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Tut Tut


It had been a few years since he had come to Chicago. Every so often I caught myself staring at the phone and wondering if I had disappointed him by emailing him that I did not want him coming with expectations. He had replied that he understood and would be happy just to see me again, however briefly or innocent. Now as I nervously waited to probably face my own disappointment and maybe not hear from him again, I wondered if I had discouraged him. I tried to take my mind off it and focus on my work, when suddenly my cell phone rang. I jumped up and headed for a corner of the office area that was some distance away from any prying ears.

"Yes," I spoke into the phone.

"Hi," he said brightly, "Just got my bags and my rental. I'm looking at a map now to see the best way to get to that motel in Naperville."

"Hi, it's good to hear your voice again. I was getting a little nervous."

"Nervous? Nervous about what?

I glanced over my shoulder to make sure no one had walked over near me, and said, "I just thought you might have changed your plans and maybe cancelled."

"Ha ha, not a chance. You know I came to see that Tut exhibit at the museum, but even if that wasn't a reason, I still would have come. It's been a long time since I last saw you and I've been wanting to for a long time, so even without the 'Tut' justification, I would have found a reason to do it. I know what you told me in that email, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to at least visit you."

I told him I was glad that I hadn't 'turned him away' and gave him my recommendation on the best way to get from the airport to his motel. I asked him to call me again when he had checked in and I would arrange to meet him for lunch and a short visit. With that I returned to my desk and started cleaning up some open issues so I could take the afternoon off.

An hour or so later he called me again to report that he was all settled in and hungry. I closed things up and met him in front of his motel about fifteen minutes later. We took my car and headed for a place to eat. It was good to see him again and I could tell he felt the same. We had a nice lunch and got to catch up on each other's lives over the last several years. As we left the restaurant and headed back toward his motel, I suggested we pick up a bottle of wine to enjoy as we continued going over the past few years. Having picked out something we agreed on, and without a screw top, we arrived back at his room. He set a chair for me by the window and after pouring us some wine, he lay down on the bed and we got back to talking. It was fun hearing about his family and what he had been up to over the past few years, and I filled him in on all that I had been doing. I thought I should tell him what was behind the email I had sent him just a few days ago. I said that a couple of years ago I had an affair and that Ted had found out about it. I broke it off right away and avoided getting involved with anyone else.

He listened quietly and understandably and even went so far as to reach over to me and point out that the v-neck of my top had shifted so that part of my bra was exposed. I adjusted it and we continued talking and just enjoying that and the wine.

After a while, as I moved around in the chair, he again noticed part of my bra showing, but this time, he didn't point it out for me to adjust it. He reached over to me and gently ran the tip of his finger alongside the exposed strap and then along the edge of the exposed top of the bra over my right breast. As he did so, our eyes met and as I made no effort to move his hand away, he leaned toward me. Our lips met and it was a kiss I remembered from our previous meetings. My tongue welcomed his as he slipped it between my open lips. The kiss lingered as our tongues alternated back and forth into each other. His hand moved from just running his finger tip along the edge of my bra, to reaching down and cupping my left breast. His other hand reached behind my neck and pulled me closer to him. I suddenly realized that in that movement, my right hand rested on his left thigh. We broke the kiss and our eyes gazed at each other and again our lips joined. His hand over my bra cupped me firmly and my hand slid off his thigh and I felt that his excitement had risen quickly and he was getting hard. His hand slid out and his other hand reached down and slid up under my top to cup my left breast. The right hand followed and he held both breasts as we continued kissing. I pushed him away, but not to interrupt the moment, but rather to slip my top off completely. He gazed at my bra covered breasts and reached around me to unclasp the bra. As I felt the last hook release, I lipped the bra off and let it fall to the floor. He gazed at my now erect nipples and smiled.

"Oh, how I remember those, and how I have missed them."

He used both thumbs and index fingers to feel their stiffness and tug at them. As he did I slid down his zipper and slipped my hand inside his pants. I quickly found the slit in his shorts and wrapped my fingers around him.

"Yes, and I remember this and have missed it too," I whispered.

