Note: Just a fun story of a woman finding her sister and the excitement back into her life. Sorry men, I wasn't too complimentary in a few areas but we all know what men want. Make sure you are at least 18 years old and enjoy.

When I turned 16 my mom told me something that shocked the hell out of me.

"Janet, you are old enough to know the truth. Your father and I could not have children so we adopted you. We lived in Boston as you know and when we moved to Chicago we just told everyone you was our natural child. It made it a lot easier on you in school."

I asked her if she knew anything about my natural mother but she only knew she was only 15 when she had me. People always told me that I did not look like either of my parents. I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes. My mom and dad were very light skinned and had blond hair. At first I was shocked but quickly came out of it. I was very popular in high school and had made the cheerleading squad. I never thought about searching for my natural mom especially since she was younger than I was when she had me.

After high school I got a scholarship to State and finished with a marketing degree. I met my husband Bill in College and we settled down in a western suburb of Chicago. Our marriage was fantastic in our early years.

We had two wonderful children who were twins. Joanna and Julie. They were identical twins that people were always mixing up. Even Bill and I mixed them up sometime.

When they started dating in high school they sometimes switched their dates just to have some fun with their boyfriends. According to them their boyfriends never found out. I told them to be careful because their boyfriends would be very upset if they knew.

The girls were now in their senior years and had just turned 18 years old. It was at their birthday party I realized my relationship with my husband had dwindled into a boring life. Neither of us had as much desire for sex and we each made excuses when we were alone and time was available. While the kids partied in the back yard we parents entertained ourselves in our basement, which was converted into a large den.

Booze was flowing pretty freely and a lot of flirting was going on. I noticed Bill was giving my best friend Jane a lot of attention but I was glad because it gave me a chance to dance with some of the other men. During one of the slow dances Jane's husband Tom pulled me close to his body. I was feeling so loose I didn't realize his hard-on was pressing against me until I felt his hand slide down to my ass. I looked over to see if our spouses were watching and could see Jane standing with Bill rubbing his stomach against her ass. They didn't know we were alive.

I figured a little playing around would be harmless so I didn't stop Tom as he slipped his hand under the waistband of my shorts.

"Are you being naughty?" I giggled as his fingers moved under my panties to the bare flesh of my ass.

He was the first man to touch me like this other than Bill since my junior year of high school when the star quarterback mauled me in the locker room.

"You got the nicest ass here." He whispered in my ear as he fondled my ass cheeks. "Thank you." I giggled as I rubbed my stomach against his bulge. I wasn't sure what he was hiding under his pants but it felt so big pressing against me.

Someone turned the lights lower so it was really hard seeing the other couples. I could hear a lot of laughing and giggling going on so I figured everyone had branched out with someone other than his or her spouse. I knew I could stop it if he got too far. At least I thought I could.

It was so dark I couldn't see my husband and best friend. Tom pulled me back behind a room divider and pressed me up against the wall. Before I could complain his lips moved forward to mine.

I opened my mouth to say, "Stop" when his tongue slipped into my mouth. After 20 years of marriage I felt like a girl again on my first date. My heart was beating fast and my panties were dripping wet. It had been years since I had felt this way.

Tom's fingers moved down my ass crack until his finger was pushing into my rear opening. No one had ever touched me there.

"Don't," I whispered in his ear.

"OK." He whispered as he pulled his hand up and out of my shorts.

"I didn't mean to stop touching me. Just not there." I giggled. I surprised myself because I told him to continue.

I had never messed around with another man since I've been married and his touches were like small flashes of fire on my skin. I giggled when his fingers returned to my back. He traced the waistband of my shorts until his fingers brushed against my navel.

I giggled again.

I'm sure I would not have allowed his fingers to go under the waistband of my shorts if it wasn't for the liquor I had consumed. My stomach muscles tightened to allow his fingers space to slip under the waistband of my shorts.

"Naughty, naughty." I whispered. I nibbled on his ear.

"Want me to stop?" He challenged.

"Only if you want to." I whispered back.

There was no way either of us wanted him to stop. His fingers found the top of my panties and stopped. He again traced the panty waistband as his finger slid underneath. His touch was driving me wild with passion.

