tagIncest/TabooTwin Feelings

Twin Feelings


This is for Tisje’. Thank you for giving me ideas for the story.


T.J. didn’t know what to do when it happened. She was at the store with her older brother, when an orgasm raced straight through her. One second T.J. was fine, then it felt as if a cock was buried deep in her, filling her with cum, and then she started her own orgasm. When she had calmed down, T.J.’s legs were weak, and she had all she could do to stand.

“T, you okay,” her brother asked.

“Yes, I am fine.”

T.J. started walked again, hoping that a wet spot wouldn’t be showing. When she got home, she was going to have a long talk with her sister.

T.J.’s sister was actually her twin sister. They were both 30, and still kept their youthful figures. T.J. had two children, but she kept great care of herself. She stood 5’3”, and drew quite a few stares. T.J.’s 36 C breasts strained her shirt, and the jeans hugged her hips, showing off the gentle curve of her hips and ass. The carmel color of her smooth skin, showed her beautiful African American and Puerto Rican heritage.

Ever since they were small, both T.J. and her sister had the uncanny ability to feel each other’s feelings. When one was sad, the other was sad. When one was happy, the other was happy. The orgasm she just felt was from Trena. She just had sex with someone, and she had one monster orgasm, because it caused her to have one also.

Her older brother also had a twin. Steve and Scott were 32 years old. Where T.J. and Trena were short, they were tall. Both stood at 6’6”, and weigh in at about 270 pounds. T.J. had six other brothers and sisters, all older.

When she got home, T.J. called her sister.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”


“Do you realize that I had an orgasm standing in the middle of a store?”

Trena started laughing over the phone. “I am sorry T.J. But the opportunity came UP, and I had the sudden urge to take care of it.”

“Well the next time the opportunity comes UP, take care of it at night. Steve was with me, and as good as it felt, I am glad that it didn’t show through my jeans.”

“Oh, it was good T, it was good. I will have to tell you sometime.”

“Oh, I am sure you will. Are you going to marry this one, or break it off like you did with the others?”

“No fair T.J., and besides, I won’t be able to marry this one.”

“Don’t tell me you are having an affair with a married man now?”

“Well, it is a little more complicated than that. I will tell you about it soon.”

“I hope so, and from what I felt he must have pleased you.”

“Oh it was better, a lot better.”

T.J. and Trena talked a little more before T.J. had to go. She had to get dinner ready for her husband and kids.

While fixing dinner, T.J. was thinking about what happened at the store. The orgasm did feel good. She was a very sexually active female, and her husband just couldn’t understand. He thought it was unnatural for her to be like this. They had sex, but it was getting to be a rarity. T.J. had some toys that were hidden, and when the urge hit, which was just about all the time, she would get one out. But T.J. needed the real thing. Having an affair was out of the question; she loved her husband dearly and would never cheat on him. Oh well, if she couldn’t get it from him, then she would have to depend on her toys.

The next day, T.J. was cleaning the house when the feeling hit again. She felt it come on, and sat down before her legs went out from under her. Damn, whoever this new boyfriend of Trena’s was, he was making her feel awful good. T.J. made a mental note to ask about him when they saw each other.

At least once a day for the rest of the week, T.J. felt herself having an orgasm. Sometimes it was two, three or four times a day. Whether it was first thing in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night while she was lying in bed, T.J. was having an orgasm; not one time was she having sex with her husband.

When she finally had a chance to sit down with Trena, T.J. starting asking questions.

“Okay, who the hell is it?”

“What are you talking about?” Trena asked back.

“I want to know who this new boyfriend of yours is?”

“Well ….”

“Don’t well me. You two have been screwing each other to death, and it is driving me crazy. I want to know who it is.”

“Okay, okay. It is Scott.”

“Scott who?”

Trena paused before she answered. “Our brother Scott.”

T.J. almost fell out of the chair in shock. “You better be joking Trena.”

“No I’m not. Scott and I have been screwing each other when ever we can, and I am not going to give it up.”

“Trena. This is incest, and it is wrong; both ethically and morally.”

“I know, and I don’t care. We love each other, and it is not a brother and sister love. It is more. Just please don’t tell anyone.”

“Damn girl, I don’t know if I should get up and walk out, or just laugh about it. This is crazy.”

The rest of the week, T.J. and Trena talked every day. And every day, T.J. continued to have orgasms. One evening, she went over to Trena’s unannounced. T.J. had a key to the house, so she let herself in. Sitting her purse on the hall table, T.J. continued to walk in. When she got to the living room, she stood stone still. Scott had Trena bent forward over the back of the sofa as he pounded his cock in and out of her. Neither one had noticed her, because she was behind and to the side of them. T.J. stood there not uttering a word as she watched. She knew that it was wrong and that she should leave, but the sight of it had her frozen.

