tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 05

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 05


Edited and made readable by snowbear


Tyler forced Brenda to stand facing him with her back pinned against the wall. Both were naked. He was fully erect. His mouth hungrily sought hers. He drove forward with his hips again and again, but he was unable to stick his rock-hard prick into the sopping wet target between Brenda's legs. Brenda added to his frustration by laughing at him!

"Isn't it a shame? You've got the world's hardest erection and you've got your sexy, young wife naked in your arms and you can't fuck her!" A giggling Brenda teased. "You know, I'd love to help you, but with these thick bandages on my hands..." Brenda broke up laughing, "I'm not able."

Tyler groaned, "The four of you have been teasing me all day long! Prancing around naked. It's time to settle up!"

He maneuvered his wife until she was facing the bed. "Bend over darling. This train is pulling into the station."

He tried to fuck her from behind. But, he was still unsuccessful. Without the use of his injured hands and with a broken arm in a cast, his prick was like a rudderless ship, uncontrollable. His throbbing erection was now so hard, it was almost vertical. As he leaned once more into her backside the angle was wrong, and he missed her pussy again. This time his erection bounced off her tight anus and ended up cradled in the crack of her ass.

"Easy boy. 'Doggie style' is one thing, but my asshole is off limits." A chuckling Brenda continued, "Lay down on the bed, I'll take care of you."

Tyler lay on his back. Brenda slurped up his hard-on and finally began giving him the serious attention he needed.

Brenda paused her blowjob and said, "Momma knows what you need..." She broke up laughing at her own joke. They had just left his nude mother, Janice, in the bathroom. "But I guess I'm the one who is going to have to satisfy you. Here is a snack to tide you over."

She threw her legs around his head and lowered her leaking pussy to his face. His tongue attacked the object of his desire with enthusiasm while she sucked on his veiny shaft. Her head vigorously bobbed up and down almost the full length of his shaft. As his tongue flicked across her clit, she returned the favor, by swirling hers around his meat-sickle.

"Now we're making progress!" he thought to himself.


Janice dried herself off and left the twin girls to soak in the tub. Janice fed herself a self-serving line, "I'd better check on Brenda and Tyler. After all, they are injured and can't use their hands. Yes. Any good mother would do the same." Well, not a good mother who just minutes before had sent her son and daughter-in-law off to have sex! That inconsistency was lost on Janice. She only wanted to give herself an excuse to voyeur.

Through the partially open bedroom door Janice saw Tyler and Brenda, nude, together on the bed. A kneeling Brenda was on top and her heart-shaped ass faced the door. Brenda's crinkled asshole appeared to be winking at Janice as Brenda sucked her son's cock.

Pretending to be shocked, Janice turned to walk away, but couldn't. The pleasure laden moans and the sounds of ragged breathing were like a siren's song. The scent of sex in the air was so heavy, she could almost taste it. "How long had it been since I was the girl doing that?" she wondered. Her nipples hardened and she felt her sex begin to get slippery.

Unconsciously, her hand dropped to her pussy and felt the wetness of her neglected cunt. She gathered up some fluid and began to strum her clit. She decided to stay and watch.

"Oh God!...This is exactly what I need." Tyler thought. He began driving his dick into his lover's mouth. He was like a man possessed, he didn't care if she gagged or not. He needed some release!

Brenda could sense his urgency and re-doubled her efforts. He erupted with a roar and a vicious pelvic thrust. Her mouth was overwhelmed by the volume of his cum. She swallowed and still it filled her mouth. She was worried he would drown her and so she pulled back. His dick was now free to shoot another three loads onto her face, her hair and her chest.

But Brenda didn't care! Because in the throes of his orgasm Tyler had arched his face up into her crotch giving her that last bit of necessary stimulation to go over the edge. Her body went rigid; she saw stars and, cumming hard, she cried out "Tyler".

Outside in the hallway, Janice was overcome. The voyeuristic thrill of watching Tyler and Brenda and her own self-stimulation, combined to bring Janice to her peak. Waves of pleasure reverberated throughout her body. Clenching her teeth, she managed not to cry out. But her orgasmic intensity was such that her legs buckled and she began sliding down the wall.

The twins walked out of the bathroom in time to see their Aunt spasm. The muscles in Janice's body locked up. Her face appeared frozen. Then her legs began to buckle and she started sliding slowly down the wall.

"Aunt Janice! What's wrong?" Abby cried out.

The twins raced to her side. They eased her sweat covered body the rest of the way to the floor. Abby and Beth were scared. They didn't know what to make of the situation. They could see that their Aunt was breathing heavily and her face was flushed.

Beth crashed open the bedroom door and called out, "Brenda, something is wrong with Aunt Janice!"

A perspiring, well satisfied Brenda quickly turned her head their way. Seeing the look of concern on their faces and Janice slumped on the floor, she quickly rolled off Tyler and went to them.

"What is it?"

A frightened Abby spoke softly, "I don't know, we saw her seize up and slump against the wall."

By this time, Janice was regaining her senses. Red faced, she began to laugh at herself and then at her cum covered daughter-in-law. Brenda looked like she had been slimed. Cum dripped from her face and hair and ran down her breasts.

"Abby, thank you. I'm okay now. You two go get me a couple of damp wash cloths," Janice said.

After the twins gave them to her, she thanked them and sent them downstairs.

Standing up, Janice wiped the sweat off her face, but she could not remove the red color. She said,

"Brenda, I'm okay. I'm not having a heart attack. I'm just a silly old woman who was overcome by lust and a huge orgasm."

She took a deep breath and continued, "Let me start by apologizing for spying on you and Tyler. The scene of you two having sex was so erotic, so powerful I couldn't look away. I know it's no excuse but it has been years since I had an orgasm."

Reaching out to Brenda she added, "Here dear, let me wipe you off. You have ...cum all over you."

Speechless, Brenda stood as still as any garden statue as her mother-in-law wiped sperm off her body. All she could think about was "my mother-in-law just watched me suck off her son! Really?"

Taking another cloth, Janice wiped Brenda's juices off Tyler's face and cleaned his deflating cock. Then, quietly mumbling "goodnight", she slowly exited the room.

Tyler was aghast, beyond embarrassed. "Mom, watched me eat your pussy and get a blow job?"

"It seems so. She isn't the same prim and proper matron I've known for the last two years," a perplexed Brenda said.

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