hands go to the bed and you are pushing yourself into the pleasure. You gaze at my hand, the relentless fingers driving you higher and higher until a gasping moan announces your first orgasm. Minutes later I pluck one of the petals from your lower lips and drop it in the wine glass."

"My God!" she groaned at him across the table where the rose lay, flanked by their coffee cups.

"Then we move to the foot of the bed," he continued. "You lie back with just your lower legs dangling over the edge. I push your legs apart as I kneel on the floor and very so gently kiss and tongue your flowered lips, not wanting to disturb the petals just yet. I move my lips to your pleasure bud and suck it into my mouth. Gripping it just with my lips, I flick my tongue across it until you moan and pull away gasping, "Aggghh! No more. Can't stand it." When your breathing eases I pick a petal from you with my lips and add it to the wineglass.

She appeared stunned sitting in the coffee place with him. Her mouth started to move twice but no sound came out.

He pointed his right index finger to the sky just in front of his face, his eyes locked on hers. "Then I ask you to masturbate for me. You know how to do that. You do, inhaling your shriek. And another petal goes into the glass."

Finally I lie back on the bed inviting you to impale yourself on my hard rod. You do and begin the delicious bucking that will cause your fourth climax. Your hand goes to your slit and plucks out the last petal. You place it on my lips. Pumping frantically you go over the top screaming, 'Aaaaaah!" and land your lips on mine for our first kiss as my juice spurts into you.

"Will you do that for me before you dispose of the rose?" he asked.

"Such a sensuous devil! You've made me wet just listening to you. I hope my dress isn't wet when I get up."

"I hope it is and all the guys can smell it and envy the hell out of me because I am with the most beautiful woman in the world and she's wet for me," he said grinning.

She shook her head, her lips pursed attempting to deny the intensity of the moment. Then her shoulders sagged and she bent forward toward him, her lips quivering, wanting to say the words she had formed in her mind. He sat transfixed knowing that he loved every millimeter of her---bone, skin, blood, muscle and whatever else was her.

On this day he said to her, "You ready for a little dog collar dee ess?"

She cocked her head and smiled slightly. "I don't know. The stuff you come up with is incredible. I'm almost afraid. What is dog collar dee ess?"

"Well, a dog collar is used to signify the dee ess. That's a small s and it stands for submissive. The other person is the capital D and that stands for dominator. It's carrying on the same kind of thing we did with the ribbons on your birthday. I didn't explain it then but when you let me tie the ribbon around your wrist you became the ess and were literally and figuratively 'bound' to do as I directed. You have wrapped the lavender ribbon around your thigh before you masturbated while fantasizing about me, haven't you?" he concluded.

"Well, I…aaaaah…sort of," she replied.

"Sort of like…? he asked.

She pursed her lips and let out a long sigh. "Okay, I tied my ankles together and bent my knees as far as I could which opened my thighs."

"And…?" he asked anxiously

"You had also tied my hands behind my back and were raping me with your tongue," she added almost furiously.

"That's very vivid and creative. I like it," he grinned at her.

"Well, you asked," she replied almost defensively.

"So I did. The dee ess can be reciprocal if you like," he said, steering the conversation where he wanted it to go.

"Explain that," she said flatly with an edge of suspicion in her tone.

"Sure. I put the dog collar around your wrist and you are bound to do exactly as I say. When you do, I unbuckle it and hand it to you. You put it around my wrist and then I am bound to do whatever you say," he replied.

"I see," she said, her eyes narrowing and a small smile pulling at the corners of her mouth. "Whatever I say, huh?"

"Yep, as long as it's doable," he commented.

"Who goes first?" she queried.

"Well, I know exactly what I want of you so why don't you go first. It'll give you time to think about what you will direct me to do," he suggested.

"I already know too," she countered.

"Really?" he smiled.

She returned his smile and slowly extended her hand toward him. He had brought a slim leather dog collar sixteen inches in length…slid it down the left leg of his pants just before he walked out his door to meet her. He drew it out, doubled it around her wrist and buckled it snug. "I think it would be a real kick to sit here in public talking to you knowing your hips were bare under your dress. Go to the ladies room, take off your panties, press them into a wad in the palm of your hand, come back here to me and drop them in your purse," he directed

"If I do that my dildo will come out," she said evenly as she locked her eyes on his. She savored the look that covered his face. This time it was his mouth that moved but no sound came out. Finally she filled the awkward silence by saying, "You're not the only kinky, sensuous person at this table."

"Ahhhh…I guess not. How long….did you…hum," he stuttered.

"You seem to be having some trouble forming complete questions," she laughed. "How does it feel? Jeez, how many times have you done that to me? I love it!"