Scott’s pounding started to get harder and faster. T.J. felt her pussy getting wet just watching, and knew that both of them were getting close to an orgasm. When Trena cried out as her orgasm raced through her, T.J. felt hers hit, and had to put her hand on the wall to keep from falling. Scott then pulled his cock out and laid it over Trena’s back. T.J.’s mouth fell open at the size of it. His cock had to be at least ten inches long, and almost as thick as her wrist. No wonder Trena was in love with him.

When Scott laid his cock over Trena’s back, he started to cum. The first shot traveled the length of her back, each shot after that was almost as powerful. When Scott was finally done, Trena’s back was completely covered. He reached, and rubbed the cum into her skin. T.J. didn’t stay to watch what happened next. On shaking legs, she slowly made her way to the kitchen and sat at the bar, waiting for them to walk in.

When Scott and Trena finally walked in, at first they were surprised, but then fixed themselves a drink and sat down with T.J.

“Surprised to see you here T.J.” Scott told her as they sat.

“I thought I would come over for a little bit, but I am the one who was surprised.”

“Did you like what you saw?” Trena asked laughingly.

T.J. looked at both of them, and sat silently. She should be upset at what they were doing, but her heart loved both. T.J. was really upset knowing that Trena was having great sex, but she was getting her pleasures from other means.

“Yes and no,” she finally answered. “I am happy for both of you, and wish the best. But, I still feel that this is wrong. What would happen if someone found out about it?”

“We will just have to deal with it when that does occur.” Scott spoke.

“Try it, you may enjoy it yourself.” Trena told her.

“Oh no, I am happily married. I am not going to do anything that will jeopardize that.”

“Happy, and you have all those toys?” Trena asked.

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“Toys? What toys?” Scot asked both.

“Come on T.J. Scott is here, we won’t say anything, so try it. We are all consenting adults. It won’t hurt to try.”

Deep down T.J. wanted to try. God knows when she had a real man in her. But, it was still wrong. Trena got up and pulled her off the stool.

“Come on, you too Scott.”

They walked into the living room where Trena and Scott had sex earlier, and Trena started to undress T.J.

“What are you doing?” T.J. asked, while Trena unbuttoned her shirt.

“You are going to have a hard dick in you, and you will enjoy it.”

“Trena, please.” T.J. pleaded as she half-heartedly tried to stop her.

T.J.’s shirt and bra were soon off. Trena then laid her down on the carpet, and pulled her jeans and panties off next.

Lying there naked in front of her sister and brother, T.J. closed her eyes, waiting for what was to come. Soon she felt hands on her legs, parting them, and then a tongue slowly licked her. From her anus to her clit it went, slowly up, and then back down. This is wrong she thought, but her body was saying, yes.

Moaning, T.J. placed her hands on the head between her legs. Feeling the short-cropped hair, she knew it was Scott. He continued to lick her, moving his tongue up and down, in and out. Before she knew it, T.J. started to shake as an orgasm raced through her. She clamped her legs together, trapping the head between them, and screamed out as the orgasm hit. Before T.J. came down from her high, Scott sucked in her now inflamed clit; another orgasm raced through her.

When she finally calmed down, and let Scott go, T.J. opened her eyes as she felt the head leave her soaked womanhood. Looking up, she saw Scott’s enlarged cock as he walked on his knees toward her. Figuring they would do it in the traditional missionary position, T.J. stayed where she was. But her brother had other plans.

Scott rolled her over and positioned her ass up in the air. In one fluid motion, he positioned his cock at her entrance and slammed straight into her. Picking her face up from the carpet, T.J. screamed out. Scott waited for her to get used to his size, and then started to pound in and out hard, very hard. At first it hurt T.J., but then she started to moan out in pleasure.

This was the first time T.J. had a cock in her in weeks, and she was really enjoying it, regardless if it was her brother or not. Damn it felt good.

Scott reached down and grabbed T.J.’s shoulder length hair. Pulling back, he continued to pound into her. T.J. felt the pain of her hair being pulled, but at the same time, it turned her on even more. With a cock slamming into her, and her hair being pulled back, T.J. soon yelled out as another orgasm raced through her. As Scott continued pounding into her, she went straight into another orgasm; her juices were flowing like a small river.

Through the shaking of her body, and her mind racing with pleasure, T.J. felt Scott pull out of her. She collapsed face first into the carpet, and then felt a pair of hands roll her over. Through the slit of her eyelids, T.J. say Scott straddle her, and then she felt something wet hit her in the face. Sticking her tongue out, she tasted the cum shooting from Scott. T.J. continued to feel it hit her face, neck, tits and stomach. She licked what she could off her face, and rubbed the rest of it into her soft skin.