"What have we here?" He whispered as his fingers slid into my pubic hair.

"Cushioning." I giggled.

"For what?" He teased.

"You know." I answered.

"No, tell me." He said as his fingers curled my full mound of soft hair.

"For fucking." I whispered as I stuck my tongue in his ear.

"OH SHIT." He moaned as his finger slid down into my channel. He touched my clit and I cried out. "Ahhh."

"Shhh." He said as his lips moved over mine to keep me quiet. I was glad he did because he would have had me screaming as he brought me to a climax.

"Oh my God. What have I done?" I asked out loud as he pulled his hand from my shorts.

"You didn't like it?" he asked.

"That's the problem. I liked it too much." I giggled.

I couldn't believe I just let another man finger me. It had been at least 20 years since another male had touched me intimately. I suddenly realized I could touch another man's penis. It was something you dreamed about but once you are married you never to expect it to happen again.

Tom moved away from me and was starting to walk back into the main room when I grabbed his arm.

"What." He whispered. I moved my mouth to his ear.

"I want to…" I started giggling.

"What?" he asked again.

"I want to touch you." I whispered and giggled again. "Touch me where?" He teased.

"You know." I whispered.

"Sure. Go ahead." He whispered and moved his body until he was facing me.

My fingers were trembling as I moved my hand down his side to his belt. I followed his belt over to his buckle. I was so glad it was dark because my face was so red and hot. I fumbled with his belt until it released. I unsnapped his pants and found his zipper tab. As I pulled his zipper down it made a loud noise.

"Shhh." I giggled. As my hand pushed the zipper down the back of my fingers bumped against his hard-on. He moaned.

Before I chickened out I moved my fingers to the opening in his boxers and slid my fingers inside. I moved through his pubic hair until I touched the side of his shaft. I curled my fingers around it until my hand surrounded it. It was time for a measurement as my hand slid up to the crown and back down to the base. He was at least 7 inches, which put him in the same class as my husband.

"Take it out." He moaned as my fingers continued to stroke up and down his length. "Why?" I teased. It was my turn and now he was in my control.

"I don't want to make a mess in my pants." He whispered in my ear. "And…" he started to say but stopped.

"And what?" I asked as I continued to stroke him. My fingers moved under to cup his balls. "Never mind…." He said as my fingers played with his jewels.

"Tell me…" I commanded as I gently squeezed his balls a little harder.

"OK. If it's out you can kiss it and suck it." He whispered in my ear.

I was in shock mainly because I had never sucked a penis before. My husband would not let me do him. I never knew why. But, each time I had tried he pulled me away. Now, another man was asking me to give him head. I had read books and knew what to do but doing it was something else. Bill would not even go down on me. I had always dreamed how it would feel with lips on my pussy.

My hand froze on his balls. "It's OK. You don't have to suck me if you don't want to." He whispered thinking I was upset with his request.

"It's not that. I've never done it before." I whispered as my hand pulled his prick out into the open.

It was time for some experimenting as I lowered my body until I was on my knees in front of him. My hand on his prick guided it to my mouth. I moved my lips to kiss the tip. His pre-come slid across my lips as I moved my lips up and around the crown. I still had not tasted him.

I moved my lips down his shaft until I reached the base. My tongue slid out of my lips and tickled the base of his rod. He moaned. He was under my control as my tongue slid up his shaft until it reached the ridge around the top. I traced it around until my mouth was above him. I tasted his juices as my tongue moved to the tip. He moaned and his prick jumped in my hand. He was ready to come and I had not even taken him into my mouth yet.

I licked around the top and moved my lips wide to take his tip inside. My teeth brushed against the crown as he moved further onto my tongue. I positioned my mouth and head to allow me to take more of him. His tip hit the back of my mouth. My tongue flicked against the underside of his prick.

"I'm going to come." He whispered to give me a warning.

I thought about moving away but kept my mouth on him. I thought I was ready when he exploded but his stream flooded my mouth. I moved his shaft out and tried to swallow his discharge. It was too much and I started to cough. His juices were pouring from my lips as I gasped for air.

I finally cleared my throat and moved his prick back into my mouth. I milked the rest from his shaft. I moved back up to kiss his lips.

"Sorry." He whispered.

