tagIncest/TabooTwisted Ch. 01

Twisted Ch. 01


Jake smiled as he watched Yesenia strip out of her bikini. She looked down at his shorts that laid wrinkled up around his ankles and then at his dick as she hooked her thumbs at the side of her bikini bottom moving her hips slowly and seductively as she pulled them down. He began to stroke his cock as his fiancé walked to him still dancing making him hard. Her beautiful breast were in front of his face teasing him as they rubbed against his cheeks. He stopped strokng himself to pull her close to him as he placed her nipple in his mouth gently biting it.

Yesenia moaned as she felt his tongue lick her and smiled hanging on to his head. She sat on top of his lap and began to hump him slowly rubbing her wet pussy on top of his throbbing dick.

Jake smiled as he thought, I'm going to finally do it! I'm going to finally fuck Yesenia!

She grabbed his cock, as if reading his mind, and lifted herself up and was about to place him in her until the door to their room swung open with her twin brother, Daniel entering. "Get dressed, you got another man to seduce."

Jake threw his head back and moaned with disappointment. Yesenia smiled and kissed his nose. "I promise you later on."

"If we ever get a later on." He mumbled.

Yesenia smiled and kissed his head. "Oh you will." She giggled as she climbed off him putting her bikini back on while Jake listed his shorts back up. She looked at Daniel who had his back faced towards him and asked, "How many are there?"

"Not many," he replied. "Approximately four of them surrounding our man, Baskir." He turned around and handed her a tiny bottle of pepper spray.

"No soup came with my salad?"

He smiled at her little joke trying not to stare at her now covered breast and wishing Jake wasn't here so he cam at least touch them. "In case Baskir gets a little touchy. We can't have any kind of holes in him."

"Okay. Where am I going to put it?" Daniel looked up and down her body rolling his eyes as he put the spray back in his pants. Yesenia smiled twitching her nose signaling Daniel. He nodded his head and smiled. She turned to Jake and kissed him. "Ready?"

"Yeah." He stood up and smiled. "I still find it weird how you both can change in front of each other or anybody."

Daniel shrugged as he handed Yesenia her sun glasses and sun lotion to Jake. "To us it's just a body. Nothing special about that."

"Okay?" Jake looked at him and Yesenia strangely as he exited the room. "But doesn't it bug you that you got to touch her in weird places?"

"Jake," Yesenia almost shouted with annoyance. "It's only weird when you make it weird."

Yesenia put her shades on and walked out to the pool with her heels on, lipstick unsmeared, and breast bouncing with each step. Heads turned as the tanned beauty made her way towards their target. Baskir turned his head and smiled at Yesenia. She smiled flipping her hair away from her chest and slowly sat in her chair. She snapped her fingers and Jake walked to her. He bent his head down to let her fake whisper in his ear. He nodded his head and stood up to leave once he saw Baskir smiling towards them. "And don't come back until it is perfect."

Baskir stood up and walked towards Yesenia and sat next to her. "Hello beautiful woman."

Yesenia smiled. "Hey there handsome." She winked and handed him the sun lotion. "Do you mind?"

"Of course not." He took the lotion and began to rub some on her back. "What is your name?"

"Natalia." She said winking at him. "Yours?"

He smiled. "I will be honest with you and say I don't plan on giving you my name and that I came with a purpose you won't expect. But first, I want to know who the men I saw with you are. The one that left and another who looks a little like you except, more attractive."

Yesenia turned her body completely to face him. "Are you what I think you are?"

He smiled. "Yes. I love men. I want to know though, if you can let me sleep with both of them and I will pay you handsomely. You have to agree that you women love money more than men."

Yesenia forced a smile wanting to slap the bastard. "Of course. How much for my men?"

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his check. "I believe five hundered thousand dollars is good enough." Baskir smiled showing his pearly white teeth. "If they're any good, you will expect another check double that amount." He winked at her as he stuck the check in her bikini top.

'You suck big time Yesenia.' She heard Daniel telepathically tell her. 'My ass is worth triple than that.'

'Stop complaining Daniel. It's bad enough he thinks you're hotter than me. Be inside the room and wait for me. Call Jake if he's not there yet.' Yesenia smiled at Baskir. "They most certainly are great of a pair together in bed. I'm very sure they won't cause any problem. I will send them both to you in our room." She stood up and smiled sweetly. "If you will please follow me."

Baskir stood up and followed Yesenia focusing in on her jiggly latin ass licking his lips hoping that no one was in her room. He knew who she was and that she was after him. But she will not turn him in without a good fight. And he most certainly wouldn't mind entering her tight ass as she squirmed underneath him.

