tagInterracial LoveTwice The Charm Ch. 12

Twice The Charm Ch. 12


"You can stay for dinner if you'd like," Manni offered Scott after their daughter had ran away to her room. They looked at each other, both weighing their decision carefully about her invitation after what they had discussed the last time they were together.

"I'd love to," Scott finally answered running a hand through his freshly cut hair.

"I like your hair cut, by the way," Manni told him almost salivating at the new style he had decided to sport. It reminded her of a soccer player's hair cut. A low fade on either side of his temples and hair just short enough to lay down or spike up like a rebel when the mood hit him. His hair tapered off at his neck bringing her hungry eyes to the freckles that had once been hidden by his long, red locks.

"Thanks. I can't really say that I like it, but I'm starting to get used to it." Scott could feel Manni's eyes boring holes into him. She had never been able to hide her desire from him when they dated and he was glad to see that it was still the same. "What's for dinner?"

"Candied yams, yellow rice, and smothered pork chops," Manni told him turning her attention back to setting the table.

"Wow, today must be my birthday," Scott replied excitedly as he helped her with the task. Their hands brushed against each other when they both reached for the silverware making Manni snatch hers away.

She could hear the seductive smile in his voice when he bent himself lower to whisper in her ear, stroking her goose pimpled flesh with his warm breath. "Have you been thinking about what I said the last time? Is that why you're so nervous?"

"I--I'm not nervous," Manni stammered, slightly turning her head to the side to look at him. His lips were right next to her cheek allowing him to plant a soft kiss on it before wrapping his free arm about her waist.

"Yes, you are," He told her while nipping gently at her neck. "What other reason would there be for you to avoid making eye contact with me?"

Manni shivered and knew that he had felt it from the way his arm had tightened about her waist, drawing her closer against him. She gasped feeling his warm tongue slither up her neck then back down. "Scott," she sighed as her shaky hands released the utensils to reach behind her. She felt the crispness of his jeans as she blindly explored the contours of his hips. Then she touched him, running her hand up then down the length of his bulging erection, inciting a groan from his soft lips that were tracing kisses across her bare shoulder.

He thrusted involuntarily into her hand, using all of his self control to not bend her over the counter, move her flimsy cheerleading shorts to the side, then bury himself, to the hilt, deeply inside of her. "Manni," he growled in warning knowing that if she didn't stop her hands that he would do just what he had fantasized about only seconds ago. He released the knives in his other hand, bringing it up to grasp her full breasts through her see through black shirt that had been taunting him from the very moment that he had set foot inside of her apartment.

She whimpered, arching up to feel more of his hand and shivering when his palm began to rub circles against her nipple, turning it into a hard bulb under his ministrations. Her head felt heavy with want and anticipation, falling back onto his shoulder as she moaned, encouraging his advances.

Scott leaned down taking her tempting lips and dipping his warm tongue inside when she willingly opened up for him. His hips swiveled, grinding his erection into the fullness of her derriere. He almost prematurely ejaculated when Manni pushed back into him letting him know just how much she wanted him. "You've missed this as much as I have, haven't you?" he asked briefly breaking their steamy kiss.

"Yes," Manni whimpered raising her unoccupied hand to wrap about the back of his neck to deepen their kiss while Scott removed his hand from her waist to slide over the hot, throbbing mound between her thighs. She hissed out a breath involuntarily squeezing him through his jeans.

"Tell me that you want me to take you to bed, Manni, or we'll have to stop this right now," Scott told her quickening his hands against her. He moved her shorts and panties to the side to touch her soft flesh, reveling at how hot and wet she was for him "Tell me," he coaxed removing his hand from her breast to gently grasp her throat and hold her nodding head up so that he could look into her eyes. The array of desire that reflected upon her lovely face was enough to answer him, but Scott wanted to hear her say it.

Manni nodded instead, restlessly moving her thighs together as she felt the pressure build up between them.

"Tell me," Scott commanded as his fingers slowed until they had completely stopped.

She looked at him with confusion in her desire darkened eyes, trembling legs, and quivering lips. "Scott, please. I--"

"Tell me," he said once more after planting a sweet kiss to her swollen lips.

