tagIncest/TabooTwins Ch. 02

Twins Ch. 02


(Sandra Davidson's story, cont.)

After the way Harriet and her daughter Muffy had worked me over the day I had visited them, I was in constant heat day and night in anticipation of the birthday party I was planning for my own daughters.

On that fateful day, the day my twins turned nineteen, I woke up with my pussy throbbing more than usual. I wanted to masturbate so bad . . . but I also wanted to save it all for the fun and games I hoped that the day would bring. I quickly slipped a robe on over my night slip and went down stairs to get the coffee and breakfast started.

I sat at the breakfast table sipping my coffee waiting for my two little lovelies to rouse themselves and come downstairs, and with each minute that passed I was getting more and more nervous about what I had planned for them. Finally they made their appearance.

"Happy birthday, girls," I said. I watched as they approached me. They were wearing only the white silk night slips that they had slept in.

"Thank you mom," they said in unison as they came at me from opposite sides. They kissed me on the side of my face simultaneously. I was only too aware of their sexiness as they kissed me—each of them with on hand under my chin and one hand on my shoulders. Their long blonde tresses cascaded down their necks and mine, their kisses like a light summer breeze. Their closeness and the musky odors emanating from behind the hemlines of their short slips stimulated all of my senses. I wondered if they had played with themselves last night like I had done. Or perhaps they had played with each other as I'd seen them do in the Past? And that thought sent my pussy to gurgling more than the coffee pot on the stone.

I watched as they went over to the coffee pot to pour their own coffee, their pert asses jiggling and vibrating underneath their shinny tight slips as they walked. And when they reached up to grab their coffee cups from the cupboard, those tight little slips lifted and showed me their bare butts. And I thought, how nice it'd be to fondle those cute bums. Perhaps today it might actually happen?

When they sat down at the table the looks on their downcast faces told me that they had expected to see presents on this, their birthday, and were disappointed that there were none.

"Sweeties," I said, "I don't have any fancy wrapped presents for you, but I do have a big surprise planned which will be better than any wrapped present could ever be."

"What is it mom?" Tiffany asked.

"Finnish your breakfast first, and then I'll tell you."

After we put our dishes to soak they stood on either side of me sort of pinning me against the sink.

"Okay, mom," Brittany said, "what is this big secret you have for us?"

"Yes, please tell us mom," Tiffany said as the two of them pressed their hips against mine.

"Well," I said, licking my suddenly dry lips, "you remember what you two little hussies gave me for my birthday?"

"Yeah?" they said in unison, remembering the vibrator and Lesbian incest porn DVD they'd given me.

"You liked it, didn't you mommy?" Tiffany said.

"Y-y-y-yes, I did. And I got to thinking that since you two sweeties gave me something so sexy for my birthday that I ought to do the same for you—except that I'm going to up the ante for you."

Both of their faces lit up. They turned towards me, each putting a hand on my shoulder.

Brittany said, "oh, mommy, that sounds exciting."

"What is it?" Tiffany pressed her body against mine.

"Well . . . , there's this lady that sells . . . uh . . . marital aides . . ."

"Oh, you mean sex toys?" Brittany said.

"Okay, sex toys." I giggled, feeling my face turning redder than a beet. "Anyway, I've invited her over this morning to give us a demonstration of her . . . uh . . . products. And I'll buy you two any of her toys that you want."

"Oh, Brittany!" Tiffany said, grinning at her twin, "mommy's gonna give us a sex party!"

"Oh, beautiful, sexy, wonderful mommy!" Brittany said as both girls leaned in to give me a kiss. But this time it was no ordinary peck on the cheeks. Instead they vied for space on my lips taking turns slipping me a little tongue.

And I felt like I was floating on clouds. So incredibly erotic it was. Kissing another woman is erotic enough, but having my own twins giving me a little tongue, however slight, was mind blowing.

As they both got a little bolder when I didn't push them away, they began to insert their tongues a little deeper into my mouth.

I put my arms around both of them to hold them in an embrace.

They each put a hand on one of my tits.

"Oh, sexy, sexy mommy," each of them kept repeating in between kisses as they began to feel me up through my robe.

