tagInterracial LoveTwice The Charm Ch. 13

Twice The Charm Ch. 13


Sorry about the previous version of this last installment. This is still exactly word for word, only the repetition has been removed. Thanks for your patience



"Stop doing that," Scott told Manni, trying to turn her over on her back to face him. Ever since the other night when they had made love, Manni was finding it hard to not be timid in front of him, especially with some of the demanding things that she said and did to him when he was inside of her. It had been years since that side of her had come to the light and it was extremely embarrassing to find that he enjoyed every second of it.

"Go away," she mumbled, hiding her face in his pillow.

Scott smiled even as he leaned over to kiss her naked back. "Are you still being shy with me?" he taunted, squeezing one of her firm buns. "After all this time?"

"Stop it."

"Manni, I won't bite."

"Yes, you will," she refuted hearing him laugh so loud that she was sure his voice was echoing throughout his entire house. "We need to get dressed so that we can pick up Star on time."

Scott's hand traced circles around the dimples on her lower back as he reveled in how beautiful her brown skin looked. She had recently returned from a photoshoot in Bali and the sun had done wonders for her already delectable skin. Although he had told her seconds ago that he wouldn't bite, he really wanted to. He wanted to bite, lick, taste; he wanted to do everything he could until he would have his fill of her.

"Have you thought about giving Star a younger sibling?" he asked instead noting how her body seemed to freeze.

Manni cleared her throat daring to sneak a peek back at him. He was waiting for a reply with a look in his eyes that told her if she said yes, he would be happy and willing to get started right then and there. "Now, Scott--"

"It's just a simple question," he said though his green eyes had taken on that jungle color that told her he was actually ready to pounce. Not to mention the smirk on his thin lips showed just how naughty he planned to be in order to start making that second baby.

"Nothing with you is a simple question," Manni retorted while grabbing a handful of his sheets to wrap firmly around her breasts that he had been attempting to devour for the past fifteen minutes. She sat up trying to dodge his hot lips that were already teasing her mouth open.

"I want us to have another baby," he confessed.

"Scott, we're not even married, neither are we engaged, and you want another baby?"

He gently grasped a handful of her thick, black afro to twist her head about in small circles, making her dizzy. "Look woman--"

"Woman?" Manni asked ready to catch an attitude and not noticing that his other hand had disappeared from her body. She snatched her hand away landing a firm slap to his own for always messing with her hair. The only time she didn't mind was when he was enthusiastically yanking on it during sex. "Who are you calling woman?"

"You," Scott said without hesitation then released another booming laugh as she lunged at him. He caught her, raining kisses down her face which made her struggle even harder to get out of his grasp.

"I suppose that you expect me to go and make you a sandwich?" Manni asked not holding back her attitude.

"As long as there's no tomatoes," Scott taunted trying his hardest not to laugh now that she was technically gnawing, not biting, but gnawing on his arm in anger.

"You bastard."

"I can call you that because you're my woman," he told her, pinning her back against his chiseled chest while dangling a platinum silver necklace in front of her face.

Her body stopped resisting when her eyes landed on the bright silver engagement ring staring her in the eyes. "Scott, what is this?" she asked sounding breathless.

"That would be an 18k white gold, diamond engagement ring," he answered planting a kiss to her temple.

"No, but why?" Manni asked watching as he opened the necklace to slide the ring out then down the ring finger of her shaking left hand.

"I already told you, Manni, we're going to do things right this time. Marry me."


"Say yes so that we can actually get the ceremony done this time," he whispered taking his kisses down to her cheek before turning her head in his direction to kiss her. "Will you marry me, Manni?"

Manni felt her mouth drop open in astonishment as her eyes began to blur with tears. "What if we're moving too fast?"

"Four years ago we didn't move fast enough and look what happened," Scott told her. "I'm tired of waking up in the middle of the night and thinking that this is all a dream. I don't want to spend another night without you in my arms. I don't want to make love to you another night without Star bursting in on us the next day," he said with a smile, reminding her of the many times their daughter had exercised her knack for bad timing.

She smiled while he wiped away her tears, encouraging her with his eyes to say yes. Her head slowly nodded since her voice refused to work.

