Two 2 Tango


I'm sitting there at work, like usual, just trying to get through the day, when an unexpected email pops up on my computer. The subject line reads "Hey sweetie." I'm about to delete it, thinking that it's another piece of smut email, but on a closer look it doesn't look like junk mail. It's an actual person's note. I open it and it reads:

"Hey boy, we know you've been looking at us. And we know you like what you see . . . if you think you're ready for it, meet us tonight in the Walmart on Fifth St, next to the electronics aisle at 8:00. Don't be late . . . we'll be waiting for you, Jake.
Tara and Jamie"

Oh wow, I thought to myself. If this was from the same Tara and Jamie that I was thinking about . . .

Tara and Jamie were coworkers of mine on the third floor; I think Tara was a manager and Jamie was a secretary over there? This couldn't be real. Someone must be playing a joke on me. I looked around my desk to see if someone was peeking around the corner, waiting to see my reaction and laugh at me. But there was no one there. And it would be hard to fake their email address without hacking into their computer.

Why me? Why on earth would they pick me to send a lusty note like this to? I mean, I had always been nice to them at the office parties, not drooling over them or making cheap passes at them like the other guys I worked with . . . maybe that's why they emailed me, because I tried to act like a gentleman? Or was it something else?

Those two always stuck together. I couldn't really tell why – maybe they secretly had a thing for each other. I remember, one time Gary from the fifth floor tried to ask Tara to dance at a party at a fancy Latin dancing club, and Tara jokingly replied, "oh, but you won't invite my girl Jamie to dance with us?" Gary looked puzzled and said that he didn't know how to dance with two women. To which Tara replied, "well, Gary, don't you know it takes two to tango?" Then she laughed at him and hit the dance floor with Jamie, driving all the guys at the party crazy just watching the two of them.

Whatever the reason was for them emailing me, if they really wanted to meet up with me and . . . um, whatever else they wanted to do with me . . . even a chance at that would be a fantasy of a lifetime.

Walmart it is.

. . .

As I walked into the Walmart, I thought about the two girls. Tara and Jamie were, in my eyes, two of the most beautiful women that have ever walked the earth. Tara was well-built and had the body of an athlete; it was obvious that she worked out. She was slim and sexy and had an intense look, giving the impression of being one of the strongest women that you would ever meet while at the same time being drop dead gorgeous.

Jamie, on the other hand, had a voluptuous, fit but full-figured frame, very feminine and soft, with long brown hair. She seemed very gentle, but still firm, in the few conversations that I had had with her around the office.

So, considering how either of these women could have the whole male population of this city wrapped around her little finger, I began to feel more and more sure that this was a joke. They couldn't want me. But . . . on the off chance they did, I would kill myself if I knew I had blown a chance to meet up with them. And I knew that if I was late, that I'd be in trouble or that they'd be gone with my luck, so I looked at my watch and hurried to the electronics aisle.

Stepping next to the stereo systems, I looked around but saw no one waiting. My heart fell. It must have been a practical joke. Who knows who did it to me, but I felt like a fool. To think these two beautiful women would waste their time with me. I cursed my luck, turning around to walk out of the store to my car with my head drooping . . .

. . . and I bumped right into Tara.

"And where do you think you're going, Mr. Jake?" said the beautiful lady, still dressed in her black suit from the day.

"Uh . . . sorry Tara, I just thought maybe you had left already . . ." I stammered.

Jamie stepped up from behind me. "We wouldn't dream of leaving this store without you, sweetie," she said in a sexy, throaty voice. I whirled my head around.

As she came closer, she pressed her breasts into my back, and I drew in a sharp breath in response. "J-Jamie . . ."

Just as I opened my mouth, Tara attacked my lips with a full-blown kiss. It surprised me, but I immediately responded to her tongue invading my mouth. Our tongues danced with each other as Tara threw her arms around my neck and I held her at the waist. Jamie, meanwhile, pressed closer to me and I could feel the heat of her bosom as she encircled my abs with her hands and clasped them just below my navel. I was so hot, and I could feel that both of them were obviously hot too . . .

Tara broke off her kiss. "Well, sweet boy, I think we're going to have to keep you." She traced her finger down my chest. "Why don't you come with us, Jake . . ." her voice trailed off, hypnotically, as she walked towards the front of the store with a sway in her hips, me in tow right behind her.