My own hands soon found their way down to their bums which I eagerly fondled while they teased my nipples that were now so erect they tented through my night slip and my robe. They pressed their bodies in so tight to me they could begin to rub their crotches against my hips, and the heat of their cunts went right through me stoking the fire in my own all the more. And their nipples, so hard and erect through their nighties as they rubbed them side to side against my arms. And all of this just fried my brain so much I thought it would explode and send the top of my skull through the ceiling.

I didn't want this to ever end, but there were more delights to be had later that might be spoiled if we went too far right now. Besides, I wanted to be sure my daughters stayed aroused all morning (without coming) so they'd be as hot for me as I was for them when the real fun started when Harriet and her daughter arrived. So, somehow, I finally found my will power to push them away.

"Okay, sweeties. What you are doing to your mommy, umm, umm, umm. I hate to break this up, but you'll have ample time to thank your dear mother later. But right now we have to get ourselves all ready. They'll be here soon."

"They?" my twins said in unison.

"Yeah, Ms. Johnson's bringing her daughter with her."

"Ummmmommmeee," they purred in unison, grinning as they headed for the stairs.

I followed right behind them looking up their slips as they ascended side-by-side, their arms around each others' waists. I enjoyed watching their pert round ass cheeks as they flexed and wriggled with each step. And then there were their shaved pussies now clearly visible to me from this angle with their fat, puffy, arousal-swollen lips and the sweet slits between, overflowing with juicy nectar. And with each step they took those swollen lips squished and scrunched most maddeningly causing sweet liquid sounds as their lips rubbed together. Oh, how I wanted to stick my face in there and lick away. But I contented myself with just inhaling their aroma deeply as I followed in their wake letting their sexiness fill my soul while my own overflowing pussy made its own "squish," "squish," "squish" sounds with each step I took. I relished the feeling of my own swollen pussy lips scrunching against my very erect clit with each step I took. In fact, I stepped in such a way as to exaggerate that feeling.

All too soon the climb up the stairway came to an end. But my twins were waiting for me at the top. As soon as I reached the top step they got me from either side slipping their arms around me and pressing their hot young bodies against me once again.

"Oh, mommy," Brittany said, "we're so hot from the idea of you giving us a sex party we can hardly stand it." Both girls placed both of their hands on my shoulders, and oh, my gosh, they were trembling so. My heart (and a whole lot else) went out to them.

"I thought I said a sex toy party, not a sex party." I giggled.

"Sex toy party, sex party," Tiffany said, "what's the difference. The whole idea is just so fucking hot."

They both started kissing and fondling me again, and rubbing their hot twats against my hips all the while whispering "sexy mommy, sexy mommy, sexy mommy," into my ears.

My hands, taking on a life of their own, somehow found their way down their backs and up under their slips to fondle their sweet, naked butts once more.

"Ummmm, yes, mommy," they said as they teased my now very throbbing nipples through my tented robe and took turns tonguing my mouth out.

This time I let their lips linger against mine relishing the sensuality of it—and the forbidden naughtiness of letting my own daughters fondle me and face fuck me like they were doing. In fact I gave each of them some tongue of my own. And this really sent them into overdrive. Instead of just rubbing their crotches back and forth on my hips they were now humping me, fucking their hot, wet cunts against my hip bones as hard as they could. I could feel their heat and wetness, so powerful now, and it made my own caldron boil and bubble like it was ready to explode.

"Oh, sexy, sexy mommy," they continued to mumble in between kisses. A pair of sweet little hands were at my crotch fumbling with my robe. It parted. A hand lifted the hem of my night slip. Her sister's hand found my pussy and began rubbing it. And I was in seventh heaven. The delicious naughtiness of it all. French kissing with my daughters, fondling their butts and being gropped by them just sent goose bumps all over me. I thought I'd explode. I couldn't take it any more without raping them right then and there.

"Oooohhhh, fuckkkk!" I gasped, almost totally losing it. But summoning the last ounce of reserve will power I had, I pushed them away. "Oh, what you naughty little girls are doing to your mommy."

"Yes, fuck is what we want to do," Tiffany said.

"Yeah," Brittany said, "all of this talk about sex parties and sex toys . . ."

"Okay, okay, you can have your sex party—but only after the sex toy party is over and I have purchased the toys I'm going to buy you for your birthday. But now, we really do have to get ourselves ready before our guests arrive."

