tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTwin Seduction Ch. 06

Twin Seduction Ch. 06


It was the night before graduation and the twin's father held a family meeting. Mr. Green told the boys that he was so impressed with Brent's schoolwork and dedication during the final semester, he decided give both of the boys $50,000 towards their college education. Bob was truly happy for Brent, not knowing that Brent only curbed his womanizing ways because he was so preoccupied with getting videotape of Bob having sex. The tape would have allowed Brent to claim all of the money for himself. Brent didn't want to jeopardize his good fortune, so he decided to keep the videotape plan to himself.

Brent no longer needed the videotape, but the news was never forwarded to Ashley Roberts. She was having a sleepover with some of her cheerleader friends and invited Bob to stop by for some pizza. Neither Bob, nor Brent knew that Ashley was planning to make one last effort to create the $5,000 video. Bob didn't even know that Ashley had invited some of her friends.

When Bob arrived at Ashley's house, he was surprised to find Ashley with her mom and two other girls from the cheerleading squad. Ashley was a five-foot-five-inch blonde with a killer body. Her thirty-four year old mother was just as beautiful as she was, with a killer body of her own. Lisa, a five-foot-two-inch brunette, and Valerie, a five-foot-four-inch redhead, were the two girls invited to the party. Both of the girls were petite and innocent looking with medium sized breasts. Valerie was outgoing, but Lisa was actually as innocent as she looked.

Ashley said, "I hope you don't mind, but I invited Lisa and Valerie to join us. We're having one last sleepover party before we graduate tomorrow."

Bob replied, "Of course I don't mind."

Then Bob added with a wink, "I guess we'll just have to behave tonight."

Ashley returned the wink and said, "Maybe, maybe not!"

Valerie giggled because she knew what had happened the last time that Bob visited Ashley's apartment. Valerie also knew there was a hidden camera and this time it was turned on. Lisa, however, was as oblivious to the situation as Bob was. Miss Roberts suggested that since it was a slumber party, the girls should get ready for bed. They agreed and headed into Ashley's bedroom to change.

While the girls were gone, Miss Roberts asked Bob to sit on the couch next to her. She was only wearing a tube top and a pair of very tight cut-off jeans. Ashley's mom had worked the tube top down so far that her nipples were about to pop out of the flimsy band of material. Bob was eyeing her thin top just hoping that her bra-less breasts would fall out.

Miss Roberts could sense Bob's anxiousness, so she leaned forward to set her soda can down on the coffee table, but her breasts wouldn't fall out of the top. Bob looked disappointed, so when she sat up, she did it with a jerky motion that caused her breasts to bounce up and down. The abrupt movement caused her breasts to pop free of the tube top. The material fell down to her lap leaving her titties fully exposed right in front of Bob.

Miss Roberts looked at Bob and said, "Oh my, look what happened. My breasts fell out of my shirt."

The young boy was turning red, so Miss Roberts added, "Don't be embarrassed. You've seen them before, remember?"

How could he forget? She took his hand and gently placed it on one of her bare breasts. Bob was a little nervous because the other girls could come in at any second, but he was also getting excited as he massaged Miss Roberts' full titties and tweaked her erect nipples. Suddenly Bob heard a pop. He looked down and saw that Ashley's mom had opened the button on her very tight cutoff jeans.

Ashley's mom looked at Bob and said, "These are Ashley's shorts. They're a little tight on me, so I hope you don't mind if I loosen them up a bit."

Bob swallowed hard and replied, "Um, go ahead. No problem here."

Miss Roberts said, "Good. Then I'll just loosen them up a little more and get really comfortable."

Ashley's mom unzipped the extremely short pair of cutoff jeans, then tried to work them over her fine round ass. There was a generous amount of blonde pussy hair showing for Bob to look at, but Miss Roberts wanted to show him even more.

She said, "Bob, I'm still not comfortable."

With that, she stood up in front of Bob and let the shorts fall to the floor. As she stood in front of Bob, her bare butt was just inches from his face.

Ashley's mom sat back down next to Bob then looked down at her lap and said, "I hope you don't mind that I'm not wearing any underwear. Those shorts were so tight that I didn't think there'd be room for them."

