'Twas The Night Before Christmas


"Awww fuck, Child!"

"Mmmm...." Sadie sucked and swallowed, as Santa pumped load after load of thick, rich semen into her mouth. "Mmmmm..." she purred, savoring his flavor. The old man's meaty cock pulsing in her mouth with his ejaculation felt so powerful to her. Santa's abundant cum bathed her teeth, gums, and tongue with lewd stickiness, and she loved the warm, thick creaminess that filled her mouth. She was right... his big balls did cum a bucket, and she ate all of it!

"Oh God, Girl!" Santa moaned. Watching this beautiful young girl lewdly suck his cock and so willingly drink his massive sperm-load was just too much. "God damn it! God fuckin' damn it!"

Sadie continued making love to Santa's cock long after he finished cumming. She kissed and licked it all over, lapping up any remaining residue of sperm from his over-endowed fuck organs. "Mmmmm" she kept purring. Sadie felt warmth in her heart. Never had she felt more alive and more like a woman than at that moment. While she absolutely refused to do this repugnant, obscene act for Mark, sucking the mighty cock of dear 'ol Santa felt so natural, so right. "A beautiful, sexy young woman meant to please the superior male," she thought proudly. Santa's big cock tasted so good! "I love sucking cock and eating cum!" she declared to herself.

It was then that Sadie noticed her thong was soaking wet, and there was stickiness running down along her inner thighs. "Hmmm... It appears that jolly 'ol St. Nick and I have quite a lot in common," she observed. Just like when Santa became obsessed with her big, beautiful tits, she became obsessed with his big, beautiful cock. Santa went crazy, sucking on her tits, and likewise she went crazy sucking on his cock. Santa sucked out her tit-milk in a wanton display of perversion and grew an achingly-stiff boner that leaked a copious amount of precum. She in turn sucked out his sperm in a wanton display of perversion, and her pussy became soaking wet, leaking copious amounts of cunt juice. Santa needed relief in the worst possible way, and now she needed it too. And sexy Sadie knew how to get it...

"Holy Shit!" Santa gasped. He couldn't believe it... this gorgeous babe, who had just sucked him off, had placed his limp dick right in her busty cleavage! He was totally obsessed with her luscious, big tits, and now here she was trying to tit-fuck him! "Awww fuck!" The old geezer relished the feel of the hefty mass of each tit, as together they sandwiched and squeezed his big prick. His cock responded.

"Ooooh yeah, Santa Baby..." Sadie purred. "You like my big young titties, don't ya? I can feel your cock getting all big and hard again!"

"Awwww shit! Oh God, Child," moaned Santa, "Oh what big fuckin' tits!" Hi cock quickly grew to full mast between those gorgeous tits, and it once again became big and stiff and throbbing.

"You're so naughty, Santa!" giggled the girl.

After tit-fucking Santa to another glorious hard-on, the busty young blonde stood up and walked to the back of a couch. St. Nick watched her long, sexy legs and gorgeous ass, and wondered to himself how a chick could be this perfect. Sadie peeled off her wet, sticky thong, parted her long, lean legs, and bent over to rest her busty torso on the back of the couch. She kept her legs straight, and in their parted position, her tight, sexy ass and young, blond pussy opened up to the old man's horny inspection.

"Holy fuck, you're beautiful!" Santa exclaimed. Sadie's ass pose was so freakin' hot, she could make any centerfold model green with envy. Santa quickly discarded his red coat and undershirt, revealing the total nakedness of his obese body. The only garment he left on was his red cap. Beneath his grotesque pot-belly, his massive, steel-pipe of a cock throbbed and twitched. Once again, copious amounts of seminal drippings oozed from the slit.

He walked over to Sadie's gorgeous ass, big cock leading the way like a massive divining rod pulling him closer to the gorgeous young female. Upon reaching his target, Santa placed his bloated cock-head at the top of the sexy blonde's ass, right at her tailbone. He slowly swiped his cock downward toward her blond pussy, pressing forward to force apart the young girl's tight ass cheeks and wet, puffy labia with his fat cock-head.

"Ohhhhh God!" Moaned the busty young wife. Santa's cock felt so incredibly thick and fat as he swiped it back and forth between her tight ass cheeks and through the puffy labia of her young pussy. Her blond cunt was copiously leaking love juices, and Santa used his meaty cock like a big swizzle stick, mixing the girl's pussy juice with his oozing pre-cum. As his cock traversed her most-private, womanly region, Santa smeared the sticky goo throughout her obscene trench. Sadie was delirious with lust, and when she felt like she couldn't take anymore teasing, Santa placed his fat cock-head at the entrance to her blond pussy, and slowly pushed his way in.

"Awwww fuck!" wailed Sadie. "Oh God!"

