tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 03

Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 03


"Hey tutor girl." Brooke said with a knowing smirk which turned Haley's legs to jelly.

"H, hey." Haley stammered with a blush, unable to look Brooke in the eye, partly because she was embarrassed... and partly because Brooke Davis was standing in the doorway of Peyton Sawyer's house completely naked.

There was a few seconds of sound which felt like an eternity to Haley as she waited politely to be invited in, the whole time wishing either the ground would open up and swallow her or Brooke would pull her inside and fuck her brains out. Ideally the latter although Haley would have probably taken the former over just standing there like an idiot.

"You wanna come in?" Brooke finally asked, Haley rushing past her the moment she stood back, allowing Brooke to shut and lock the door behind them. There was another few seconds of silence, during which Brooke happily notice that Haley couldn't keep her eyes off of her, a fact which made Brooke smile, "See something you like tutor girl?"

Haley blushed, her eyes now drifting down to Brooke's feet.

"I'll take that as a yes." Brooke smirked, before pretending to look thoughtful, "But I guess the real question is, what is innocent little tutor girl doing here? Did she come to study? Maybe teach me or Peyton something? Or did tutor girl come to get tutored?"

Before Brooke could continue her teasing Haley looked up at her, and then totally taking Brooke off guard, quickly closed the distance between them and kissed her roughly on the lips.

Brooke was too shocked to react for a few seconds, then she happily kissed back, more happily surprised than shocked a short while later when Haley pushed her tongue into her welcoming mouth.

The kiss lasted for several minutes, and then while she still had her nerve Haley broke it and gasped, "Do whatever you want with me."

"Be careful tutor girl, I might just take you up on that offer." Brooke smirked.

"Please do." Haley said, "I... I can't stop thinking about you. And Peyton. I can't stop thinking about the two of you together. Or the thought of you two fucking me. And I... I want it so bad. Please Brooke, fuck me. I'll do anything."

Brooke was blown away by Haley's confession. She had hoped to seduce her friend into bed, but she hadn't expected to be so successful so quickly. Damn, she was good.

Unable to resist pushing Haley a little Brooke gave her friend a lustful look, leant forward and then whispered in her ear, "Anything?"

"Anything." Haley gasped, already unbelievably turned on just from one kiss and being so close to the other girl.

"So... you're going to be a good little lesbian fuck toy for me and Peyton?" Brooke pushed.

"Yes." Haley said softly, then adding something she'd never imagined herself saying, "I'll... I'll be a good little lesbian fuck toy."

Again Brooke was surprised as she had expected Haley to just blush in response. She was still blushing of course, but the look in Haley's eyes told Brooke that the other girl meant what she just said, which of course just made Brooke want to push her even more.

"Prove it. Strip for me, right here, right now." Brooke ordered.

Finally it looked like Brooke might have gone too far as Haley really looked apprehensive, "Is... is there anyone else here? Other than Peyton I mean... she is here, isn't she?"

"Maybe." Brooke said playfully, however regret it when she saw Haley become even more apprehensive and quickly changed her tune, "And by maybe I mean no. It's just you, and me, and Peyton... who is a little tied up at the moment."

"Oh... ok." Haley said softly, before she slowly removed her clothes, feeling incredibly awkward and un-sexy despite Brooke's lustful looks at her.

Once Haley was naked Brooke wordlessly took her by the hand and guided her into the house, allowing Haley to get a good look at her ass as they walked up the stairs and headed into Peyton's room.

Haley was a little surprised to see that Peyton was literally a little tied up at the moment, her hands and feet restrained by rope which was interned tied to each corner of the bed, the blonde position sideways on the bed so that her naked body was one perfect display as the two brunettes walked in. As her eyes travelled over her friend's beautiful body, particularly resting on her pussy which was easily accessible thanks to the position, Haley suppose she shouldn't have been surprised given what she knew about Brooke Davis and what she had recently learnt about the other brunette's relationship with her BFF.

Turning to that other brunette Haley found something much less surprising, in fact not also, that being there was a huge smile on Brooke's face.

Just then Haley heard Peyton's voice, "You came."

"Y, yes." Haley stammered, stating the obvious.

"And we're glad you did." Brooke said, again pushing things a bit by gently wrapping her arms around Haley's stomach and pressing her body into the other girl. Haley gasped as Brooke's rock hard nipples dug into her back and Brooke's wet pussy pressed against her ass, but offered no resistance. Pushing things a little further still Brooke gave Haley's neck a few gentle kisses, and then lightly nibbled on her earlobe before whispering in her ear, "I hope the light bondage doesn't freak you out. We haven't gone very far with it, like whips or anything, but it's a real turn on to have someone else completely at your mercy."

