tagIncest/TabooTwin Sisters

Twin Sisters


As usual whilst their mother was away the two sisters were lying on her king-size bed gently playing with each others clits and occasionally wiping the juice around their own nipples as well as their sibling's.

If their mother had been in the house they would not have dared do such a thing. They only ventured into each others single beds when mom was very busy or fast asleep.

Victoria, their mother was missing her husband and the girls their father. The problem was that Chuck Noble worked in Antarctica and only came home once in 12 months Mom never went out, when the girls suggested it she told them that she would never cheat on their father, but added to herself 'unless I find someone with a 10 "cock.'

The girls were now 18 years old, old enough to look after themselves and they had persuaded mom to take a two week holiday. Apart for concern for their mom the sisters had, in the last 12 months, discovered the delights of lesbian love and with mom away what better opportunity to have each other every day.

Michelle, the eldest by three minutes, made the decisions which Jennifer always agreed with. So it was two days earlier when Jennifer idly wondered what mom did for sex with dad away. "Can't imagine her fingering herself can you Mitch?" she asked her sibling

"Dunno, I used to hear the bed rattle every Friday night and sometimes Sunday mornings so I reckon they used to fuck, don't you" replied Michelle. "She must be missing it, maybe she bought herself a dildo or a vibrator." she added. "Come on sis, lets go see."

Carefully opening the drawers in their parents bedroom drawers they found nothing more sexy than some exquisite lingerie. They did find a small locked chest but decided it was probably a load of legal stuff put together by their dad just in case something happened to him.

If only they could have opened the chest. The girls would have been aghast. Inside were bra's panties, teddies, suspender belts, some very shocking foundation garments that would leave breasts pushed high with holes for the nipples. A pair of panties with a dildo on the inside. Love balls, there were some very naughty books that had stories of incest and some very explicit photographs. However the chest's secret was safe and the girls returned to their own bedrooms a little disappointed. Michelle suggested that they should try and get mom interested in sex. How to do it escaped them neither could imagine saying, "Hey mom, you must be missing dad's cock by now, how about getting someone in to give you a good fuck whilst we go out.." Both girls laughed at the thought.

This particular afternoon they had progressed from fingering each other, they were giving each other deep tonguing kisses then without a word rolled over into a 69. Legs wide open both girls were groaning as they licked a tongued each others cunt's and clits. neither girl heard the sound of a car in the drive or the front door opening. With the bedroom door closed neither heard the soft call asking if anyone was home.

Downstairs Vicky placed her suitcase at the bottom of the stairs and shrugged of her coat. It had been a tiring drive back. Only ten days of the holiday enjoyed when the hotel suffered an outbreak of food poisoning and Victoria had, on the whim, decided not to seek other accommodation but return home. She took the first flight out and took a taxi from the airport.

She thought she heard a noise, a whimper, a gasp a groan from upstairs. As no-one had answered her call she picked up the polished wooden truncheon the English policeman had given her husband years ago on an exchange visit and stealthily mounted the stairs.

Keeping to the left hand wall she glanced into her daughters bedrooms. Nothing in either. Very carefully she crossed the hall to her own bedroom. The sounds were very definitely coming from there and if she hadn't known better she could have sworn someone was being fucked.

Very very gently she turned the latch and allowed the door to open a little. The sight that met her eyes unnerved her. There were her two daughters absolutely naked tonguing each others cunts. She had to hold onto the door jamb. Secretly for the last three or four years as she had watched her daughters develop she had the naughtiest urge it was possible for a mother to have. She felt she would have loved to suck their virgin titties, nibble on their small nipples, stroke their downy mounds and run a finger inside those virgin cracks. Vicky knew full well that the thoughts were wrong, terribly wrong and now she was watching them. She knew she should walk in and stop what was going on, but the sight excited her beyond measure. Slowly without thinking she raised the hem of her skirt and stroked herself outside the panties the feeling grew greater. She pushed her panties below her knees, bent her knees and opened her thighs. She was wet though her fingers flicked across her clit, she need more, kicking her panties of completely she stood wide legged thighs apart cunt thrust forward and as she watched her daughters she brought the smooth rounded polished head of the truncheon up to her sticky wide open labia and eased the wooden pole inside herself. She could not help herself she started to fuck herself...

The girls were enjoying every second both had enjoyed orgasms when suddenly the bedroom door swung open, their eyes opened wide in horror, there was mom, she had caught them on her bed then they noticed something else, mom was groaning, her face suffused as she rammed a polished pole, which both girls recognised, in and out of her cunt as she groaned "...Oooh ooh aargh yes yes yessssss oh my darlingssss mommy is cummming... ooh ooh fuck oh yesssssssssssssssss!momies

Jumping off the bed the two girls helped their mother onto it, she was laughing and crying and groaning. Michelle eased the long pole from her mothers battered cunt and replaced it with her tongue and Jennifer unfastened her mothers blouse, removed her bra and feasted her eyes on the largest swollen nipples she had ever seen, before leaning over and sucking one of the deep red plums into her mouth. Mitch had also discovered her mums swollen clit, its must have been an inch a half long , standing erect, the hood withdrawn looking all the world's like a small dick. She quickly covered it with her mouth and Vicky groaned her pleasure hugging the girls to her...

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