tagGroup SexTwin Summer Ch. 08

Twin Summer Ch. 08


If you have not followed the story so far (see Twin Summer Ch 07), we are bunch of 18 year old's about to leave school and currently on a Duke of Edinburgh Camping trip in beautiful Dorset.


Early to bed and early to rise is the order of the day when you go camping. The flaps of the tent were still open when I awoke naked in a tangle of limbs, the summer sun was already well up in the sky and its heat shining through the canvas made me drowsy, but I had to get up for a pee. So gently removing Sophia's arm from around my neck and unwinding my leg from Tom's I crawled out of the tent naked as the day I was born and headed for a convenient bush to squat behind.

Whilst hidden behind the bush, I became aware of a rustle in the undergrowth from someone moving stealthily towards the camp and (surprise!) out popped Mr Brown camera in hand.

He crept around to the boy's tent first where Laura and Diana were asleep with Iain and Jamie and pointed and clicked the camera at the sleeping bodies within. He then came towards our tent and I quickly saw that Mr Brown would realise that one of us was missing.

I was also rather horrified that he should be taking photos of us at all -- especially if they got to our parents. Suddenly very awake I decided the only thing to do was to somehow get the camera off him, but how?

He was at the tent door now and could see Sophia sleeping with Dave and Tom. He raised the camera again and in a stage whisper I called out from behind the bush: "Mr Brown!"

He stopped with a start and turned towards me. I slowly stood up revealling the top of my naked teenage body to him and smiled coyly as I turned sideways and showed off my tits.

He stood still and watched me suspiciously as I slowly walked around the bush and revealing myself fully. I saw him lick his lips.

I walked closer to him and he started to whisper "You lot are going to be in big trouble over this you know! What will you mum and dad . . ."

I got to him and put a finger to his lips. "Shush!" I said and moving forward cupped his crotch in my hand, slowly moving my thumb up and over his hardening cock. He stood rigid straring down at my chest.

"I know what you want." I said and pushed my breasts up towards his mouth. His head slowly sank forwards tongue eagerly seeking my boobs whilst the hand holding the camera came down to his side and he slipped it in his pocket.

He was then all over me, his hands running wildly around my back and grasping my ass and his mouth eagerly closed around my left breast. "Oh Mr Brown!", I yelled, "Oh Mr Brown!"

Looking over his shoulder I saw Diana emerge from the boys tent and I mouthed "Help!" at her. She nodded and as Mr Brown's over-eager tongue moved down my body nipping and licking slowly forcing me back towards the ground she came up behind him and putting a hand between his legs grabbed his balls hard.

This stopped him in his tracks. He bent backwards and tried to use his weight to topple Diana underneath him, but she was too fast and skipped to one side and he went down to the ground with a crash that knocked the wind out of him. The noise of the struggle brought out the boys and Diana shouted "Guy ropes!"

Tom and Iain loosened some of the ropes from a tent and brought them over with some pegs. Mr Brown was still stuggling for breath as Diana sat on his chest holding his arms and I sat on his legs to hold them down.

The boys made quick work of tying his legs together and then stretching his arms out. They pegged him down with the tent pegs -- just like Gulliver in Lilliput, for those of you who enjoy literature. Mr Brown was now our prisoner and we were his beautiful, naked, teenage guards.

I explained about the camera and Sophia retrieved it from his pocket and she started running through the shots he had taken. She explained that in addition to this morning's shots there were some muzzy ones taken without a flash the night before, but obviously showing the sexual rompings that we had all been enjoying in the lantern light.

Diana was still sitting on his chest and lent forward letting her pendulous breasts swing over his face. "Mr Brown does like little girls doesn't he?", she purred, "Do 'ittle-little girls like Mr Brown though? Can you fulfil our fantasies if we fulfil yours?"

Then putting her hand behind her she started to fondle Mr Brown's crotch again. She then shifted forward and thrust her pussy towards his nose so he could smell her sex. Mr Brown moaned and Diana let his nose run up and down her smooth Brazilian. Sophia got the camera and started to take more photographs -- explain this to our parents Mr Brown.

Not to be left out I started to undo Mr Brown's trousers and unwound his hardening snake from inside his underpants. Sophia took close-ups as I eased down the foreskin and started rubbing the head of his cock over my nipples.

My nympho sister shouted out "Cock!" and came rushing over, she knelt beside us and took his now hardened prick in her mouth. Of course she was showing off and was making slooping and slobbering noises as she gobbled and and sucked. I don't think she was being very gentle with her teeth and Mr Brown whimpered and bucked as her teeth nipped and scratched him.

Laura sucking hard with her arse up in the air was too much for Jamie who by now had a massive hard-on. He came up behind her, knelt between her legs, moistened her slit with a lick or two from his tongue, then began to ease his way in and started fucking her doggy style.

Iain then came to the other side of Mr Brown and stroked my mouth with his own cock gently pushing my lips open and running it over my teeth. I opened my mouth and and started licking his lollypop. Then, with Laura gasping as Jamie fucked her from behind and she mouth fucked Mr Brown, I took Iain's cock into my mouth caressing it with deep and long strokes.

This proto orgy might be a little difficiult to envisage, so I think I better sumarize!

