tagLoving WivesTwas the Night before Christmas

Twas the Night before Christmas


"Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house"

Linda was arranging a few low-hanging decorations.

"Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse"

They were askew, probably after having been pushed aside by curious kids checking out the presents under the tree.

"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care"

She had just rescued a richly decorated glass ornament from an uncertain fate on the floor when she sensed a pair of hungry eyes taking in her curves. With a smile she rose to her feet and turned around with a sassy swing of the hips.

"In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there"

"Well hello Santa," she cooed in mock surprise at the iconic figure in the doorway to the living room.

"HO HO HO," sounded the merry response.

"Are you quoting TxRad or are you just happy to see me?" Linda purred doing her best Jessica Rabbit impersonation.

She was thrilled to notice that Ken had gone all out with the outfit, including the obligatory padded stomach and of course the bushy white beard. The motorcycle goggles were a nice touch too. But it was the sight of a familiar outline on the front of Santa's red pants that made her feel a surge of excitement. That thing was definitely not padding and confirmed her assumption that the night before Christmas was going to be a very pleasurable night indeed.

Santa clearly liked what he saw as well. Admitted, Linda's attire was less authentic than his own, but the bright red lingerie with the short fur-lined silk skirt would give even a polar bear the chills. And if that wasn't enough, she was positive that the red garter and stockings would do the trick. Ken had always been a garter-man and the growing bulge told her that nothing had changed in that respect.

"Just wait till he realizes that this outfit didn't come with panties," she mused to herself while walking seductively towards him.

A month of abstinence!

Yes, that was the agreement in order to heighten the sexual tension for this special night of cosplay, but Linda feared they might have over-done it a bit. She was SO fucking horny she just wanted to rip the stupid beard off him, drill her tongue down his throat and jump him like a rabid bitch in heat. But she managed to gather enough willpower to stay in character. The Ken-jumping would happen soon enough.

She knelt down in front of the imposing figure.

"I'm afraid Mrs. Claus isn't in today. But as your faithful elf it will be my pleasure to assist you with anything you may need. Do you have any needs I can assist you with Santa?"

Ken looked down at the petite elf kneeling before him and the edges of his beard moved as the familiar laughter filled the room -- this time with a shrill and desperate edge to it.

"HO HO HO..."

"Please keep it down Santa," Linda the elf said in an urgent voice. "We don't want to wake up the kids!"

Not that that was very likely to happen. After having spent a long day engaged in various outdoor Christmas activities the brood would probably sleep through a Metallica concert. But why risk it? No kid should have its childhood memories tainted by the vision of Santa fucking the shit out of one of his elves. And if they - God forbid - were to recognize their parents it would probably mean life long therapy. No, better not tempt fate.

Ken seemed to share his wife's concern and immediately muted his Christmassy guffaws.

Her worries assuaged Linda returned her attention to the enticing bulge in Santa's pants.

"Your trusty elf is hungry Santa. She needs a bite of this delicious Yule log very much"

She leaned into his groin and nibbled at the growing bulge. Santa emitted an audible groan as she commenced to slide her teeth along the hard cucumber'esque outline in the fabric. She was amazed at how big and hard he felt.

"That frustrating month of celibacy might actually have been worth it," she thought to herself in joyful anticipation.

Provided of course that he didn't go off prematurely.

Or maybe even exploded in her mouth or hand before she got to feel this wonderful thing inside her.

No, that would never do. Ken was a great lover with iron control, but he was also a man with powerful needs who hadn't had sex for an extended period of time. Linda immediately discarded the idea of a long oral foreplay. She loved having him in her mouth, but not as much as she loved having him in certain other places. And she could tell from his rapid breathing that she would have to choose this time.

Linda made her choice and rose.

"Ohh Santa," she said with a naughty smile. "I think there is a problem with the back of my dress. You wouldn't mind taking a closer look, would you? Please?"

Without waiting for an answer she turned and bent over the armrest of the couch. Almost immediately she felt a hand pushing between her legs from behind, tentatively caressing her sensitive upper thighs.

Now it was Linda's turn to breathe faster as the enquiring hand began sliding slowly back and forth along the entrance to her most sensitive area, and when she felt his probing thumb entering her warm wetness she barely managed to stifle a scream.