"Oh Child! So tight..."

They both moaned in unison. Santa's massive cock was so big and thick, and Sadie's young pussy was so incredibly tight, the initial stroke of their fuck felt out of this world to the two lovers. Santa took his time, fucking his cock slowly in and out, and with each thrust, he inched his way deeper and deeper into the girl's inner sanctum. Sadie felt every muscular detail of his stiff dick as it invaded her tight pussy. This dear, fat old man... Santa Claus... was already deeper in her tight, young cunt than Mark had ever been. And he was still going in further!

"Ohhhhh... So big... Ahhh.... So big in my cunt!"

With patient perseverance, jolly 'ol St. Nick managed to finally bury the full 12 inches of his meaty fuck-pole in the young blonde's super-tight pussy. The elasticity of her young cunt felt so incredible, he paused with his big cock buried balls-deep in the blonde's pussy and held it there, savoring the sensational pleasure of her young cunt.

Sadie was feverishly crazy with lust. She lost all control as Santa Claus touched places deep within her body that had never been touched before. "Ohhhh Gawwwd!" the sexy wife wailed. Now she understood what she was missing all these years with her husband Mark and his pathetic little penis. This was what a real man's cock felt like. This was how fucking was supposed to be.

What an erotic sight the May-December lovers looked like! An incredibly gorgeous, busty young blonde, was bent over the back of a couch, totally nude. Behind her was a morbidly obese, elderly man with a long white beard, also totally nude except for the red cap on his bald head. The horny old geezer had ground his wrinkly crotch tightly against the beautiful blonde's taut, sexy ass. The sexy young blonde was moaning and writhing in delirious ecstasy from having the dirty old man's big, fat cock stuffed balls-deep in her tight young pussy.

"Oh my God!!!" The beautiful young wife and mother screamed in ecstasy as she had the very first orgasm of her young life, something which she had never experienced with her loving husband Mark. Her orgasm was so strong, that her young cunt gushed out love juices all over Santa's big cock and balls, and the cunt liquid dripped down both of their naked thighs. "Ohhhh yeah!"

Mark, her childhood sweetheart and beloved husband, was not the right match for her, Sadie realized. Marrying him was a mistake. She was gorgeous, she knew, and her sexy, big-titted body put her in a whole other league from Mark. She had the type of body that only a real man deserved to derive pleasure from... a real man, who had a COCK, not a little penis. And this fat old pervert... Santa Claus!... was most definitely a real man. He had a well-endowed cock that was a true match for her well-endowed body. Santa's massive fuck-pole fit snugly in her tight young pussy, with all 12, thick, muscular inches buried to the hilt. His big, fat cock and her tight pussy fit so perfectly together that the big-titted young blonde was convinced of who her true mate should have been. This realization intensified her orgasm, as her blond pussy contracted and sucked on Santa's meaty boner, bathing the massive pussy-pleaser with more of her gushing love juices.

"Awwww.... Holly fuckin' shit!" Santa moaned, feeling the girl's young cunt squeeze and suck his bloated cock shaft. The sensation was incredible, as if this babe was trying to give him a blow job with her pussy! Breaking the stillness, Santa chose this precise moment to begin fucking the horny chick. He pulled and pushed his hefty hips, causing his fuck muscle to pump in and out of her blond pussy. He pounded her hard in the middle of her gushing orgasm, his fat pot-belly and groin slapping her sexy ass cheeks as he fucked her.

"Ohhh yeah!" Sadie went out of her mind. "Ooooh... fuck me! Fuck me Santa! Fuck me with your big cock!" This was easily the best fuck of her young life, and it was Santa Clause doing the fucking! She orgasmed again and again throughout their lusty fuck, and each one was a gusher with her pussy fluids bathing the both of them.

"Ohhhh Fuck... your cunt is so tight! Oh sweet Child..."

"Awww God! Your cock feel soooo big! Ooooh... Ohhhh! Do you like fucking me, huh Santa? Do you like fucking a young girl like me with your big fat cock, you dirty old man?!"

"Dirty old man!" The thought blazed through Santa's lust-filled mind. He was Santa Clause for cryin' out loud! He was supposed to bring toys and gifts to all the good little girls and boys... not fuck a sexy young slut like a nasty old pervert!

But jolly 'ol St. Nick couldn't help it. It's been such a long time... decades even... since he felt a woman's touch. And this chick in front of him was so fucking hot! And those tits... those big, beautiful tits! These thoughts seared through his mind as he looked down at the beautiful form of her back, with her long, platinum blond hair swaying all over it. The bearded fellow could see her tits swinging beneath her; they were so big and fat that they protruded out beyond the sides of her slender torso. Dropping his gaze further downward, he looked at her tight, sexy ass and watched his massive cock saw back and forth between her taut cheeks, pumping in and out of her young blond pussy. His thick shaft, big balls, and hefty thighs, and her tight ass cheeks and lean thighs were shinny and sticky from the busty young blonde's gushing pussy juices.