Mr Brown was lying tied to the gound and Diana was sitting hard on his face and letting his tongue work her clit as she ground herself on top of him whilst massaging her own pendulous breasts and moaning.

Laura was on one side behind Diana sucking Mr Brown's cock, like only my nympho sister could! At the same time she being fucked from behind by Jamie.

I was sitting prettily on Mr Brown's thighs with my slit got ever hotter and wetter because I was giving Iain a blow job as he stood beside me.

Tom at this point decided to join in and walked up to Diana cock arrow-like in front of him. He straddled Mr Brown's head and thrust his tool between Diana's lips so Diana could suck him off.

The naked Sophia was giggling and photographing us all when Dave lifted her up bodily from behind and attempted to thrust his cock between her legs. Sophia, threw the camera down and guided Dave's cock into her by now slippery tight cunt. Oh fuck, why wasn't I being fucked - I needed cock inside me!

Taking Iain out of my mouth I thought I'd get my sis off Mr Brown and try-out his cock for size, but at that moment Laura started to splutter as Mr Brown forced himself up deep inside her mouth and came in a roaring gush, spunk bubbling out between her lips as she could not swallow fast enough to deal with the flow.

Laura let Mr Brown's cock free it continued to spurt sperm up and against Diana's back. I grabbed some and started to use it to lubricate my clit rubbing hard and making the world turned red.

Iain lifted me up, turned me around and I bent over and touched my toes as he penetrated my now frothing cunt from behind thumping hard against me and pounding fast.

I got more of Mr Brown's spunk rubbing myself silly whilst Iain thrust deep. I used the muscles inside me to grip Iain's cock and we established a rhythm. He was hitting my g-spot and I came closer and and closer to a double organsm both from my clit and my vagina.

Iain's hands gripped my hips and he started to shout and gasp as I felt him grow bigger inside me. Oooooh! I came as he came, spurts of hot spunk flowing deep inside me, my clit yammered like a mad thing as I came and came again in floods of pleasure, my juices mixing with Iain's. My knees buckled and Iain and I collapsed in a heap, with him still inside me, spent.

Now boys know that after sex they get sensitive willies and Diana was bent on revenge.

She had turned around after Mr Brown had come so spectacularly so her arse was now over Mr Brown's head, she used Mr Brown's nose to rub her clit and Dave started to fuck her doggy style his thrusts inches from Mr Browns eyes. She started to play with Mr Brown's prick, gobbling up the last of his cum and then sucking him hard and using her teeth which must have been excruitating for him.

Mr Brown struggled helplessly to free himself from his bonds. He bucked to try and release himselft, but the thin guy ropes bit into his ankles and wrists. Diana would not let go of him and roughly played with his balls as Dave kept thrusting her from behind and she rubbed her clit up and down the teacher's nose making herelf more and more excited.

Mr Brown moaned and groaned in a mixture of ecstasy and agony. Dave then came and Diana squealed as he shot his load into her. After a few moments he pulled back and she sank her cum filled cunt down on Mr Brown's face. "He needs more!", she gasped taking Mr Brown's semi hard from her lips.

Sophia disentagled herself from Tom and came eagerly to the job, starting to work on Mr Brown's dick some more.

Diana suddenly gave a loud scream and I think Mr Brown had bit her between the legs, anyway she jumped off and away leaving Mr Brown's face a wet and smeary spunky mess.

Sophia pulled up her head and holding Mr Borwn's cock erect said: "He's come again!"

Yep, there was cum oozing from his dick again. My turn I thought and Iain eased out of me with a slippery plop. I grabbed Mr Brown's cock and sucked deeply at his second load of cum, playing and fondling and not letting it go soft whilst I felt Iain's sperm and my cum juices trickle down the inside of my thigh -- mmm!, nice cream pie -- thanks Iain.

Sister Laura, who had by now taken Jamie's load came and knelt by Mr Brown's face, licking off Tom and Diana's love juices whilst whispering to him: "Naughty teachers shouldn't spy on their beautiful sexy pupils should they?" and "Bet you wont ever forget today darling Mr Brown, your cum was too diddly-lishush. . ." and other such inanities.

But we were getting bored with the game and we both soon gave up, leaving him lying there in his rumpled and damp clothes with his trousers open and now softening prick exposed, looking sore and ruddy.

Diana told Sophia to get the camera again. She knelt over Mr Brown's legs and surrounded his sore penis with her tits, grasping it between them for a final photographic spectacular.

Diana then said to Mr Brown "We need the guy ropes for our tent tonight so we are going to let you go. But if you even think about visiting us again in the night, I will personally castrate you!"

Mr Brown gulped and gasped an OK. Then surrounded by the boys, who were more than a match for him, we unpegged him and chased him from the camp site as he tried to adjust his clothing.

We all went back to camp and started retrieving our clothes. We all wanted to have a swim and freshen ourselves up, but the river was about half a mile away, so we had to dress before we could get there. We trooped off down the forest track with Diana dawdling in the rear. Suddenly there was a commotion and looking back Mr Brown was there tearing at Diana's clothes and shouting "Bloody bitch!"

Jamie, bounded back up the path and landed him a left-hook that laid him out flat. The last we saw of Mr Brown that day was him holding his jaw, as he stumbled up and away into the woods. Poor Mr Brown!

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