Harriet seemed to sense my discomfort. She placed her hand on my leg and said, "would you care for something to drink? It is rather warm today."

"Yes, please."

"Tequila and Coke?"

"That'll be fine."

As Harriet walked towards the kitchen I couldn't help but watch the way her sexy round ass jiggled and flexed underneath her tight, latex mini. With each step she took her skimpy skirt slid up her hips and ass a tad

so the bottom of her butt's globes were exposed—as was a hint of pussy lips beyond.

After she turned the corner I looked back at her daughter and saw her grinning at me.

"Mom's got a cute ass, doesn't she?" Muffy squirmed a bit on the floor causing her skirt to slide up a little higher and expose more of her panties.

My face suddenly flushed hot at the seeming brazenness of this girl. God, I need that tequila fast.

"Yes," I giggled. "You've got a very beautiful mom. You should be proud of her."

"Oh, I am, I am, in more ways than you can imagine." She giggled, and made a show of looking me up and down. "Your own daughters have plenty to be proud of in you, too."

"Why thank you, Muffy."

"Mom tells me that you're planning a sex toy party for your daughters?"

"W-w-w-well, yes, they're going to be 19, so I thought it'd nice if they had something, to, you know, take care of themselves with so they don't have to go chasing after boys and men, if you know what I mean."

"I think that is so-o-o cool. You're daughters are lucky to have such a sexy mom."

I was too flustered to know what to say, but thankfully, just then Harriet returned with the drinks. She gave one to Muffy, one to me, and kept one for herself, sitting down next to me again.

Taking the drink from Harriet's hand, I relaxed and crossed my legs not caring (actually enjoying) that Muffy was sitting there right in front of me not hiding the fact that she was looking up my skirt trying to catch as much of a glimpse of my secrets as she could.

At first Harriet engaged me in small talk, which along with the drink got me to relax and feel more comfortable around her and her daughter. During the conversation both her mom and I crossed and recrossed our legs a number of times, and I was shocked—and more than a little turned on—by the fact that Muffy seemed to draw as much pleasure from looking up her mom's micro mini as she did from looking up my more formal dress.

"I heard Muffy asking you about the party you're planning for your daughters," Harriet finally said, touching my thigh again. "Since that's what you're here to talk about let's get down to business. Tell us a little bit about what you had in mind."

I looked from Harriet to her daughter and back again, not knowing how much I should say with her own daughter right here in the room with us.

Harriet again noticed my discomfort and broke the ice. She patted my thigh again, moving her hand up a little higher. "You might seem a little nervous at first, giving a party like this for your own daughters, but it's really quite common. In our business we see a lot of mother-daughter groups at our parties. In fact, since Muffy turned 18, I've let her come along with me to work as my assistant. Isn't that right, dear?"

"Yeah, and what's really sexy cool is that some of these mommy's and daughters actually get it on with each other." She grinned at me and squirmed again showing me more panties.


"Sure," Harriet said. "Mother-Daughter sex is all the rage these days. It's all just an extension of women's solidarity and our natural loving natures."

"Yeah," Muffy said, "mom and I do each other all the time." She giggled and squirmed more on the floor.

"G-g-g-gosh." I found myself getting wetter and and wetter the more these women talked. Did this mother-daughter pair really have sex with each other? Or were they just kidding, trying to shock me or something. I couldn't make up my mind, the way they were talking it was almost too good to be true.

But it did make it easier for me to tell them the sequence of events that led up to me wanting to give this party for my twins—leaving out, of course, the parts that I had been masturbating over my daughters and that I wanted to have sex with them. I just wasn't ready to admit that to anybody yet, it was hard enough just to admit it to myself.

"So, since they gave me something erotic for me for my birthday, I thought it only right that I return the favor and maybe upped the ante a bit by giving them one of your parties."

"We'll up the ante for you all right," Harriet said, slipping her hand just inside my thigh, to rest right at the top of my stockings.

I was surprised that I'd somehow let my dress slide up that far.

"Muffy dear," Harriet said, "why don't you get that box of toys down from the bookcase so we can show Ms. Davidson some of our products that her daughters might like."

