tagLoving Wives'Twas The Night Before Christmas

'Twas The Night Before Christmas


'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, only beautiful young Sadie was stirring. She was sitting before the fireplace giving her baby his 2 AM feeding. As the cooing infant suckled, the beautiful young mother reflected on the good fortune of her life.

Blessed with physical beauty, Sadie was a total dream girl. An all natural, pure platinum blond with big, deep-blue eyes and a heart-stopping, girl-next-door smile, Sadie was gorgeous. She was tall at 5'10", with long, lean legs that led up to the cutest, tightest little ass imaginable. Her upper torso was equally eye-catching, feature a nice, perky set of C-cup titties. Weighing only a trim 115 pounds, the sexy young blond had a nicely-toned body. At 32C-22-32, Sadie had the perfect body to match her striking face.

With such gifts, Sadie was the most popular girl in high school -- head cheerleader, homecoming queen, prom queen. Practically courted by every boy in town, Sadie opted for Mark, the shy, straight-A bookworm rather than the arrogant jocks. He was a sweet, nice boy who treated her like a queen, and his gentle demeanor endeared the teen beauty.

The teen lovers continued their romance after high school, tying the knot the very soon after graduation. To make ends meet, the sexy young blonde took a job at Hooters, earning a fortune in tips just by flashing her perfect smile and jiggling her perky, bouncy boobs in her tight, skimpy tank top. Mark, on the other hand, went to college and got his computer science degree at the local university. He landed a solid IT job with one of the best firms in town, allowing his beautiful young bride to retire her skimpy Hooters tank top and tight orange short shorts, much to the disappointment of her horny male customers.

Sadie was on cloud 9. She deeply loved Mark and loved everything about their new lives together as husband and wife. The busty young beauty thought everything was perfect. However, what she didn't realize at that time, was that there was one key facet of their lives that fell considerably short -- sex. Since both were virgins when they met and never experienced anyone else but each other, Sadie never knew what good sex was supposed to be like. Having never experienced an orgasm, she considered it normal to not have one during love-making. She always faked it with Mark, since it made her beloved groom feel like he was "Da Man" with his pseudo sexual prowess. Sadie smiled at his bravado, and didn't really mind not hitting that big "O". It was her wifely duty to stroke his ego, she figured, and she would do anything for Mark's happiness.

Now, at the young age of 23, Sadie had given Mark a son. It wasn't an easy feat to accomplish, since Mark had a much smaller than average penis, about three inches or so, she surmised. The sexy young wife didn't mind, however. His little penis looked so cute to her, and she considered his small size perfectly suited to the gentle way he made love. Like the size of his manhood, Mark's ejaculation was also small, with a sperm count that was measly at best. His tiny penis made it practically impossible for poor Mark to properly seed his bride. The superior male he definitely was not. However, with the help of a good fertility specialist and the science of artificial insemination, Sadie was able to bear his child.

In the three months since her baby's birth, the beautiful Mom worked out like crazy to lose her pregnancy fat and regain her sexy young form. Sadie's hard work paid off, and her gorgeous body returned, looking exactly how it was before getting pregnant.

Well... It didn't look QUITE exactly how it was before... there was one big thing that definitely changed... um... make that two big things... Sadie's tits exploded! As nice as they were at 32C, Sadie's beautiful boobs grew to a phenomenal 34DDD! Big and fat, but still quite firm and buoyant despite their heftiness, the blonde's tits were perfect. Sadie's incredible body, now measuring at a spectacular 34DDD-22-32, was simply magnificent! The young, big-titted blonde had the type of body that could make any teenage boy rip right through puberty in a single day!

"34DDD!" Sadie mused to herself, as she nursed her baby, "And still firm and bouncy... Every man's dream!" she giggled. It was then that she noticed her little one had fallen asleep. The young mother put him back in his crib and returned to sit before the fireplace again, next to the Christmas tree. The top of Sadie's nightie was open, and her big, milk-filled tits were bobbing freely in the night air. The busty Mom cupped her big boobs, gauging their fullness and weight in her slender hands. "Mmmm" she sighed softly. They were still so full of milk; she'll have to pump them out before returning to bed.

Suddenly, there was a sound. Something was coming down the chimney. Could it be? Out popped Santa! It was definitely him alright. The red coat... The white beard... The big belly... The...