Haley didn't think you needed to tie someone up to have them completely at your mercy, after all that was exactly the situation she felt she was in with Brooke. She would have said as much if Brooke's soft lips and gently nipping teeth weren't attacking her neck and thus turning her entire body into a big bowl of jelly.

Brooke continued her teasing from while, her eyes occasionally drifting to Peyton who was watching them intently, obviously wishing she could join in but almost just as happy to watch.

It was extremely tempting for Brooke to just have her way with Haley right then and there with Peyton watching.

Brooke was pretty sure both girls would be happy for her to do so, but as much as she wanted to fuck Haley as her girlfriend watched what Brooke really wanted was for all three of them to have some fun. What she really wanted was an all girl threesome, and what Brooke Davis wanted Brooke Davis got.

She had to be subtle about it though, which was why Brooke took baby steps. First she slipped her hands round to play with Haley's breasts, cupping them and tweaking her nipples until they were as hard as Brooke's were. Then she slid a hand down to play with Haley's pussy lips, sliding her fingertips up and down for several moments until Haley whimpered, "Please Brooke... fuck me."

Not wanting to disappoint Brooke shoved two fingers inside Haley's needy cunt, the other brunette crying out joyfully as her pussy was first invaded and then gently fucked by the skilled fingers of another girl.

The whole time her fingers had been working on tutor girl Brooke had been kissing and nipping Haley's neck and earlobe. When she began finger fucking the other girl Brooke began to grind herself against Haley's soft but firm little ass, once again happily surprised when Haley reacted favourably, this time grinding her ass back into Brooke's pussy which only encouraged Brooke to fuck Haley harder.

When Brooke sense that Haley was getting close she finally whispered in her ear, "You know, if the bondage bothers you, we can untie her... but I was having a lot of fun teasing her before you arrived. I was just about to give her what she wanted too. Maybe you could watch. Or... maybe you could give her what she wants."

Haley bit her lip. Even though she couldn't have imagined it a week ago she wanted too. She... she wanted to give Peyton what she wanted... to lick Peyton's pussy, but first she needed something.

"O... ok, just, just make me cum first. Ok?" Haley whimpered.

"Hm... I don't know. I really love fucking you, and I loved making you cum before, but how do I know you won't run out the door the moment I let you cum?" Brooke question.

"I won't. I promise. I... I'll, I'll lick Peyton's pussy. I'll lick your pussy. I'll do whatever you want, just please make me cum." Haley begged.

Brooke looked thoughtful for a moment, then turned her attention to her girlfriend, "What do you think Peyton? Should I let her cum?"

"Yes." Peyton replied immediately, "Make her cum. Fuck her and make her cum."

Brooke grinned, nibbled on Haley's ear again, and said, "Well, you have Peyton's vote... and it is really hard to resist making you cum, so how about this... I'll let you cum, if you say... you want to be a little lesbian fuck toy."

"I want to be a little lesbian fuck toy." Haley quickly said.

"You want to eat pussy." Brooke said, gently beginning to increase the speed of her finger thrusting.

"I, ohhhh, I want to eat pussy." Haley parroted.

"You want to go down on me and Peyton." Brooke said teasingly as she continued to increase the pace of the finger fucking.

"I want, ahhhh, I want to go down on you and Peyton." Haley said, beginning to hump back against the invading fingers.

"You want to get fucked by me and Peyton." Brooke continued to tease as she began really hammering Haley's honey hole with her fingers.

"I, mmmmmm, I want to get fucked by you and Peyton." Haley moaned, and then added of her own accord, "I want you and Peyton to fuck me. Oh, fuck me, ah, fuck me just like that, ooooooohhhhhhh, harder, ooooooohhhhhhh."

"Tell me you want to cum for me!" Brooke demanded, all teasing gone from her voice as she fucked her friend hard.

"Yeeeeessssss! Fuuuuuccccckkkkk meeeeeee! Fuck me hard and make me cum! Oh, I wanna cum for you Brooke Davis. I wanna cum for another girl." Haley whimpered and moaned, "Ooooohhhhhh Gooooooddddd, I want to cum for you, I want to cum from getting fucked by another girl, mmmmmmmm, I want to... I want to cuuuuuuummmmmmmmm!"