He rose from the bed and taking my free hand moved me to the bed. Lying beside me, he lowered his lips to my right breast as sucked the nipple and aureole into his mouth. His tongue traced circles around my hard nipple and he moaned with delight, a moan that was matched by my own. After sucking my tit for a while, he rose from the bed and quickly removed his clothes.

I did the same and laughingly said, "Wait to you see these."

As the skirt fell to the floor, my legs, covered by half socks that reached to just below my knees, came into view.

"Do you like the old lady stockings?" I asked.

"What I like is the flesh that's in them and the delightful flesh at where the two legs come together," he replied.

I slipped the stockings off and laid back down, clad now only in my black panties.

"Sorry they aren't open crotch this time, but I wasn't expecting to need that pair."

He laughed and returned to sucking my nipples, one after the other, and as I returned to holding his cock and feeling the precum already at the tip, he slipped a hand down the front of my panties.

"God, that feels so good," he said as his finger penetrated between my lips.

"I'll drink to that," I replied.

"Oh, yes, our wine," he said.

He slipped from the bed and reached for our two glasses.

Handing me mine, he offered a toast, "To renewal of wonderful memories."

We touched the plastic glasses together and each finished what remained in them.

Setting the glasses aside, he returned to the bed and reaching inside the waistband of my panties, slid them down and off my legs. He lifted them to his face and with a sigh and a smile pressed the gusset to his face. I heard him breathe in deeply as he obviously delighted in the thrill the aroma gave him.

Tossing the panties to the floor, he leaned back down and said, "Now to the source."

I reacted to his movement by spreading my legs for him and suddenly felt his tongue licking between my pussy lips. He tasted up and down the length between them, penetrating deeply at the lower end and teasingly lapping at my clit at the top. I was once again enjoying the magic of his tongue and told him to turn and lay beside me so I could taste once more the cock and precum I remembered so well. We lay there for some time enjoying each other as both giver and receiver. Suddenly he reached behind me and spread my cheeks and I realized his tongue was moving toward my ass.

"No, wait," I told him, "Remember my concern for being clean? Let's go take a shower."

With that he moved back from me and turned so that we were once again face to face. We kissed again and in between kisses he said he remembered and asked if I had time for this. I told him I did and taking my hand he led me to the bathroom.

As we waited for the shower temperature to be what we wanted, we kissed continuously and used our hands to again explore the areas we adored. Finally, we stepped into the stream of water and began to soap each other down. Being of common mind, we both made it a point to clean each other's ass, including a short finger insertion with soap and again several times to rinse the puckered openings out.

He started to step out of the shower and said to me, "Don't get out yet, I just need to take a leak, and come right back in."

"No way," I insisted, holding him from leaving. "I have to pee as well and here's a perfect chance for us to do it together right in here."

"Ah, I had forgotten about that," he grinned, "I'm glad you remembered."

I gave him a stern look and said, "Right. I bet you forgot. You were testing me weren't you?"

"Does it matter?" he grinned.

"Not really, cause I felt the urge to pee several minutes ago and was going to propose it anyway. So, go ahead, smart ass, let it flow."

I remember once before we tried it and he could only manage a trickle, but this time he was ready and a golden stream burst from his cock. I raised one leg to the side of the tub and he directed the warm stream straight at my cunt. The warmth felt wonderful and I spread my lips open to let his pee coat me. I then dropped to my knees and reached up to take hold of his cock, and then I directed it back and forth across my breasts. I had intended not to get my hair wet in the shower, but now I leaned forward and aimed his stream all across the top of my head. When his flow reduced to a trickle and then nothing, I stepped under the shower and let the hot water rinse his pee from my hair and from the rest of my body.

"Damn, that was exciting," he remarked.

"Yes, and now you'll see how exciting it is the other way. Sit on the floor of the tub."

He did as I told him and I stood straddling him. My own flow erupted from me and struck his chest. I adjusted as best I could to see my flow travel down his body and I stood there peeing over his cock and balls.

"Do you want me to do the same thing to you I just experienced?" I asked him.