"Ho, ho.... Holly shit!" gasped Santa, as his merry eyes spotted the young blonde's big, beautiful tits. The spectacular pair of triple-D beauties bounced and jiggled enticingly with Sadie's surprise at seeing him, and her precious mother's milk dribbled from her erect, little teats. Jolly 'ol St. Nick couldn't believe his eyes. Many a time he had climbed down a chimney with a bag full of gifts, only to find a plate full of cookies and a tall glass of fresh milk waiting for him. He always loved when people did that, and it made him feel truly appreciated.

But it was not to be on this Christmas, for right here in front of him was something else entirely. Instead of cookies, he was presented with something he never thought he'd encounter... a beautiful, scantily-clad young woman! If the plate of cookies wasn't there this time, the fresh milk most certainly was... only this time he'd have to fetch the milk himself directly from the source... the sexy young blonde's big, beautiful tits! "My God... what a perfect set of titties!" Kris Kringle muttered to himself.

"Oh Santa!" Sadie gasped in surprise. "I can't believe it's really..."

"Shhhh, my Dear." Santa hushed in his grandfatherly way. "It's been such a long and busy night, and your house is my last stop before heading home. How about you give me a present tonight?"

"Oh of course," piped the busty, young woman, "Anything Santa!"

With that, the bearded fellow dropped his bag of gifts, removed his gloves, and approached the big-titted blonde. As he knelt before her, pretty Sadie caught a glimpse of a huge bulge in his crotch, and it shocked her.

"Oh my... Santa's got a boner!" she thought. It was then that the young blonde remembered that she was practically naked in front of this elderly fat man, with her triple-D beauties on display. Sadie knew this was not a good situation to be in, but before she could react, jolly 'ol St. Nick had reached out to her and completely removed her skimpy top.

"Oh bless you child," Santa breathed in awe, as he gawked at Sadie's lovely young tits, thrusting out so proudly from her slender chest in all of their magnificent, naked glory. With trembling hands, the jolly, grandfatherly man gingerly cupped and caressed her beautiful tits.

"Oooh!" Squealed Sadie in surprise, as naughty Santa felt her up.

"My God... What a pair!" Santa murmured. He grew brazen in his tit-play, and like a dirty old pervert, jolly 'ol St. Nick openly fondled and groped her bouncy boobs. The young set of titties was so firm despite their enormous size, and they seemed even bigger in his overflowing hands. He couldn't believe that such a young, slender girl could have tits of such magnitude, and milk dribbled out, wetting his trembling hands as he played with them.

The busty young wife and mother was totally caught off-guard, and she simply sat there not knowing what to do. All the while, this fat, old man -- Santa Claus!!! -- was getting busy with her tits! This was all too much for Sadie to process. She was a happily-married woman and a mother to a newborn baby, yet all she could do was simply sit there stunned, letting this dirty old man fondle and grope her. And not just any old man... THIS WAS SANTA CLAUS!!!

Horny Santa buried his face in Sadie's magnificent cleavage and began smothering her big boobs all over his elderly face. His long, white beard tickled her, eliciting cute, sexy giggles from the gorgeous young girl. Santa licked and slobbered all over Sadie's succulent tit-flesh, using his panting tongue to lap up the sweet mother's milk dripping all over the supple globes. The naughty old man focused his tongue on one particular stream of sweet tit-juice, and followed its milky path with his tongue back to its source. Fixing his soft lips to the leaking nipple, the fat old pervert hungrily sucked out Sadie's squirting milk.

"Ahhhh...mmmm..." the pretty, young Mom mewled with the lovely pleasure of release, as Santa sucked her tit-milk, his trembling hands squeezing and groping her magnificent udders. "Oh Santa..." The busty young mother couldn't believe what a naughty, dirty old man good 'ol St. Nick truly was!

Sadie's beloved husband Mark barely touched her since she had gotten pregnant. Having a baby changed everything for him, and he now saw her more as mother to his son rather than his wife and lover. He loved her big breasts and considered them beautiful, but the lactation part turned him off. The lack of affection from her groom, no matter how sub-par the sex always was, left the nubile young woman overly-ripe for a man's touch. Too bad for the well-being of the young couple's marriage that the much-needed magical touch came from a man outside their marriage. And that man was doing more than just merely touching!

Santa Claus, unlike the girl's foolish young husband, had a much different outlook on things. The jolly icon so commonly associated with the most wonderful time of the year was relegated down to not much more than a dirty old fat man. Such was the power of a young, succulent pair of big, beautiful tits, and Sadie's drove him mad with lust. The triple-D beauties awakened a long-dormant tit-fetish that was buried deep within his subconscious, and that sexual fetish came roaring to the surface with a vengeance. He knew that the opportunity to be with a young babe as hot as this chick, with gorgeous tits filled with precious mother's milk, was an extremely rare opportunity that millions of men would kill for.