T.J. had to lie on the floor until she gained her strength back. Turning her head to the side, she saw Trena holding Scott’s flaccid cock, licking her juices off him. When T.J. could, she sat up and watched Trena until she was done.

“Now I know why you had those strong orgasms.”

“Yes you do, and anytime you feel like it, come on over.”

“After that I may be over every day.”

“Come on then T.”

“What about Steve? Does he know?”

“No he doesn’t, but we are working on that.” Scott told her.

They continued to talk, made plans to meet again, and then T.J. got dressed and left.

For the rest of the week, all T.J. could think about is what they had done. Deep inside she knew it was wrong, but she also loved them. T.J. was taught from an early age that incest was a wicked thing. But was it wicked to have sex with someone that you loved? These thoughts kept rolling around in her mind.

One night she was thinking about all that had happened as she lay in bed. Her husband rolled toward her, and proceeded to play with her tits through the nightshirt she wore. T.J. then pulled one of his tricks out of the bag.

“Sorry dear, not tonight. I have a long day tomorrow.”

She then rolled to her side away from him, and eventually fell asleep.

That weekend was the date T.J. and Trena had set to meet. T.J. continuously thought about it, and she couldn’t wait. She had a few more orgasms through out the week when Trena had hers, but not as intense nor as often.

When T.J. arrived at her sisters’ house, she heard moaning coming from the living room, and knew they had already started. Walking into the room, she was surprised to see Scott sitting naked on the couch masturbating, and Steve kneeling behind Trena on the floor pounding his cock in and out of her.

T.J. stood watching them, felt her juices start to flow, and then was broken out of her stupor by Scott who had walked over and started to undress her. When she was completely naked, he led her into the room and sat back down on the couch. T.J. knelt in front of him, and soon had his cock in her mouth.

T.J. sucked his cock, and her juices continued to flow as it felt as if another cock was sliding in and out of her pussy. She knew that Steve was screwing Trena, and knew that what she was feeling, was what her sister was feeling. Wanting a cock in her, T.J. let go of Scott’s, and straddled his lap on the couch. Sitting up enough, she reached down and aimed his cock at her entrance. With her already being well lubricated, T.J. had no problems sliding the full length into her. When she was all the way down, she turned enough to see that Trena had Steve on his back, and sucking his cock.

T.J. soon started to ride Scott’s cock. Pinching her sensitive nipples, she soon felt an orgasm race through her. Tightening her vaginal muscles, she continued to ride the hard cock. Feeling the muscles contracting around his cock, Scott leaned his head back as his cum raced through him to escape. When T.J. felt the fluid erupt into her, she had another orgasm rage through her.

After calming down, she felt strong hands pick her up off Scott’s cock, and lay her face down on the floor. Not opening her eyes, T.J. knew it was Steve. He then picked up her ass in the air, positioned his cock at her entrance, and pushed himself in until he was completely buried. With her head turned to the side, T.J. moaned out feeling this new cock in her.

Steve slid his cock in and out of the cum filled vagina for a few minutes, and then pulled himself out. T.J. moaned out again when she felt the emptiness, wanting the cock back in her. She then felt her ass cheeks parted, and the head of a cock press against her anus.

T.J. had experimented with anal sex in college, but that had been some ten years prior, and she had not done it since. T.J. knew that it was painful at first, but was very enjoyable once the pain subsided.

When the head pushed past the tight ring, T.J. screamed out. She felt her head being pulled back by the hair, and the new pain took over as she felt the cock slowly make its way into her anus. When it was all the way in, and she felt the balls push against her vagina, Steve did not move until she got used to his size. The pain from the cock pistoning in and out of her ass, and her hair being pulled, soon turned into the feelings of pure ecstasy. T.J. moaned out as she was on all fours, and her back arched.

T.J. soon felt a second cock slide into her vagina, but that could not be. Trena and Scott were in front of her, and she could see her brother slamming into her sister, as Trena’s legs were draped over Scott’s shoulders. What Trena was feeling, was being transferred over to T.J., and vice versa.

With the feeling of two cocks filling her, T.J. was soon pushed over the edge. Orgasm after orgasm raced through her body as Steve continued to fill her ass, and her hair was being pulled back. The feeling was one that she had never felt before. As soon as one orgasm faded, another raged through her body. The feeling of two cocks in her was one that she hoped would never go away.

When Steve started to fill T.J.’s ass with his cum, she felt the second cock in her pulsate. She went into another series of orgasms as the feeling of cum filled both holes.

It took T.J. a full ten minutes to catch her breath after the orgasms subsided. She prayed and hoped that Trena went through the same experience she had. One thing T.J. did know; they had to do this again soon.

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