"Aww, mom. Okay," they said in unison as they turned and walked down the hall towards their room.

I paused at my own doorway and called out after them. "Now, no fair masturbating in the shower, or bringing each other off. You'll have more fun if you save it for later."

"Ummm, mommy," they said, giggling. "And you too."

As I showered my body tingled all over from the way my daughters had kissed me and took turns giving me tongue while the other one called me "sexy mommy, sexy mommy." My hands still burned with the forbidden thrill of fondling their little asses up under their night shifts. The water from my shower head teased my aching nipples so deliciously as I fantasized my daughters sucking on them. The fire lit down below by the little hands that had touched my pussy still flared. I could still feel their precious little fingers diddling, probing. As I soaped myself up I gave my pussy extra attention—so tempted I was to go ahead and masturbate. My God, I haven't been this on fire since I was their age. But I had told my daughters to not cheat, so I couldn't either.

After drying I slipped on a pair of white silk panties, and wanting to be more daring than usual I put on the shortest skirt I had. I looked at myself in the mirror and liked the way my skirt just barely covered my ass coming down to only the very tops of my thighs. Then, going bra-less I slipped on a white button down blouse leaving a few buttons undone on top to show just enough cleavage to be interesting, then I tucked the blouse inside the skirt. What the fuck, I thought, as I tucked my blouse in I inched the skirt up just enough to show just the barest hint of white panties in the front, and just a hint of ass cheek in the rear.

I applied just a touch of make-up, lipsticked my lips, stepped into a pair of medium high pumps, and headed for the living room downstairs. My legs were so trembly from sexual need and the unrelieved horniness from what my daughters had been doing to me. That, combined with the nervous anticipation of what might or might not happen when Harriet and Muffy arrived, rendered me barely make it down the stairs without falling.

Arriving in the living room I saw that my daughters were already there. I was glad to see that they had resisted the temptation to bring themselves off before the party started. They were dressed in matching white mini T-shirts that clung to their bodies—looking like they were ready for action.

They both turned to look at me as I entered the room, their eyes drawn immediately to the hint of white panties I knew were showing under my hemline. They grinned lewdly at me sending electric jolts throughout my body.

"You like my outfit?" I stood directly in front of them then slowly turned around wriggling my ass in front of their faces, then completed my turn to took at them again.

"Oh, mommy, that looks so sexy," Tiffany said.

"We love the way your white panties peek out," Brittany said, lifting a foot to lightly touch the exposed hint of white.

And I felt my pussy go into overdrive again.

"Mommy, why don't you do a little modeling for us until our guests arrive?" Tiffany said.

"Yeah, it's our birthday," Brittany said, "so you've got to do everything we ask you to do."

"Well, since it is your birthday," I said, loving the attention I was getting from these two beautiful young creatures, my daughters, and loving even more the way Brittany's foot was starting to slip up under my hemline to rub up and down against my steaming cunt. Then, with a slight giggle I said, "your command is my wish."

"See," Tiffany said to Brittany, "mommy likes it. See how erect her nipples are getting? She's not wearing a bra just like us."

"Such a sexy mommy, we have," Brittany said, "but she needs to unbutton a few more buttons." She lifted her foot to reach around and tease my ass while her twin continued to tease my twat. The way both girls were working their feet on me caused their T-shirt minis to hike up a bit, and the movement also caused their legs to part. It was then I realized they weren't wearing any panties. Seeing their shaved pussies wink at me I licked my lips.

"Yeah, mommy," Tiffany said, "unbutton a few more buttons so we can see more of your tits."

"We've admired your huge tits all our lives, they way they've always filled out your blouses," Brittany said. "So, please, mommy, let us see your tits."

I smiled at my sweet gorgeous twins while slowly undoing button after button and swaying my hips side to side as if I were doing a strip tease. At the same time my knees grew weaker and weaker as I stared at their naked pussies which were getting wetter and wetter right before my eyes as they played their little game with me.

After unbuttoning a few more buttons and showing gobs of cleavage, I paused, flicked my tongue at them, and giggled while touching my index fingers to my throbbing nipples tenting my blouse.