She stopped in front of her door and was about to knock until she felt Baskir rub himself against her. Yesenia froze as she felt two hard things being pushed against her. Baskir bent his head to her ear lightly nibbling it and whispered, "You filthy little whore. I know who you are and I require a few of your womanly services." She winced as his hand slid down into her bikini bottom lightly having her hairless clit. "Open the door my new filthy slut." He said more loudly.

The door swung open making Baskir jump. Daniel and Jake stood at the doorway with a gun and pepper spray in their hands. Yesenia arched an eyebrow at Daniel. "Really? Again with the pepper spray?"

"I'm trying to save my ammo for real gun fights." He sprayed in Baskir's face allowing Yesenia to punch his stomach and throw him inside the room. Jake punched him making him unconcious and fall to the floor.

Jake looked up at Yesenia and smiled. "So is this considered later on or do I wait until after he's taken into custody?"

Yesenia smiled as she walked to her purse taking out her cell phone. She dialed a number and smiled at Jake. "After he's taken in." After the fifth ring, the call was finally answered. "We got him."

"Great." The feminine voice on the other line said before hanging up to call in helicopters to retrieve the captured wanted man.

"Congratulations you guys," Mr. Chang, the twins and Jake's boss, said as he looked at the report of their completed mission. "You did what took the presidents ten years to do in one week."

"It was easy." Daniel arrogantly said as he waved him off.

"Well that's good." Mr. Chang stood behind his desk and pulled out three thick manilla folders and gave one to each. "Because this next one will be challenging." He looked at Yesenia who was skimming through the pages. "Read it at home Yesenia. This one hits home a little bit and I really need you to concentrate. One of your friends was kidnapped after trying to locate where a new dangerous drug is located. These are the reported summaries of the spies who went out to find out what the drug was even called and who is and is not affiliated."

"I'm sorry but which of our friends was kidnapped?" Jake asked worryingly.

Mr. Chang pointed at the folder. "It's all in there. Go home, read it over, and congrats for catching Baskir and him." He smiled at Jake and winked at Yesenia. "When's the wedding?"

"In two months hopefully." Jake answered hanging on to Yesenia's hand. She smiled and kissed his hand.

Mr. Chang smiled. "You two love birds go home and plan everything out."


Daniel sat in his chair with his mouth wide open. "What about me?"

"Are you getting married?" Mr. Chang said crossing his arms.

Daniel frowned and stood up. "I'll be at my apartment if anyone cares." He left the room dragging his feet.

Yesenia frowned and laid her head on Jake's shoulder feeling sorry for her twin. Mr. Chang congratulated them a bit more before dismissing them. Jake smiled at Yesenia hinting her about her promise by gently brushing her hair away from her face and sliding his fingers down her arm and bare legs.

"You can just say you want to do it when we get home." She said as he began to touch her stomach.

He smiled. "But then I wouldn't be a gentlemen by just demandig it. I want to know of you'd like to procreate without the creating."

Yesenia laughed. "Oh I do want to." She placed her hand on his penis and squeezed it making him moan. "I want it deep and full in me."

Jake sped the rest of his way to their house trying to temporarily forget the need that literally wanted to bulge out of his pants. As they arrived at their house, he quickly parked and the both ran to their front door laughing as Yesenia fumbled to stick the key in the door to unlock it. Once it was unlocked, Jake threw his lips onto Yesenia's and began to undress her as he ppushed her inside slamming the door shut. Yesenia unzipped his pants and took his fully erect cock. She smiled and began to jerk it off causing Jake to moan and rip her shirt open and begin to attack her breast.

She moaned loudly and began to jerk harder. "God. I love you so much Jake."

"I love you too." He lifed up her skirt and pulled her underwear aside to stick his fingers in her. "Damn you're so wet and tight."

"Holy shit that burned my eyes and ears."

Yesenia screamed as she watched her parents and Jake's father come out of the kitchen. Jake feltt his cheeks burn with embarrassment as he quickly placed Yesenia in front of him to cover his naked cock. "How did you guys even get in?" He asked.

Damian stared coldly at him. "It doesn't matter how we got in. What matters now is that my baby girl is beinng corrupted by the son of a pervert."

"Now wait a minute Damian." Joey interrupted. "My son is not the perverted man I was. I mean, your daughter's still a virgin and you got Seth amd Daniel to worry about too while I just have Jake." Damian aimed his glare to Joey making him silent.

Jenny rolled her eyed. "I'm sorry you guys but these dorks here wanted to plan the wedding with you two if thats alright."

Yesenia nodded at her mom. "Yeah it's fine so long as we can put our clothes on correctly while you're all in the kitchen." Jenny nodded and pushed the two men back into the kitchen before they began to object.

Jake sighed. "Let me guess."

Yesenia kissed his nose. "I promise sometime this month or even on the mission."

"Okay." He gave her a long kiss and smiled. "I love you."

"I love you too."

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