tagGroup SexTurning the Tables

Turning the Tables


I kissed husband goodbye, and left the house for my "business trip." I went to the grocery store, then arrived at the Residence Inn on the other side of town about 8 in the morning. The room I rented was a two-story suite, with a kitchenette.

I stopped by a grocery store to buy breakfast food. My boys wouldn't be there until 10. They were on different flights, but would ride from the airport together. I wasn't sure how they were able to afford the last minute tickets, but they said not to worry about it. I called Corry's cell phone to let him know the room number I was in.

I had followed my usual routine, and showered before leaving home. But my hormones were so out of control, I needed to soak in a bath to try and relax. I unpacked my toiletries and set out an outfit. The bath water was warm, and my lavender bath salts smelled good. 20 minutes into my soaking, my fingers were sliding in, out, and around my pussy at the thoughts of what was going to happen when the boys arrived. Three long, hard dicks at my mercy? I was going to ride, suck and stroke each of them dry. As I came, I thought of how they had no idea of the sexual fury they were going to walk into.

I got out of the bath about 45 minutes later, and leisurely got myself ready for the boys' arrival. There was only one bed, so sleeping together was going to be very interesting. I was sure one of them wouldn't be happy about not being next to me. I put on my Victoria's Secret lotion, and a pink and black lace teddy with matching panties. Once I finished primping in front of the mirror, I set my suitcase in the closet and went downstairs to start cooking. There was a knock on the door just as I finished the bacon.

My heart started racing even faster. I opened the door, and gave each of them a hug as they came in. Dequan, Singleblknhung, was about 6 feet even and had a fantastic smile. Craig, Soulfulone, was about 5'8" and stocky. Corry, Chocolatewonda, was 6'1" and smelled terrific. They each gave my ass a good squeeze before letting me go.

"I'm glad you all had a safe trip, but I cannot believe we're all here," I blushed. A woman who is nearly 40, standing in lingerie and blushing in front of 3 boys 15 years younger. I know my nipples were clearly visible, and if they had sensitive noses they could smell my arousal.

"You think we were going to miss out on the chance to be with you?" Corry smiled.

"I woulda walked here if I needed to," Craig laughed.

"Take your bags upstairs, and freshen up. I'm going to finish cooking."

They commented to each other about how I looked on their way upstairs. I steadied my nerves together, then started on the eggs. As I heard water running and movements, I felt a twinge of guilt. I was a married woman, standing there about to feed and fuck 3 boys while Clay was at work. But I remembered he had Sela's dick deep in his ass while I was at home, and the guilt was gone.

"I don't need any food," Craig grabbed me from behind. "Just open your legs."

A chill shot straight to my pussy. "Hey, hey, calm down," I moved out of his grasp. "We have plenty of time for that; don't rush things."

"And don't piss her off either," Corry winked going over to the television with a Playstation. "This is her show, let her run it."

Craig smacked my ass, "I wanna run up in that pussy." He went over to help Corry hook up the Playstation.

"Watch your language," I hit his shoulder. "What's Dequan doing?" I asked putting biscuits in the oven.

"He was a little tired form his trip, so he laid down for a minute."

I watched Corry and Craig negotiate with each other to get the game hooked up, then they settled back to play Madden football. "You're not the kinda of boys who sit around playing video games all day, are you?"

Corry looked over at me, "No, but we'll need something to do while you recuperate."

"You need to be resting too during that time."

"Don't worry about us. We'll have energy enough for you."

"And then some," Craig gave a pound to Corry.

I kinda laughed to myself that I was really about to fuck these videogame playing boys. "Breakfast is ready."

"DQ, come on down!" Corry came over went over to the table I had set in the dining room. I set a plate of eggs, and a plate of bacon and biscuits on the table. When I turned around to go get the juice, I was in the arms of Dequan.

"Smells good," he smiled. I heard something rustle, as Corry sat down behind me.

"Feels good," I said because of being able to feel his erection on my thigh. I reluctantly slipped from his arms, and went to get the juice. Craig joined them at the table. Before I took the juice over, I followed an urge to take off my top. My nipples were tight and hard, and my breasts had goose bumps. I was fast approaching the point of no return. But any doubt I had about going through with it was countered by images of Clay and Sela, and images of what these boys were packing. What I was about to do was for my enjoyment as much as my revenge.

The boys didn't notice me until I set the juice on the table, then their jaws dropped. They each were on a side of the table, and I took the fourth seat. I fought the instinct to cross my arms, to make sure my 36Ds were visible. "Eat up, boys."