Haley's next words were completely incoherent as Brooke fucked her to an orgasm stronger than any her husband Nathan had ever given her. It made her body quiver and her legs turned to jelly, Brooke's surprisingly strong grip being the only thing that kept Haley on her feet, which was extra impressive considering Brooke fucked Haley right through her orgasm, keeping her friend on her high for as long as possible with continuous hard thrusts before slowly bringing her down from it by gradually slowing the pace.

As she began bringing Haley down from her high Brooke began gently kissing the other girl's neck. When she was sure Haley had recovered Brooke gently nipped at her friend's earlobe and then whispered in her ear, "Well done tutor girl. You just came for me like a good little lesbian fuck toy. But the question is, do you want me to play with you some more, or are you ready to return the favour?"

There was a moment's pause and then Haley quickly turned around in Brooke's arms and shoved her tongue down the other girl's throat. If this wasn't shocking enough innocent little Haley James Scott began gently moving Brooke Davis backwards and slightly sideways, leaving Brooke with barely enough time to kiss back let alone figure out what Haley was trying to do. However Brooke trusted Haley and allowed herself to be moved and then pushed backwards, relieved that she landed in a chair and thus proving her trust was well founded.

About a second after Brooke's ass landed on the chair Haley was kneeling between her thighs with her face buried in Brooke's cleavage.

It wasn't the area Brooke had expected, but then again until a few seconds ago she hadn't expected Haley to be so aggressive. The aggression was an incredible turn on considering Haley was normally so meek, Brooke loving the fact that her friend wasted no time in latching on to her nipples and beginning to suck on them greedily.

"Haley." Brooke moaned huskily, gently pressing the other brunette's head down onto her breast.

At the sound of her name Haley sucked harder and even brought her hands into the mix, at first just cupping Brooke's tits, but quickly moving on to squeezing them affectionately and then tweaking whichever nipple she wasn't sucking on with which ever available hand.

With such positive results Brooke could only continue moaning Haley's name which resulted in a tongue beginning to circle and flick her nipples in between sucks, Haley becoming rougher and rougher until just as suddenly as she began she stopped, her lips travelling downwards and not stopping until she reached her destination. Even then she didn't stop, Haley's tongue immediately shooting out of her mouth and sliding over the soft, wet flesh in front of her, obviously not interested in savouring the moment.

However Brooke savoured the moment as much as she possibly could, at the moment innocent, and honestly a little dorky, Haley James Scott licked her first pussy. For the first time Haley James Scott was going down on another girl, the girl in question just happening to be the notorious Brooke Davis... who despite being Tree Hill's poster girl for sex found herself bold over by this moment.

"Oh God tutor girl... Haley, mmmmmmmm, Hales, oooooooohhhhhhhh..." Brooke moaned, repeating Haley's name and her nicknames over and over again as her friend lapped at her pussy like a hungry kitty with a saucer of milk.

Haley didn't have Peyton's experience but she made up for it with surprising eagerness which only seemed to increase with every lick. Eventually Haley even began to experiment with how she licked, Brooke crying out joyfully as she felt Haley beginning to slide her tongue around her pussy lips as well as up and down them. Shortly after this Brooke cried out joyfully again as Haley began licking her clit, just a few gentle laps at first as her tongue was making her way round her pussy, and then with longer, firmer strokes.

As Haley really started to get the hang of licking pussy Brooke was finding it increasingly difficult to keep her mouth shut. She loved talking dirty during sex, but she didn't want to break Haley's concentration or worse scare her off. So after it became clear she could no longer trust her mouth Brooke started biting down hard on her lip to keep the naughty words from coming out. It just about worked, but only because Brooke was biting almost hard enough to draw blood.

Still wanting to encourage her friend Brooke reached down and began gently stroking Haley's hair affectionately, at first subtlely trying to move the other girl's position so she was licking in certain places, and then not so subtlely as Brooke began to get very used to the feeling of Haley's tongue against her entrance and her clit.

Ironically as she became used to having Haley's tongue in those places Brooke found she could no longer control her own tongue, "Oooooohhhhhh yeeeessssss, oh Hales, oh my God, fuck, fuck me, yes, mmmmmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck me tutor girl! Mmmmmmmm, lick my pussy. Yes, lick my pussy just like that you little slut. Oooooooh, yeah, lick my pussy you naughty little cunt lapping dyke."

To Brooke's delight not only did Haley only keep gently lapping her snatch, but she slowly began to increase the force of her licks.