"God!" exclaimed Santa. The girl's tight cunt felt so good, almost like it was trying to suck out his very soul through his big, stiff cock. St. Nick felt his big, bloated balls ache with need, and he knew couldn't hold out much longer. He had cum a gallon in the girl's mouth earlier, and it was so freakn' hot watching her drink it down like a wanton slut. Now he needed to cum again, and he knew this load would be even bigger! He was gonna flood the poor girl's tight young pussy with his nasty sperm.

Sadie felt so wicked... she was fucking Santa Clause! "Oooh... Santa Baby! You fuckin' stud with your big cock! You're fucking my tight little pussy soooo good! You're so much better than my husband Mark!"

"Holy shit Girl!" Santa exclaimed. This babe was married! And her tits... he had sucked milk out of her big, beautiful tits! This chick was a mother too! In a sudden wave of guilt, Santa pulled out. "I'm Santa Claus! I'm not supposed to be doing things like this!"

So overwhelmed by his conflicting emotions, St. Nick flopped backward onto an empty chair behind him. His fat body slumped, limp like a rag-doll, his breathing labored and his heart beating a mile a minute. His cock, though, was still stiff as a pipe, and it towered up from between his splayed thighs like a massive club. All slimy and shinny with the girl's sticky pussy juices, it angrily throbbed and twitched with urgency, and his clenched balls were super-tight and bloated.

"Oh noooooo!" wailed Sadie, feeling the big pussy-pleaser disappear from her cunt. Turning around, she saw him slumped in the chair with his massive boner point pointing straight up, reaching for the sky. "What the...?"

"No Child..." Kris Kringle panted, "this is not right. I shouldn't be doing this... it's wrong..."

He didn't sound too convincing to Sadie.

"Are you sure about that? Your cock is still soooo big and fat, Santa!"

"No...we can't... "

"Look at it... look at how it's twitching and throbbing...

"Stop this Child..."

"...and your balls..."

"Stop it... please!"

"...They look so bloated!"

"Awww shit!"

Santa's breath caught, as he watched the sexy, young blonde turn her gorgeous naked body towards him. She cupped her big tits in offering, grinning wickedly, her big blue-eyes sparkling with lust.

"You said this was your last house for tonight," purred the big-titted wife, as she sauntered over to him. "Don't you have a gift for me too, Santa Baby?"

"Oh Child..."

"I'm sorry I haven't been a very good girl lately, Santa. In fact, I've been rather naughty, don't ya think?" she giggled. "But surely you must have something for little 'ol me. Shouldn't naughty girls get something too?"

That coy, little-girl pout she gave him made Santa's bloated cock even stiffer. Shit, shit, shit... this chick was such a tease!

Sadie straddle his hefty splayed thighs, and lined up her tight, wet pussy right above his bulging cock-head. Using a slender hand to steady his pulsing fuck-pole, the busty young blonde lowered her cunt to Santa's cock and proceeded to impale herself once again on his glorious fuck-stick. Santa was powerless to stop her; the feeling of her tight, young pussy was overwhelming.

"Ohhhhh!" They moaned in unison.

Like a hot, young stripper in the most up-scale gentlemen's club, beautiful Sadie performed her sensuous lap dance for the most important client of all. Fully nude, with all that long, platinum blond hair, the gorgeous dancer ground her big-titted body against the elderly VIP, who just laid there to savor the show. Unlike a true gentlemen's club, however, this VIP was fully nude as well, save for his red cap. His wrinkly, morbidly obese body with the fat pot-belly sticking out was a striking contrast to the tight, nubile body of the beautiful young blonde. And unlike the gentlemen's club, where touching the dancer was strictly prohibited, this patron was most definitely touching his dancer. He was touching her in her most private, most sacred of womanly places, a place where the busty beauty had never been touched before... deep within her tight, young pussy, right past her cervix and into her forbidden womb. And it was the old man's thick, foot-long cock that was doing the touching. His huge, rock-solid boner was stuffed deep in the young girl's tight cunt, while she undulated her gorgeous body in the forbidden lap dance of mating.

"God Girl, your cunt is so tight! Awww fuck!"

"Ooooh yeah... Santa Baby! You're such a stud... a big, fuckin' stud! Ugh... Ahhhh... Big cock.... So much better than my pathetic husband and his pathetic little baby-dick."

"Awww Shit!" Santa could swear he felt his cock expand another inch at the girl's naughty words. He, old man Santa Clause, had conquered this gorgeous, big-titted chick. She was a total babe barely a fraction of his own age, and he savagely took her away from her young husband and turned her into his personal slut! Moral conscience be damned!

