tagInterracial LoveTwins Saved by Nudity Ch. 22

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 22


The singing and drinking continued. All were merry.

Leif announced, "Ladies some of you have earned your bracelets," Leif smiled at Abby. "And some of you have not." Leif glanced at Brenda and Janet.

"I want all of you to take the pretty bauble home with you. There is one more event in which you can earn the bracelet. And gentleman for your participation you will have the opportunity to take home a Viking Beer Stein."

Leif led everyone around the corner where five sets of tracks were set up. The tracks consisted of twin runners that were slightly inclined starting about waist high. An apple sat on the low end and a fancy beer stein sat at the top end. Leif picked up the ornate beer stein and said,

"Gentleman all you have to do is roll the apple up the incline and your partner walks away with the gold trinket and you will take home this handsome stein. Simple enough."

"Here are the teams. Ragnar and Janet. Ingrid and Tyler. Thor and Beth. Idris and Brenda and Abby and me. The rules are simple. Ladies you may encourage your man any way you see fit. Only the man can touch the apple and he cannot touch it with his hands, his feet, his arms or legs or head, toes, fingers, ..."

Ragnar erupted, "Hell, Leif. You've listed practically everything accept our spleens! Why don't you tell us how we are supposed to move it?"

"Well, brother, you are to use that other appendage...your 'little sword' I believe the Romans called it." Seeing only blank stares Leif continued, "Use your penis....I would speculate that the harder the penis the better able it will be to accomplish the job."

The men all laughed except for Idris. He was a shy man, still a virgin, who came from a conservative culture. No man in his village would every think of whipping his penis out in front of any woman who was not his wife.

Tyler was drunk. He declared, "I'm in," and pulled down his pants. Ragnar and Thor cheered and did the same. In seconds the three of them were naked. Ingrid smiled upon seeing Tyler's healthy appendage.

Janice truly desired the bracelet, but was hesitant. She had just met Ragnar. Now she was supposed to give him a hard on? Ragnar smiled warmly at Janice and said,

"Let's show the kids that there is still some life in us old folks."

Janice looked nervously into Ragnar's eyes. Her gaze fell and she viewed his stout semi-erect cock. He looked like he had the potential to be thicker than Tom's satisfying stump. She licked her lips and nodded her head.

Beth let out a loud, "Whoop," and smiled at Thor. She was game. He was handsome and she was more than willing to get better acquainted with him and his manhood. Beth took all her clothes off. Thor smiled approvingly at her tight body and pink tipped breasts.

Leif leaned into Abby and whispered, "Dear, you don't have to participate. You've all ready earned your bracelet."

However Brenda had other ideas. She forcefully tugged on Leif's pants and shouted, "Let's get this party started!" Chagrinned, Leif looked at Abby with his pants and underwear around his ankles and his dick swinging in the breeze. There was no doubt about it. Thick dicks ran in the family.

Not wanting to be a party pooper, but mostly not wanting to explain how she had already earned her bracelet, Abby mouthed "it's okay" and help Leif remove all his clothes.

Idris was the last man standing with clothes on. Brenda turned to him. She smiled and undid her top exposing her tanned tits. She was surprised that he wasn't joining in on the mass nudity until she saw the look of fear and trepidation on his face. She re-assured him saying,

"Idris, you don't have to worry. I'll make sure we win."

Idris didn't hear her. He was awe struck; his jaw dropped; his eyes bugged out. He stared at her bosom. He had never seen a white woman's breasts before.

"Oh, I understand. This is a new experience for you," Brenda said and laughed. She shimmed making her boobs bounce and jiggle for her partner's entertainment. She whispered in his ear,

"You help me win this bracelet and I promise you will get more than a look at the merchandise." Brenda rubbed her tits against his chest. She reached down and grabbed his crotch and felt his swelling package.

Brenda squealed, "Oh! Aren't you the big man. Let's uncage the beast!"

Brenda knelt, undid his shorts and helped him undress. His firm 9" cock bumped her on the cheek. She captured it in her mouth and began sucking on it as she caressed his balls. The brilliant white color of Indris' teeth contrasted sharply with his black as coal face. This was the first time any woman had touched him sexually.