His mouth was open and his hands were in front of him palms up in a gesture of question and exasperation. She leaned toward him, her fingers interlaced beside her face, elbows on the table. "Every time, since the very beginning when we met for coffee or lunch. Are you shocked?" she grinned. "What is your wish, sir. No panties and no dildo or panties to hold the dildo in place?" She tossed her head and caused her hair to spring in the soft light of the umbrella-shaded table where they sat.

"Damn!" was all he said. She held her dog-collared wrist out to him. He unbuckled it and handed it to her.

"Remember that day when we parted after lunch and you said you would go home and masturbate while you fantasized of me!" she almost whispered at him.

"Yes," he admitted.

"And I had appointments all afternoon and you had nothing but pleasure ahead of you," she accused.

"Yes," he again said.

"Well, today it's going to be different," she said firmly. She buckled the collar snuggly around his wrist. Then she sat silent for more than a minute, shifting her position in her chair a couple of times. It made him acutely aware that she was finding at least mild pleasure sliding around inside her wraparound dress. Her lips pruned as she tried to hold back a smile. "Go to the men's room and wrap the collar around your sack. Pull it down tight. Then come to me and I will tell you what to do." He did as she said and had the beginnings of an erection as he gingerly sat in the chair across the table from her.

"How's that for paradox? I am sitting here full of what I want to be you and you're constrained and constricted," she said arching her eyebrows and smiling. "Since you're wearing the collar I am in control here, right?" she continued.

"I suppose," he replied.

"Good, I'll follow you to your place. I want to watch you masturbate," she said brightly.

"You're kidding!" he said.

"You were going to do it again anyway, right? I've fantasized us doing that together many times. I figure this is my chance since I have the 'upper hand' so to speak," she grinned, enjoying her own pun.

"Then you're going to too," he asked with a wry smile.

"All I have to do is pull up my dress and slip my fingers inside my panties. I'm ready. Are you?'

"Aaaah, waaah, yes, I guess," he sputtered.

She was really into playing the dominant by the time they arrived at his home. "Go into the bedroom, take off all your clothes but leave the strap on. When I hear you moan I will join you. Meanwhile I'll be pleasuring myself right here," she said as she sat demurely on the love seat pulling the hem of her dress up to mid thigh. She trashed the mood momentarily when she spread her legs wide, lay back in the love seat and plopped her hand between her thighs, exposing just a bit of the double-dark elastic tops of her stockings.

"What ever you wish, my love," he replied.

He heard her screech twice before he was able to build a full erection. It both helped and inhibited him to know she was nearby pleasuring herself while waiting for him to summon her with a groan expressing his own pleasure.

When he did she joined him quickly. She was carrying two pairs of handcuffs. She tossed them on the bed, gazed admiringly at his stiff, shiny cock and breathed, "Oooooh yesss," as she settled onto the foot of the bed. Holding her dress up with her left hand she began stroking herself with her right. Staring at his hand moving slowly up and down his shaft, in a matter of seconds she announced her orgasm with "Eeeeew, Aaaaaah!"

"Don't come. Don't come!" she implored as she pulled up the hem of her dress and knee walked onto the bed until her left knee touched his hip. He was in perfect control of his heavy, swollen member---his cock was fully defined and waiting to be received. She clamped one set of cuffs to each of his wrists and then clicked the matching cuff to each of her wrists. They were bound right hand to left hand and left to right. Lightly she drew her nails across the taught skin of his scrotum nearly causing him to come. "God I want that in me," she moaned.

"Told ja before uuuuh, come to me unmarried and willing to be my wife," he groaned at her, nearly choking on his words.

"I can't. I can't," she wailed.

"Nooo, you won't!" he countered. "You have the power of choice," he hissed at her.

She yanked at the belt tie that held her dress closed. Drawing his left hand under her dress and into her wet lips she gurgled as she stripped the wrap-around dress off her body. She was not wearing a bra; her small, firm, perky breasts needed no support. Pushing his steel-bound left arm between her legs she forced his fingers to begin penetrating her wet lips. “Finger fuck meee.” she hissed. “Harder, more, touch my womb,” she gasped. Again she was gloriously orgasmic as she stroked her clit and he pushed his fingers to the firm flesh of her womb.

Then the vixen dressed only in stockings pushed his thighs apart and knelt between them. She grasp his wrists and rocked forward pushing them to the bed outside his hips. "Let me do this," she hissed, her eyes burning into his. Dropping her head she took his burgeoning cock in her mouth and moved her lips up and down him until he screamed. After he was still for a few seconds she tongued the underside of his still hard penis head and caused him to gasp and eject the last of his juice in a second orgasm.

She kept him in her mouth until he was half faded and then rocked back onto her heels. Smiling, she flapped her arms causing the steel cuff chains to sing and said, "Not bad for a middle-aged married lady, huh?"

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