"Wow Santa! " she whispered. "You are so good to your trusty elf."

Linda felt his hand continue its massage of her entrance, but now with the added stimulation of her inner g-spot by his thumb. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling. After fifteen years of marriage Ken could play her body like a fiddle, and boy did he play!

His other hand wandered slowly up her back, tracing the outline of her spine through the silky fabric. As it reached the nape of her neck Ken took a firm grip in her hair and without warning the slow gentle massage turned into a fast and powerful finger fucking.

The sudden assault of intense stimulation caused Linda to yelp in surprise but her outcry was immediately muffled as Ken pushed her forward into the couch. For a second she fought to get out of the undignified position, but then resigned and succumbed to the rapidly building tension in her sex-starved body.

Oh she knew exactly what he was doing of course. G-spot orgasms are immensely satisfying but also really really wet, which was exactly why they only ever did this on the bed with a protective towel. Except today apparently. Not that Linda had much choice in the matter. Thanks to the skilled hand between her legs driving her inexorably towards climax the unprotected couch was heading for some embarrassing stains in the very near future.

"And who gives a crap anyway?" Linda thought with a mental shrug. She couldn't remember having been this needy before in her entire life, so screw the couch!

She felt the orgasm building in her abdomen like a pressure cooker ready to blow and it was an explosion she was looking forward to with the outmost anticipation. It tingled in her entire body... she was almost there...

The hand stopped.

"Wh... what? KEN! Please! I was so close. Don't get tired now. Come ON!"

Linda felt the sweet tension trickle away and turn to unreleased frustration. She began struggling against Ken's grip.

"Let me up goddammit!" she sneered. "Let me... huh... ohhhhh..."

The hand between her legs resumed it's rapid movements and Linda forgot everything about getting up, focusing instead on her body that was once again rushing towards a climax. A climax she needed SO badly. But just as the pent-up tension started spreading through her body as a pre-orgasmic tingling the hand between her legs stopped again.

Santa bent down and she heard a whisper next to her ear:


Linda was livid with frustration. An entire month without sex and the bastard was edging her! SHIT!

"Ken you fucker!" she sneered as loud as she dared.

The only answer was a low "Ho Ho Ho", and then the hand between her legs started moving again and her brain fogged up.

After what seemed like hours, but according to the clock on the mantle had been barely twenty minutes, Linda had lost track of how many times Ken had brought her close, only to cheat her out of release in the last possible moment. Her body was drenched in sweat and shaking with raw lust... when the hand moved between her legs it sounded like somebody running through a puddle of water.

She had given up protesting and only managed to muster a tortured moan of discontent every time she was cheated. Ken seemed to know exactly when to stop right on the cusp of orgasm without ever pushing her over the point of no return. It was a precarious balance because all her nerve-endings were on a hair trigger, but he was manipulating her body with the expert skills and familiarity of an experienced lover.

She was so far gone that she hardly noticed Ken's hand moving out from between her legs. Nor did she pay much attention when he shifted his position. But when he suddenly plunged his cock all the way inside, her world shook and crumbled to pieces.

A month worth of sexual tension, amplified by the relentless teasing, came washing over her like a wave of orgiastic bliss. Linda was swept away in the fuck of a lifetime and for a while nothing mattered except Ken's hard cock and what it did to her. He felt bigger and harder than ever before and between bone shattering orgasms she paid a silent homage to her wonderful man, his powerful libido and his unquenchable desire for her.

Ken pounded her like a machine, ravishing her pussy with no finesse or regard for the tender flesh, and Linda was enjoying every second of it. Despite his obvious excitement his stamina was impressive and he was holding nothing back.

But all good things must come to an end and eventually she could feel him beginning to succumb to his own desire. He was plowing into her with increasing force, the power of each thrust sending rays of sweet chills up her spine, and then all of a sudden, with a final expulsion of hot breath, he pushed all the way inside and froze.

Linda felt rhythmic movements in the part of his stomach pressing against her ass and knew he was climaxing. It flashed through her mind that his ejaculation must be colossal after an entire month without release. The thought triggered her own orgasm and for the umphtienth time that night her body jerked in spasms of pleasure.

