Twisted Snow


"Snow White missing in forest- more after the break."

The newscaster read the headline for the newsflash with the grave tone reserved for wars and natural disasters. As Snow watched, she found it all pretty silly. She always viewed herself as just an ordinary 20 year old girl. So what if her Daddy was " King" White, biggest computer wizard in the country.His gazillion dollars that had driven Mommy to run off years ago with the plumber. Snow didn't blame her. Mommy had probably spent more time with that guy than with King. Mommy had filled her loneliness with constant remodeling while King spent increasing time in his "tower" room , obsessing about new gadgets, new programs, the greedy tax man, and threats of competition.

"Well, Dopey," said Snow, turning to the big-eared little man with her, "Its nice to know Daddy missed me. I know Stepmommy didn't call the cops."

The Announcer continued, "Snow White reached national prominence two years ago, when she ran away from home to join the rock group ‘Prince Charming and the Seven Dwarves'. She then legally changed her name from ‘Anne' to ‘Snow', not, friends say, to match the band, but because of a heavy drug habit. At that time, her father and Stepmother hire the mysterious PI known only as the Huntsman to bring her home. Recently, however, Prince Charming went into seclusion to write his next album. Authorities speculate that Snow may have rejoined him."

Snow chuckled ironically. "Doc, I wish I was with Prince," she said.

"Well, Snow, " the diminutive musician/ physician replied, "once we rid you of the nasty habit step mommy kindly gave you, we'll reunite you. Until then, he's got Dopey for company. For a guy that can't talk, Dopey composes great tunes. By the time you're clean, they'll be ready for us to join them to record the new album."

" If only the world knew the truth. Sure, that awful Mr. Huntsman conspired to get me frozen out so he can run Daddy's business, but darling Step Mommy is the real villain. Or is that villainess?"

"Labels don't matter much when you're talking taking advantage of a confused young lady, " contributed Grumpy, who had seemed to be dozing in the corner with Sleepy.

"I don't know she really took advantage, I was 18..." Snow started, but Sneezy cut her off with a snort.

"But ye was a wirgin," Sneezy wheezed, " savin' yerself fer yer Prince. Weren't fair fer her ta lick yas first...mighta spoiled the taste."

"I'd think Prince would be pleased you weren't bashful," opined Happy.

"Hey, I resemble that remark!" exclaimed Bashful from behind the couch. If anyone could see him, they would notice he was blushing. Like all the best bass players, he was the silent type.

"Well, it was all really because Daddy was so busy being ‘King White', he sort of ignored both of us, just like he had ignored my real mom. Step Mom just found a creative way to keep entertained. But I felt like her toy. Prince made me feel like a real woman. So, Sneezy, my chum, in the most important sense, I was a virgin when I met Prince."

"But, she did lick yas?"

"Yes, nosey, she did lick me. And, I licked her. At first, I was pretty naive. I liked it. After a while, I realized she was just using me. As good as the sex seemed at first, that took all the fun out of it. So, she got me high."

"Why?" asked Bashful from his hiding place.

"She told me it was to enhance my fun, but I see now it was all a control tool."

Snow chuckled and continued, "At first, it was a sip of Apple cider. Later, I learned she slipped roofies in the cider. Huntsman was her connection- that's how he got his hold over her."

"That sucks." said Grumpy.

"I don't remember what happened, except she videoed it, and showed me. I was surprised. I thought roofies really knocked you out, but in the film, I was really responding to her. She claimed I came all over her face."

"Aw, she probably was just trying to talk you into letting her do you with a strap-on," Grumpy guessed.

"Not right away, but, yah, we worked up to that."

"Did you ever get to like it?" asked Sleepy, who promptly fell back to snoring before Snow answered.

"I was so high most of the time, ‘like' wasn't a factor. StepMommy got acid from Huntsman. I really tripped on that. I was ready for anything. I begged her to let me eat an apple out of her pussy. But now I know that wasn't me, just the drugs."

"Thought Doc says drugs can't make you do something that you wouldn't do sober. They just loosen your restraints," smiled Grumpy, the band's leather queen.

"How does pussy taste, Snow?" asked Bashful, "um. I've never...."

"Praying for an orgy, Bash?" teased Happy.

"Not as long as she's my patient, and Prince's girl" said Doc. "Many patients who are used sexually become frigid, but, Snow, we know that's not you. Prince may have to deal with it if you still crave female pleasures."

Fortunately, the TV announcer interrupted before snow could continue her erotic confessions, thus deflating the various swollen Dwarf members. "We now go live to Mr. Huntsman, for comment. Mr. Huntsman, what news of Snow?"

"My crack security force has closed in on a location we believe she is being held against her will. We will attempt a rescue shortly, and return her to the care of her loving family."

"Oh, no!" said snow, " that will not do! Huntsman can only mean returning me to my wicked stepmom. She'll hook me on H again. She loves how I tongue her clit just as I nod into dreamland."

" I thought you ate pussy fine just on acid, Snow?" inquired Happy.

" Stemommy introduced H when she wanted to do my butt with her dildo. My bum was virgin. By the time I was mainlining, we did double dildo butt to butt. I became such a slut. But now, I just want my Prince."

Suddenly, a woosh roared through the cabin. " Stun grenades," diagnosed Doc, just before passing out. A battering ram shattered the door. Into the room rushed Huntsman's squad, followed by the imperious frigid Queenie white, completely dressed in black to match the commandos." I have you now, my pretty one!" cackled the evil Queenie.

" Not so fast!" shouted a voice outside a window. Prince Charming jumped through the window. Commandos attacked him, but were no match for the strength of his passion. He quickly vanquished two so thoroughly that the rest fled. Only Queenie remained.

She looked at the expression on Prince's face. She looked at Snow's obvious adoration for her saviour. " Oh, well, " Queenie conceded, " I'll just have to seduce the maid." With that, Queenie left in her Rolls Royce, and Snow melted into Prince Charming's arms.

And they rocked on happily ever after.

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