I glanced at Jamie, who was wearing a sexy form-fitting red dress that complimented her curvy body. She came with me, our arms around each other's waists, her arm holding onto me tight as if not to let me get away. As if I wanted to get away. A mom and her kid watched the three of us walk off, shocked and trying to cover her boy's eyes (but he was obviously peeking).

Jamie couldn't keep her hands off of me as we walked towards the car. She started to kiss my neck, and as Tara opened the door Jamie shoved me in the car and I landed in the rear seat right on my back. Jamie jumped in on top of me and Tara started driving, giggling at the hot scene unfolding behind her.

I locked lips with Jamie, kissing her deeply and passionately, as her arms flew across my body. Her hands ripped off my shirt (almost literally) and her hands trailed down my chest, my abs, to my jeans, as we still kissed and I embraced her. I could feel her velvety dress and her soft skin pressing against my chest, and as she turned her face to look down at my body I gently licked at and sucked her ear and she started moaning softly.

She started to undo my belt deftly while continuing to ravage me with her kisses, across my cheek, neck, and lingering at my nipples. She took my right nipple in her mouth and began to suck on it, then ran her tongue around in circles. She did the same with my other nipple, then brushed her hand across my chest and ran it up to my face and through my hair. She pushed me up into a sitting position as she glided past my stomach, my cock responding in anticipation but still covered by my pants.

Soon, she had my shoes and my jeans off with my help and I was almost completely naked in the backseat of the car except for my boxers. Jamie was positioned on all fours on the backseat and looked like a wild animal stalking its prey, staring me in the eyes and had an evil smile on her face. "Mmmm, baby, I love your body, and I'm going to make it mine tonight." I looked back at her, unable to draw my eyes away from her face except to take quick glances at her accented cleavage. My cock demonstrated my excitement and the power Jamie was having over my sensations.

Tara looked back and grinned at the two of us, a sort of devilish look which seemed to say "you have no idea what you're in store for tonight." I would have agreed, had I know the whole story. Jamie kissed me on the insides of my thighs and I let out a short moan, to which she looked up and looked at me with the same devilish look that Tara had given me a second earlier. She tugged at my boxers and they came off to reveal my hard cock, and Jaime sat up next to me and threw my boxers out the window. "Wait –!" I cried out, but it was too late.

Jamie smiled. "You won't be needing those any more, sweetie." She sat back on her side of the car and reached a hand forward to play with Tara's hair. Tara purred like a cat being gently petted.

I felt a little vulnerable, sitting there, completely naked in their car, with my cock in full view. I wasn't anything special physically - I had a fit body, but wasn't huge and super-muscular and nowhere near as built as the kind of guy I thought Tara and Jamie would be into; my cock wasn't anything impressive either, just at 5 inches, though I figured I made up for it with skill (of course, anybody who's not well-endowed will probably say that). I looked at Jamie wondering what was going to happen next. And in the meantime, I enjoyed staring at Jamie caressing Tara.

Jamie rested her other hand on my inner thigh, dangerously close to my throbbing member, as if to not let me escape from her clutches. Tara pulled up into a residential driveway and said "time to go inside, boy."

I sort of sat there for a second, wondering what I had gotten myself into, I mean, Tara had just asked me to step out of the car with nothing on! Lights were on in the houses nearby, but I couldn't see anyone around. I thought to myself, "no way I'm going to do just walk out there . . ."

But then, Jamie's hand moved up my thigh and settled on my cock. Her fingers wrapped around it, slowly . . . gently . . . tenderly . . . and began to stroke, ever so slightly.

My eyes rolled back into my head. I couldn't believe it – and had you asked me what I thought I would be doing tonight a few hours before I got that email, I would never have guessed that Jamie would have been grasping my hard cock while her friend Tara proudly surveyed the girls handiwork in the form of my naked body in the backseat of her car. Jamie seemed to tug at me softly, and I moved to follow her, all the time her hand wrapped around my throbbing cock. I stepped out of the car, naked and hesitant. Then Tara leaned in to kiss me again on the lips, Jamie still handling my cock and using her other hand to trace my ass. Tara's tongue invaded my mouth again . . . it was inexplicable how much I enjoyed sucking on her nice, wet tongue . . . instinctually . . .

Jamie gave my cock a tug, and now completely okay with my nudity and submitting to these girls' wishes, I followed her and Tara up the stairs.