Her eyes searched his face desperately as she clamored to produce a coherent thought much less coherent words. Her lips and throat seemed too dry to comply with her effort to speak, but when she saw the hunger in Scott's pale green eyes and how much patience he was exacting until she was willing to give her consent, Manni knew what her response would be. "Take me to bed, Stark," Manni whispered unable to think straight until his hands were touching her again.

Scott inhaled sharply as he allowed two fingers to slowly invade her wet heat and thrust until she was once more quivering in his arms. "I will. Tonight," he promised before capturing her lips in a possessive kiss that left her discombobulated. His tongue stroked against her own, submitting her to his raw desire as he nipped then bit at her lips until they were no longer a deep pink, but a vibrant red.

"I'm going to show you just how much I've missed you," he promised, withdrawing his fingers from her tight, soft flesh when he heard Star's approaching footsteps. He licked her juices from his hand not breaking eye contact as his thumb stroked the tender flesh of her throat before bringing her swollen lips to his own to share her essence.

"Scott," Manni pleaded unawares that they would soon have a companion.

"Tonight." The look in his eyes made her almost regain the orgasm she had lost when he had removed his fingers. "Alright?"

"Yes," she said huskily then licked her drying lips still tasting herself on them.

"I'm hungry," Star announced too young to understand that she had interrupted her parents' frisky time, even though they were in the kitchen where the good smelling food was coming from.

"We're about to feed you, munchkin," Scott told her shielding her from her mother's still trembling form. Her knees had collapsed, filling Scott with a strong sense of masculine pride that he had done that to her. He kissed her brown shoulder, wrapping an arm around her waist to lift her back up. "Are you alright?" he whispered then kissed her temple as she nodded her head.

"I'm fine," Manni told him raising her chocolate eyes to look up at him, knocking him off guard with the raw feral desire still burning there for him. "I just need a minute."

In all honesty, Scott didn't want to give her a minute to take that look of lust out of her eyes. If it weren't for Star standing in the middle of the kitchen and looking up at him like one of those kids from the feed the children commercials he often saw at midnight, he would have swept Manni up into his arms and carried her off to her bedroom to pick up where they had left off.


"I'm coming, sweetheart," he told her hearing the worry in her little voice. He removed his arm from around Manni's waist hoping that her legs were steady enough for her to stand on her own then washed his hands before finishing up setting the table.

"I hope that you're really hungry," Manni called turning around with the candied yams in her hands.


"I'm very hungry," Scott and Star replied in unison. Manni's brown eyes traveled to Scott's smirking mouth and she swallowed a dry lump in her throat while willing her legs to get closer to the table to serve dinner.

It was hard and had to be one of the slowest dinners that Manni had ever eaten in her life. The food was overwhelming: the candied yams too sweet, the yellow rice too coarse, the smothered pork chops too thick. Everything was disproportionate to her now that the taste of Scott's lips were still on the tip of her tongue. She wanted more and was ashamed that her fingers and body were shaking worse than a drug addict going through withdrawals.

"Mommy," Star called reaching out her arm to poke her mother with her thick plastic fork that Manni insisted she used so that she didn't stab herself in the mouth.

"Yes?" Manni replied snapping back to attention.

"Does your tummy hurt?"

"No, sweetheart, why?"

Star pointed down to her barely touched plate and Manni smiled reassuringly. "I'm not as hungry as I thought I was."

"Daddy was hungry," Star told her turning her head full of reddish brown colored hair in her father's direction. Scott had cleaned his plate and was waiting patiently for them to finish. More like waiting patiently for Manni to finish so that they could pick up where they had left off.

The look in his translucent green eyes scent ripples of pleasure down her spine making her actions seem more robotic than before. Manni cleared her throat willing herself to break eye contact with Scott in order to coherently speak to their daughter. "Finish up your dinner so that I can put you in the bath."

"Daddy already gave me one," Star told her attempting to spoon the last of her candied yams into her little mouth and watching disappointedly as half of it dropped back onto it.

"Then we'll brush your teeth before putting you to bed," Manni said instead smiling down at her warmly after she finally emptied her plate then held up her hands to show them. "That's my big girl," Manni told her wiping at her sticky mouth with her napkin.