Taking this as a sign that she could say whatever she wanted Brooke gleefully let loose with the dirty talk, "Mmmmmmm, that's it you carpet munching little queer girl, eat my fucking pussy! Fuck, get your cute little lesbian face as deep in my fucking cunt as you can! Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah, you like this don't you, you nasty little muff diver! Oooooooooh, you like me talking dirty to you while you've got your pretty little face buried between my thighs? Yes you do, mmmmmmm, yeah, oh, innocent little tutor girl loves being told what a slut she is, while she's lapping away at a nice juicy pussy like the lesbo ho she is. Aaaaaah fuck, no, not just a slut or a ho, mmmmmmm, tutor girl is a little lesbian fuck toy. Tutor girl is my little lesbian fuck toy. Isn't that right Hales?"

"Yes, I'm your little lesbian fuck toy Brooke. I'm Brooke Davis's little lesbian fuck toy." Haley said submissively, only briefly moving away from Brooke's cunt to deliver this message before going right back to work on the wet love hole in front of her.

"And you're Peyton's little lesbian fuck toy too aren't you?" Brooke grinned as she glanced over at Peyton, and then frowned as Haley just nodded in response, "Tell her tutor girl. Tell my girlfriend what you are."

Wasting no time Haley pulled her face out from between Brooke's legs to look behind her at the blonde, "I'm Peyton Sawyer's little lesbian fuck toy. I'm Peyton Sawyer's and Brooke Davis's little lesbian fuck toy."

"Good girl, ohhhhhh, good little lesbian fuck toy. You can go back to licking my pussy now." Brooke told her friend, guessing Haley would've probably done so anyway, the only difference being that after her words Haley blushed a little before burying her face back in Brooke's twat. Grinning and stroking Haley's hair again Brooke looked over at Peyton and said, "Mmmmmm, Hales looks so good between my thighs, don't you think P Sawyer?"

"Uh-huh." Peyton replied nonchalantly, her focus still very much on Haley.

Peyton was just as surprised as Brooke how quickly and easily it had been to get innocent little married girl Haley James Scott on her knees licking pussy. Also just like her girlfriend Peyton was enjoying it, although not nearly as much. This was mainly because she was reaping the benefits of Haley's tongue, which if Brooke's moans were anything to go by was doing a great job, but honestly Peyton was feeling a little jealous.

This was something she'd agreed to do, and it was beyond hot to see her sweet, innocent friend with her head in between her girlfriend's legs, but at the same time Brooke was her girlfriend. Hers. So the jealousy was a natural reaction, one which Peyton couldn't really help, or ignore. But she knew Brooke loved her and this was just a little meaningless sex. Well, not meaningless. More like, educational sex. She and Brooke were tutoring tutor girl, showing her there was more than just the 'normal' type of sex Nathan Scott had to offer. Or at least they would if Brooke ever untied her.

Of course Peyton knew that her girlfriend had no intention of untying her any time soon, not when Brooke had Haley James Scott's mouth and tongue all to herself. So Peyton just watched and enjoyed it the show which was in front of her and tried not to think about how much she'd like to join it.

"Fuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkk yeeeeeesssssss yoooooouuuuuu fuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg dyyyyykkkkeeeee!" Brooke screamed as Haley suddenly pushed her tongue inside her cunt. After this initial reaction the pleasure didn't necessarily decrease but Brooke recovered enough of her wits to groan, "Yeeeeesssss! Fuck me you nasty little dyke bitch! Fuck my pussy with your little lezzie tongue! Oh, mmmmmmmmm, yes, tongue fuck me like the good little lesbian fuck toy you are Haley. Tongue fuck me good. Mmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, just like that, ohhhhhhh, fuck! Ha, if only your husband could see you now."

These last words, more than any other Brooke had used, cut through Haley like a knife. They made her imagine what would happen if Nathan stumbled across her in between Brooke's thighs in the same way she had found Peyton going down on Brooke. She could just picture the look on his face. The betrayal. Oh, how she'd rather the ground swallow her up than for that to ever happen.

Of course Haley was betraying him right now. She was cheating on him. She had cheated on him before with the same woman she had been frantically tongue fucking up until a few moments, and even as these horrifying thoughts went through her body she ached to continue the tongue fucking. But it was more than that. She needed too. Haley needed to keep fucking Brooke Davis, so much so that after only a few seconds of thinking about her husband Haley couldn't stop herself from beginning to thrust her tongue in and out of Brooke's pussy again, which of course only had Brooke grinning in triumph.

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