tagFirst TimeTwin Summer Ch. 01

Twin Summer Ch. 01


The sun shone hot in a clear late June sky. Thrush and blackbird sang their beautiful songs. The river bubbled gently away as I walked along the path enjoying my release from school exams and looking forward to a summer of freedom before university in the autumn.

The meadows beside the river were long with grass and wild flowers, the local farmer liking to keep things natural and encourage the wildlife. Everything was beautiful and everything idyllic. Living deep in the Dorset countryside, very few people came this way. The tourists tended to go south to the coast; here all was wild, quiet and miles from anywhere.

I had been walking for about 20 minutes when I first heard the sounds of another human. In the long grass, about 10 feet away, there was a laugh and a sharp scream, followed by a giggle and a tussle. Briefly a blonde head showed above the meadow flowers and then disappeared. I thought I knew the head - well at least I knew one of two heads it could have belonged to - one of the Cranwell twins, the daughters of John Cramwell who farmed the area. I knew them well, being a frequent visitor to the farm as my parents were friends of John. The farm had a pool which was brilliant on hot summer days and the twins, Lorna and Laura where always there to join in the games and I thought nothing about headed towards them in the grass.

Phew! Stepping up to them I found them wrestling together, miniskirts and bikini tops askew with breasts out and nipples showing. Suddenly, Laura, who was underneath spotted me, loosened her arm from her sister's grip, pointed and screamed my name, before laughing again. Well being a young man of conventional persuasion I was torn between staring with delight and turning in embarrassment. Deciding that decency was the better option, I turned away, but Lorna called - "Rick, hey come back." I turned back and the two girls were untangling themselves and patting the grass beside them to show I should come and sit between them. At the sight of these two identical eighteen year old beauties, sitting half naked in the grass, I could not help the feeling of excitement that was rapidly building in my shorts.

I stood for a moment in front of them and the twins' eyes seemed to focus half-way up my body. "Rick, are we glad to see you." said Laura. "Yes," said Lorna "you do know we have always thought you were rather cute."

I slowly sat down between them. Their breasts were firm and round and tanned, their nipples erect from the excitement of their tussling. Their blue eyes glinted with mischief and wide smiles showed off their perfect white teeth. Each of the girls stood about 5'6" and was slim and smooth skinned. Something in my brain was beginning to flash red and my breath became very short. Although I had known the girls for years and fancied them like mad, I had never had the courage to ask one of them out - and well, you couldn't ask both of them on a date could you?

Suddenly, Laura shouted: "Get him!" and they were on top of me. They pushed me flat and Laura sat on my chest and held my arms whilst Lorna sat on my legs. "Have you any idea how horny I am?" asked Laura looking down at me her breasts just inches away from my face. "Lonny and me have just been dreaming of getting a nice boy like you here into this field. In fact we were getting so horny just thinking about it, we had to start playing our fantasy together - but you know, girl on girl is not quite the same." For a moment, I didn't realise what she meant, then I understood - the wrestling was a bit more than a sisterly fight - wow I thought, what a fantasy!

Lorna has started sliding up my legs and was now sitting astride my cock. I suddenly realised that under her short skirt she had no knickers. She hooked her arms under her sister's and hugged Laura's breasts. Laura moaned. "Yes," said Lorna "we are so wet that I think you should drink some of it."

"Want to try?" asked Laura. She undid the top of her skirt and threw it to the side, showing her bare fanny and, without waiting for a reply she moved up and sat her dripping cunt on my mouth. My tongue tasted the saltiness of her excitement and started probing, licking her clit and sucking. My hands moved up to massage her young firm tits, tweaking her nipple with care. She immediately began to moan. Lorna meanwhile, had got off my legs and whilst I was occupied with exciting Laura, I felt her fight with the zip and buttons on my shorts. She massaged me through my pants turning my cramped cock until my erection was sticking through the top. She then started licking the top, slowly pulling my pants and shorts away until she had covered the whole length with her tongue. I lifted my arse and as she pulled my clothes away she took my cock in her mouth, slowly moving it in and out, sucking and licking.

Laura was loving the work I was per forming on her clit and I started both teasing it with my teeth and then worked my tongue deeper inside her. She was getting hotter and hotter and started bouncing gently as my tongue drove up her ecstasy. As my teeth playfully bit she gave little whimpering gasps of pleasure.

After a few of minutes of sheer bliss for both me and Laura, Lorna was beginning to feel left out. She let go of my cock and moved around to my head. "My turn", she said. Laura started slowly to move down my chest, leaving it wet as she went. She grabbed my cock and gently lowered her dripping cunt onto it. She was so wet and hot I thought I might explode, except I was distracted my Lorna now moving astride my face the other way around from her sister.

As I lay in perfect happiness, the two girls kissed and hugged and gyrated over me. Laura going faster and faster riding my cock and Lorna getting the full benefit of my teeth and tongue. God they were getting excited and so was I, but I wanted to kiss and feel their tongues in my mouth, I wanted to suck their nipples and I wanted to be shafting them both simultaneously.

I pushed Lorna off me and Laura too and got them to lie side by side, knees bent and legs spread. Their eager fingers were playing with each other's clits and they were moaning softly. Firstly I got between Lorna's legs as she hadn't had my cock in her yet. I pulled her to me and fastened my lips to hers, tongues going deep and passionate. Laura, got up and came around underneath my pounding cock and started teasing my balls with her teeth. I felt her fingers come and play with Lorna's slit, pushing her fingers into her around me and as I pumped in and out. I let go of Lorna's lips and moved down to her tits. I sucked hard her erect nipples whilst her hand went down her clit to bring her to orgasm. She screamed and buffeted and I knew we were both coming. Laura, still licking my moving balls was playing with her own clit and on the point of coming too. I felt Lorna buck with her orgasm and Laura came in sympathy, I just managed to hold off cuming. I pulled out of Lorna's dripping cunt and Laura came around and took me in her mouth. Lorna got off her back and started licking my balls - I came. My orgasm was enormous, it was like being massaged in every muscle at the same moment. The first wave of cum went into Laura's mouth, she let go and the second spurt flooded out over Lorna's face. She grabbed my cock, wanting to drink it as still I came and came again.

Gradually, the waves of pleasure subsided and the flow of creamy sperm ceased. Laura and Lorna took turns to lick my cock clean, then they turned on each other, licking and cleaning the cum of each other's face, so as not to waste a drop. We then all dropped together in the grass, limbs sprawled akimbo. Panting and sleepy in the heat of the afternoon, listening to the gentle flow of the river and the songs of the birds.

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by Anonymous01/09/18

A rapid start to a great series

Hi Jane, love the scenario, but can you slow down a bit!

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