There was a book case right beside the side of the couch where I was sitting, and Muffy stood up on a stool to reach the top shelf. I couldn't help but look up her skirt and stare at her panties right there practically in my face. Her ass looked so cute, nice, and round and tight. And she was so close I could smell the soft skin of her legs and the tangy aroma from underneath her skirt.

And by this time I was so wet and turned on from all the sexy talk from Harriet and her daughter that I made no attempt to hide that fact that I was looking up Muffy's skirt. In fact I'd noticeably turned myself partway in the couch towards my left side to get a better look. This move pushed my right leg—the one Harriet's hand was on—further to the front, and to the side harder against Harriet's naked thigh.

And Harriet took advantage of my shifting of my positions to slide her hand a little further up my thigh. And now her pinky finger was toying with one of my garter straps, something that I thought was very erotic. At the same time Harriet also turned towards me, pressing her bare thigh hard up against mine and leaning her face in next to mine making it obvious that she too was looking up her daughter's skirt.

"Don't you think that's a cute, sexy outfit Muffy has on?" Harriet said, her lips almost touching my cheek, and her hot breath sending goosebumps all over my body. "I just love it when she wears that little school-girl outfit."

"Y-y-y-yes, it certainly is sexy," I said.

Muffy, hearing us talk about her giggled and wriggled her ass for us.

"Now, don't get too sassy up there, young miss," Harriet said with a giggle, "or you might fall off that stool." And with that Harriet slid her hand up even further up my inner thigh so that her little pinky finger was now lightly teasing my swollen pussy lips through my panties. And I certainly wasn't about to complain. I enjoyed the touches and was also curious to see how far she would go with her daughter right here in the room with us.

As Muffy made her final reach up to grab the box of toys she parted her thighs a bit and I let out a gasp seeing how wet the front of her panties were.

"Ummmm," Harriet said, her lips lightly touching my cheek, and her hot breath steaming my face. One of her bra cones pressed against my arm, and her hand between my legs was now resting brazenly on my (wet) panty-coated pussy. "It looks like my naughty little daughter's already wet her panties from all of our sexy talk, doesn't it?"

"I-I-I-I guess."

Muffy giggled again and wriggled her ass, then she descended from the ladder and plopped herself on the floor again, but this time so close to me that she was almost touching my feet. She sat with her own feet planted on floor near her ass, her school-girl's skirt up around her hips, and her knees pointing up and spread apart so her wet panties were completely exposed. Seeing me staring at the target between her thighs she looked me in the eyes and licked her lips. Then she looked up between my legs and smiled at the sight of her mom's hand on my pussy.

"You like the way mommy's playing with your pussy, don't you Ms. Davidson?" Muffy said.

"Y-y . . . ." My throat was too dry to answer. But my legs parted of their own accord giving the girl a better view.

"She certainly does, sweetie," Harriet answered for me. "You ought to feel how hot and wet her pussy is getting."

"It makes me hot and horny too," Muffy said to me, "being able to look up your skirt like this and watch mommy rub your pussy and make you all hot." And with that Muffy stuck a hand between her own legs and began to rub her soaked panties while watching her mom rub my pussy.

And my this time my brain was completely fried and I was trembling all over.

"Okay, sweetie," Harriet said, "before we all get too carried away, we need to show Ms. Davidson some of our toys. Why don't you rummage through the box for something appropriate. Her daughters gave her a rabbit, so let's come up with something a little hotter than an ordinary vibrator."

"Here's just the thing," Muffy said, as she pulled out an elaborate toy. "A double strap on that satisfies both partners. Mom and I love using this on each other because both cocks vibrate at the same time so we can both get off while fucking each other."

". . . uh, each other?" My dry mouth barely squeaked the words.

"Sure," Muffy said, massaging one of the cocks as if she were jerking it off. "Mom and I have lots of fun playing with each other, don't we mommy?"

I looked at Harriet for confirmation.

With her hand still in my steamed crotch she said, "I've always been very open with Muffy, and she with me. We both have these strong physical needs, so why shouldn't we help each other out once in awhile?" Harriet turned back to her daughter. "Dear, why don't you show our guest the 'face'?"

Muffy pulled another toy out of the box. It was a life-size replica of a beautiful female head and face made out of cyber skin. The head was crowned by realistic blonde hair and the lips were bright red, a little puffy, and pursed and slightly open, as if ready for a deep kiss. Muffy turned a switch in the back of the head and the lips began to vibrate. She turned another switch and a realistic looking tongue extended out a couple of inches twitching and vibrating.