Ken relinquished his grip and pulled his semi-flaccid manhood out of Linda. As it exited her moist vaginal embrace with a slurping sound she fell limply forward on the couch, completely spent. Never before had she felt this drained, exhausted and utterly satisfied. It was as if she had just run a marathon... uphill... with a hundred pound backpack. Linda's only remaining wish for this Christmas was to snuggle up to her beloved Ken and sleep for a day or two. Or maybe a week.

Then she heard something that made her blood run cold.


"Ready or not. Here I cooome," Ken's voice sounded from upstairs.

"Ken? Upstairs? How the fuck? He was right here a second ago!"

As Linda fought to push herself up from the couch with adrenal fatigued muscles, her mind was racing with questions. And she didn't like any of the answers it came up with. How the hell could Ken be upstairs when he had just... oh shit... this could be bad.

She heard the front door slamming and staggered to the window as fast as her wobbly legs allowed. A row of boot prints in the fresh snow guided her eyes to a large shape dressed in red, clearly visible in the pale moonlight as it left the front yard and disappeared behind the fence. She kept staring like hypnotized and her disbelief turned to horror when the upper part of a large sleigh passed the gate opening. Linda covered her mouth to stifle a cry of shock and for the first time in her life she truly understood the meaning of the expression "getting your mind blown."

The sound of footsteps on the stairs roused her from her trance and she made a hurried attempt to smoothen her dress and flatten her hair.

"HO HO HO," Ken laughed happily as he entered the room with a sweeping gesture like an actor entering the stage.

He had foregone the beard and instead of a full Santa-suit settled for a red robe. The protruding hardness in the front told her that he was naked underneath.

"Ever the practical guy," she though sadly. "What the hell do I do now?"

A stint in the Army is bound to influence the way you handle a crisis, and despite primarily having served as the company clerk Linda had retained the tactical mindset of a soldier.

Buy time to assess the problem. Identify your options. Pick the optimal victory solution. Execute.

In girl-lingo "buying time" means going to the ladies room so that's what she decided to do.

"Sorry hon," Ken said apologetically and planted a kiss on her lips. "The brood kept me reading stories for much longer than I expected. Must be the excitement about tomorrow. But they're both sound asleep now. "

"And you're ready to play with their mom, eh?" Linda replied seductively and grabbed his cock in a firm grip.

"Oh yeah. Better believe it!" he gasped.

"Well, then get comfy stud. Said mom just needs a quick trip to the bathroom and she will be all yours."

She blew him a kiss and left the room doing her best to avoid telegraphing the fact that she could hardly stand, let alone walk. She succeeded through sheer willpower.


Linda stripped and grabbed a hand-mirror to inspect her private parts.

Ken was skilled with his mouth and reveled in using it on her, so she suspected that he planned on prolonging their lovemaking session by spending time with his head between her legs. A plan that under normal circumstances would meet her definite approval. But these were hardly normal circumstances, so she figured she'd better inspect the playground thoroughly first.

And it was NOT looking good.

What she saw could best be described as a well-fucked pussy. Everything was soaked in a white foamy substance, her protruding labia were red and swollen and her vaginal opening was... well... open. Frustrated she tried closing it with two fingers but it was simply lacking the elasticity to stay that way.

"How big WAS that thing?" Linda wondered. "This has never happened to me before..."

Either way there was no mistaking the fact that she had recently been fucked in a major way. And on top of that she was sore as hell. A soreness she normally wouldn't have minded since it was the result of awesome, mind blowing sex, but this pussy was SO done for tonight. I had been used to capacity and so had the rest of her.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Apparently she had somehow cuckolded Ken with... a myth? A goddamned Christmas elf from the North Pole?

"NOT NOW! Pull your shit together Linda. There are times to freak out, but this ain't one of them."

Yes she was still weirded out, but there would be time to ponder that conundrum later. Right now she needed to figure out how to keep this horrible mess away from her husband if in any way possible. Or maybe she should come clean? Tell it like it was?

"Sorry honey but I just had the shit fucked out of me by Santa Claus."

