tagIncest/TabooTwin Sisters On A Black Campus Ch. 04

Twin Sisters On A Black Campus Ch. 04


Now, I must have been in a post-orgasmic stupor because none of this can be real. Okay it wasn't, but I wasn't sure how to feel. It was far too late for modesty because there was no telling how long she was sitting there watching us, so trying to cover myself would have been pointless. So there I was with a completely blank expression. I first looked in No.1's direction. Her face was still lust filled. Her eyes had that I'm full from my meal but there's still room for desert look in them. It's hard to explain.

She was slowly stroking the underside of my dick, and had been the whole time while I was trying to process this situation. Verbally, she said nothing but there was a convoluted conversation happening with her eyes. I wasn't sure how to take that. I know that they were sisters and sisters talk. Hell while growing up I'm more that sure that they've shared secrets. It's even possible that they've seen each other exposed before, but the total realm of comfort being exhibited here is telling a tale that may be over my head. But you know—fuck it. It was difficult but I then shift my focus to No.2

Her reaction on the other hand was completely different but not totally unexpected. She also had a blank stare but it was focused. Her head was slowly moving back and forth between her older sister and I as to try to take it all in I imagine. She kinda looked like one of the Disney robots on some ride in Disneyworld. It was almost as if she was caught between awe and aww shit—as my grandfather would say. She was also silent, yet curiously calm. She wasn't disgusted, nor did she rush to her sister's aid. She just sat there, but then she did something that her sister likes to do; she sucked in her bottom lip a little and softly bit down on it.

Again, I'm not totally sure of the relationship between these two was, but the best that I can say is that No.2 was a little envious of her sisters brashness. Not jealous really, but more like she was a fan of her sister. I don't wanna say that she was a tag-a-long, but she was in her sister's shadow. She didn't want me around at first, and I didn't want to get between them but I didn't think that was my place. Her whole circle of friends would give me the third degree. You know how that goes, if you're interested in someone you have to run the gauntlet of friends and family. No.2's coldness toward me and everyone else in general was more out her wanting to be a good girl but not knowing how, so she would clam up. When we did talk I would speak freely about just about everything, especially sex, but my cavalier attitude made her nervous about herself so she fronted like she was mad all the time---boy, little did I know how far that was from the truth.

"Hey look" I said in a meager attempt to try and break the silence.

"I'm sorry, you know for you catching me you know, with your sister like this, but we didn't expect you to ..."

I was about then when I heard No.1 start to giggle a little. I thought was in reaction to my less than stellar attempt at conversation. Give me a break—she was still stroking my dick at the time.

No.2 slowly started to snap out of it at the sound of her sister's laughter. She trained her eyes on me as I was trying to speak. I know from talking with her in the past that she'd always heard people talk about her sister but you know how guys are so she would always ignore shit like that. Although No.1 never copped to everything, she did admit to her that she was a freak and she loved it. She didn't care what people thought. No.2 was initially irate but revealed that she is actually jealous of her sister's ability to be so social. No.2 really wishes that she could open up like her sis. Since then, the two sisters are closer than they have ever been.

"Hey look." I repeated. "I never meant for you catch us like this."

She released the lip she was biting and replaced that blank expression with a grin. Her eyes went from me to her sister and that damn giggle, and then they both almost exploded in laughter.

"No, wait you don't understand." No.1 says after a second to catch her breath.

"It's cool. She heard about us from ol' New York and she approached me about it. I guess I've always known she was a little introverted, but I never knew she didn't want to be. She wanted to be more social and more open around guys especially, but she didn't know how to go about it, furthermore she didn't know what to even do with a boy. So I asked her if she wanted to watch me and learn from big sis." And she said that while still playing with my balls.

"How long has this shit been going on?"

"Oh, about a month now I guess, but only one other time with you. But no one else knew she was watching either. We only let you in on it because I knew you wouldn't get upset or try to hurt anybody. She has to crawl before she can walk"

"So then how ...?"

"How would she know? Well, since I'm being honest, we had a little system. I would let her know when, where, and who I would be with, and we both always knew when practice was going to be outside. If she wanted to drop in and watch she would page me to see if the coast was clear. I would call back if there was a problem, but if I didn't return the page, that was the signal for her to drop by."

By this time she had released me and started to get dressed.

"How long had she been watching."

"Well I've been here almost the whole time." She said, breaking her silence.

I guess I never noticed how much they sound alike before until then. I heard the words but I was looking at the wrong lips.

"When I got here you two were still partially dressed. I didn't come in until she motioned for me to enter. I just sat here watching until I couldn't help myself—I had to touch you."


If you had a five foot feather you could have knocked me over with it. I was absolutely stupefied. On the one hand I was a little upset at getting played like that, but that feeling passed quickly. And on the other hand, I realized that this could be something really wonderful. No.1 was just topless by now but she couldn't find her bra. Apparently it landed near her sister who immediately picked it up walked over and began to slowly put it on her sister while looking at me. No.1 just held her arms out and let her put on for her. After the straps were on, No.2 reached around front to clasp the hook and smoothed out the cups. She felt her sister's tits. That was in un-fuckin-believable. When she was all dressed and ready, she said that if nothing has changed to give her a call and we'd all work something out. Then she left.

I quickly got dressed and caught up to No.2 before she got too far ahead of me.

"When did you two plan all this?"

"It wasn't planned really. It was just like she told you. We kinda just winged it."

"And she wasn't mad at you for asking."

"No. Why would she be? She is my sister after all. If I can't talk to her, who can I talk to?"

"Well how much did you two talk about? Did you tell her about... us? I couldn't bring myself to tell her yet."

"Of course not, that's just between me and you. Now hurry up and get dressed they're going to be locking up the building pretty soon. I'll call you tonight." And with that she kissed me on my cheek, and she was gone.

Now as far as I know No.2 is still a virgin but take it from me it's not because she wants to be, because I tried my best to alleviate her of that condition.

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