"Is that a yes, you'll marry me? Or a yes, you don't want to not have Star walking in on us while having sex?" Scott asked deepening his smile as Manni's voice actually decided to work to tell him yes.

"Took you long enough, woman."

Manni laughed too happy to get on his case for saying that again. She kissed him becoming hungry for his touch when he gently kissed her back. She didn't want gentle. She wanted ass slapping, hair yanking, dirty talking, grimy sex with her now fiancé. "I want you so bad," Manni told him, giving him access to her neck as he hooked the silver necklace about her.

"Maybe I should propose to you every single day," Scott joked.

"Shut up and screw me," Manni commanded swallowing another one of his whoops of laughter then groaned in disappointment when his doorbell rang.

"I should get that."

"Let's ignore it," she said in tune with him then looked at him in disbelief as his lips turned up into a big grin.

"We can pick this up next time. Besides, we need to tell your parents about our re-engagement." He left the bed to throw on his pair of sweatpants that he had discarded when Manni had attacked him at the front door. That had been the best greeting of his life, getting those juicy pink lips all over him without warning. He could really get used to that again. He waited for her to get dressed feeling slightly tortured while watching her pull her skinny jeans up over her blue colored boy shorts then searched about the room for her shirt before resigning to grab one of his own from his dresser drawer.

"You look so sexy," he groaned in her ear as he nibbled on the top of her ear lobe.

"We have to get the door, remember?" Manni taunted while the ringing of the bell became more incessant.

"I hate you sometimes," he responded to her mocking then landed a firm slap on her plump, round backside as she walked away in front of him.

"Be nice," she cooed with desire evident in her tone as she gave him something to look at while walking away. Manni smiled to herself, feeling Scott's eyes burning heat rays, more powerful than Superman, onto her derriere. He snatched her up ravaging her with his lips until she was clinging to him then released her with a satisfied smirk on his mouth.

"I'm coming," Scott called out to the door then threw it open to see Dana standing there with a big smile on her face. It visibly died once Manni came into view making Scott think that she was the other woman waiting to get her nooky in except she had to wait until the main squeeze would leave before she could pounce. "Where's the fire?" he asked her noticing her attempted efforts to not cut her eyes at Manni.

"I have great news," she murmured now that her enthusiasm had died.

"Then come on in," he said stepping back to allow her entrance.

Manni smiled at her then purposefully placed her left hand on Scott's chest to show off her new engagement ring which she had to admit was a hundred times better than the last. Not that she hadn't been in love with the first ring. It only showed that Scott's tastes had matured much more than she had thought. "I'll go and get Star then come back for our dinner," she told him genuinely forgetting Dana's presence as she lifted herself on tiptoes to kiss him. "Don't burn down your house, ok."

"Ok," he said like a love sick puppy. He worried his bottom lip with his teeth admitting to himself that he didn't want to see her go even if it would be for a short amount of time.

"Let go of my hand before I'm late," Manni told him as he drew her back to him once more for one last kiss.

"I love you."

"I love you too," she told him then turned with an 'I'm the woman he loves not the nasty office slut' look on her face which she directed at Dana with a smug smile before she walked away to her car.

Dana was blatantly glaring at her as she backed down the driveway tempting Manni to flip her the bird, but she had been raised better than that. Her parents had always told her that she had to give respect to earn respect. And though this skinny tramp didn't have one ounce of it towards her, Manni made up in her mind to remain civil even if it killed her because if she lost her temper, Dana would need to run. There was no way that she was going to allow that instigator to ruin her happiness with Scott all over again.

Whore, Manni thought in her head then smiled one last time while waving her big engagement ring back and forth to send the message home. "Just play with me this time, heifer. I dare you to."


"Dinner was delicious, Stark, even if we had an uninvited guest," Manni stated looking at him with big doe eyes that turned to slits after cutting them in Dana's direction.

"Well, I couldn't just work the woman to death and then send her packing."

Manni sucked her teeth at Scott's statement then stood to help clear the table. "Star, put back on that dress," Manni commanded watching her daughter run around in her night time protection pants.

"I hope you don't mind me saying this, but isn't she a little too old for diapers?" Dana asked skeptically as she collected the wine glasses.