Tara opened the door and Jamie led me by the cock inside and finally into the bedroom. It looked like something out of a Victoria Secret's catalog, with red, pink and violet sheets and pillows and scarves laying across the bed and room decoratively. Jamie pulled me to the bed, and I heard the door lock behind me. My head snapped around at the sound as I looked at Tara, who threw the key to the far side of the room.

"You're ours tonight, boy." She spoke firmly and with that same hypnotic look in her eyes. She pushed me back onto the bed and started to strip off her suit. I looked up at her firm body, well-defined and cut and slim, and so absolutely sexy. Her B-size tits behind her lace bra were firm and her abs were about the most well-defined on any woman I had seen yet. She had on a great deal of eyeshadow, and that combined with her very commanding and dark tone – not to mention that physically, she could probably wrestle me to the ground at the very least – began to scare me just slightly. The what-have-I-gotten-myself-into formed into a knot in my throat. I wasn't sure about this dominant act that she was pulling, but I figured I'd play along for the time being. "How do you feel about that, Jake? Being taken by a couple of women?"

"Tara, you're so beautiful . . . I'm glad you took me here" escaped my lips before Tara put her finger to my mouth in a motion to silence me. All that was left was a pink-and-black lace bra and panties, which she motioned for me to take off. I removed her bra gently, showing her perky, firm breasts, and then she pushed me so I was laying on the bed. I saw Jaime begin to take off her clothes and her top, and I could see her luscious, full breasts as she walked to the foot of the bed.

"That's not the kind of 'taken' I meant, boy," Tara intoned darkly, flashing me her evil grin yet again. "Here boy, suck on this." She placed her right index finger on my lips as she straddled my stomach, her other finger encircling my right nipple. I wanted to respond, asking her what she did mean, as I was sort of wary of her tone, but at the point that she touched me I felt a burning desire to do whatever she said and to take her fingers into my mouth like she wanted. She could have asked me to do practically anything and I would have done it willingly and eagerly, so licked at her finger with delight, and enjoyed sucking it in and out of my mouth. At the same time, I could feel Jamie moving up my legs with her hands, then reaching between my thighs, then beginning to slowly, gently, pump my cock.

"Mmmm" I moaned, as I continued to suck Tara's finger. Tara pushed it in deeper into my mouth, then inserted a second. "You like sucking on my fingers, don't you sweetie? Tell me how much you like sucking on me."

"I like sucking on your fingers, Tara."

Tara pulled her hand away. "Oh, c'mon now Jake, you're stolen away and locked in a room with two gorgeous women, and all you can say is that? You had better give me some more spirit, boy!" she demanded.

"Oh, Tara, I love sucking on your fingers, please let me suck on them . . . you and Jamie are so beautiful, I'm all yours tonight . . ." I blathered.

"Now, say exactly what I say. Say 'I like sucking on you, Tara.' C'mon Jake, make me and Jamie happy and we'll make you happier than you've ever been before."

Confused, I had no idea why Tara was playing her power games or why she wanted me to say what she had just said. But I was putty in her hands, and didn't know any better. "I like sucking on you, Tara."

"Say it again!" Tara demanded forcefully.

"I like sucking on you, Tara!"

"Beg me for it!" she shouted.

"Please let me suck on you, Tara! Please!" To which she gave me back her fingers. I really did enjoy sucking on them, for some odd reason . . .

"Gooooood boy" she cooed. She continued to have me suck on her fingers a bit longer, then she leaned over and kissed me again on the lips. At almost the same moment, I felt my cock enveloped by Jamie's mouth, and I gasped and bucked my hips a little bit at the sensation, but Tara continued to control my mouth and wrestled my tongue with hers. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

However, as she leaned over and kissed me, then started to grind into me just above my cock, I started to feel something against me that didn't feel quite right at first. I tried to ignore it, but couldn't . . . Tara sensed my hesitation and eventually stopped kissing me and sat next to me. Without warning, she quickly took my arms and tied them to the bedposts.

"Hey, what the hell . . ." I protested.

"Shut up, boy. Like I said, you are ours tonight. Right Jamie?"

"Right, Tara. This sweetie's in for a night he'll never forget." Jamie smiled wickedly, then started to lick between my thighs, sucked on my balls, and licked around my cock, sending me into pleasure once again and I couldn't do anything to stop the rush of blood to my engorged cock.

