tagIncest/TabooTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 02

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Twins get Naked!

While Tyler and Brenda were dozing, Janice and the twins settled in. Janice set herself up in the 2nd floor guest bedroom. The twins would be sleeping on the fold-out sofa in the 1st floor greatroom.

As Tyler's Mom put the finishing touches on dinner, she glanced over at the twins and sighed sadly. To her, they were the daughters she never had. Tyler's delivery had been difficult and it left her without the ability to have more children.

The twin girls were sitting quietly on the sofa reading. With their somber demeanors, slouching posture and drab cloths, Janice could see why it was so easy to dismiss and overlook them. They rarely spoke. They didn't even try to interact with anyone. They acted as if they expected to be ignored.

Calling out to them Janice said, "Girls, it is very important that Tyler and Brenda rest. The doctor said for their hands to heal properly, they can't use them at all. So we will be their hands." The girls nodded without looking up.

"It will be hard for them to let us do everything for them. I have a plan that I believe will get them to accept our help. Later when you tell your parents about this, you can tell them it was all my idea and that we were just following the doctor's orders. Okay?"

With blank expressions on their faces, the girls again nodded not knowing exactly what they were agreeing to.

"Go upstairs and bring our guests down for dinner."

Soon after hearing their clunky strides on the stairs, Tyler saw Abby and Beth appear at the door. In unison they whispered "Dinner is ready."

Dinner was a strained affair. Abby fed Tyler while Beth fed Brenda. The only conversation was a rambling account of recent family events delivered by Janice. She felt the need to try and make this meal feel like a normal family dinner. After the injured were fed, the care givers ate in silence.

"Beth and Abby, please take Tyler into the greatroom to watch TV. I'll do the dishes. Brenda, will you stay with me?"

Brenda perched herself on a high chair at the counter saying, "Janice I can't thank you enough. For dinner and everything."

Ignoring her remark Janice said, "Your dad was in the military, right?"


"Did you have to move often?"

"Yes. It seemed we barely got all the boxes open before we had to pack again," Brenda said with a smile.

"That must have been hard for you. How can you smile now thinking back on it?

"It really wasn't that bad. I learned how to make new friends. Moving as often as we did introduced me to lots of great people and places."

"I guess you were always popular with the boys?"

"Hardly," Brenda said while rolling her eyes. "In 9th grade I was still as flatchested as I had been in 1st grade! Then suddenly over the summer going in my sophomore year I grew boobs. I started getting asked out on dates and the rest is history."

Janice looked deeply into Brenda's eyes and said, "Well, then you know how hard it can be to be different."

Brenda's chin clinched as if she had been slapped. Her mind was suddenly flooded by her painful school memories. She nodded slowly explaining, "All my friends ... developed before me. Everyone knew. Some of the meaner boys called me Pancake Brenda."

Janice wrapped one arm around her daughter-in-law's shoulders and gave her an understanding hug and said "The twins are in that same unhappy place. I fear they're trapped there."

Feeling that she had found common ground, Janice moved in front of Brenda and gave her a fuller embrace and said, "I'm so glad you are a part of our family. You've made my son so happy. I was wondering... hoping...would you help me with the twins?"

Her emotions stirred, Brenda's voice broke as she replied, "I would be glad to try."

"They are ...Well, you've noticed how shy they are. When they talk at all, they whisper. They have zero self confidence. I worry about how they are going to make it in the world."

Brenda nodded.

"It's their mother's fault. Cindy has babied them all of their lives because of their handicap. She doesn't let them do anything. They are 18. Can you imagine they've never been on a date? Their only friend is each other? That isn't right."

Brenda shook her head slowly. Her eyes expressed her sympathy and the sadness she felt.

Misty eyed Janice continued, "I want them to grow up to be confident, successful women. To get married and have a full life." She began to cry and then took a moment to compose herself. "Brenda, in a few minutes I'm going to make an announcement to everyone. I need your support. This week may be the only chance I get to change the twins' attitudes, to have them recognize that they are beautiful young women with a future. I want them to realize that they too can have the loving and fulfilling life that you have with Tyler."

That said Janice hugged Brenda again with feeling and led her into the greatroom to the others. Janice said,

"Everyone. I have an announcement. We have a challenging week ahead of us. Brenda and Tyler, I know you have been uncomfortable accepting our help, but you must. It is the only way you will heal properly. I want you to stop apologizing and falling all over yourselves thanking us. The twins and I are glad to be able to help you."

Janice paused, "With all the work in front of us, we won't have time to be tucking in your shirt and pulling your pants up and down all day long so we're not going to."

Janice looked around at all the confused faces and smiled saying. "I'm taking your clothes off once and leaving them off."

Janice then pulled her own shirt over her head and began to step out of her skirt.