The rest of the group cheered them on. Brenda loved the feel of his big dick in her mouth. In mere seconds Idris moaned and Brenda felt him squirm. He shot his load down her throat before she had a chance to stop. Brenda was disappointed by his hair trigger.

"First time?" she asked. He nodded.

Brenda said, "Show me the resilience you young men are blessed with and I promise you a night to remember forever." She began stroking his cock hoping it would regain its hardness before the event began. She stopped only for the few seconds it took her to finish undressing. She re-started her manual manipulations while she introduced Indris' hand to her warm, wet box.

Leif said, "Idris and Brenda have gotten the idea. Ladies, I'll give all of you a few minutes to prepare your partner and then the apple roll will begin.

Beth immediately went to her knees and swallowed Thor. As she sucked his dick, he fondled her breasts. Expressions of approval were groaned by both partners.

Ragnar raised an eyebrow and looked questioning to Janice. She nodded and took him into her mouth. As she 'hoovered' him, he undid her halter top. Her big tits spilled forth. Ragnar grabbed one and toyed with her nipple as Janet struggled to work his thick tool in and out of her mouth.

Ingrid removed all of her clothes. Nude, she backed into Tyler, bent over, and pushed her butt into his crotch. She reached in between her legs and captured his erection. She began rubbing it against her wet pussy lips. Tyler grabbed her by the hips and forcefully drove into her. Ingrid gasped loudly as his dick found its mark. They fucked under the stars and in front of their spouses.

Since everyone else was fully engaged, Abby felt obligated to join in. She shyly reached out and grasped her boyfriend's father's penis. She hesitantly stroked him so he too would have an erection. Leif had not dreamt that he and Abby would have another encounter after the adventure in the bathroom, but he was not above taking advantage of the beautiful young woman.

Leif whispered to Abby, "You know I've all ready cum tonight. If you want to get this old man hard again, I'm going to need more stimulation. Take off your clothes."

Abby gave him a blank look and mindlessly began removing her outfit. As she bent over to step out of her gaucho pants, Leif reached over and pulled down her thong. He smiled as her fresh young pussy came into view. Abby took her thong completely off.

Leif stepped up behind her and grabbed her hips the same way Tyler held Ingrid. He pressed his thighs up against her soft thighs and his dick against her butt. He said,

"I'm sorry I can't get it up as quickly as I did when I was twenty. If you want to avoid a blow job, I think I can make do with a little contact. Stay down and everyone will think I'm doing you just like Tyler is now banging Ingrid."

Abby was mortified as she felt his privates against her bare bottom. She had been concerned that he might ask her to suck his dick. She didn't want to have to explain a blowjob to Tom. Some pretend humping she could tolerate and in her mind, it was innocent enough that she didn't feel obligated to tell her boyfriend.

Leif caressed her beautiful heart shaped ass. He recalled seeing her yesterday, nude being butt fucked by Tyler. His manhood began to grow. Soon it was nestled in her youthful pussy lips. He could feel the heat and very quickly he felt the wetness of her vagina as he sawed his dick in between her thick rubbery protrusions.

Abby could smell her sex. She could feel the heat and fluid building up 'down there' as Leif's dick massaged her pussy and bumped her clit. She was powerless to stop her state of arousal. Her body trembled as Abby's mind unsuccessfully fought to control her hedonistic body.

Abby begged, "Leif, please ..."

Leif was overwhelmed with passion when he heard her beg. He grabbed her hips pulling the short girl up on her tiptoes. He dropped his haunches to her level and drove his rigid member into her sweet spot, impaling her in one motion. They both let out a deep moan. Abby saw stars and felt the hugeness of his dick filling her completely. They both shouted out, "Oh my GOD!.

Abby meant "Oh my God!. This feels wonderful". Leif after years of fucking his wife's loose 50 year old cunt, was delighted by the tightness and wetness of Abby's pussy. However, immediately he had regrets. He was overwhelmed by guilt. This was his son's girl friend. Leif's shout meant "Oh my God! I shouldn't be doing this".

Leif quickly pulled out of her. Abby let out another moan. This time it was one of disappointment. Leif was sweating and worried.