"Don't say that," Scott warned her shaking his head. He knew Manni would rip her a new one. He had often made that mistake in the beginning when he had first started keeping their daughter, but Manni had nipped that in the butt, accusing him of thinking that her parental skills were lacking. After giving him a tongue lashing, she explained that their daughter was very well potty trained, however, because she is such a deep sleeper, she sometimes had the tendency to wet the bed. Hence the reason she wore the night time protectors when she slept which included at the daycare.

"What? I didn't mean any offense by it," Dana pushed on, placing the glasses on the counter top. "It's just that at four, a child should be potty trained...unless," she said with her voice trailing off.

Manni was tempted to rip Dana a new one, but instead quelled down her temper to respond to the irritating woman. "They aren't diapers. Star only wears them when she's going to sleep because she tends to wet the bed. And if you noticed, it's now night time which means it's close to her bedtime. She knows very well that if she needs to use the bathroom before then that she should go to the actual toilet."

Scott smiled proudly at his fiancée, glad that his fear of Manni attacking the bone thin woman was for nought. "I'll pack the dishwasher," he told her staying her hand when she attempted to open it.

"Stark, I think that I'm old enough and wise enough to know how to use one of these high-tech things," Manni mocked. He always teased her for being old fashioned and actually getting her hands wet with soapy dish water instead of just stocking the perfectly good dishwasher in her condo to use.

"Can I ask another question?" Dana asked reminding them of her presence in the kitchen.

Manni was tempted to say no, but told herself that being nice was more adult like. "Knock yourself out."

"Why do you call Scott, Stark?" she asked earnestly confused by the name of endearment.

Scott laughed, closing the top rack of the dishwasher to stack their plates and utensils inside at the bottom. "That's simple. Back in high school, Manni had the habit of walking into my room without knocking until one day she found me lying stark naked on my bed with a porn mag in one hand and my john in the other."

Manni felt her cheeks burn with heat, smiling timidly at the fact that Scott wasn't at all ashamed of admitting to being caught while masturbating.

"After that, she learned how to knock and the name just stuck. Stark." He laughed again at the visible blush on Dana's pale cheeks and winked in Manni's direction.

"So you two have been together since high school? Like high school sweethearts?"

"No, we were just friends. We didn't start dating until we were in college," he told her washing his hands then wiping them on a dish towel.

"Star, don't get too comfortable. It's almost bedtime," Manni said leaning against the counter.

"Why did you name her Star?"

"Are we on jeopardy tonight? What's with all the questions?" Manni asked getting annoyed that the inquisition had yet to finish.

"I was only curious," Dana quickly told her, looking down at her finely manicured fingernails in embarrassment.

"I'd like to know as well," Scott chimed in nudging her with his broad hip after standing beside her. Dana could see that he was very affectionate with her. It made her jealous to see the look of love reflecting in his eyes as he looked down at the woman she had tried so hard to get rid of long ago.

"No, it's stupid," Manni replied while chewing on her bottom lip.

"Are you telling me that you gave our daughter a stupid name?"

"Of course not, I'm just saying that the reasoning behind it is stupid. Don't make me say it," she told him pushing away from the counter until he quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Tell me, Manni Octavia Stanley." Manni visibly cringed at the utterance of her middle name. She hated it. He knew that she hated it. Even her parents knew that she hated it. Hell, the entire world knew that she hated it, but it was the name of her father's younger sister who had died from Leukemia so she had been destined to owning it even before she was in the womb."

"Stop it! You know better," she told Scott unable to hide the smile slowly appearing on her pink lips.

"Octavia, tell me why you named our daughter Star," he said feigning a creepy voice as he bent his head closer to her.

"Stop it!"

"Octavia! Octavia! Octavia!" Scott chanted until Manni gave in when covering her ears only made his voice increase in volume.

"Alright! Alright! I'll talk," she yelled over him, trying to clamp her hands over his mouth. "I missed you so much that I named our daughter Star because it reminded me of Stark, ok?" she shouted then looked away embarrassed. "Are you happy now?"