"I'll be more ready next time." I whispered.

"Next time?" He asked.

"Maybe?" I whispered and bit his ear. "Let's find the others."

We moved up the stairs and could not find our spouses. Tom and I went for a search through the house. I moved ahead of him as we walked up the stairs. I saw our bedroom door was closed. "Shhh." I said as I walked into the small sitting room entrance next to the bedroom. That's when we first hear it.

"Fuck me." The female voice said.

I gasped and put my ear to the door. Tom did the same. His hand was cupping my ass again as we listened.

"Don't stop." We could hear the bed hitting against the wall.

"Is that them?" I asked.

"I don't know." Tom said as we listened some more. Shit. Here I was feeling guilty about playing around with Tom and our spouses were fucking in my bed.

"I'm going in there." Tom said as we continued to hear moans and screams.

"No." I started to say when Tom opened the door and flooded the room with light. We both looked in to see one of our daughters sitting naked on top of a male body. His bare prick was sliding up and down into her blonde covered pussy. She turned and looked at us.

"Mom!" She screamed.

I couldn't tell is it was Joanna or Julie. The young man looked around her body. It was Jack, Julie's boyfriend.

"Sorry." I said as I closed the door. I knew I should have stopped them but with Tom there and what we had just done I didn't think it was a good idea.

Tom was staring at Julie's naked body. My eyes were locked onto Jack's hard-on. I broke my vision and pulled Tom away. We hurried back down the stairs and Bill and Jane were sitting at the kitchen table.

"Where were you two."? Jane asked with a big smile.

"We were looking for you two." Tom said without a smile.

I was about to ask more questions when Joanna came in the back door. At least I thought it was Joanna since Julie was upstairs with her boyfriend.

"Hi Guys." She said. I could tell from the voice it was Julie. It was sometimes the only way I could tell them apart. That and a small mole on the top of her big toe on her right foot. I looked down and saw the mole. It was Julie and it meant Joanna was fucking Julie's boyfriend upstairs.

"So, which one is it?" Tom asked as she walked by.

She moved over and whispered her name in his ear. I'm sure so I wouldn't hear her lie. She grabbed some snacks and headed back outside.

I whispered to Tom. "Who did she say she was?"

Tom whispered back. "Joanna."

I smiled and moved over to the door and peered outside. Julie was sitting on Mark's lap. Mark was Joanna's boyfriend. So, they continued to swap boyfriends. But, this was different. They were sleeping with the other ones boyfriend. I already knew they were not virgins and made sure they were not going to get pregnant before finishing college anyway.

I played their game for the rest of the night. Not even Bill picked up on the difference. Later on, Joanna came in to use the bathroom. I slipped into the room with her.

"So, it was you with Jack upstairs." I said looking at her eyes. She couldn't lie to me when I looked into her eyes.

"What are you talking…" She started to say.

"Joanna, I know it was you so don't lie to me."

"We were just experimenting." She said looking away.

"Be careful with your experimenting." I said and walked out.

Everyone left around midnight and the girls cleaned up the mess. Bill and I headed to our bedroom. I still had Tom's taste in my mouth as I brushed my teeth. "So, where were you and Tom?" Bill asked as he put his hands on my ass.

"You tell me and maybe I'll tell you." I said as I spit out my toothpaste.

"I have nothing to tell." He said looking away from me. He also could not lie while looking into my eyes.

"Me neither." I said with a big smile.

We moved into the bed and didn't say another word. I closed my eyes thinking of how it would feel to have Tom inside of me.

"Well, don't be mad but we did have a little too much to drink." Tom said softly.

"Me too." I confessed.

We could now blame it on the booze.

"Jane and I kissed." He said. I was silent trying to figure out how to say we did the same and more.

"Are you angry?" He said after a couple of minutes.

"No." I answered. "We did the same."

"Is that all you did?" He asked.

"Maybe? What did you and Jane do?"

"We did go a little further." He whispered as he pulled my body to his. His lips moved to my earlobe. I could feel his hard-on rubbing against my leg. He was in heat probably from his messing around with Jane.

"Tell me." I said as I curled my fingers around his bulge in his pajamas.

"Don't be mad." He said again.