She paused for a second, then looked Bob in the eyes and softly said, "It looks like I'm almost naked. I guess we should take advantage of the situation."

Ashley's mom spread her legs and started to position Bob's hand over her fully exposed pussy. Bob eagerly ran his fingers through her soft blonde bush. Miss Roberts was beginning to enjoy the touch of the young boy. Just as Bob's fingers were about to enter Miss Roberts' moist slit, Ashley and Valerie returned from the bedroom.

Ashley's mom muttered, "Shit, they're back already," as Bob quickly pulled his hand away, leaving Miss Roberts a little frustrated.

Ashley saw her mom trying to yank up the tight shorts and yelled, "Mother!"

Miss Roberts replied, "Um, I was just getting ready to take a shower and I couldn't get the zipper down, so Bob was nice enough to help me.

The girls giggled and said, "Yea, right!"

Ashley's mom quickly pulled her shorts up and headed for the bathroom. Bob watched her unrestrained breasts bounced up and down as she walked away, but his attention quickly turned towards the girl's sleepwear.

Ashley was wearing a little yellow tank top with matching yellow panties. The panties were so skimpy that her butt crack was showing above the waistband. Her puffy pink nipples could be seen under the pale yellow material of the tank top. The top covered Ashley's firm breasts, but left her flat stomach completely exposed.

Valerie was wearing a sheer white negligée that came down just to the bottom of her butt cheeks. The material was so thin that her thong panties were plainly visible under the gown. There was also a slit up each side that was high enough to expose the little strings holding up the tiny thong. Actually, the negligée was almost transparent, practically giving Bob an unobstructed view of her nice round titties.

Lisa finally entered the room wearing a plain white T-shirt. She was holding onto the hem of the shirt because it barely covered her firm rear end. Her young nipples were easy to see as they poked out against the thin cotton fabric. Lisa was blushing and leaned over to tell Ashley a secret.

Ashley then blurted out with a laugh, "You forgot your panties! And you wore that tiny T-shirt? You must be so embarrassed!"

Lisa replied, "Well tell the whole world why don't you! I didn't know a boy was going to be here."

Lisa's face started turning red because Bob was taking a closer look at her little T-shirt. There was a dark shadow noticeable between Lisa's legs. When Lisa first came into the room, Bob thought it was the shadow of a pair of panties. Now Bob knew that it was really Lisa's brunette bush showing through the T-shirt's thin white material. When Lisa sat down, she crossed her legs in an attempt to hide her panty predicament from Bob, but she actually treated him to a quick glimpse of her sweet silky pussy hair.

There was a knock on the door. Ashley looked out and saw that it was the pizza man.

Ashley looked at Valerie with a devilish grin and said, "Hey, do you want to have some fun?"

Valerie replied, "What kind of fun? Showing the pizza man our underwear?"

Ashley said, "Sure. It'll be fun. Well at least for those of us that wore underwear!"

Lisa said, "I don't want the pizza man to see me without any panties on and I sure don't want Bob peeking under my shirt!"

Ashley turned to Bob and said, "Bob, go hide behind the couch and cover your eyes."

Lisa said, "I'm gonna hide, too."

Ashley said, "Don't be silly. The pizza man will love seeing you."

Lisa replied, "I know. That's what I'm afraid of."

With Bob hidden behind the couch, Lisa finally gave in and joined the other girls at the front door. Ashley couldn't believe Lisa was so naïve that she'd really think Bob would stay behind the couch and not peek at the girls. Ashley figured putting on a show for the pizza man would not only get the pizza man excited, it would get Bob worked up, too.

When Ashley answered the door, the pizza man entered carrying a few pizzas. He looked to be about fifty-years-old with a balding head and a big belly. He was surprised and pleased with the sight of the three young girls as he handed the pizzas to panty-less Lisa. Without thinking, Lisa slowly bent over to place the pizzas on the coffee table. The hem of her short T-shirt rode up exposing most of her naked butt checks to the older man.

Ashley said, "Oh my Lisa. Without any panties, I can see your bare ass!"

Ashley and Valerie laughed while Lisa quickly stood back up and pulled the hem of her T-shirt back into place.