In his perverted gluttony for fresh tit-milk, naughty Santa fondled and groped Sadie's large boobs, his wrinkled hands shaking with excitement from playing with the sexy blonde's young, supple tit-flesh. As he feverishly sucked on her erect, milk-squirting teat, he used his lapping tongue to softly caress and tease the girl's aroused nipple.

"Ohhhhh... Ahhhh...." purred the love-starved wife. "Mmmmm... yeah... suck my tits Baby..." The busty young blonde had no idea that tit-sucking could be so erotic. The young wife knew this was wrong, but she couldn't deny her pleasure, despite being married to Mark. The incredible sensations were turning her on, and she knew in the back of her mind that she had lost all control of this perverted situation. Gorgeous young Sadie was completely at the mercy of this fat, dirty old man... Santa Claus!

After feasting on one beautiful tit, good 'ol St. Nick switched to suck the other tit, and he eventually began alternating between them after every few sucks. The girl was like a walking dairy, thought the dirty old man, as her big tits kept filling his ravenous mouth with tit-juice. Her fresh milk was sweet and delicious, easily Grade-A quality... "Or more like Grade-DDD quality!" he thought wickedly. Each magnificent tit was perfect, and he had a hard time deciding which one to suck. It was as if he wanted to suck both tits at the same time and smother his face in their perfection. His indecision was a problem that any man would love to have.

When Santa stood up, finally quenching his thirst, he felt agony coming from his tight crotch. In his lusty, tit-sucking fever, the jolly old man hadn't noticed how bloated and stiff his cock had become. It was so hard, Santa wondered if the girl had somehow spiked her tit-milk with Viagra. It hurt, being trapped in his pants, and he needed relief in the worst way.

Sadie's big blue eyes noticed it too, and the bulging of Santa's crotch captivated her. His cock couldn't be that big, could it? It looked like it was throbbing in his pants, and the expression on the old man's face told her that he badly needed to get his rocks off.

Clouded with mixed feelings, the busty young wife wasn't thinking clearly. The fact that she was being terribly naughty with a man other than her beloved hubby didn't seem all that big of a deal to her at this time. She should have been shocked and outraged at being so lewdly used by this dirty old fat man, but Mark's lack of affection combined with the old pervert's brazen molestation of her tits aroused her beyond her better judgment. And what was crazy about this situation was that this pervert wasn't just any old man.

This was Santa Clause, the kind, jolly old man who worked tirelessly every Christmas Eve to bring joy to children around the World. She even remembered receiving many gifts from him herself growing up as a young girl. Now here she was giving him happiness in return. The pure joy in his merry eyes as he played with her beautiful, triple-D tits melted her young heart. And being able to quench his thirst, after an exhausting night of delivering presents, with her precious mother's milk sucked fresh from her beautiful tits, filled her with pride. It was okay, her twisted logic told her, to offer her womanly charms to this wonderful man who was not her chosen husband... THIS WAS SANTA CLAUS!

To Sadie, Santa's tit-sucking felt incredible, worlds different from Mark's clumsy fumbling, and she was really grateful that he relieved the weighty pressure of her milk. In a sincere show of gratitude, the sexy young blonde reached out her delicate hand to softly caress the throbbing bulge in Santa's pants. Kris Kringle tensed at her touch, and this confirmed the old man's need for relief. The pretty young wife deftly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his fly. As she pulled his red pants down, Sadie got the shock of her young life.

"Oh my God!" The busty young Mom gasped, as Santa's big, bloated cock popped out. It was fucking huge! The only penis Sadie had ever seen was that of her husband Mark. Now for the very first time in her young life, she was face-to-face with another penis. Only this wasn't merely a penis... it was a COCK! A rock-solid, big, fat, massive cock. A real man's cock. The young wife was shocked. Never in her wildest dreams did she think a cock could be like this. She now realized how utterly pathetic Mark's little boy-penis really was. COCK! Santa had a cock! And this jolly 'ol fat man had the type of cock that a real man was supposed to have.

As taken-aback that Santa was with her big, 34DDD tits, Sadie was taken-aback by Santa's massive cock. It looked to her to be easily as big as a ruler, and it was super thick. It was a beautiful-looking specimen, stiff and straight as a pipe, and perfectly shaped and symmetrical. The huge fuck-pole bobbed with urgency in front of her beautiful, blue-eyed face, as sticky pre-cum oozed copiously from the large, gaping slit on the bulbous head. If Sadie was blessed with the perfect set of tits, then Santa was blessed with the perfect cock to match her.