"I'll do the dishes," Scott volunteered while standing to clear the table. He purposefully brushed his crotch against her backside, reminding her of what was in store for her tonight once Star was sleeping.

Manni bit back the moan that almost escaped her lips from the exquisite torture Scott had just put her through, but straightened her back instead and waited for Star to slide down out of her seat. It was the longest thirty minutes of Manni's life: having to help Star brush her teeth, read her two stories, then fight with her to close her eyes and sleep even after Scott had given her a goodnight kiss and tucked her in.

"Sorry," Manni apologized after they had had to sit with their daughter until she had stopped fighting sleep and finally gave in. "She's usually not so stubborn."

Scott snorted his disbelief as he followed behind her pulling Star's room door closed. "She's just as stubborn as her mother," he told her keeping in step behind her as they went to her living room and sank down into her plush seats. "In fact, she even tries to wail away in the bathtub like you do," Scott said pulling out his phone and searching through it for a recent video he had taken of Star singing in the bath. She was haphazardly splashing water and bubbles about in search of her rubber ducky then held her head back and wailed louder as she scooped it up and made it fly about in the air.

"Oh my goodness, this is adorable."

"Isn't it?" Scott agreed as they both watched the video before it ended with her look of surprise when she found out that her father had been recording her. Her little light brown cheeks visibly reddened as a shy smile plastered itself on her face and it stayed that way with the video officially ending.

"She looks so much like you that sometimes all I did was think about where you were and how you were doing," Manni confessed as her smile slowly died.

"There wasn't a moment that you weren't in my thoughts either, Manni."

"Stark," she whispered reaching for him with him willingly going into her embrace for a kiss. "I've missed you so much," she admitted between sweet, hungry kisses.

"I've missed you too," Scott told her running a big, hot hand up to cup the back of her neck and hold her still so that he could have his way with her mouth as he covered her body with his own. He tasted her slowly, gently sucking on her bottom lip and coaxing heavenly moans from her soft, pink lips. He groaned as her hands caressed his shoulders through his blue and red checkered shirt. Her fingers shakily went between their bodies to start the unbuttoning process. Manni wanted to feel his steel body pressed tightly against her own.

"Oh, Manni, I've missed you so much," Scott said again taking his hungry mouth to her throat to bite at her tender flesh. Her soft body arched up into him, pressing her breasts into his hard, solid chest. Her nipples hardened from the contact, begging him to play with them and, as if he had heard their request, Scott brought his hands up to do just that. "Tell me how much you've missed me."

"So much," Manni replied finally pushing his shirt off of his shoulders now that she had finished with the last button.

"Show me," Scott told her making her shiver from the commanding tone of his voice.

Her lips quivered before landing once more on his own to dip her tongue inside of his mouth while she gyrated her hips against his growing arousal. Scott groaned into their kiss as their bodies began to dance together. He was pressing her into the sofa as he hungrily devoured her mouth, overwhelming her as he always did with his lips. He lifted one of her legs working his hips into her burning mound and smiling devilishly when her eyes slammed shut and she bit down on her bottom lip.

"Did you miss this too?" he asked after a big thrust that had made her cry out wantonly.

"Yes," Manni admitted moving her hips along with him as he continued to make love to her with their clothes on. Her eyes flew open when he landed a firm slap to her backside, revealing confused desire.

"You can't cum yet," he told her after feeling the telltale signs of her approaching orgasm when her body began to tense on him, he grabbed her waist to sit up with her straddling his legs, massaging the firm yet soft flesh of her derriere.

"Scott," she moaned inadvertenly pushing her breasts into his face as he pulled her closer to his standing erection.

"Do you want me?" he asked huskily, sliding his hot hands underneath her see through blouse to slowly pull it up her stomach then off of her completely. The black bra that she had worn to be inconspicious, which hadn't worked at all for him only fueling his desire to strip her naked, was now staring him back in the face. Scott kissed the valley of her cleavage pressing his teeth firmly into her breast with another simultaneous slap to her ass.

"Answer me, Manni. Do you want me?" He knew good and well that she did from the way her hips were moving in a frenzy on top of him, forcing him to bite back his groans and keep his control instead of releasing the beast on her by taking her roughly right there in her living room.