"I am so not hungry right now!" Corry said. Craig and Dequan agreed, staring at me.

"Guys, you've seen these already," I acted like their stares weren't affecting me.

"On a computer is different from real life."

I laughed, "They're not going anywhere. Eat."

They're eyes stayed on me more than their food, but they did eat. We talked about their trips, and things there are to do in their cities. As discreetly as I could, I leaned forward to grind my pussy on the chair. I slipped one hand under the table, and gave my clit a few strokes periodically.

Corry was the first to finish eating. He took his chair to the living room, and started clearing space. I asked what he was up to, and Dequan just said he was getting things ready. Dequan finished, then Craig. I got up to clear the table, but Craig took me to the living room while Dequan cleared some dishes. He sucked my fingers before he sat me in the chair.

"Okay boys, time to show me the goods," I crossed my legs.

"That ain't nothing but a word!" Corry gets in front of me.

Dequan goes to the dining area again, then strolls behind me as I'm watching Corry pull down his pants. He pulls out his dick, and it is impressive. I'm licking my lips, when Corry and Craig grab both my wrists and locks them in cuffs.


Corry knelt beside me, "Wait, don't get upset."

"You have me handcuffed!"

"We're not going to rob or hurt you. We promise."

"But we do want to give you an experience you'll never forget," Craig said.

"We don't need handcuffs for that!"

"Trust us, please?"

I felt a stream of warm oil come down my shoulder. A larger stream came over my other shoulder, and rolled over my nipple. Craig reached his hand over and palmed my breast. He smeared the oil around a little, as Dequan got two other bottles of oil out of the bag and tossed one to Corry. They poured more warm oil all over my upper body, while groping me. My anger at being cuffed was giving way to arousal at their hands sliding so easily over me.

"Do you trust us?"

I was moaning at the sensations they were sending through my body. Their grabs and squeezes were making me feel so raunchy, but sexy at the same time. Their hands wouldn't stop, and I would have been mad if they did.

"Shit!" Dequan shook his head. "Look at those titties shine!"

I looked down, and could see every pore as their hands continued to explore me. My nipples had drawn up real tight, and even the areolas had bumps on them.

"We only want to make you feel good."

"We promise."

"Okaayyy," I closed my eyes and moaned.

"You trust us?"

"We can take you?"

My body flinched to a nipple twist, "Yesssssssssss."

One of them started pulling my hips to the front of the chair. I looked to see it was Dequan. He wanted me to rise up to slide my panties down my legs. There was a serious wet spot, which he licked before tossing them aside. He then poured an ample amount of oil on my legs and massaged it in, going all the way down to my feet. He handed his bottle to Corry, then took my toes in his mouth.

"Mmmm, shit," I squirmed. I was enjoying the pleasure of lips on my toes and hands on my breasts, until my head was turned to the side. Corry had taken off his pants. His dick was hard and at my mouth. I took his tip between my lips, and rolled my tongue around it, making him flinch. These boys were making me feel like a nasty lady, so I might as well have started to act like one. I moved my head forward to take in more of his dick. Then I moved my tongue across the bottom of his dick while my saliva mixed with his leaking precum.

"That feels goooood, baby."

I bobbed my head a few times as fast as I could, then opened my mouth to let the contents spill down my chin. "Call me sis."

"Oh shit, sis!" Corry grabbed my head and pushed his dick back in my mouth.

While he pumped, the intensity of the toesucking and breasts-groping increased, pushing me closer and closer to an orgasm. They seemed to slow their pace down at the same time, but the grabbing and sucking got hard and harder.

"Ahh ahhhh ahh," was all that came out my mouth as I came. I instinctively tried to close my legs, but Dequan wouldn't let go. Corry pinched my nipples, which prolonged the orgasm for a few more seconds.

"We thought you might like that," Dequan smiled, and gave my pussy lips a long lick.

"Ohhhhhhhh." I got Corry's dick back in my mouth, and sucked him as deep as I could.

"She taste so damn good fellas!"

Craig went to the dining room and Dequan took over squeezing my breasts as I sucked his dick.

Dequan slid his finger in me, then sucked my juice off. He put two fingers inside, pumped them a few times, then took them out.

In response I took Corry's tip into my throat. My gag reflex made him wobble a little. Before he could get fully out of my mouth, he started spurting hot cum. His second spurt hit my chin, and the rest landed fully on my chest.