Brenda and Indris had been watching everyone with interest. The young African was hard again. Brenda appreciated his size and hardness. She thought the smooth black rod contrasted nicely with her soft white hand.

Now that her partner was hard again, Brenda wanted to complete the task before he blew his load again. Brenda spoke up,

"Leif, everyone is ready. Let's play this game and then we can get down to more serious business."

"Uhh...ummm. Yes," Leif worked to regain his composure. "Gentleman, take your positions and let the contest begin. Tyler, start us off."

Tyler pulled his dick out of Ingrid much to her regret and put it behind the apple. His hard cock glistened with her juices. Tyler's stiff prick had no trouble rolling the apple up the hill as the crowd cheered.

All of the men completed the task.

Leif said, "Excellent, just as I had hoped and expected. Ladies the bracelets are yours. Gentleman the mugs are your parting gift..."

Ingrid interrupted, "Everyone let's finish this party in the living room. There is plenty room and sofas, chairs, and cushions."

As they all made their way inside, some more willing than others, Ingrid made sure they were completely naked before she let them in the house..

Ingrid saw Janice hesitating and said, "Janice, you've got Ragnar to full staff. Speaking from experience you won't believe how good his thick dick is until it's stretching your pussy."

Ingrid pushed Janice down on the sofa. As Janice flopped down on her back one of her tits flopped up smacking her in the chin. Janice blushed profusely as Ingrid held her legs apart showing her dripping pussy to everyone in the room. Ingrid dipped two fingers into Janice's honey pot and brought her tangy cunt juice to her mouth.

"MMmm...Ragnar, she is dying for it. I've never felt a cunt so hot and so wet. If you don't fuck her right now, I'm going upstairs to get my strap on."

The intoxicated Tyler winked and good naturedly pushed Ragnar towards his mother. Again Ragnar raised an eyebrow and gave Janice that questioning look. Janice didn't hesitate this time. She said,

"I can't deny the obvious. I want you. I need you. Ragnar, fuck me."

The room erupted in cheers.

Beth pulled Thor to the floor on top of her. He mounted her missionary-style as they kissed deeply. Ingrid put Ty on his back and slid onto his hardness. She stayed on her feet squatted over his hips. She bounced up and down driving his steely dick deep into her hungry vagina.

Brenda was gentle with Indris. She led him to the corner and lay down with her knees splayed. "Put that big black dick into my tight white pussy. Now! " she demanded. He smiled broadly and eased 9 inches of throbbing cock into her sex.

"Don't worry about them Indris. Just fuck me," Brenda hissed.

Leif sat on a chair. He carefully crossed his legs trying to hide his erection. He had decided to quietly watch the performances. He knew he had more sex with Abby than he deserved today. He only hoped that what he had done wouldn't ruin things for his son, Tom.

Abby came to Leif. She stood in front of him unembarrassed. Her thighs were shiny from the secretions Leif had brought forth earlier. Her pink nipples were hard pointy exclamation marks on her beautiful, young, firm breasts emphasized her state of arousal. Leif at first drank in the intoxicating view and then forced himself to look away.

Abby could see that Leif was now pulling back. She put her hands behind her, rocked back and forth on her toes and coyly said in a little school girl voice,

"I know you're avoiding me. Now that I've had a taste, I want more. I want to feel you inside me. You stretched me so good. Leif, give it to me again and again and again until I pass out."

He smiled. Redemption! Abby came forward and straddled his lap. He took the breast she offered into his mouth and sucked. He pleasured her as he drew her nip out to its fullest extent and then repeated the process with her other tit. Abby fingered herself. She knew she would need all the lubrication she could muster to handle his fireplug like cock.

When she judged her weeping hole ready, Abby grabbed his hard rod and pierced her vagina with it. She pushed him back in the big upholstered chair and rode him hard. His short thick dick was like a doorknob plunging inside her. Almost immediately she was feeling lighting bolts emanating from her sex.

Idris was the first to cum. With a loud groan and a body quaking shudder her spewed his seed into Brenda. Brenda's contracting vaginal muscles milk the young man's cock.