"Yes, I want you so much, Stark," Manni replied breathlessly. She groaned low in her throat and bucked her hips when he unclasped her bra to take a chocolate nipple into his mouth. His soft suckling turned violently harsh as he bit down on her nipple just the way she used to like it. Her juices literally gushed forth onto his pant,s soaking him underneath her.

He growled slapping both of her cheeks this time before attacking her other breast likewise. Her apartment instantly filled with the sound of her whimpers for him to continue. And if they both hadn't known for a certainty that their daughter slept like a rock, he would have told her to keep her voice under control.

Scott marveled at her response to him, feeling her lithe body crumple on top of him once his tongue began to quickly lap at her hard, tender nipples. He groaned against her hot flesh sending tingles of pleasure throughout her breasts. The aftershock flowed down to her throbbing mound and Manni cried out with impatience. She wanted to have him buried deeply inside of her, not that she hated the foreplay. Sometimes, in the past, Scott had been able to get her off by just licking and sucking all over her body without actually having to penetrate her. He knew exactly what her body needed and never failed to deliver time and again.

"Goodness. I can't believe how wet you are for me," he told her caressing a hand down the middle of her back. Her body was shaking with the need for release and he could see from the look in her eyes, that she would kill him soon if he didn't give her what she was now silently demanding. "Do you want to cum?"

"Yes," Manni shamelessly admitted unable to keep herself from shaking when his hands caressed their way up to her shoulders to bring her closer to his lips for a soft yet possessive kiss.

"Take off my shirt," he told her waiting for her to lift his white beater off of his abdomen then over his arms. Her warm mouth was already encircled around his nipple making him hiss out a breathe. She switched to the other, not afraid to show him her boldness in the bedroom even though it had been four years, aside from the incident at his house, that they had touched each other. She bit his hard nipple, standing on shaky legs so that she could work on unbuckling his belt and undoing his jeans.

Zipping him free, Manni watched in amazed wonder as Scott's erection flew from his pants in enthusiasm as if it had been crying for freedom all day and now that it was liberated, it would never go back. Their eyes met with her leaning over to steal a quick kiss while her hands firmly gripped the head of his arousal, that was now leaking pre-cum, and stroked down the the way he used to like.

"Oh shit," Scott replied, not one to use profanity even at the worst of moments.

"Do you like that?" she asked him more so out of genuine curiosity than to show him that the tables were turned and he was now the one withering under her fingers.

"Yeah," Scott heard himself say in a broken voice as his hips restlessly moved with her stroking hand.

Manni's shaky legs took her to her knees before him, never breaking eye contact as she waited for him to give her permission to put him in her mouth. It was a little thing that they did when they had sex. A bit of domination turned them both on, but what blew their minds was the act of pure, innocent submission that she was subjecting herself to in order to make him mindless with need. That way he would screw her brains out without thinking of ways to punish her for teasing him the way she was intending to. "May I?" Manni finally asked when Scott had only stared at her in anticipation with her warm breath at the head of his cock.

"Yes," he growled jerking into her mouth involuntarily when her wet tongue wrapped around his head then carried her mouth lower. "Damn it, Manni!" She did it a second time, then a third knowing that she not only literally, but figuratively had him in the palm of her hands. She gripped Scott's balls loving the sound of his heavy grunts filling her apartment. It was turning her on, increasing her wetness that already had her panties soaked. She released his balls, dipping her mouth lower and taking his entire shaft into her mouth while her other hand coaxed her clitoris into a frenzy. She moaned at the tip of him, dipping the end of her tongue into the small hole at the top of his penis just as a bit more of precum seeped out.

Scott bucked against her as his head became dizzy with the circles she was tracing around his erection with her tongue. If he didn't stop her now, he would blow his load and that wasn't the way he saw things going down earlier after she had told him she wanted him to take her to bed. However, in spite of his efforts to bring her to her feet, Manni kept her hot, wet mouth clamped down on his erection sucking him dry and she felt the jerk that meant that in the next few seconds, he would be releasing his seed. She stopped working herself to a climax to focus on his satisfaction, once more gripping his balls and massaging them as his heavy hand clamped down on her head to pull her hair.

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