I tried to clear my head as I knew that something was not right by the sudden change in tone by both girls, and by what I had felt rubbing against me when Tara was grinding into me, but it was hard to focus on anything. Jamie was really doing a number on my cock! I had trouble resisting her, and my cock was definitely enjoying her work. They were right, I was theirs tonight, regardless of what I did.

Tara rested against me and ran her hand across my chest. "Sweetie, you really liked sucking my fingers a second ago, right?"

"Uh, I guess, maybe I did . . ." I had no idea what she was getting at.

"I could tell. You're pretty good with your mouth, baby. You see, Jamie and I both guessed at that when we met you at the office party a few months ago. We weren't sure then, but we're sure now, that you're the kind of guy that we could have a lot of fun with."

"Uhhhh, yeah . . ." I could only agree, hardly able to speak, as Jamie was still going at it between my legs, enough to keep me stimulated but keeping me from going over the top.

"I bet you can't wait to suck me again, huh baby. Am I right?" Tara said, seductively into my ear.

"Yes . . . Tara . . . you're right . . ." I agreed again, softly, without a will to argue.

"Close your eyes baby. You'll get what you want." She cooed.

I closed my eyes. I heard her removing the elastic of her panties, I sensed that Jamie had stopped long enough to do the same. I opened my mouth, hoping to get to taste her or kiss her or suck her fingers again . . .

. . . and then something fleshy entered my mouth. Fleshy and hard. It had gone a couple of inches into my mouth before I opened my eyes and saw what it was. I was looking at Tara's cock. She was a transsexual!

It took me by surprise. I was too shocked to do anything at first. But then, Jamie had started to suck my own cock again, faster and deeper this time, and I closed my eyes again and relaxed my mouth, unwittingly allowing Tara to position herself deeper inside my mouth.

"Suck me, bitch." She commanded me.

I knew what to do, again as if by instinct.

I started to suck on her cock. Slowly, gently, I was careful not to cause her any pain but to take her in as deep inside my mouth as possible. I didn't know why I was doing it, but Tara was right about something – I couldn't wait to suck her again. I don't know if it was the fact that Jaime was driving me crazy with her expert blowjob, or if Tara knew all along somehow that I would enjoy having her throbbing cock in my mouth, but . . .

I took it all in, as much as possible. I started sucking at her like an eager, unexperienced but enthusiastic teenager, even though I was in my twenties.

"Mmmmm, you're not so bad for a first-timer, baby." Tara spoke happily, and I felt . . . proud . . . and happy that I was sucking her cock so well.

As I continued to work on Tara's cock, I could feel Jamie fingering my ass. I had never had it done before too seriously –an ex-girlfriend had messed around with me with her fingers there once, but never anything too deep – but Jamie was gently pushing up what must have been a lubed up finger into my asshole. It was strange at first, but it felt strangely good. She continued to work at it, gently pushing in more and more . . . leaving me wonder if she was a transsexual too?

All the time, Tara was forcing me to eat her cock. "So baby, you're my little cocksucking bitch now, aren't you? Tell me you are, baby . . . tell me what you want . . ."

I eagerly replied, as she pulled out of my mouth, "ohhh Tara, please, I love sucking your cock. Please, let me suck it. Please let me be your little bitch. I want to be a good cocksucker for you and Jaime."

"Good boy. I think you deserve something a little special for admitting that, doesn't he, Jaime?"

"I think so too" I heard Jaime's eager voice say. And then, another new feeling . . . I felt something massive begin to enter my asshole. I guess I got my answer about Jaime.

Tara moved to the side long enough for me to see that Jaime was pushing her cock, bigger than Tara's, up inside my ass as she pushed up my legs and opened me wide to her advance. I didn't know how large it was, but it felt like a monster.

"Mmmm, baby, you're so tight, this is going to feel soo good for the both of us, me popping your cherry and fucking your virgin ass . . ."

I couldn't say anything in response because Tara had begun to kiss me passionately. I couldn't move my hands, and Jaime somehow had forced my legs up so that my ass was wide open and accessible to her. I felt completely under their control, and that I couldn't do anything about it, and the pain was unbearable at first . . . but then . . . came pleasure . . . unimaginable pleasure . . .

Tara stopped kissing when she sensed the change and acceptance of my fate in me. I moaned in pleasure. "Tell her what she wants to hear, boy."

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