"But of course," he answered, "this is share and share alike."

I smiled at him and stepping forward, I let my flow strike to top of his head.

"Ooh, that's hot," he said.

"Hot? Hot how? Sexy hot or temperature hot?"

"Both," he replied and looked up at me just as my stream stopped.

But as quickly as it stopped, another brief burst came out and splashed on his face. He laughed and ducked his head down so it finished on his hair again. Finally, the last of my pee dribbled out and fell to the tub floor. I stepped aside so that the full stream of the shower was on him and he slowly let the hot water rinse everything from him. When it was done he turned with his face directly in front of my pussy. He leaned forward and began licking it again.

"Hmm," he uttered.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing. I just think you had a few drops left inside you."

He returned to licking me, gripping my ass cheeks to pull me close to him.

He looked up again and said, "That was interesting. I wasn't expecting it, but I'm sure that's what it was. I wouldn't call it the greatest taste I ever had, but it really wasn't bad."

I winked at him and asked, "You think maybe you might have a few drops left also? I'd be more than willing to sample for you."

He looked up at me sadly, "I don't think so. I'm sure I drained the tank, plus I can see precum oozing from my cock, so that's what you'd get."

"That's like telling someone the cake is all gone and there's only ice cream left," I laughed.

"Well then, as long as it's the flavor ice cream you like, I assume there's no problem."

I grabbed a bath towel and handed it to him and then grabbed a second one.

"Let's dry off and get back to bed."

He bowed gallantly, "Yes, Mistress, as you command."

"Woo hoo, kinky. Is that a little sub role playing I detect?"

"Anything you wish," he replied.

I slapped his ass and said, "I guess it is then. Back to bed, fella."

We quickly dried and he followed me back to the room, and this time he drew the bedspread back so we could lie right on the sheets.

I lay on my back and he knelt between my spread legs.

"Now where were we when we were interrupted by the shower?" he asked.

"If memory serves me right, I think you were going down on me and had started to roam far and wide. So if I am Mistress, I instruct you to get back on the job."

"As you command," he smiled and I saw his head drop to between my thighs.

Once again I felt that skillful tongue of his gracefully slide between my pussy lips. I reached down with my right hand and pressed his head firmly against me. His lips and tongue did marvelous little feats, slipping up and down the length of my lips, alternating between slipping his tongue deep inside me and drawing it back out, only to slide up to flick the tip against my clit. I felt that I was soaked and couldn't decide if it was my wetness or whether it was from his mouth. I concluded it was both, but I really didn't care as it was wonderful whatever it was. I felt the chills running through my body as he continued to tongue fuck me, alternating between slow lingering licks and rapid moving probes up inside me.

Me slid his hands under my ass and started to raise me. I knew what he was up to and was more than happy to cooperate. I lifted my hips and bending my legs I reached behind each knee and pulled my legs toward my chest. That was all the support he required as I felt his wicked tongue start sliding up and down between my cheeks. Each time the tip of his tongue traced across my tightly puckered ass, my body seemed to shake, and when the tongue stopped there and began tracing little circles around it, I pulled harder on my legs, forcing my lower body to push harder against his mouth. His hands were palming my ass cheeks and I felt his thumbs press against each side of my closed opening. As they pressed against me, they pulled away from each other and I could feel the tip of his tongue forcing its way against the tight orifice. Harder and harder it pressed as his thumbs tried to spread me open. I felt tense but tried to concentrate on relaxing. Soon I could sense the tip of his tongue gaining entry, and as it pushed to enter, I pushed against it to aid its insistent penetration. The sensation of his tongue gaining entry was incredible and I thought I must be gushing juices from my cunt. That must have been true as the feeling was incredible and it had to be those juices, running down from my cunt to my ass and around his tongue that provided lubrication, as suddenly I felt a deep penetration. The tip of his nose was now pressing anxiously between my pussy lips and he began exercising his tongue's travel, withdrawing it slightly, then just as quickly pressing it back inside me.