"Damn!" Dequan looked up from my pussy.

"Keep going, little brother," I looked down at him.

"Nah," he took his fingers away. "We have other plans."

"Please? I'm close."

Corry twisted my nipples, "Listen to her beg!"

I moaned as Dequan moved away. "When do I get out of these?"

"When we find the key," Corry pinched my nipples again, then went to the bathroom.


"Don't scare her like that," Dequan sat on the couch in front of me. "You can get out once you answer a few questions.

"What kind of questions?"

Craig came back from the dining area opening a box, "Just some simple ones."

"C'mon guys," I laughed.

Craig set the packaging on the table, and I saw he had nipple clamps. Corry came back with a wet cloth, and wiped his cum from my nipples. Craig knelt down and gave each of my nipples a hard suck.


He smiled and attached the clamps. They were connected by a chord, and that chord was connected to a remote. The remote chord was long enough for the boys to sit on the couch. "We'll just give it a little test," he switched it on.

"Ohh!" I jumped. "What the hell?"

"These are electric nipple clamps. That was a middle setting, and we'll take that as a yes it works!" Dequan gave a pound to Corry and Craig.

"Guys, this isn't fair. Electricity isn't something to be fucking around with!"

"What a potty mouth," Corry pressed the button again.


"Yeah, this is going to be fun, huh?" Corry laughed.

"I made breakfast for you guys!"

"And we thank you, no doubt."

"First question," Dequan cleared his throat. "Who is the current scoring leader in the NBA?"

I laughed, "What?"

He pressed the button. It wasn't at a high setting, but I still jumped. "Wrong, it's Carmelo Anthony." He passed the remote to Corry. "Who is in front of Brett Farve in passing yardage, and touchdowns."

"You're asking me sports questions?"

He pressed the button, twice. "Wrong again, it's Dan Marino." He passed the remote to Craig. "Here's an easy one. Who won the 2006 World Series?"

"Uh, the Detroit Tigers."

"Wrong again," he pressed the button, and this time it was higher. "You're never gonna get to twenty at this rate." He turned it off, and I had to catch my breath.

Dequan took the remote again, "Name three PGA golfers."

"Oh, Tiger Woods!"

"That's one."

"Uh, uh, Tiger-"

He sent a shock.

"Eldrige Woods!"

He held the button.

"Wait! Michelle-"


I crossed my leg to regain control of the sensation going through me, but it was of no use. Electric nipples clamps were out of my zone of familiarity, but they did send a wonderful message to my pussy. He turned it off, and I took a deep breath.

"Let's make sure you don't do that again," Craig got up and went upstairs.

"Bring down the other surprise too," Corry told him.

Craig came right back down with some rope, and another package. Inside was a pair of panties with a remote attached.

"Electric panties?"

"Not exactly," Craig slid them up my legs and over my hips. He positioned a little tube in the crotch over my clit. Then he and Dequan tied my ankles to the back legs of the chair, while Corry turned the clamps on low. The current moved through my body like a wave. The longer it stayed on, the closer I got to an orgasm. Dequan saw me fidgeting in the chair, and slowly increased the current. Once my ankles were secure, they sat back on the couch. I was a little bit away from an orgasm, when he turned it off.

I glared at him, "Guys, we never talked about bondage, or these clamps."

Craig said, "If you want us to let you out, for real, we will. We really did think you would enjoy it."

Truth be told, as much as I had planned to be in charge this weekend, I loved they way they turned the tables on me. Being in control was a way of making me feel safe. Being in their control made me feel like a slut.

"Elaine?" Dequan called my attention. "Do you want us to let you out, or ask another question?"

I took a breath, "Not 20."

They all smiled. "Five more," Corry said. "But we're going to flip the script. If you want to cum, you'd better get the answer right. Or else, we're going to leave you on the edge."

I shook my head, "This is so not fair."

"Let's give the panties a try," he turned a nob.

"Whoa!!!" I rose up a little as the tube vibrated on my clit.

They slapped five with each other.

"Okay," Craig cleared his throat, "let's get started. Are you a slut?"

"Am I a slut? Ohhh!" I flinched from the electric shock.

"Don't answer our questions with a question," Craig turned the clamps back off.

"How big of a slut are you?"

"What happened to the sports questions? Oh, wait!"

"Too late," Craig turned the clamps on higher.

"Okay, I got it, no more questions!"

"That was your last warning," Craig turned it off.