Lisa looked at the pizza man with her sweet innocent eyes and said, "This is so embarrassing! I forgot my underwear and these so-called friends of mine keep pointing it out every chance they get. I sure hope you didn't see anything."

The obviously excited pizza man tried to say he didn't, but the bulge in his pants told a different story. Then he stammered that the girls owed him $25.

Ashley said, "I don't know where the money is. Wait, Valerie must be hiding the money in her thong under that negligée."

Valerie pointed to her skimpy negligée proudly and replied, "No I'm not. This gown is so transparent, you'd be able to see if I was hiding something."

The pizza man said under his breath, "She's not hiding much."

Ashley said, "Well I'm going to find out for myself," and proceeded to lift Valerie's negligée over her head.

Valerie was afraid that if she resisted, Ashley would rip the thin material of the negligée, so she allowed Ashley to easily remove the garment. This left Valerie standing in front of the pizza man wearing only a thong. Valerie felt humiliated as she crossed her arms in front of her to hide her bare titties from the pizza man. This left her tiny thong completely exposed.

Ashley looked at Valerie and said, "Wow. That thong is made out of the same material as your negligée. It's so thin and see-through. But wait, I don't see any red pussy hair."

Valerie said, "Stop it Ashley. You're embarrassing me."

Ashley reached out and hooked her finger in Valerie's waistband, then stretched the fabric away from her skin.

Ashley continued, "Look Mr. Pizza Man. That's why I don't see any pussy hair. She shaved it off.

Valerie was mortified when the old man leaned over to look into her panties. He smiled as Ashley let the elastic snap back into place.

Then Ashley added, "You know, that thong is so thin, I can see your bald beaver right under that little patch of fabric.

Valerie said, "You've said enough already, Ashley!"

Ashley still continued, "You've got it pulled up so tight that I can actually see your pussy lips."

Valerie again said, "Okay Ashley, enough said."

Then Ashley turned to the pizza man and said, "See Mr. Pizza Man. Look right here," then Ashley leaned over and pointed between Valerie's legs.

As the balding old man took a good look at Valerie's bald beaver, she decided that she'd endured enough humiliation, so she tried to bend over and pick up her negligée. This caused the back of the thong to become wedged so tightly into her ass that from Bob's view, it appeared that Valerie was wearing nothing at all. Ashley grabbed Val's garment and quickly tossed across the room. As Valerie tried to cover her bare breasts again with her hands, Ashley reached for Valerie's thong.

Valerie pleaded, "Please Ashley, don't pull my panties down in front of this man. I'll be completely naked. Please don't, enough is enough!"

Valerie's begging fell on deaf ears because Ashley yanked Valerie's thong down, leaving her standing there completely naked. Valerie was very embarrassed as she tried to cover her nudity. Wearing a negligée was one thing, but wearing nothing at all was something else. Valerie had never been naked in front of a stranger before and the experience caused her face to turn three shades of red. Val knew that the sight of her smooth shaven beaver was very exciting for the old man, so Valerie did her best to cover herself with her hands.

Ashley then said, "Well I guess you were right. You don't have the money. That means Lisa is hiding the money under her T-shirt."

Lisa replied, "You know I don't have the money. I don't even have any panties on under my T-shirt, remember?"

Ashley said, "Prove it, take off your shirt!"

Lisa said timidly, "You know I can't take my shirt off. I forgot my underwear. If I take off my T-shirt, I'll be stark naked in front of this man!"

Valerie added, "You won't be the only one," as she stood there with an arm across her chest and a hand in front of her hairless pussy.

Ashley said, "Well Lisa, it looks like I'll have to find that money myself," and began pulling Lisa's T-shirt over her head.

Ashley had the little T-shirt up above Lisa's bellybutton, but Lisa struggled to prevent Ashley from removing it completely. With Lisa's firm butt and brunette bush fully exposed for the pizza man to observe, it appeared that Ashley would need help to get the T-shirt all the way off.