Now with his penetration achieved, he released my cheeks from his hands and reached around my legs so that he could grasp each of my tits. His fingers and thumbs performed marvelous little ballets with my nipples as the oscillation of his tongue inside my ass continued.

Finally the excitement became so intense, I thought I might explode so after holding on as long as I could to relish the intense pleasure, I released my legs and as they dropped back to the bed, my ass pulled away from his face.

He slowly slid his body upwards until his eyes were even with mine, and I felt his tongue slip inside my mouth. I sucked on it as I reached down to take hold of his cock. I found it too was soaked as he had produced an incredible amount of precum. I directed his cock between my pussy lips and he moved against me, his cock slipping into me with ease.

As we kissed and mutually enjoyed the wetness on his face, he began that tantalizingly slow movement in and out of me. We continued that way for several minutes and then I rolled to the side and ended up on top of him. Now it was my turn to control the movement and as I straddled him I increased the pace of the movement. When I sensed he might be close to cumming, I slowed the movement, almost to a stop. I slid down his body and, licked his chest and tummy as I moved. When I reached his cock, wet with precum and my wetness, I engulfed it between my lips. My hands were fondling his balls and I slid one finger back to tease his ass. He began moving, pushing his cock deep inside my mouth, and suddenly speeded up his movement. I held his cock firmly between my lips, and as I pressed my finger against his anus, he suddenly gushed inside me and I felt the spewing of his cock deep in my mouth. I draw back slightly so that only the head of his cock was in my mouth. This let the remainder of his cum flow onto my tongue instead of deep in my throat. I sucked on him drawing every last drop from him and relished the taste of it on my tongue.

Then, with his cum still on my tongue, I slipped his cock from me and lifted his ass so that I could see how my tongue, coated with his cum, could slip inside his ass. It seemed like it would not go until I repeated what he had done to me, spreading the ass cheeks to assist opening him up. Now as I spread him and pushed my tongue, well oiled by his cum, I felt the tip slip in. His body shook as I penetrated him. I repeated what he had done, moving in and out, and then slipped out so that I could take his cock back inside my mouth, swallowing the last of his cum as I did so. We lay still that way for a while, his cock slowly softening inside my mouth.

I slid back up to lay facing him. He played softly with my tits as we both spoke of the intensity of the pleasure we had just enjoyed.

"I've missed that sweet ass of your," he said softly.

"Just my ass?" I questioned, leaning on one elbow to look at him sternly.

"No, of course not," he replied, "I've missed everything, but that ass action by both of us just merits special mention."

"Well your tongue has renewed its acquaintance, but your cock hasn't," I pointed out.

"Not yet, but let me get hard again, and I think that's a marvelous idea."

"And just what will it take to get you hard again?" I asked.

He pushed me so that I was lying on my back again and he rose to one elbow and said, "We can start with this. You know how crazy I am about these great nipples of yours."

Saying that, he lowered his mouth to a nipple and sucked it into his lips. He took the other nipple between his fingers and tugged and stroked, licked and sucked as both nipples remained fully hardened. His other hand reached between my legs and I felt him slip a finger inside me. He caressed me thus for several minutes and then turned his body so that once again he could eat me. He did it in such a way that his cock was now right where I wanted it and I slipped my lips around it. It had already begun to get hard again, and as I held it in my mouth, I had the incredible sensation of feeling it grow to full hardness. My tongue competed with his as we both licked and sucked each other intently.

Once again, he oozed a lot of precum and I delighted in its texture and taste. I knew that he was equally enjoying the texture and taste of me as well.

Finally he sat up and slid off the bed. He motioned for me to lie on my tummy with my ass right at the edge of the bed. I felt him spread my cheeks and once more his tongue licked me and penetrated me. This time, it went in with very little opposition. He replaced his tongue with his finger and he slid in and out of my ass, loosening me for his ultimate penetration. I felt him move close behind me as he slid his finger out. Then there was the pressure of his cock head against me. His hands once again spread me wide and be began pushing against me. As much as I wanted him inside me, my anus didn't seem to want to cooperate, but he was persistent, and suddenly I felt my opening yield and I felt a slight pain as his head pushed inside me.

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