"Ummm, mommy," Brittany said, "you're teasing us. Pull your tits out. We wanna see all of your tits."

"Ummm, beautiful," they said in unison when I exposed both of my tits to them in all their swollen splendor.

"Now play with them for us," Tiffany said.

By now my mouth was so dry I could barely talk. So I said nothing, but just began fondling myself and teasing my nipples with my thumbs while swaying my hips side to side and enjoying the feel of their feet on my panties, front and rear, ass and cunt, while I looked between their legs to drool over my twins' own swollen and very wet pussy lips.

"Look how big and sexy mommy's nipples have gotten," Brittany said. "Wouldn't you just love to suck on them?"

"Oh, yesss!" Tiffany said, then looking at me she said, "and you'd really love that wouldn't you mommy, to have both of your daughters sucking your titties, nursing on you like we did when we were babies?"

For an answer all I could do was lick my lips and let out a little whimper while nodding my head.

Tiffany said to Brittany," mommy really loves what we're doing to her, and our dirty talk. You ought to feel how wet her panties are getting against my foot."

Brittany removed her foot from my butt so she could lean forward to slip her hand up under my hem to join her sister's foot in teasing my cunt. "Ummmm, yes. Mommy's really wet." She removed her hand and sniffed it, then held it to her sister's face so she could sniff my horniness as well.

Tiffany removed her foot from under my hemline as she leaned forward to sniff, and lick her sister's hand covered with my wetness as she looked me straight in the eye. Then she said, "pull your skirt up mommy, so we can see how wet you really are."

"Up a little higher," Brittany said, "we want to see all of your panties."

So there I was standing directly in front of my daughters watching them masturbate as they admired my panties with the huge wet spot, and oogled my swollen-nipple tits hanging out of my blouse.

And then the doorbell rang.

"Aw chucks," the girls said, "they're here."

I pulled away from my girls lowering my hemline back down and recovered enough to say, "I'll get it." On the way to the door I stuffed my tits back into my blouse and pulled it tight enough to cover my nipples while showing more than ample cleavage.

I embraced Harriet and her daughter at the door and invited them in. Harriet immediately noticed my erect nipples tenting my party open blouse. "It looks like the party has already started," she said as she took both my nips between her thumbs and forefingers.

I giggled. "Things were starting to get a bit hot. You arrived just in the nick of time to save me from committing incest with my own daughters." I winked at her daughter.

"Well," Harriet said, "we'll see if we can't make things even hotter then."

I led them into the living room and introduced them to my daughters then joined my twins on the couch. We watched as Harriet and her daughter began to get things ready. They had brought a couple of suitcases with them which they set on the floor.

"We generally start these sex toy parties," Harriet said, "with a short video demonstrating some of our basic products, then Muffy and I will demonstrate some of the more elaborate toys and give you all a chance to . . . uh, test drive some of our products."

My daughters and I all laughed at that. And then we watched Harriet and Muffy as they continued to get things ready. Harriet was wearing a more modest dress this time. It was a one-piece summer type dress that came to just above her knees and was not too tight, but just tight enough to show her curves. It buttoned down the front and she had left enough buttons undone to show that like me, she was wearing no bra. When she squatted down to take the DVD out of one of her suitcases I saw that unlike the other day, this time she was wearing a nice pair of white panties.

Muffy was another story. On top she had a T-shirt with no bra, and on bottom a latex micro mini that was even shorter than the one her mom wore the other day. And when she bent over to put the DVD her mom handed her into our player under the TV it was rather obvious that like my daughters she was wearing no panties.

While the movie played Harriet and Muffy went back outside to retrieve one more item.

The movie lasted about 20 minutes and showed women masturbating with various sex toys. The sexy buzz of the vibrators was more than enough to make my own pussy hum right along with them. It had the same effect on my daughters because they each put a hand on one of my thighs. I responded my placing my hands on their thighs.

"Keep in mind which toys you think are the sexiest," I said, "and I'll buy it for you."

Their response to that was to move their hands further up the insides of my thighs. I did the same for them.

The last scene in the movie was the longest and showed two beautiful women making out and fondling each other. Then they fucked each other with a double strap on. And by this time my daughters had slid their hands far enough up between my thighs that they were groping for my pussy.

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