tagIncest/TabooTwo are Better than One Ch. 03

Two are Better than One Ch. 03


I wake up, entangled with my sister and cousin, feeling my cock throb. I look down at the two beautiful women and wonder which of them I should wake up, if not both. Finally, after a full minute of running it through my head I decide to shake Sophia awake.

She grumbles something incoherent and I say, "Wake up. I need to have you hot body. She groans and I slide out from the mess of bodies and off the bed. I grab her hand and pull at her. She sheepishly crawls out of the bed and onto the floor with me. "Come here," I say.

"Be gentle," she says and she sits down.

I lunge forward and begin sucking on her breasts. Sophia moans and I gather her in, sucking hard on her breasts. My cock starts to throb harder and Sophia reaches down, wrapping her hand around my shaft and starts slowly pumping it. I place my hands on her neck and shoulders, pushing her down toward my cock. "Open your mouth," I instruct her.

Sophia complies and I thrust my cock in her mouth all the way to the back of her throat. Sophia closes her eyes and eases her throat open, pushing her head onto me. I grab the back of her head with one hand and guide her down until her nose is pushed against my stomach. Roughly, I begin fucking her mouth. Sophia gags loudly and starts squeezing her own breasts. I grunt as I plow her throat, feeling it give to my force and envelope my cock.

I watch Sophia's ass jiggle as I drive her face onto me and it reminds me just how much I love to fuck her ass. Roughly, I pull her off my cock, causing her to moan loudly as she finally gets to breathe. I pull her to her feet and lead her to the wall. I push her until her breasts squish against it, pulling out her hips, angling her ass until it protrudes as far as it can.. I push her legs apart and grab her hips, using my thumbs to spread her ass cheeks apart and then I rest my cock against her clenched asshole. I push forward.

Sophia cries out and turns her head into the crook of her arm to silence herself as to not wake up Kayla. Her asshole barely gives way to my cockhead so I reposition my legs and push further, pulling at her hips as I do and stretching her ass to the width of my swollen cock. Sophia whimpers, but she doesn't say anything.

The friction is intense. Sophia's ass has a tight grip on my cockhead and with each thrust it squeezes tighter. I engage in one long thrust and finally I break through and her magnificent ass accepts me fully. It is incredibly tight and when my cock reaches its deepest point, it is wrapped in heat. Sophia's legs seem suddenly weak and her arms tremble as she holds herself up against the wall.

I lean forward, pressing my chest up against her back. Sophia winces and sighs as my cock inches deeper. I kiss her neck and back, eliciting soft moans of pleasure from her. Then I stand back up and I start thrusting. I grip her hips tightly and begin to pull half way out. Sophia moans when I plunge back in.

I begin fucking her with slow, deep strokes. She pants each time my cock bottoms out. The pleasure is awesome and my thrusts soon speed up. Sophia's ass slams against me with loud slapping sounds and soon she is grunting. Her body quakes and trembles so much that I think she is holding herself up by shear will alone. I pull at her ass cheeks, spreading her open more and finding new depths in the process.

When I hit bottom, her ass and breasts shake violently. I am nearing orgasm and with one hand I gather a clump of Sophia's hair and pull back. Her head rises and her back arches down, opening her ass to me like never before. My final push lands deeper and hotter than either of us imagine. Sophia moans incredibly loudly and I moan almost matching her. I hold my cock there, letting the deep warmth and writhing of each tiny muscle n her ass work me to orgasm.

My cum launches from me and lands into the depths of her bowls. She can feel me filling her ass and I continue shooting loads of cum into her. I can feel it backing up and forming around my cock. Her ass is full, between cock and cum her ass has no room left in it. Sophia moans a low sound that I know is a deep pleasure. My spent cock aches, suffocated by her ever tight and clenching ass.

After minutes of savoring her I slowly pull my cock from her ass. She falls to her knees when I slip out and groans one final time. My spent cock hangs limo, still slightly engorged.

When Sophia has regained enough strength to get up, we walk back to the bed and fall into it. She kisses me deeply, crushing her body into mine and once again, sleep overtakes us both.

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