"Am I happy?" Scott asked her with big googily green eyes after removing her hands from his lips. He kissed her to show his appreciation then kissed her again for good measure. "Thank you."

"What do you mean thank you?" Manni asked pretending to hate his show of affection. "I couldn't very well name her Scottishia or something ghetto like that. I want my baby to get a nice, high paying job, thank you very much."

Damn it, Dana thought. There was no way that she was going to be able to get between the two of them. Not when they were this close. How was she supposed to get Scott's attention now? She had gotten lucky the last time in his office because she had overheard an argument between him and Manni on the phone, but this time there wasn't any trouble in paradise. She would need a miracle to break them apart again.

"Why don't we name her younger siblings, Earth, Moon, and Universe?" Scott teased, wrapping his arms about Manni's hips.

"Screw you," she told him defiantly although she was still smiling.

"You will later on tonight," he promised unfazed by Dana's look of utter shock from his statement.

She was still trying to get used to this side of Scott. The aggressive, a bit macho-chauvanistic side that made him ooze with confidence. She wanted to hate Manni, but it was all thanks to her why Scott literally blossomed from the quiet man that he normally was into such a daring stud muffin whom she was having trouble keeping her eyes off of.

"Alright, Ms. Star, bedtime."

"No," Star howled dragging her feet into the kitchen to look up entreatingly at her mother. "I don't want to go to sleep yet."

"Why not?"

"I didn't get to play with Daddy and you didn't read me a story," she whined, rubbing her eyes which was a telltale sign that she was fighting sleep.

Scott pushed away from the counter to scoop up his little munchkin while raining kisses on her bright cheeks. She yawned, too tired to put up a good fight. "How about you let Daddy put you to bed. I'll read you a great story. And we can play bright and early tomorrow."

Manni's mouth dropped open when Star nodded her head in agreement. If that had been her, her daughter would have given her hell to pay about going to bed on time without a bit of play time. "Such a daddy's girl," she muttered giving her daughter a goodnight kiss. Star yawned again, wrapping her arms about Scott's warm neck. "Goodnight, baby."

"Night, Mommy."

"Night, Star," Dana replied with a hopeful smile and a small wave. Star visibly turned red, hiding her face and a shy smile in her father's neck while he carried her away chuckling.

"You can stop your drooling now," Manni told her once they were alone in the kitchen.


Manni inclined a black eyebrow at her nemesis giving her a look that said 'you know exactly what the hell I'm talking about.'

"I was not drooling," Dana clarified. "Only admiring the great work of God's hands."

"So the fangs are finally out," Manni stated leaning back against the counter to cross her arms.

"Why keep up with the pretenses, Octavia?"

Manni almost reached out and slapped the girl's teeth out, but instead she gave her an evil smirk that sent a cold tingle down her spine. "Don't test me, little girl," Manni said softly as if she had not just threatened the woman. "I know exactly what you're up to so let it go. The past is the past. I won't drudge it back up, but this is my present and our future that you're trying to screw around with. You see that little girl he just carried up those stairs?" Manni asked pointing in the direction Scott had gone.

"That little girl loves her father. And this, here, mother of that little girl loves her baby. So if you make that little girl cry because you can't keep your wits about yourself and go all man crazy like you did the last time; best believe that this, here, mother of that little girl will shove her foot so far up your pixie white, excuse my french, ass, that you won't be able to walk straight for the next year...and then some. Now close your mouth."

Dana's mouth clamped shut in disbelief. She was actually scared which was something different especially since she towered over the brown skinned woman without her heels. And now that said woman was giving her a deadly stare that told her that she would make good on her promise if she even thought about getting in between them. "Scott doesn't even love you," Dana said instead, hoping that her voice wasn't shaking like her trembling legs. Even though she was afraid she still had to at least pretend as if Manni wasn't putting the fear of the Lord in her.

"All you have to do is ask him. And I can guarantee you a 100% that he doesn't love you. As a matter of fact, he told me that he couldn't even sleep with you although you were bouncing those fake breasts of yours in his face. How does it feel to be rejected?" Manni asked with a smug smile. She loved a good fight, but what she enjoyed best was mind games. And from the look of uncertainty Dana was giving her, Manni knew that she was getting inside of her head.

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