"Oh wow... Your cock is so big!" Sadie whispered, as she instinctively reached out to grasp it. Its pre-cum-coated girth overwhelmed her trembling hands, and as she caressed her hands up and down along its throbbing stiffness, she felt a sense of power emanating from the massive love muscle. That's exactly what it was, the stacked young mother thought. It was very muscular, just like a body-builder's biceps. Slick with pre-cum, her slimy hand smoothly glided up and down feeling the taut, muscular definition of Santa's super cock. "How can a man your age have a cock like this? It feels so powerful!"

"Oh girl..." horny Santa moaned. "Oh sweet child..."

Sadie slid one hand down and cupped Santa's heavy balls. Like his big cock, they were equally impressive. Big, fat, bloated balls... "I bet he could cum a bucket with these babies," she wondered. Stroking his big, fat cock and fondling his big, fat balls, pretty Mom couldn't let go of the horny old man's magnificent fuck organs.

"Oh yeah," Santa breathed, as the sexy young wife played with his cock. It's been such a long time. Mrs. Claus passed away decades ago, and she was quite homely to put it mildly... no where near as hot as this young, big-titted chick. This sexy babe was a total dream girl, because until this night, that's where she existed... in his dreams. Now here he was, and here she was. In the flesh!

Looking up at him with her big blue eyes as she played with the massive cock, the busty young wife contemplated what her childhood sweetheart and beloved husband Mark had always begged of her, but she had always refused. "Gross! Disgusting!" she had always thought. But Mark had a penis.... A tiny, pathetic little penis. What this jolly, dear old man had was a COCK! A big, beautiful, powerful cock! The cock of a real man! And this man was SANTA CLAUS!

Lovely young Sadie flashed Santa with her sexiest smile. With a twinkle in her eye and a coy little wink, the big-titted wife and mother puckered her lips and planted a lewd kiss on the fat old man's massive cock, right on the juicy bulls-eye of his cock-head's leaking slit. Sadie immediately tasted Santa's oozing pre-cum, and the hot, slimy flavor seared her tongue. She felt so nasty! She licked and tickled the slit, eliciting a moan from Santa, and went right into a lusty French-kiss with his meaty fuck-stick.

"Oh God... Dear Child!" Santa moaned, as he watched the sexy young blonde make love to his cock. The view from above was breath-taking. His thick fuck-pole stretched outward from his hefty loins to her gorgeous face, and the caresses of her kissing lips and teasing tongue was too much. "Oh... God damn!"

Looking up at him with her beautiful blue eyes, Sadie kissed, licked, and slobbered all over his throbbing cock meat, savoring every detail of his muscular pole with laps of her teasing tongue. The flavor of his seminal drippings was intoxicating. She caressed and fondled his bloated balls, feeling the heavy weight of their load.

"Mmmmm...." She purred, savoring the flavor of jolly St. Nick's generous pre-cum-covered prick. "Your big cock tastes so good!" she mewled. His love liquid was so delicious, she thought, and he was oozing so much! Sadie intensified her cock-loving into a full-blown, lusty blow job.

"Oh my... Oh God..." Santa breathed. "Awww... Jesus fuckin' Christ!" Try as he might, Santa knew he couldn't hold out much longer. And Sadie knew it too.

"Santa Claus!" she thought again to herself, with her mouth full of his cock. She'd never considered doing such a nasty, lewd act before, not even for her childhood sweetheart and beloved husband Mark. But now here she was with another man, enthusiastically sucking his cock like a total slut. "SANTA'S COCK!" This generous, jolly, dear old man brought joy to the World year after year. "It's about time someone returned the favor!" Sadie thought wickedly.

The gorgeous young blonde sucked his big boner for all she was worth. She licked it all over as it slid in and out of her mouth. She caressed his thick shaft with her right hand, while her left hand fondled and tickled his bloated balls. Sadie poured everything she had into the lusty blowjob.

Having never broken eye contact with him, Sadie willed Santa into letting himself go. Drowning in the deep pools of her sparkling blue eyes, Santa read the girl's message loud and clear. Losing control, his hefty hips bucked, and with a groan, jolly 'ol St. Nick flooded the pretty girl's mouth with a Yule-time load of his warm, sticky cum.

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