Valerie decided that she didn't want to be the only naked girl in the room, so she elected to give up her modesty and help. Valerie began to gently tickle Lisa's flat tummy with her long red fingernails. To reach Lisa's mid-section, Valerie had to bend over right in front of the pizza man. With Val's bare butt right out in the open for everyone to see, she began scratched up and down on Lisa's flat stomach, then went lower and softly raked her fingernails through Lisa's silky dark pussy hair.

Lisa tried to hide in front of Valerie, but Val moved to the side a little to make sure the fifty-year-old pizza man had an unobstructed view of Lisa's teenaged bush. Lisa could feel the burning stare of the old man as he examined Lisa's naked lower half. He began with Lisa's perfectly painted toenails, over her little feet, up her muscular tanned legs, over her hairy pussy and ending at her belly button.

With her other hand, Valerie began gently tickling Lisa's ass, then ran her fingers up and down Lisa's butt crack. The sensation was incredible. Soon, Lisa couldn't take the torture anymore and finally let go of the T-shirt. Ashley lifted the shirt over Lisa's head leaving her firm breasts, smooth butt and silky pussy completely uncovered for Bob and the pizza man to feast their eyes on.

Valerie looked at Lisa and said, "Well, if we don't have the money, then Ashley must be hiding it."

Lisa shouted, "Let's get her!"

Ashley tried to get away, but Valerie and Lisa quickly grabbed her and held on. Valerie got Ashley in a bear hug from behind and pressed her breasts into Ashley's back. She had her hands under Ashley's tank top, but before she could removed the top, Ashley tried to get away, so Valerie grabbed Ashley's nice round titties and hung on. Lisa placed her fingers in the front and back of Ashley's panties, and then began to slide them down her legs.

Ashley begged, "Please don't take my panties off in front of this man. It was funny when I did it to you, but it's not so funny anymore."

Lisa paused for a second, but Valerie said, "Don't listen to her Lisa. It is time for the doctor to get a taste of her own medicine."

Lisa resumed taking Ashley's panties off. With Lisa's fingers in the front and back of Ashley's panties, Lisa drug her fingers down the length of Ashley's butt crack in back. Lisa also let her fingers linger in the blonde patch of hair between Ashley's legs. As Lisa pushed the panties down to the floor, she didn't bend her legs giving the fifty-year-old man an incredible view of the little schoolgirl's bare behind. Lisa had to stay in that position for a while because she couldn't get Ashley's panties off of her feet.

By now, Valerie had worked the tank top up above Ashley's breasts, but she was still hanging onto Ashley's bare titties. The pizza man watched as Valerie accidentally massaged Ashley's puffy pink nipples in the process. Ashley's nipples became hard and erect under the touch of Valerie's tender fingertips.

To get Ashley's tank top and panties all the way off, they had to wrestle her to the floor. The teenaged girls rolled around on the floor until Ashley's tank top and panties were removed. Finally, the three naked young girls stood up, showing their fully exposed bodies to the pizza man.

Ashley said to the pizza man, "It looks like none of us have any money."

Valerie added, "It looks like none of us have anything at all."

The little schoolgirls just stood there displaying full frontal nudity to the balding old man. The pizza man was speechless as he stared at Ashley's neatly trimmed blonde muff, Lisa's brunette bush and Valerie's clean-shaven beaver. The girls didn't even try to hide their firm breasts and luscious pink nipples from the man.

Bob, in his kneeling position behind the couch, seized the opportunity to examine the girls' naked asses. They were so smooth and firm that Bob could barely keep from reaching out and spanking them. Bob could plainly see Lisa's tan lines, but it appeared that Valerie tanned in the nude because of the all over tan on her butt cheeks. It looked like Ashley's bathing suit must not be much more than a thong because of the faint tan line that ran up the crack of her ass.

For the moment, the pizza man seemed happy just staring at the beautiful naked girls standing in front of him. Bob was definitely happy peeking at their bare butts from behind the couch. The girls even seemed happy to just stand there and show off their firm young bodies. However, Miss Roberts wasn't happy at all. Her shower was interrupted by the noise made by the girls when they were wrestling. Ashley's mom charged into the room wearing just a towel to find the girls showing off their naked bodies to a strange man.

Was Ashley's mom going to break up the party, spank the girls or drop her towel and join in on the naked festivities?

That question will be answered in the next story.

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