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Twin Sisters


My beautiful wife Carol and her identical twin Cheryl were the most beautiful girls at Riverside Junior College. With their long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and curvaceous bodies, they turned heads wherever they went, especially when they were together. They were so much alike that even their mother couldn't tell them apart. They always wore nametags at home and at school to reduce some of the confusion.

Cheryl's education ended at the end of her two years at Riverside. She chose marriage over education and soon regretted it. Carol and I went on to the State University and married soon after graduation. Cheryl eventually broke up with her abusive husband and came to live with us. The arrangement was supposed to be temporary but it has been two years and she still lives with us. Not that I mind. Cheryl moving in with us was the best thing that ever happened to me. I think you will agree after you hear my story.

Carol is one hot babe. In the months following our wedding, she nearly fucked me to death. Her sexual appetite has diminished somewhat but is still exceptionally strong. We dropped down from fucking twice a day to once a day and then to every other day. It was when we were on our every-other-day schedule that I discovered a way to tell the twins apart.

I was on my back and she was astride my legs giving me some incredible head. She truly loved sucking cock and that made all the difference. I casually placed my hand on the back of her bobbing blonde head. It was strictly a symbolic gesture and was not meant to hold her in place. She loved the feel and taste of cum as it shot into her mouth, and she never let go until she had drained every drop. As my hand rested lightly on her head, my fingers slipped through her silky hair onto a tiny ridge about a half-inch long. Later on when she was asleep, I gently brushed back her hair and examined the blemish. It was a small scar, probably from a childhood injury. I had never noticed it before because it was hidden behind her ear.

I enjoyed having my beautiful sister-in-law around. She was intelligent and witty. The only thing that she had gotten from her husband was his entire repertoire of dirty jokes. She loved telling them to me while eyeing my crotch for the inevitable bulge.

With her charm and good looks, Cheryl had no difficulty finding a job. She insisted on paying her share of the rent and expenses. Although she had enough financial security to find her own place, she continued living with us. We had adjusted to living together and were comfortable with the arrangement.

One night Carol was sucking my cock even better than she usually did. She had learned a new trick that involved sliding her tongue along the sides of my shaft. I placed my hand on the back of her head and my fingers slid through her hair until the tips were behind her ear. Something was different. It took a minute or two to sink in. The scar wasn't there. Carol wasn't blowing me, it was Cheryl! The exciting discovery sent me over the edge and I filled my sister-in-law's mouth with a dozen jets of cum.

I had wanted to fuck Cheryl for years and nothing could stop me now. "Quick, get on your back and I'll stick this thing in before it goes soft," I said. She was still swallowing cum as I mounted her and rammed my tingling cock into the warmth of her cunt. She bucked up against me to capture the full length of my cock inside her. We fucked like animals for thirty minutes. Fifteen minutes into the fuck she began having orgasms at the rate of one every couple of minutes. Her resemblance to her sister was uncanny. Their orgasmic howls were even the same. Unsure about the status of her birth control, I pulled out and shot my load on her tits and belly.

Cheryl rolled up in a ball and quickly fell asleep without revealing her true identity. The sisters carried on their charade for three months. The amount of sex I was getting did not increase. They probably figured that would tip me off, so they alternated sex nights. I would get Carol one night and two nights later I would get Cheryl.

That all ended when I came home from work one day and heard one of them call out, "We're in here." I went to the bedroom where I found the two sisters naked on the bed exchanging a passionate French kiss. My cock immediately began to rise. "What the fuck is going on?" I asked.

"Now don't get mad," one of them said. "She was horny for a man so I told her she could borrow you. We've both been fucking you for three months now." That explanation tipped me off to who was who. I thought it best to let them think their ploy had worked, so I held my tongue. "How long has this been going on?" I asked.

"We've been making it with each other since college," Carol said. "At first it was just so we could stay virgins until we married, but we acquired a taste for it and now we love it. We decided to stop tricking you so we could have threesomes."

It was every man's dream come true. Imagine watching your wife with another woman who is not only her sister but her identical twin! "You've always wanted to watch me with a woman, so take off your clothes and play with yourself while we put on a show for you."

I tossed my clothes aside and pulled up a chair. I had to watch closely or lose track of which one was my wife. "We call this titty sixty-nine," Cheryl said. She was above her sister with her left tit dangling in her mouth. While Carol sucked hungrily on the pear-shaped tit, Cheryl reciprocated. "Now for some real sixty-nine," Cheryl said. Those were the words I had been hoping for. Cheryl mounted Carol and began licking her pussy like a cat cleaning itself. What a beautiful sight it was!

The two began to writhe and moan as they passionately tongued each other. Cheryl's legs went up and her feet straightened out. Carol's ass churned as she humped her sister's mouth. I gave them a standing ovation as they came. But they weren't finished. I couldn't stay out of it any longer. I crawled onto the bed and drove my cock into Cheryl's slippery cunt. I couldn't take my eyes off my thick rod as it plunged into that slick tunnel. The beautiful golden globes of Cheryl's ass jiggled like Jello each time I slammed into her. I was so excited that I'm afraid I didn't last long. Pulling out and shooting my load in Carol's face satisfied a long-held fantasy. It felt even better than I had hoped for.

With our sex lives rejuvenated, we went back to our once-a-day schedule. I usually fucked one while the other watched, but we always had a threesome once a week. I actually found it most exciting not to know whom I was fucking. Wouldn't you?

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