"You can make the tongue as long as you want," Harriet said. Muffy turned the switch again and the tongue extended out four full inches. Another flick of the switch and it was out six inches vibrating and twitching like an eel in heat and the thought of what it could do to my pussy made me cream my already wet panties.

"Let mommy see it for a moment," Harriet said as she took the toy from her daughter. Then she turned to me and said, "see how nice and erotic it is when you just want some nice oral stimulation." She held it in front of my face and pressed its lips against mine. Then she turned the switch to just make the lips vibrate.

And, Oh my God! What sensations! Every cell in my body tingled in time to the vibrating lips. And before I could recover my senses she touched another switch making the tongue fuck itself a couple of inches between my lips and vibrate and twitch inside my mouth.

And then, all too soon she pulled it away. "See how nice and sexy that feels?"

"It was unbelievable!" I said.

Now holding the toy in her lap Harriet turned back to her daughter to say, "sweetie, why don't you show Ms. Davidson how good this thing feels as a foot massager?"

"Love to," Muffy said as she scooted even closer to me and lifted one of my feet so as to remove the shoe. She took this opportunity to look up my skirt at even closer range. After removing my shoe she caressed my foot while continued to look up my skirt. (Her mom had resumed fondling my inner thigh and wet panties). Then she did the same with the other shoe and massaged that foot while watching her mom play with my drooling cunt. She took the artifical face from her mom and placed it in her lap with the face up. She turned it on, and then took one of my feet and placed my arch directly on the vibrating mouth.

And I shivered all over from the sensations. The lips vibrated and the tongue twitched and vibrated as she moved my foot back and forth and side to side so that all parts of my foot got the treatment.

While her daughter sexed my feet with the toy, Harriet shifted her position so that the hand that had been playing with my crotch was now around my shoulders fondling my left tit. And she had turned herself so that her own tit rubbed against my arm and her other hand replaced the first one up between my legs.

By this time, I had gotten bold enough, and hot enough, to place my own hand on Harriet's thigh pressing so hotly against my own.

As soon as Harriet felt my hand against the skin of her thigh, she began to kiss and lick the side of my face.

Overcome by emotions I turned my own face towards her and before I knew what was happening we were French kissing each other while rubbing each other's pussies.

"Ummmm, bitchin'!" Muffy said, "Watching you and mommy making out and playing with each others' cunts makes me so fucking hot!"

And with that Muffy took the foot that she was using the sex toy on and placed it between her legs and scooted up forward so as to sit on my foot—her panty-coated cunt rubbing back and forth. Feeling how hot and wet she was against my foot made my own pussy boil as her mom and I frenched each other.

Muffy continued looking up my skirt as she now sexed my other foot with the toy while continuing to hump my first foot.

By this time my skirt was hiked up to my hips, my garter straps and panties fully exposed as Harriet continued to play with my pussy. And this gave Muffy the best view she'd had all day as she sexed my foot while humping her hot cunt on my other one and her mother tongued my face and fondled my tit and cunt.

"Ummm, mommy," Muffy said, "you ought to see how wet Ms. Davidson's panties are getting now. She really likes what we're doing with her."

"Then maybe you ought to help Ms. Davidson out of her panties," Helen said, "so you can show her how well the face eats pussy." Helen turned to me giving my ear a flick of her tongue. "Why don't you stand up dear so we can get those soaked panties off of you."

No sooner had I stood up than Muffy was crawling up my skirt while her mom stood behind me wrapped her arms around me to fondle my tits while kissing and licking my neck, ear, and the side of my face.

Muffy's hands snuck up the backs of my thighs to fondle my butt while her mom began to undo the buttons of my blouse. Muffy's head up under the front of my skirt kissed and licked the insides of my thighs while she fucked her own soggy cunt against my foot.

Harriet tossed my blouse aside and wrapped her arms around me to fondle my bra cones while kissing and licking my neck and the side of my face.

And I was just about going out of my mind being molested like this by a mother-daughter team. Not knowing what to do with my hands I reached around and one hand found its way to one of her ass cheeks with the other one went up the front of her skirt to finger her pussy.