I waited but he remained silent. He was scared to tell me.

"Did she do this?" I asked as I sucked on his ear.

"Yes." He moaned.

"And, this?" I said as I stroked my fingers up and down his shaft.

He was silent for a few seconds. "Yes." I heard him say softly.

"What did you do to her?" I asked as I pulled his prick from his PJs.

"This." He said as his hand moved up to caress my covered breasts.

"And, this." He said as his fingers played with my nipples.

"Outside her clothes?" I asked as I jerked him off.

He moved his fingers under my gown and touched my bare boobs. "And, under."

"What else?" I asked.

"This." He said as his fingers moved under my gown to my panties. His fingers slipped underneath and touched my clit.

"It that it?" I asked as he fingered me.

"Yes, of course. I wouldn't go any further than that." He said as I brought him to a climax. His pleasure juices shot up over my hand and his stomach.

He stopped moaning and stopped touching me. I thought he would ask me about Tom and I but he just turned over and closed his eyes. Like normal. He was satisfied and I wasn't. At least not from him. I couldn't sleep much that night thinking of my first blowjob and Joanna fucking Julie's boyfriend.

That was my excitement for quite a while. After our petting sessions with Tom and Jane we kept our distance. When we did see each other we pretended our playing around never happened. The weekend we took our daughters to visit a college campus in Boston the strangest thing happened.

I was sitting alone on a small bench outside one of the dorms when a young man moved up to me and said, "Mom, we've been looking for you for over an hour."

I looked up at him like he was nuts. He stopped and looked at me for almost a minute.

I almost bolted until he said, "Oh my god. I thought you were my Mom. You look just like her."

He stared at me some more and I just smiled. If this was some type of scam or come-on I wasn't going to fall for it. He finally moved away but kept looking back at me. When he turned the corner I quickly moved inside the dorm to find my family. Weird.

I thought my excitement was over until later in the cafeteria I excused myself to go to the restroom. As I exited the stall another woman did the same next to me. We both walked up to the large mirror and froze. She was I. I was she. We both looked at identical copies of ourselves in the mirror. I turned to her and she turned to me.

"Who…" I started to say. "Are you?" She finished.

Except for the fact her hair was lighter and longer than mine we were perfectly matched copies of each other. It hit me. I had a twin sister and here she was.

"You are not going to believe this but I think we are sisters." I muttered as we continued to look at each other.

"I don't think so." She said.

"But, gosh, we do look so much alike."

"Well, I think so. I was born in Boston on May 5, 1963. When is your birthday?" I asked.

"The same." She said softly starting to believe something I was saying might be true. "But, my parents would have told me I had a twin sister."

"Are you adopted?" I asked.

"Yes." She answered.

"They probably didn't know. Just like my adoptive parents."

"What's your name?" She asked.

"Janet." I answered. "And yours?"

"Margaret." She replied.

"You must be my twin sister. We look identical and we have the same birthday."

"Is there anyway to find out?" She asked.

"I think they will release all the records after a certain amount of time has gone by. I believe I was born in the Boston General Hospital. I was going to stop by there while we are here. Would you like to join me?" I said.

Suddenly it hit both of us. WE WERE SISTERS!" I opened my arms and we gave each other a giant hug.

"I can't wait to tell my family." She said. We walked hand in hand as we walked over to Bill and the girls. They were talking but stopped when they looked up at us. All three of their mouths opened up. They couldn't talk.

"Family I would like to introduce you to my twin sister, Margaret."

"What? No way!" Julie and Joanna shouted as they jumped up to hug Margaret. "Really?" They asked.

"We must be sisters." I said. "We have the same birthday."

"Come over and meet your cousins and my husband." She said as she gave Bill a hug. We all walked to the other side of the large cafeteria to see two twin boys and a man sitting and laughing. The man saw Margaret and I first and froze. The twin boys turned and did the same.

"Holy shit. See! I told you I saw another woman who looks just like Mom." One of the yound men exclaimed.

After Introductions we found out the man's name was John and the twin boys were Robert and Richard. The boys were also 18 years old but were a month older than the girls. We spent the rest of the evening getting to know each other. The twin boys and girls really mixed well together. Even they had the same features. It was amazing.

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