Yeah, THAT would go over really well. Might as well spare the process server the trip and pick up the divorce papers herself. No, it was absolutely imperative to keep Ken in the dark until she could figure out what the hell had happened.

And unfortunately that scenario involved having sex - shredded pussy be damned.

She pondered her options. Luckily she hadn't shaved for a while so she could shampoo her bush and fluff it up so it would obscure the view a bit. And didn't guys use ice cold showers as a way of dealing with embarrassing penile perils? Maybe that could work for a woman too? An ice cold shower in the middle of winter didn't seem quite right, but her marriage was at stake so what choice did she have?

Linda stepped into the shower and cranked the water all the way to cold.


In the kitchen Ken had just poured himself a glass of beer when he heard a series of loud gasping screams from the bathroom.

"What the fuck is that crazy gal doing in there?" he thought to himself.

Ken loved his Linda more than anything. No man could wish for a better wife, but she sure could be a little spacey sometimes. He sat down in his favorite recliner and took a large swig of beer. His hard cock was pointing out from the robe and begged attention.

"Patience old friend," he mumbled. "I know you've been starving but tonight you will get to bury your head in prime grade pussy. I promise."

He took another sip.

"And here I am talking to my cock. Guess it's true what they say about guys losing their mind if they don't get sex for a while."


Linda almost felt like her old self when she rejoined her husband in the living room. Nothing makes you feel fresh and new like a shower -- especially an ice cold one. But the fact remained that she was completely fucked-out and couldn't remember ever having felt less like having sex. She was sore, spent, satisfied and basically just wanted to cuddle up and go to sleep.

But a wife's gotta do what a wife's gotta do. She gathered her resolve and knelt down in front of Ken.

"I see that Santa brought a gift for his trusty elf," she whispered seductively and grabbed his protruding manhood. "A biiig yummy gift."

This was HER cock. HER territory. She knew how it felt and how it responded - every bump, every bulging vein and the irregularly shaped head... all of it was her home turf by right of a long and happy marriage. More importantly, she knew exactly how to push the buttons of the man attached to it. Maybe this could be over fast.

When Ken felt her deep throating him, he leaned back in the chair and groaned with pleasure from the intense enjoyment of his wife's skilled mouth. It was tempting to let go right away, but it had been a friggin month! No he definitely wanted more than a blowjob tonight -- even if this was a very good one.

Ken pushed Linda's head away and started to rise. She stopped him.

"I need to feel you inside me honey. I've been without this wonderful cock for too long."

She pushed him back in the chair and sat astride him. His cock slid inside her with almost no resistance.

"Jesus honey. You're soaked," Ken exclaimed. "Been a while for you too, huh? Are you Father Christmas' horny bitch?"

Linda didn't reply but shut him up with a deep kiss, hoping her blushing went unnoticed. She felt terrible on so many levels and just wanted the whole thing over with. Worse yet, she couldn't feel him at all except for a sting of pain every time their pubic areas bumped together. She tried squeezing around his cock, but for once her well-trained vaginal muscles failed to respond. She felt loose like an old two-dollar hooker and the painkillers from the bathroom didn't do much to numb the soreness.

Linda could tell that Ken was doing his best to hold out and make it good for her, which made her feel even more disgusted with herself. This had to end sooner than soon and she knew exactly how to expedite matters. She slipped out of the flimsy Christmas negligee so her hard nipples were at level with Ken's face and began grinding his cock while moaning loudly.

For a man who hadn't had sex for a month Ken had amazing control, but even the mighty Hercules had his limits. With a roar of pleasure, muffled by one of Linda's breasts, Ken finally lost his stamina and emptied his load inside her.

And for the first time ever Linda faked an orgasm with her husband.


On Christmas morning the whole house was alive with the cozy chaos of family frenzy. The kids jumped out of bed early and attacked their stockings without mercy and a little later, after being joined by Ken and Linda, it was time to raid the big pile of gifts under the tree.

Remote controlled cars and helicopters seemed to be the hot item this year, and soon their poor dog was running for it's life being chased by a black Hummer and an AH-64 Apache attack chopper. Ken was admiring his new stylish Louis Vuitton tie while Linda was on the on the phone with aunt Etta.

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