"Yesssss!" she hissed into my ear as the heat from her cunt about scalded my hand.

Muffy's lips found my panty-covered cunt and as she kissed, licked, and sucked my wetness I trembled all over. I moaned and began to grind my hips, trying to fuck Muffy's face while her mom fucked her cunt into my fingering hand and she kissed and licked my neck while clasping my bra cones firmly to help hold me up as my knees were about to buckle.

Muffy rolled my panties down my legs while blowing her hot breath onto my pussy to keep my crater steaming. Muffy stood up triumphantly holding my soaked panties up for her mom to see. Then she rubbed the huge wet spot all over her face while letting out little whimpers.

"That's a good girl, sweetie," Harriet said. "Now, why don't you let mommy see how wet you've made Ms. Davidson.

"You'll love it mommy. Her panties are still steaming." With that Muffy walked right up to me pressing her body against mine as she held my panties up close to her mom's face.

With my arms feeling uncomfortable from trying to reach back and toy Harriet, I instead reaching around to stick my hands up Muffy's skirt as she pressed into me.

Harriet hiked her own skirt up over her hips and lifted the tail end of mine up so she could press her slobbering wet cunt against my butt as she sniffed and licked at my panties held to her face by her daughter. And oh, such heat from her cunt. And such pleasure it gave me. Her clit was fully engorged and stuck out nearly an inch which she rubbed all over my ass cheeks.

And I was in heaven, being made a sandwich of by this horny mother-Daughter team. The daughter pressing her body against my front, and now sucking my tits, while I fondled her ass while she rubbed my wet panties all over her mom's face while her mom whimpered in pleasure sniffing my panties and her bra cones stabbing into my back while fucking my ass with her clit.

Then Muffy rubbed my panties into my own face saying, "see how hot and wet you are?" While her mom continued to hump my butt.

Muffy tossed my panties aside and her hands fought her mom's for space on my bra cones. "Mommy, Ms. Davidson's tits are so nice and big. Can I play? I mean really play, with her bar off?"

"We'll have to ask her first." Then into my ear Harriet whispered, "you don't mind if my daughter plays with your nice beautiful tits, now do you?"

"N-n-n-no," I managed to say.

So Harriet unhooked my bra straps and Muffy dived right in. She burried her face into my ample cleavage making purring sounds while fondling my globes. Then she began sucking on my nipples, first one, then the other. She sucked so hard I thought she was going to pull them right out, but it felt, oh so good. I played with her pussy and her ass while she sucked me and her mom continued fucking her cunt against my ass while reaching around the front to stroke my pussy up under my skirt.

After a bit they slipped my dress off so I was completely naked except for my garter strap and stockings. Then they had me sit back down on the couch with my ass close to the edge. Harriet put her arm around my shoulders again and continued kissing me and playing with my tits. Then her daughter, kneeling between my legs, turned the toy back on and pressed the mouth of it against my throbbing cunt.

She let me shiver and shake to the wonderful sensations of the vibrating lips kissing my cunt. Then she turned the tongue on and it fucked its way between my slobbering lips and began twirling around inside of me, doing all sorts of crazy things.

And then I soon had a shuddering orgasm.

Harriet withdrew her hands from my tits and turned to face forward. Her daughter turned off the toy and set it aside.

"That's a good girl," Harriet said to her daughter while patting her lap, "now come here and sit on mommy's lap and let mommy give you a nice big kiss for being so nice to our guest."

Muffy climbed up onto her mom's lap and gave her a kiss. But the seemingly innocent kiss quickly became rather sexual as both women began tonguing each others' mouths out. And then, as I stared with my mouth wide open, they began to fondle each others' tits while making out. Watching this attractive mother-daughter team make out and fondle each other so close in front of me was the most mind-blowing thing I'd ever seen.

"Mommy, can I suck your tits like I did Ms. Davidson's?"

"Sure, sweetie, but first you have to take mommy's bra off."

Muffy raised up to reach behind her mom to undo the bra hooks. Harriet took advantage of Muffy's position to remove Muffy's halter top thing and suck her tits while Muffy fiddled with the bra hooks.

Though I had just cum, watching Harriet suck off her daughter's tits sent my pussy to gurgling again.

Then Muffy tossed her mom's bra away and dove into her chest doing the same as she had done to me.

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