"Oooh Santa....Fuck.... You gonna give me your gift?"

"Jesus fuck, Girl..." Santa Clause couldn't take it anymore. "Yes... I've got a present for you," he growled, "a present that only a naughty girl deserves!"

Even in their lusty fever, Santa and the sexy young wife knew exactly what the other was referring to. 'Ol St. Nick's gift was not in his bag of toys on the floor by the fireplace. It was in the big, bloated balls swinging beneath his massive, pussy-fucking cock. Sadie was young and fertile, and Santa's balls were so big, that they ejaculated a load of semen that was so copious, so rich and thick, that she knew his sperm was highly potent. With his massive, powerful cock, he fucked so deeply within her pussy that when he finally came, his massive flood of potent sperm would easily overpower her young, fertile womb. Sadie's pathetic husband Mark needed doctors and artificial insemination to give her a baby. Good 'ol Santa Clause needed none of that shit. He could easily fuck a baby up her tight young cunt with his big dick... knock her up the old-fashioned way, the way a real man seeded his woman.

"Ahhhh... Oh God! Your cock is so big!"

The lusty lovers fucked each other with urgent furry. Sadie ground her pussy hard on the old man's massive cock, her long blond hair flying and her big tits bouncing up and down. Santa loved big tits, and Sadie's were perfect. He grabbed them and began kneading the buoyant tit-flesh.

Sadie leaned down to the bearded old man and playfully smothered his grandfatherly face with her big tits. Santa kissed, licked, and sucked them again, drinking her precious mother's milk, while the sexy young blonde fucked up and down on his massive prick. Santa's brain was on overload. Those perfect triple-D tits, so big and bouncy and lewdly squirting milk into his hungry mouth, furiously fed his perverted tit fetish. At the same time, the girl's young pussy was so tight and elastic; it literally sucked and squeezed his big, bloated cock.

Jolly 'ol St. Nick couldn't believe his good fortune. After all these decades of giving of himself so selflessly to others, he was finally receiving his well-earned reward -- sucking precious milk from this gorgeous young blonde's big, beautiful tits, while she fucked her tight young pussy on his stiff, massive cock. The thought overwhelmed him, and it was pushing him over the edge.

"Oh Girl!" he panted. "Are you ready? My present... do you still want it?"

"Yes! Yes... give to me! Pleasssssse!"

The thought of Santa's gift, the gift of the superior male, was too much for young Sadie to handle, and she lost it. Her tight, blond pussy contracted in her most intense orgasm of the night. Her legs lost their strength, and the busty young wife dropped down, completely impaling her young cunt, balls-deep, with Santa's massive cock. Deep within her cuntal path she felt the huge fuck-stick twitching and throbbing, as her pussy spasmed and gushed love juices all over their conjoined bodies.

Santa couldn't believe his eyes. Right before him, sitting on his hefty loins while his fat paunch jiggled, he bore witness to the awesome display of pure female lust. This gorgeous young blonde had arched her back, causing her large, glorious tits to thrust upward and outward from her slender chest, with streams of precious milk dribbling from her aroused nipples. She ran her arms through her luxurious long, blond hair, as she wailed up toward the heavens in sheer, feminine ecstasy. Her beautiful, blue-eyed face shone with the undeniable look of a stunningly beautiful woman experiencing the most powerful orgasm of her young life.

"Awwwww Fuck!" Santa wailed, feeling the tight, young cunt squeeze his sensitive cock, bathing his powerful manhood in a shower of love juice. The sensation overwhelmed him, and his mighty balls contracted, spewing a torrent of thick, molten semen into the young blonde's pussy. The fat old man's massive cock and balls angrily pumped and released over and over, firing out huge quantities of his potent sperm directly into the girl's fertile womb.

"Ohhh Santa!" Sadie screamed. She grabbed the old man's bearded face and kissed him feverishly. They both were fully aware of what they were doing. They had explicitly decided to mate right here on Christmas Eve. By all the heavenly forces of the universe, Jolly 'ol Santa Clause with his big, meaty cock and beautiful, young Sadie with her spectacular 34DDD-22-32 body were simply pre-ordained by fate to fuck each other and mate. At that magical instant, it felt as if all time had stopped. A lone star shone brightly in the cold winter sky above Sadie's house to mark this monumental event, as the whole universe paused to bear witness to the most incredible, most perfect fuck ever. The only sound, the only movement, the only thing that mattered in the universe at that very moment was the passionate, lusty fucking between old Saint Nicholas and this gorgeous young blonde, with his enormous, divine cock mightily ejaculating his potent load of sperm deep into the girl's tight young pussy, easily flooding her fertile womb.

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