Tyler had been watching the African screw his wife. Seeing another man fuck his wife excited him so that he came soon after Idris did. Ingrid and Brenda had enjoyed the coitus, but both were left unsatisfied.

Ingrid called to Brenda, "Brenda, do you want to suck your husband's cum out of my pussy?"

"Get on your back you blonde bitch. I'm going to eat you until you scream and you're going to do the same to me."

"Sounds good to me. Let me have a taste of Nigerian jism."

Ingrid lie on her back and spread her legs. Brenda climbed on top of her and the bi-women began 69ing each other.

Tyler and Indris looked on in amazement.

Thor was pleasurably plowing Beth, however, it was not enough for her. Beth sexily whispered in his ear, "I want you to butt fuck me."

"Can I?" Thor asked in a hoarse voice. He couldn't believe this girl. She was hot and sexy and overflowing with surprises.

Beth playfully pushed him off her. Beth positioned herself by leaning over the edge of the sofa. She began rubbing her juices on her anus. She instructed Thor,

"Scoop up the cum and juices from Brenda's pussy and put it on and in my asshole."

Thor interrupted the lesbians, Ingrid and Brenda, to score the slippery mixture. He applied it to Beth's brown button.

"That's good. Slowly work a finger into my ass."

Thor tentatively did as he was instructed. He had never played with, much less fucked a girl in the ass before. Beth moaned approvingly and moved her butt into his finger driving it deeper.

"Add a second finger," Beth groaned.

Thor did. He had never been so hard.

"Ummm. I'm ready. Slid your big, hard dick into my ass," Beth commanded.

Thor cautiously lined the head of his swollen dick up with her little brown hole. He was amazed to see it slip inside Beth's ass. Beth spread her butt cheeks for him and wiggled back into him driving the steely cock into her anal canal. She paused when he was all the way in.

"Lover, let me savor this for a moment," Beth hissed through clenched teeth.

Thor was stunned. The sight of his big dick in the teen-ager's ass was unbelievable. The feeling, the tightness, of her sphincter clutching his erection was incredible. Thor's heart was pounding.

"Okay, baby I'm ready. Let's fuck," Beth cried out.

Thor was tentative until he saw the recklessness of Beth. He began pounding her as Beth screamed out,

"Fuck me. Fuck my ass! Yes...Yes...Oh God I'm cumming."

Beth screamed. Thor screamed. They both had a fierce orgasm. Thor pumped load after load of spunk into Beth's tight little ass.

Ragnar had been slowing, deliberately pleasuring Janice. Janice was loving the unhurried pace and the superb thickness of his cock. He brought her to the brink of an orgasm several times. When he sensed that she was close, he would stop. He repeated the process. Each time it would ratchet up her desire and the sensations, taking her up to a higher level. Janice was being teased and tormented, yet she was in heaven.

Ragnar appreciated the curvy womanly body underneath him. His ability to excite her and to delay his and her pleasure was a testament to his skills. However, he was only human. When Beth screamed in orgasmic ecstasy it triggered something in him. He picked up his pace. Ragnar and Janice climaxed together.

Brenda and Ingrid's orgasms soon followed. Each had been fucked and each was being licked by a skilled lesbian lover. Waves of pleasure radiated through their bodies as they spasmed in pleasure.

The smell of sex, the men's cum and the leaking fluids from horny females, was heavy in the hot air of the living room. The sights of others having sex and the moans, groans, and screams were too much for Abby. Her pussy convulsed on Leif's stumpy prick triggering his orgasm. He shot hot loads into her cervix and she basked in the glory of a tremendous orgasm.

The crowd rested. As Leif cuddled with Abby, he whispered,

"Tom never need know about tonight."

"Oh, but he will and I'll be the one to tell him."

Leif was shocked. He said,

"Do you think that is wise?" He was concerned that his son would hate him. It showed in his expression.

Abby giggled, "Tom and I are completely honest with each other. I see the look of concern on your face. You're right that you may have to pay a price for having sex with me."

Abby paused to torment the elder man before continuing,

"An eye for an eye...I expect Tom will demand to have sex with... your woman!"

"You mean his mother?" Leif was confused and thunderstruck ....and intrigued.

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