"Have you thought about being with other women?"

I caught my breath, "Yes."

"Good answer," Dequan tuned on the panties.

He left the panties on, "Have you ever licked pussy?"


"Why not?"

I squirmed at the sensations, "Uh, I just haven't."

He decreased the vibrations, "Tell us the truth."

"Too scared too."

"But you want to?" he turned the vibrations back up.


"Do you watch pornos?"

I hesitated, and Craig sent a short, strong shock to my nipples. "Not often!"

"Why not?"

I hesitated again, and got another shock, "It's not lady-like!"

"That always gets me," Corry said. "If it feels good, or it's what you want to do, do it. It's just watching a porno, not robbing a bank."

Dequan increased the vibration, "Besides, you just said you were a slut. Why are you worried about being a lady?"

I started moaning loudly as the vibrations increased more.

"Huh? Are you a slut or a lady?" Craig sent a lower, steady shock.

"I'm a, I'm a, uh."

"What?" he increased the electricity. "Which is it?"

My body was feeling so good, I would have said anything for more. "Slut!"

The vibration and electricity increased, "Say it again!"

"SLUT!" I screamed just before an incredible orgasm took over. My body jerked hard and rocked forward over and over.

"Untie her," Corry said when I calmed down.

My arms and legs were free in a few seconds, but felt too much like jelly for me to move. The boys carried me upstairs, and laid me back on the bed. Corry spread my legs, and started licking my pussy while Craig and Dequan undressed. I could hear Corry slurping my wetness, and it just added to how nasty I was feeling. Craig was undressed first, and got on the bed on his knees to offer his dick. I leaned up to my elbow, and guided him into my mouth. When Dequan finished getting his clothes off, he leaned over to suck my nipples.

"Easy, baby," I had to remind him that my nipples had just been electrified.

"Here," Corry stood up, "get some of this."

My pussy was only vacant for only a second, before Dequan's lips replaced Corry's. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him go downstairs. I massaged Craig's nuts. He moaned and told me to suck them. I released his dick from my mouth, and lifted it to get to his nuts. Dequan moved from kissing and sucking my lips, to licking my clit. It had slid from under the hood, and the slightest flick sent chills through my body.

"I told you it was good, didn't I," Corry said as I brought a chair from downstairs and positioned it where he could see what was going on.

Dequan nodded his head with my clit between his lips, and then shook his face in my pussy. I let go of Craig's dick to pull my leg back to give him even more access. Craig grabbed his dick and slid it back in my mouth. Corry's tongue flicked faster and faster at my clit, and I moved my hips as my orgasm began. He moved his lips and went back to licking my lips. I groaned and let go of my leg to grab his head, but couldn't find it.

"I think she wants you back on her clit," Corry laughed.

"Uh hmmm," I nodded with Craig's dick in my mouth.

"Hold her leg back, Craig."

Craig grabbed my ankle, and pulled my leg toward my shoulder.

"Now get that clit, DQ!"

My orgasm started again, and I used my free hand to rub my nipples -- gently, but the added stimulation was wonderful.

"Damn, I wish I had a camera!" Corry clapped.

I sucked Craig's dick as hard as I could, as my orgasm got closer and closer. My moans and groans got louder as well.

"She's gonna blow, y'all!" Corry egged them on. "Keep it up! Make her bust. Make that slut cum like a mutha fucker!"

Within minutes, I did just that. I grabbed Craig's dick when it popped from my mouth when I started screaming. My body jerked hard again, then I started trembling.

"Give me some dick," I huffed when I was able to form words. Craig kept a hold of my leg, but repositioned himself to sit down. I took his dick back in my mouth as Dequan pushed his dick inside my spread pussy. "Fuck!" I moaned.

"How she feel, DQ?"

"As good as she taste!" he thrusted.

I loved hearing them talk about me like that, and meet him thrust for thrust. My sucking and pumping started getting to Craig. He started shifting and moaning. I took my mouth off him to look at his face as I pumped my hand faster. It wasn't long before he squeezed his eyes shut, and erupted cum in the air. It landed on my hand, my cheek, and his thigh. Knowing his tip would be real sensitive, I ran the tip of my tongue around it. He practically pulled his dick from my grasp and got off the bed.

"What's wrong?" I teased him. "Can't take it as well as you get it?"

"That's overload!"

"Tell me about it!"

Dequan pushed his dick deep, then slid out of me, "You ever taste yourself, sis?"

"Not off a dick," I smiled.

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