"Abby and Beth, so that Tyler and Brenda won't feel so uncomfortable or embarrassed about us seeing them naked, we too will be nude. Let's just get the shock over with. All clothes off! For our week here everyone will go naked."

The end of her sentenced was punctuated by Janice unsnapping her bra and letting it fall to the floor exposing her full breasts. She stood before them proudly displaying her large areolas and hardening nipples. Playfully, she even shimmied her shoulders causing her breasts to wobble and bounce in every direction. Continuing to disrobed, Janice removed her underwear. Her thick bush showed a streak of gray.

Janice laughed and twirled around showing them her womanly ass and thighs saying, "If I can do it, so can you!"

The room was silent. Everyone had been caught off guard. Tyler's first reaction was shock. His second reaction was those are some great tits and ass. Brenda thought to herself, "I may have to re-assess my opinion about this lady. She is proving to be quite different from the matronly woman I have known".

The twin looked at one another. Finally, an emotion was visible on the faces. Fear! With shock and disbelief together they said, "Wwa...we are going to be nude... all week?"

Janice was pleased to see that her plan had shaken them. She smiled in satisfaction thinking, "All right, this is the first crack in their armor of indifference."

Brenda piped up saying, "You're right, Mom. If everything is already out in the open, then there will be no reason for us to be embarrassment when you lend us a hand. Abby, go undress Tyler. Beth come undress me. This is the only way Tyler will get over his fear of you seeing his penis."

Janice's faced brightened. She was overflowing with joy because Brenda had supported the plan.

The twins were distraught. Janice had to physically push them, to jar the stunned girls into undressing Tyler and Brenda. They completed the task, but they moved with a pronounced slowness. Their hands shook slightly and there was more color than usual in their cheeks.

Janice gasped as she looked at her naked son. It was as if she was seeing a ghost. She had always known that he resembled his dad. He had his blue eyes and square jaw, but seeing him naked she realized how much alike his build and demeanor was. If she didn't know better, she would have thought that a young version of her deceased husband was standing before her.

The girls moved even slower and their hands shook more as they started to remove their own clothes.

Janice said sweetly, "Don't be shy girls. We all know what you have underneath those clothes. I know it's much firmer and better looking that what I have on display."

Soon the twins too were naked. They were beautiful with their slim builds, wasp waists and boyish hips. Their milky white skin had an ethereal appearance. Their identical boobs were a bountiful 34 B. Each breast was topped off by a small pink button rising to a pointy pinker tip. Their sexes were covered by wide triangle of brown curls that covered their lower bellies. The pubic hair extended down past their sexes to the top of their creamy white thighs.

The twins' skin-colored prosthetics were also exposed. They joined the twins' legs just below their right knees. They had a cup on top to accept their stub of a leg and ended in an artificial foot.

A nervous and blushing Tyler stood quietly in the room. His hands were in front of his flaccid penis, all two inches of it. He hoped if he stood really still no one would notice him.

Tyler tried not to stare at the twins' false legs. He was interested in their condition, but not repulsed by it. He also tried not to stare at their naked bodies, but he couldn't help himself. Tyler was pleased by the sight of their exposed bodies. They were short, but well proportioned. He found the milky whiteness of their bodies exciting. The color seemed to emphasized their virginity. His dick began to swell as he realized that he might be the first man every to see them nude.

Tyler found himself fantasizing. In his mind's eye, he pictured them blushing and protesting like shy little school girls trying to cover themselves. Then his fantasy changed and he visualized them thrusting out their chests and shaking their hips like sexy, confident women saying "Yea, here I am". Unconsciously, a smile appeared on his face.

Actually, the twins were extremely uncomfortable and distressed by their nakedness. They tried to revert back to their typical attitude of detachment, but it was beyond their grasp.

Brenda stood out from this group of naked women. It wasn't her chest. Her breasts were just a little bit fuller than the girls, but she too was a 34 B. It wasn't her large brown areolas or her shaved pussy. Or even her skin and its rich golden hue that set her apart. It was her confidence. She wasn't cowed or embarrassed by her nakedness. She reveled in it.

Beth shyly glanced up at Brenda and was enthralled by her glowing golden skin. Unable to stop herself she whispered, "What beautiful skin you have. The color..."

Brenda laughed, "If you like the color, I'll show you how to get this way. It's just a tan."

Innocently Beth continued, "But it can't be, you have no tan lines."

Brenda laughed again. She stood on her toes, stretched her arms above her head and twirled about. "Ah people...this is not the first time I have been naked. Tyler and I go to a nude beach."

The twins were shocked and showed it. Never could they imagine displaying themselves so. Janice smiled at Brenda's announcement. It was not news to her. Earlier today when she had taken Tyler and Brenda to the bathroom, she had noticed their matching all over tans.

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